Beelzebub and The Evil Food Eater Conchita

The Second Movement

This is when Vanica has an evolution to her taste.

Year 325, the Palace of Belzenia

The door to the throne room opened, revealing a pink haired woman. She slowly and calmly stepped in.

'You are the famous Sorceress, MA?' asked the king.

MA bowed

'Yes, indeed I am. What honor do I have today, your Highness?'

'I have received complaints…' said the king; worriedly '…that one of our Land Lords, the Lady Vanica Conchita, has rumors that… are quite terrifying…'

MA looked up

'What rumors would it be, Your Highness?'

'Well… they rumored that she practices cannibalism.'


'Yes… as the rumor continues to develop and there have been no words from Vanica Conchita to confirm it, representing the people of Belzenia I would like to ask you to investigate this out. It is the wish of many people, and that is why I have invited you.'

MA bowed again

'It is my honor, your Highness. Yet I would like to question.'

'You can question as long as that doesn't regard sensitive matters?'

'If you believe this matter to be national, why would you ask for an outsider like me to work this out?'

'As I said, it is the people's wish. I thought that they were being too paranoid, but… it feels rather off. Around the castle of Conchita it seems that some inhuman force is residing. Many of my court mages and priests spoke off the same thing, they…'

MA frowned. She leaned closer.


The king lowered his voice and whispered in fear

'They said Vanica Conchita had contracted with a Demon.'

Then he coughed

'Well, it is really bad to say that about the Conchita family, especially when they are one of the most devoting families of Belzenia, to this country's cuisine and so on. I believe it's good for Vanica Conchita herself… if your words can clear out misunderstandings the Conchita family will not suffer such scandals.'

'Sure, your Highness, I will try my best…' her voice died out, quieter than before.

Did Vanica Conchita commit the sin of Gluttony?

And did she make a deal with Beelzebub the Lord of the Flies?

If this was a sin, then she couldn't miss the vessel.

'I will start the investigation now. If I find any information, I will inform you immediately, your Highness.'

'What do you want in return?'

MA smiled faintly

'If Vanica really committed cannibalism, I would like to take one of her possessions once she is arrested.'

'A possession of Vanica Conchita, sure. But what if she turns out to be innocent?'

'Then I would not require anything at all, your Highness.'

The king considered it. It probably would not harm his country if MA was to take one of Vanica's possessions in case the Land Lady was guilty.

'Good, I thank you for your concern in the matter. You are dismissed.'


'I am so bored with these exquisite dishes. I have tasted them all in only two weeks, and now they taste really bad to me. I wish I know what else I'd need.' Vanica Conchita ranted with apparently no one while sitting in her table.

'Oh, then shouldn't you try to change your flavor to something else? Something uncommon, I mean.'

Vanica turned around with a start.


'Hello.' Beelzebub greeted casually.

Vanica Conchita was still shocked for seeing the Demon she made a deal with a second time. Beelzebub noticed that and said

'Well, normally I will never see a customer again until they reunite with me. You are the first exception.'

'Reunite with you?'

'Under Hell, of course. Where do you think I live?'

'Well, not like that. But… has there been anyone that can run away from that fate after the deal? I don't want to run, it's just like I am curious.'

Beelzebub sighed

'Yes, there has been ONLY one case. Have you read about Faust?'

'Of course I have… Wait you are telling me that the only case is Faust?'

'That is indeed what I am trying to tell you, dear. The only person who escaped Hell's grasp after making a contract with the Demons is no other but Faust. Old Mephistopheles was very angry at that, and he is still angry now, no doubt.'

'Was he that much angry?'

'Yeah, angrier than anything he has ever been. Even his wife cannot calm him down. Mephistopheles is like the oldest Demonic being, and he became the first Demon to get screwed up by a Human. I feel sorry for him. But as I said,' Beelzebub leaned closer 'no more customers get away like that.'

Vanica gulped

'Why are you here?'

'Hmm, at least now you have done a firsthand chit chat. Since you have amused me so much I decided to pay you a visit. I see…' Beelzebub scanned the dishes '…that you are all bored of those exotic foods. That's why I want to suggest you a new flavor.'

Vanica smiled

'Hell yeah, thanks. What is this damn new flavor?'

Beelzebub smirked

'Have you tasted Blood Grave?'

'Sure I did.'

'And it tasted?'

'Horrible. To tell the truth, which you may have already known, I fell ill to the point of near death and lost too much weight. Is that liquor really that dangerous?'

'And… that is the flavor and the challenge I will bestow on you. Oh, to add to your comment, losing weight is indeed what you wanted right?'

