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Chapter 10: a phone call and a reunion

Daryl's POV

Next morning before anyone else is awake.

-My cell phone starts ringing so I go and check the collar ID and almost drop the phone after I see who it is. I then barley manage to answer the phone before the call ends.-

"Hello may I ask who is calling?" I ask.

"Hey dude how have you been?" a voice almost exactly like mine only with a twist of daring and a touch of danger in it replies.

"Bro it has been so long since we saw each other and I have been better but I have a few things that would shock you next time we met." I said.

"Well that may not be too far down the rode since I need your help in the johto region. I am traveling with a guy now and well yea we have a mission to do and though I am still as sharp a shot as ever I need help since I am outnumbered by at least a three thousand to one with team rocket but I am only asking for you to help take out one base." He said.

"Okay Daryl Raymond Ready I will be there but I have one question" I said.

"Shoot away bro." Ray said.

"Is our father at this certain team rocket base? If so you can expect me to be there in about a few hours." I said.

"I saw him enter the building a few hours ago he should still be there." Ray said.

"Okay then I will see you soon I just have to see mom for a min and I have to drop off a few thing and pick up a few things okay." I said.

"don't tell me you are going to go and pick up your ninja outfit dude cause you are stealthier without it cause thing you have walked through a crowd before and walked past the elete four with a pokemon fallowing you and they didn't even see you come in but they saw you come out after giving the champion his pokemon. The elite only saw you come out though because of the fact that you went and stopped at each one and asked them to write their names on for of your pokeballs and to write their signature pokemon type on the pokeballs as well." Ray said.

"Okay I won't grab the outfit but I will have to go and get a ride on one of moms pokemon." I said.

"Okay then I would suggest having miro give you a ride." Ray said.


"for one though you will be stuck listening to him blab on and on and on about back in the day you will at least have a good view and a smooth ride since well that certain dragon has made a name for himself since well he is one of the only pokemon that has ever been able to take on five legendaries at once and have them run away crying there is not a single pokemon out there that will attack him. But do not keep him with you. He would be a great help and he is extremely strong but I don't feel like rehearing him talk about the time he fought dialgs polkia giratina darkari and regigigas all at once and how every single legend other than garatina ran home crying since giratina couldn't rub home crying since a haunter appeared behind miro and used mean look so yeah giratina got pumbled and miro got a barley effective workout." Ray said.

"Yeah that story does get boring." I said.

"But anyways be sure to come as soon as you can ok." Ray said.

"Yea I will be there soon okay." I said.

"Okay and just bring the surprise you have with you okay" Ray said.

"I will, but be warned I will shock you with it I swear." I said.

"I doubt that it will shock me that much." Ray said.

-I hung the phone up and started to think about what I should take with me and what I should leave behind.-

"Let's see, what should I take with me? I know for sure that I am only going to take angel and dark with me since well yea angel can be any pokemon and dark s a legendary. I think I will drop the rest off but I will have to grab my knives and my shortsword plus my dagger. Other than that I will have to barrow miro. Goddammit I hate that dragon but he is a good team member but other than that he has basically no place with me unless I want to have basically no thought of my own that don't involve a story of his epic battle with the legendaries. I do have to admit when you want a true story from him about the sexual lives of legendaries he is the one to go to but really dark is the only one he doesn't know or claim to know. I wonder if he will tell the tale of how he and ho-oh basically got it on since that is the only one he hasn't told me more than a sentence about but that sentence was nice. Basically flying while screwing a legendary and fighting off lugia with a single swish of his tail. Okay fuck Ray I don't care what he says I am keeping miro with me though I will hide his pokeball until later basically when I come out of the team rocket building alone miro will be roaring and chasing me out to scare Rays friend but Ray will faint from seeing the only pokemon that truly hates keeping his mouth shut around him due to the fact that miro can speak english when he is near Ray." I thought.

-I walked down to the lobby after I got all my stuff and had angel come out.-

"Hey angel could you become a dodrio and let me ride you to my house please?" I asked.

"Sure anything for you as long as I get something in return." Angel said.

"Will being able to talk to a old pokemon so old that he became a family heirloom and sadly will never die due to a fucking curse put on him by dialga. Dialga put a curse on him so that he would always have a chance to fight him and with the curse comes young life so he has the mind of a legandary only it is younger but still extremely wise and the body of a salamence in his prime." I asked.

"Wait you have a pokemon like that?" angel asked.

"Yes I do and I got him do to Ray not wanting him but I don't count him as a pokemon of mine since well that asshole of a pokemon actually babysat me as a toddler and man never get in trouble when a salamence is your babysitter or your hide gets tanned literally." I said.

