Note 1: I actually misspelled the name Abaddon. I will fix it upon this update.

Note 2: The spelling of the name is often called: Banica Conchita, but… well… in Japanese basically there's no 'V' so the original romaji spelling of Banika Konchiita can as well be read as Vanica Conchita. I chose Vanica because I like it more than Banica.

This is a rewrite so I'm just gonna finish it off quickly… I am a quick writer, so feel free to point out mistakes.

Beelzebub and The Evil Food Eater Conchita

The First Movement

Vanica Conchita backed down a little. So demons did exist. But… why do Demons appear so normal… they should have horns and bat wings and ugly faces.

Yet Beelzebub was like any normal, fearless warrior you can meet on a battlefield, but she exerted an inhuman air, a powerful aura that could not be mistaken.

Beelzebub, as if noticed it, said

'You are allowed to speak, human.'

'Are you sure you can do what I desire?'

Interesting. I have forgotten the name of the last person who dared to say that to me.

'Well, provided you cooked the summon spell right, I believe I can. Unless you wanted to summon Mammon but ended up with me… we kinda deal on the similar stuffs: WANT.'

Beelzebub's eyes met the book left open on the table beside. It was the Necronomicon! The forbidden book that contains banned and lost dark arts, originally written by the Demon Council. Then… there should be no mistake. She really did want to meet Beelzebub.

'I see you have done the correct recipe. So, just tell me your wish, and we'll talk about making it come true.'

'I want to have this ability. I want to be able to eat everything I desire, without limited quantity or quality or safety…'

'Oh, a simple wish. Reason?'

'Because cuisine is an amazing world! A human's appetite cannot stretch as far as the world of food go! I want to taste everything, down to the roots. The most delinquent, the most unusual, I shall devour all!'

Beelzebub smirked. She is crazy. Crazy, yet very desiring. This is far beyond my tastes. She is, no doubt, the best person for this title.

'Ha, the contract is sealed, Vanica Conchita. As a proof of this life-long contract…' she put her hand into a small pocket and drew out a hand of bright seeds '…, I shall present you a gift. It will bestow upon you what you want once you accept it.'

The seeds brightened and formed a tornado of red light. When it faded, in the hands of Beelzebub was a detailed-craved crystal glass. Inside it, there was red liquor, and she handed it to Conchita

'I introduce you to the most exotic liquor in this universe, "Blood Grave". Enjoy yourself.'

With that being said, Beelzebub dove into the cauldron and disappeared, bringing down with her the boiling red colored liquid inside. The cauldron looked as if it was never filled.


'So, I heard you had a lot of fun down there.' Belphegor questioned in a boring tone when she found Beelzebub inside the Dining Hall, devouring her contractor's feast. It is normally essential that you add a feast to the Lord of the Flies when you attempt an audience with her, and it seemed that Vanica's feast didn't disappoint Beelzebub one bit.

'Uh, I had lots of fun. I finally found my ideal sinner. They should be like her.'

'Like what, an Epicurean?'

'A mad epicurean! Isn't it interesting?'

'Interesting my ass. Since when did you take up the hobby of cannibals?'

Beelzebub stopped eating in surprise

'When did Vanica relate to cannibalism?'

The other face palmed

'EVERY glutton's story turns out this way: she is gonna be a cannibal, she is gonna swallow down everyone around her, and then the worst happens to her. By the way, you've got to return me the book.'

Then, Belphegor stomped out of the Dining Hall, leaving Beelzebub back to question

'What is the worst?'


Blood Grave is a liquor.

It is the strongest liquor and is known with the worst taste in this world.

In thousands of years, there are less than ten humans that can withstand the taste of it.

The rest which cannot will die a mysterious way.

Even the ones able to sustain it will meet their end soon, since the liquor is said to bring of disasters.

There is a rumor that this liquor was extracted from fresh blood (from Blood you have many types: rabbit blood, chicken blood, unicorn's blood, blah blah blah, but, of course, the favored theory is man's blood); some claimed that it was indeed blood and blood only, some said it was blood mixed with strong alcohol; and there are even ones who said "Geez, the producers added some flavors to the mixture, what is with the big fuss!" (this theory is rarely believed). In fact, no one could even check on it, since when the authority arrives for a quality check at pubs and bars and restaurants, those bottles disappeared without a sight. But after such occasions, Blood Grave is everywhere, even if they want it or not. It has been a big headache to many, and no one has been able to account for it so far. Many were so terrified by the name of Blood Grave that they never dared to drink alcohol again (hell that would be good if it's true)

Arguments: keep arguing, fears: keep being terrified, whoever died: died their way. But there is one thing everyone agrees one with no arguments:

Only Demons are able to withstand this damned drink.

