So… this is an Evillious Chronicles story. Basically I think it would be great to have Demons associating with the Seven Deadly Sins that pock their noses into the story. It would be great to learn of their moves and how the story turned out their way, true?

Warning: contains Cannibals, bloodshed, carnivores 'cause it is the Vanica Conchita we all acknowledge [and love?], not suitable for readers who are 13 years old younger or who throws up when hearing of cannibals.

Beelzebub and the Evil Food Eater Conchita

Prelude of Gluttony

'So, after Asmodeus, you are now the one here to mess things up?'

Beelzebub glanced at the raging woman in front of her, seemed surprised

'What is there that angered you that much, Belphegor? I was just looking through this whatsoever encyclopedia.'

Belphegor raised an eyebrow

'You've just brought down the whole alphabetical 'V' section of this priceless Encyclopedia on the floor, adding that you let them fly wild!'

At that moment, a book with the title of 'Demon Encyclopedia, Section 'V' alphabetical, volume XVII' went flying into Belphegor's Styx River picture, spurting out hundreds of paper sheets.

'Beelzebub!' Belphegor screamed. The other backed down a little bit, shrugging

'Come on, it's not a big deal! You can easily clean those up.'

The Demon of the Sloth rolled her eyes then sighed deeply, and purely.

'Why don't you just go after Asmodeus or something? You match him well. Whatever, what do you need?'

'Vanica Conchita of the Kingdom of Belzenia.'

'Vanica Conchita, volume III I think' Belphegor murmured then raged again 'Haven't you already looked at Volume III?'

'Oh, have I? Where?' Beelzebub dove in the pile of books again, messing them all over the place and got stopped by an extremely angry Belphegor.

'Give me the word PEACE!' she cried, making a third person waver in fear.

'Right, right, of course, you will have peace! Err, but what does 'peace' look like?'

Belphegor groaned

'Why are there people like you existing?'

She pointed forward. In the piles full of books and books came a volume with the title 'Demon Encyclopedia, section 'V' alphabetical, Volume III', and pushed it into the hands of the Lord of the Flies.

'There, that's Volume III. Now please stand up for me to clean up these mess you created!'

Belphegor waved her hand again, and the whole pile of books came back together and topped up the shelves nicely.

"Hell, then why won't you just do that and not getting enraged?" Beelzebub thought, but didn't dare speak. She couldn't deal with the bookworm Belphegor.

'You are having certain targets to look at, true?' a question which Beelzebub constantly nodded to

'Right, it is when the Sin of Glutton is awakened, how can I be not excited?'

Belphegor observed the Lord of the Flies again, with care and curiosity, but then suddenly she remembered something…

'Hey, Beel!'

Without letting Beelzebub reply, Belphegor put a small piece of paper onto the book

'Return the Book in three days,

If there are any stains, weird marks or it loses some sheets, I am so gonna boil you up.

Belphegor, the Librarian.'


'Damn you Belphegor, what the heck is wrong with you? Your book is not even delicious! Who would eat it?! By the way, Asmodeus was even allowed to borrow for three weeks, well, provided there are no [censored] on the book, but this is nonsensical! Why do I only get three days!? You all know I'm a slow reader.' Beelzebub ranted with apparently no one while striding down the path to her mansion at hell.

Her two servants came to welcome her

'Good morning, Phobos, Deimos. Would you please prepare me my favorite drink?'

The duo quickly went off, one came to the cupboard and took out a silver glass, the other arrived at the 'Kitchen' and pulled out a bottle filled with red liquid (you can reckon it as anything you want, Beelzebub doesn't tax imagination) and filled the glass. Deimos carefully brought the glass to Beelzebub's table.

'Ah, thank you.' Beelzebub lifted the glass in the most majestic way and gestured Deimos to go off. He complied

'My lady, there is a contract waiting to be dealt.'

'Contract? Is that so? It came more quickly than I thought… hmm, and here I am, about to read her biography, while she has already requested my power.'

'Would you like to apply or decline, my lady?'

'I would like to decide later, Deimos, you are dismissed.'

Deimos backed down and disappeared.

