Due to all the good feedback on my stories for this couple from my lovely readers, I decided you all deserved a multi-chapter story. I hope you guys enjoy.

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CeCe Jones was about as ditzy as one could get, though with sides of spunk and style to go with the main course. She had flaming red hair and a personality to match - easily angered and explosive when messed with. On the up side, her best friend Rocky balanced her out. When Rocky wasn't there, there was chaos. Well, even with Rocky there, CeCe still managed the chaos.

However, tonight happened to be the setup for extreme amounts of chaos for a couple reasons. The first was that CeCe's mom and new step-dad were on the first night of their honeymoon in the Caribbean and they had left CeCe, Logan, and Flynn all with the Blue's for the week. CeCe and Rocky would be sharing a bed while Flynn roomed with Ty and Logan took the couch in the living room. The second reason was that Rocky was falling asleep. Or was already asleep. CeCe couldn't tell by this point.

"Get up, Rocky, I need it," CeCe whined, pushing at her friend's shoulder.

Rocky was already curled up underneath her covers with her face buried in the pillow. "Why?" the girl grumbled just loud enough for CeCe to hear. "It's midnight."

"And we have school tomorrow. I. Need. My. Curling. Iron."

"Get it in the morning."

CeCe scowled at the back of Rocky's head and huffed before leaving the room. She pulled Rocky's bedroom door shut behind her with a soft click. Everyone else was already asleep.

"What are you doing?" asked a voice out of the darkness.

CeCe went still, heart hammering as she paused with one foot out the living room window that led to the fire escape. So, maybe not everyone was asleep.

"Logan, go back to bed. I'm just getting something from our apartment," CeCe said and moved out onto the fire escape. She was lucky she hadn't hit her head when he startled her. That would have hurt.

"At midnight?" Logan asked. She heard the creak of springs of a well-used couch a few seconds before Logan appeared in the window. "Move over, I'm coming with you."

"No, stay here."

"No. You need someone with you, and I know there's no point in trying to change your mind."

"Least you've finally learned something," CeCe chirped, stepping back as he climbed through the window. "But I'm just going downstairs. I'll be fine."

"Yeah, because you're totally not clumsy," Logan said, looking at her pointedly.

CeCe huffed at him and just turned to climb down the fire escape to their apartment which wasn't too far below Rocky's. She should have worn shoes or something because the metal steps and rungs were like icy knives to her feet.

"And what are we getting?" Logan asked, crouching beside CeCe as she slid the window up. "And why on earth is this window open?!"

"My curling iron. And I leave it open for Rocky." CeCe peeked her head into the dark apartment before pulling back and putting her feet through first.

"That's dangerous."

"Shut up. It's how we roll." CeCe lowered herself through the window and looked back at Logan who just rolled his eyes. "Well, come on."

"I'm coming. Keep your shorts on, Red."

CeCe smacked his arm once he was standing beside her in the dark of the apartment.

"Ow, what was that for?"

"You know exactly what that was for. And it's been a long time coming." CeCe spun on her heel and moved toward the bathroom, snatching up the curling iron and turning around. She cocked her head, seeing a light underneath the door to her mom's room. "Logan, didn't Mom stress turning off all the lights before she left?" she asked, her voice now a whisper. "Something about the electric bill?"

"Yeah. Why?" Logan asked warily, moving toward her.

She pointed at the light in answer. Then just as she did so, the light went off. Her heart was suddenly in her throat, and she looked at Logan, afraid to breathe. He looked like he was about to throw up.

The bedroom door started to open, but CeCe didn't see much more as Logan suddenly moved and shoved her into the bathroom. She groaned as she hit the tiled floor, her curling iron flying out of her hand and spinning across the floor. She turned her body to look back out at the hallway. She could only see Logan's feet as the blow from hitting the floor had stunned her body for a moment and moving hurt.

A second pair of feet entered the scene, and CeCe looked up just enough to see Logan face-to-face with a ski mask. The masked man had Logan by the collar of his shirt, but Logan reacted quickly and kicked him in the stomach. This sent the man reeling backwards. Logan kept his eyes on the man, his hands curling into fists. Then he paled, lowering them just as the gunshot cut through the silence of midnight.

CeCe's mouth fell open as she watched Logan fall backwards while the man made his escape through the living room window where they had entered.

"Logan," Cece croaked, managing to find her voice once the immediate terror of the masked villain released her heart a little. She pushed herself up and crawled over to him. He wasn't moving. "Logan?"

The dark-haired boy open his eyes a sliver to look at her. "Call for help," he whispered. He swallowed, moving his hands to cover the wound in his chest and apply pressure. He screwed up his face in pain and groaned.

CeCe shook her head, telling herself this couldn't be real. Tears stung her eyes as she fumbled in her pajamas for her cell phone before realizing she didn't bring it with her. "H-hang on," she said, her voice breaking as she got up to get the wireless phone from the living room. Logic told her she shouldn't be crying; Logan was her step-brother and a nuisance. Maybe it was just the fear of the masked man that was making her cry now. Or maybe it was natural to cry when you saw simply anyone get shot. She didn't know. But she knew she definitely didn't want to know if the tears got worse if you saw someone die.