_Demon Encyclopedia, section 'B' alphabetical, Book X, article Blood Grave

'Uhm, Belphegor… isn't this article too focused on being comedic?' Lucifer, who was reading a Demon Encyclopedia, asked the other.

Belphegor set her new piles of profiles, came near to ask.

'Which one, I say they are all fair and square? Oh, Blood Grave!'

She sighed, exasperated. Lucifer simply raised an eyebrow.

'You needn't worry about that, if I were you, I wouldn't even care. Just the name Blood Grave is enough for me to reach vomiting. You should look at the recipe to brew this thing to understand… actually I think I should add this line: Only Beelzebub the Lord of the Flies is able to withstand this damned drink!'

Lucifer shrugged. She flipped to the next page and then shrugged again

'Even Demons have to bow down to this.'

(The recipe was excluded because Beelzebub does not allow her recipe to be brought out and gossiped all over the town)

'Nevertheless,' Lucifer concluded 'the article should be objectively written and not for sarcasm…'

'Objective! It is just TOO objective! What is there that is not OBJECTIVE? Is there anyone in this world that doesn't think so!?'

'Well… yes… but when reading this, if not for the horror of Blood Grave I should have died of laughter… and blah blah blah is not writing language…'

Belphegor (again) cut her

'It is right on the purpose!' Lucifer rolled her eyes. Right on the purpose? 'Not only did I reduce the horror, I also brought out an aspect of optimistic thoughts to the readers in such a highly terrifying article; and I also made it familiar with the people! By doing so, I make the readers optimistic so that they would not die out of shock!'

Lucifer rolled her eyes again

'I'm sorry, but don't you really know that other than me, you have no other readers at all?'

The Brightest Star of the sky sighed. If you still haven't understood why they were discussing (arguing) about an article's objectiveness, here's why: Belphegor writes down the Encyclopedia and Lucifer does the job us fanfiction writers call beta: proof reading.

'Why would you hate Blood Grave that much? Of course, everyone does, but you are on a different level. You were never as hateful as that.'

Belphegor glared

'It causes vomiting, digestion difficulties; sleep loss, stomachache, headache, immobiliza...'

'Okay! Give me a break!' Lucifer stopped her from rant of diseases and sicknesses 'If it is as you said Blood Grave causes every type of syndromes, diseases and sicknesses in this world.'

'It is capable of leading to cancer too. Researchers showed that…'

'Alright, what are sickness and disease related to you!? Although your job is a healer, you are associated with diseases and all. You are not Raffles!'

Belphegor backed down cautiously


'It's the nickname us Archangels… well I am no longer one… gave to Raphael. Of course, there's the official one called Ralph, but it seems that the angels preferred the name Raffles…'

Belphegor glared in caution

'Heaven gives nicknames…'

'Yeah, according to the Old Man, it was to mend together even tighter the tight bond between the angels; but according to me that only caused more conflict rather than bond. Belph, you really want us Demons to nickname each other?'

The Demon of Sloth shivered

'Skip it sis, please call me Belphegor!'

'Alright, alright, so what is that related to you?'

Belphegor raged

'RELATED TO ME? Don't you know that I was stuck in a bed for a MONTH just because I attempt drinking it because Beelzebub invited me?! Headache, stomachache, all aches in the world came to me!' wow, you sure have an allergy to wines in general, or to dirtiness in general. Who told you to try on that liquor, after all? You can decline 'A MONTH under the help of others, don't you find that humiliating!?'

'I thought you are opposite to Pride.' stated Lucifer

'Stupid, it's not pride! It's self-esteem!' Lucifer raised an eyebrow. Aren't those the same? 'Only because of that [censored] drink that I was taken care of for a month by ANOTHER! And to worsen it, the ANOTHER is Rap…'

Belphegor shut tight. Why the heck did I bring that to rant to Lucifer? Did I forget who Lucifer is?

Lucifer observed, waiting for a response.