When he had left, Beelzebub slowly came near the window, looking down her field of punishment.

'I wonder… if Lucifer was right, then the Seven Deadly Sins are just a Divine Comedy. Should it be wise to awaken the true form of Gula?'

'Excuse me,' a voice said '…but awakening is what I and you want, my lady. We have much time left, it is yet the end of a thousand years… if…'

'Time flies. We cannot win against God, we can just devastate.' Beelzebub looked at her field of punishment again, holding her glass. The liquor in the glass stayed ice cold no matter how long it had been out air. She smiled

'Gula, if there is someone more sinful than all of those useless bugs, it will be really interesting, won't it? It is surely very interesting.'

The Sin of Glutton waited

'Your thought, Gula?'

The seeds of Gula brightened with want and desire, of a new victim, of a new awakening.

'Alright, let's prepare shall we? Isn't it a bad habit to keep a customer waiting?'

Beelzebub stopped playing with her glass. She slowly lifted it up to her lips and drank it, allowing the liquid to fall down and color her lips red. She felt livelier, seeing everything around her vivid again. She set down the glass, which was drained to the final drop.

'Nothing,' she whispered 'is better than a Blood Grave. I think I know what to treat my new customer.'


Vanica Conchita patiently waited beside the boiling red cauldron in her own house. She was filled with excitement. If that woman's words were correct, then… this should be it. What she had desired the most, what she lived for. Cuisines.


The cloaked form of a girl knocked on the gate of the big mansion. It was a dark, cold night, and Conchita was in her room, sipping tea and reading along with her two servants. She was quite surprised, of course, to find a visitor at such 'inconvenient' time.

'Would you please invite the guest, Butler?'

The blonde butler bowed and came. A moment later he led a cloaked girl with red flaming eyes to the Land Lady.
'My lady,' her Butler said 'This is the guest.'

'Please have a seat and some tea, young lady. What brought you here in this damned time?'

The cloaked girl complied and got herself a cup of tea. When she was done, she asked

'I reckon you are the Land Lady Vanica Conchita.'

'That is indeed who I am. Why do you need to see me?'

Inside her cloak, a small Abyssinian cat came out and stared silently at Vanica. That stare really sickened the Land Lady, like some vengeful, curious creature looking at her. She urged


'Ah, I am sorry for being distracted.' said the girl again 'this is Irina.' She presented the cat.

'Well, need I greet it or something?' asked Conchita with a raised eyebrow

'No, of course, my lady… I came here with an offer to you.'

'Offer? Have I even asked for something?'

'I heard you want to explore cuisines of the world. Every delicious, expensive dish the world has to offer.'

'Yes, you know me quite well. I see you have been aiming for me long. But unfortunately for you, I myself can afford my want. Still, let's hear you out.'

'You are quite sharp, I didn't realize it. My apologies. I have been looking for someone with… virtues like you for long. You would best suit what I want.'

Vanica set her cup down the saucer

'That's enough of the beginning, settle your deal.'

The girl smiled

'My name is Abaddon. I would like to offer you the ability to eat whatever you want.'

'Eat whatever I want?'

'With no limit of quantity, quality or anything. Isn't it unpleasant to be only able to eat three meals per day? The human's appetite is small and of course, inefficient for a real cuisine expert. If you agree, I will bestow upon you this ability.'

Vanica thought it out. Yes, it would be great. Her love for food has been passed through generations of Belzenians, and it is nothing better than being able to eat everything you want, without worrying of poisoning, unhealthy substances, or getting fat. But… Abaddon's behavior is doubtful, and even for a certain Glutton like Conchita, it is somewhat unclear.

'I have no guarantee you will agree to this deal, Abaddon. Who knows if you can do this… inhuman thing to me?'

Abaddon smirked

'Of course I do not have the ability to do this. But I can help you meet the person who is capable of this. You have to deal with her, not me.'

'Who is it?'

'Beelzebub, the Lord of the Flies.'

It took Conchita a second before she burst out laughing

'Hahahaha, I'm sorry, you are talking about the right hand of Satan, Beelzebub? Don't you believe that it is crazy that Demons exists?'