"Show me this guy please." Angel said.

"Ok but after we get to the house." I said.

-Angel transformed into a dodrio and I hopped on her back and she ran at a speed close to 40 mhp while it took only about a minute to get to the house when she transformed back before I could even manage to climb off of her. In the position we were in would make almost any man jelousy so imagine the pose a guy and girl would be in that would make you the most jelousy. Then angel asked for one more thing.-

"May I have a kiss?" angel asked.

"Sure you can angel." I said.

-she closed her eyes and puckered her lips and waited for me to kiss her. I slowly leaned forward and kissed her …. On the forehead. (AN: lol I got ya expecting a kiss on the lips didn't I?) –

-We then walked into the house and there my mom was.-

"hey mom I got a call and I am heading to a different region." I stated coolly as if it was nothing.

"Miro's pokeball is in the cuboard on the lavender pillow like usuall and be sure to tell your brother hi for me." Mom said without even turning around to look at me.


"Lets me see a psychic little humanoid birdy told me." Mom said.

"Grace you have betrade me!" I shouted to the roof dramatically.

-I went up to my room and switched from the jacked I had on to one that looked exactl the same. I then started to fill hidden pockets on the inside with throwing knives while I put two fillay knives to my belt and a shortsword to the back of my belt with the shortswotd only being the size of a machete but a lot thinner for speedy cuts. Then I strapped two daggers to my legs and put my combat boots on that each had a small knife that was like a miniature throwing knife and then on the other side of the boot there was a ballistic knife each that was spring loaded and ejected the blade.-

"There that should don it for now." I said to thin air.

"Yout forgot about the braces for your arms that shoot knife blades out that can be leathal and with then being only 1 inch wide and 3 inches long per blade you have 20 shots per brace." Thin air replied.

"WHAT THE FUSKING HELL DID THIN AIR JUST TALK?" I asked as I grabbed the mentioned braces and put them on.

"Yes thin air did just talk and your welcome." Thin air said.

-I ran out of my room after dropping off my pokemon and letting them out and accidentally grabbed not only Miro's pokeball but the pokeball of another rpokemon cursed by the legends with immortality only this one was cute had a unfortunate second curse that it could not evolve without the help of a duo of legendary pokemon but any duo would work. Then I ran out the door with dark angel Miro and the other pokemon-

"Miro come on out!" I shouted.

"Hey sonny what do you need? Miro asked.

-I jumped on his back gently and grabbed onto his neck-


-miro start to flap his wings slowly but one flap send them a good 50 feet into the air. Then miro starts flapping his wings faster and faster until his wings are literally invisible and then I black at the second he breaks the sound bearier. Then I was falling down down onto a small island not to far from newmoon island where I found darkari and my psychic ball singed by the elite four member fell out and was falling but I went faster and I hit some pokemon and then rolled off and then it was hit by the psychic ball and out of pure shock got caught and then I let itself out of its pokeball. Then the pokemon gave me sweet dreams.-

Daryl's dream (only a small amount)

I opened my eyes and I was in a world filled with flowers and joy was a thing you could feel in the air hippies were everywhere there were no town on earth only peace as is the world had gone vegan and it had gone pasafictic.

"Hey I thought I would see you again welcome to the world of peace and love bro" thin air said only it had a face and it had the chesire cats smile plus the freakiness and madness of the mad hatter.

End of dream

-I woke up screaming with the image of thin air in my head and saw darkari sanding over me telling me instantly tthat he put thin air into my dream.-

-another pokemon came from behind darkari a cute looking pokemon but the second she went by and she accidentally touched darkari they bothed were frozen and time stopped an an all knowing voice was heard by only me.-

"This is the voice of areceus ad you were chosen by the heart of the pure duo of the moon. Receive their combined artifact now and with it the powers of these two pokemon plus their special abilities captured in the one thing you have been trying to obtain. Arceus said.

-Two katanas appeared on my back with one blade being black in a black case with a white handle and the other blade white with a white case and black handle. Then a necklace appeared onto my neck with half white and half black pearls connected to a yin and yang symbol with small lunar craters on the white of the symbol. The pokemon were all instantly put back in their pokeballs and Miro's pokeball was Put in a hidden pocket of my jacket that was empty. Then I was instantly teleported into the sky above Johto and behind the sight of two people then an exact mirror image of me was injected in front of me coming out of a plane and skydiving and changing poses non a basis like the watchers were blinking or looking away.-

"This aughta be fun." I said in the air.

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Chapter 10 : a phone call and a reunion