'Rap? I don't recall knowing him…'

'Ah… that…' Belphegor stuttered, feeling some warmth reaching her cheeks 'Ra… Ra…'

The behavior didn't escape Lucifer's eyes as said with a raised eyebrow

'I don't know you even stutter. Are you really okay? Whatever you state, state it clearly and fluently!'

Yeah, I am not as straight as you. Please cut me some slacks.

Lucifer was deep in thought and that skipped Belphegor's heart beat. What if she had known… However before Lucifer could say something, the door opened, revealing a Beelzebub holding a big, heavy book.

'Hello Belphegor, oh, Lucifer is here too?'

Lucifer looked round

'I am here to proof read the Encyclopedia of Belphegor. You missed the fun.'

Beelzebub is one with kind of a simple mind most of the time, so she innocently replied

'Oh, I'm sorry, go on Lucifer, what's so fun?'

Lucifer glanced at the third person, feeling the terrifying graveness of that Demon, and shook her head

'Never mind, someone there would really want to dismember me for telling this.'

Beelzebub looked at Belphegor with a great surprise that the Demon of Sloth must try really hard not to shout "STOP IT ALREADY YOU…." Out loud.

'Whatever it is,' said Beelzebub 'I am here to return this book.'

Belphegor grasped the book, scanning through it with incredible speed about five times, and then said bluntly

'Looks eligible.'

'It doesn't sound so encouraging.'

'I do not want to sound encouraging.' Belphegor retorted, and brought the book away to return it to the right shelf. She removed the notice paper on the book – it burned into ashes as it left her hand.

Mean while, Lucifer turned around for a chit chat with Beelzebub

'I don't know if you like this, but it seems that Vanica Conchita is about to have an evolution with her appetite.'

Other than eating and fighting, Beelzebub is hopeless about everything… but well… they were talking about her subject.

'Probably. What makes her a sinner if she just sticks to exquisite food? It would be boring. Too great deliciousness sometimes bore you, don't you think?'

Lucifer thought: "Sorry, I'd rather stick to the deliciousness."

'Well, it is still the same. My contract is sealed. She will be able to eat them all, taste them all, without a limitation of what she can eat and how much she can eat. I enabled her to eat them all.'

'Even humans, I presume?'

'Even humans or anything else.' Beelzebub smiled evilly 'it means eternal hunger.'

Lucifer crossed her arms and said with a seriousness

'I do not want to sound like the angels, but there is a rule called causality. And even so,' Lucifer continued 'there is a certain dish that she cannot taste, well, if she wants to preserve her life.'

Beelzebub frowned

'No, there isn't.'

The Fallen Angel giggled

'Yes, don't you know that? In that case, let Vanica Conchita teach you about the worst ending of a massive glutton.'

Beelzebub frowned harder. Is Lucifer playing a prank? No she seems like she was speaking of the truth.

Yes, she indeed was speaking of the truth. Angels don't lie, Fallen or not.

'Are you thinking of a death like an Archangel coming down to kill her?' Beelzebub said, reminding herself of her own counter with that Archangel.

'You'll see, you'll see…'

At that moment, Belphegor showed up

'Do you need anything else, Beelzebub?'

'No, thank you.' Beelzebub replied, happy to get away from the conversation.

What Lucifer said was ridiculous! There is no way Beelzebub's power could turn out powerless. Even the highest poisoning factors are useless. Then what may kill the epicurean? Then what…

Beelzebub prefers dealing out what she promises perfectly, and she really hates the feeling of unsatisfaction. And she couldn't ignore Lucifer's words, just because:

1. Lucifer is always right.

2. If Lucifer is wrong, consult number 1.

-to be continued


Beelzebub – CUL

Vanica Conchita – MEIKO

Belphegor –IA

Lucifer - ?

Notes and references:

Lucifer used to be the eighth Archangel.

Raphael is the Archangel of Healing, responsible for healing and recovery.

Lucifer is really a bit too angelic in this series… sorry dark side fans. With that said, every demon in the story has an angelic side.

The italics are thoughts. They are mostly easily referenced. There is a big fraction of italics, it is the extract of the Demon Encyclopedia article about Blood Grave.

I just read somewhere that Vanica was the person that developed Blood Grave, but hey, there should be no problem if Conchita stole the recipe from Beelzebub upon their deal.

Yes, and Angels don't lie, Fallen or not.