'Of course I do.' Abaddon replied calmly 'Because things do not naturally turn out to be this way.'

Conchita smirked. She was curious

'Fine, tell me how to deal with the Lord of the Flies.'

Abaddon drew out a book

'This is the Book of Dark Arts, highly prohibited by the Church. It will give you instructions on how to summon and deal with Demon deities. Beelzebub's page is the 67th.'

Vanica received the book, studying it cautiously. It looked like an old, dirty book with the title of 'Necronomicon' on the cover, and some ancient runes decoration she couldn't make out the meaning.

'So, if I do as this book instructs, I will be able to…'

'Have the ability to eat everything you desire, with no limited quantity, quality and so on.'

'Alright, I'll take your words, Abaddon. Oh, and Irina, thank you too. Would Irina want to have something before she takes off with you, Abaddon?'

'Of course, it would be my honor to have a meal at your own place, Land Lady Conchita. Thank you for the deal. Yet I would like to bring the meal with me on the way.'

'Butler, Maid, please instruct Abaddon and Irina to the kitchen.'

When the girl had left, Irina settled down again and opened the book.


There, outside the mansion

'Irina, I can no longer stay here with you. This path, you must walk on your own. Lord Asmodeus has already known about this, I must return to Hell as he desired.'

'Well, he didn't stop you, did he?' said the cat.

'It is not like Lord Asmodeus to prevent his sin's awakening. But if it was Lord Lucifer for example, I assume it would be much different. Nevertheless, I must come back to Hell, on Lord Asmodeus' will. I wish you the best luck though, Irina Clockworker. Have your revenge.'

'I will, lady Abaddon. Thank you for your concern.'

The Abyssinian cat left Abaddon's shoulder as she vanished into dust.

[Flashback ends]

There, inside the cauldron, something was rising. It didn't take a certain form at first, but then slowly it morphed into a woman warrior with red hair and eyes. Conchita watched with amazement as the Demon stepped out the cauldron and grinned

'Ah… there… it has been a long time since I last ate something that good. Oh, there you are, human.' She glanced at Conchita 'I am Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies, Right hand of the Devil. Speak your guilty wish, and I may make it true.'

-to be continued


Beelzebub – CUL

Belphegor – IA

Vanica Conchita – MEIKO

Abaddon – Nekomura Iroha

Irina Clockworker - ?

Gula – MEIKO

Notes [please consult this to see explanations of my theories]:

Had you seen the Venomania net comic, you would have known a woman in black cloak with an Abyssinian cat was the reason for Venomania's… madness; she kinda introduced him to the sword. Actually I did plan to write about Asmodeus and Venomania, but… I think I lost my old data somewhere and it would be hard to rethink the whole thing over, and the story is not really appropriate [I still remember, of course, not that clearly]. Well, in my own theory, Irina Clockworker is not the woman, but the cat, as later only the cat talks to Venomania, not the lady. I reckoned the lady to be Abaddon, the Angel of Destruction [Blue Bloods reference, yay], who saved Irina from dying at the accident of the Levianta lab and allowed her soul to rest inside a cat. Of course it somehow violated the law of hell, and she was summoned back by Asmodeus, who discovered it. Just a theory, of course, you guys may think otherwise.

Gula, the Sin of Glutton, later would develop into Master of the Graveyard, as the sins awakens and develops to have human forms.

Styx River is the path that leads to Hell, well it's a river. The river is Leviathan's shelter and she is the Master of River Styx [Greek Mythology reference]

Blood Grave is actually something I got from the Vocaloid wiki. It is liquor that is rumored to be made from blood. Only Germaine, apart from Leonhart, can withstand it. It is also said to be Vanica Conchita's favorite drink, and I made it to be Beelzebub's favorite as well.

Deimos and Phobos are Greek Mythology gods as well, google them for more details.

Every Demon has a Vocaloid portrait, except for Lucifer since I couldn't find a Vocaloid that suits her.

I want to make every character looks smart, so the description of Vanica Conchita may not suit her original as a mad Epicurean.

Thank you for reading and please review.