'You mean that the new flavor is 'disgusting'? And yes, though the method was rather harsh.'

'Uhm, I would not call it that way, but if you do, it doesn't offend me. I challenge you to find something more disgusting than that.' Beelzebub grinned evilly.

'Am I receiving a challenge that can hardly be won? What do I get if I win?'

'Nothing,' the demon shrugged ', you see, I did this only to have your appetite up and evolve your flavor. So, let's say the prize is a whole new discovery in cuisines?'

'I suppose, but…'

'Why don't you taste it again and feel again the excitement?' Beelzebub offered. She took out two glasses and summoned a bottle of the liquor from thin air. She calmly poured it into the cups.

'Have a drink for auld lang syne, Vanica Conchita. This might be the last time in your life to see me.'

Conchita received the drink. As she remembered, she didn't quite get to the taste of this thing. She recalled feeling a strong type of wine melting in her mouth, with a lot of unbearable tastes of this world. Yet it bestowed upon her the ability she wished for. Not to mention it helped her be a lady again.

Slowly, she drank up. Now when she was tired of exotic food, this felt much different. As she swallowed it, it was as if the liquor was burning her blood, making colors dance before her eyes. It left a dry, thirsty feel down the throat, craving for more. In addition, there is rottenness, bloodiness and so on. But, yes, Vanica had just discovered it, it brought more temptation. The temptation to find out what is the worst dish that can beat up this drink.

Moral Lessons [I am paid by angels to do this]: Do not drink wine!

Conchita's lips raised and formed into a wicked smile

'Your challenge is accepted, Lord Beelzebub.'

Beelzebub's wicked smile was nothing less wicked than her customer's.

'Wise choice, Conchita. You shall not regret this. It is even more exotic than any exquisite and expensive food.'


'Oh hell she is so gonna regret that.' said Belphegor 'Beelzebub how you can draw people in stupid things so easily!'

'What, you are mad of that?'

'No, it's just like… I mean Conchita doesn't seem to be a crazy person at first, but the longer she was influenced by Beelzebub…'

'Well, when you first saw Beelzebub I bet five coins that you didn't even think she is an epicurean.'

Belphegor was dumbfounded for about ten seconds. Then she went off, opened her work table's drawer, took out a pouch and extracted out five coins.

'Here you go, you win.' She said, handling the red haired girl the coins.

The other laughed out loud as she pushed the coins back

'Oh no Belphegor, I am just kidding. I know you all too well to be mistaken this time.'

'Oh yeah,' Belphegor admitted sarcastically 'after your fall, your precision seems to have got to a next level, Lucifer.'

Lucifer shrugged

'Possibly. What I mean here is a true person's nature is not always easily apprehensible. Looking at you, one may see a boring, depressed woman who never wants to move her ass. But if they care to stick along you for some time, they'll see you are obsessed with books, angry when people mess with them, and is an excellent healer with great will.'

'Hey, is that an insult?'

'I forgot, you also have a pride.'

'Answer my question damn it!'

'I'd rather not. What I said being an insult or not, everyone knows, why need I specify it?'

'Oh damn you.' Belphegor sighed angrily 'I understand now why Heaven cannot put up with you.'

'I'm honored.'

Switching to another topic, Lucifer said

'Hey, you know… I am starting to feel things are getting complicated.'

'Hmm, you are complicated.'

Lucifer didn't buy it

'MA the Sorceress has already been involved.'

'What, you think humans can really get in our ways?'

'Why not, they are more than capable to get in our ways. Humans directly created the Original Sin; they are to decide its fate. Their moves affect the result more than ours.'

Belphegor rolled her eyes

'You ARE complicated.'

'I know. But as far as I am concerned, keep a sharp look on MA the Sorceress and her sister-in-law. They are up to something really bad.'

Belphegor narrowed her eyes

'You needn't remind me of that, I'll make sure they will not attempt to anything idiotic.'

Lucifer laughed

'You don't need to be so tense. At any rate, the Sorceress of Time will have a certain shock to come. Let's see it, shall we?'

The Fallen Angel summoned a mirror reflecting the streets of Belzenia. The image focused on a certain pink-haired woman.


MA the Sorceress of Time quickly walked down the path leading to Conchita's castle, her heart filled with eagerness. She had many questions in mind. How did Vanica Conchita learn of the Demonic Contract? How did she turn out to be a glutton? There were too many questions in the Sorceress' mind, but ultimately MA could only relate to one person. Her sister-in-law.

True, only Irina could attempt to have her revenge. MA had really no hesitation to accept the battle between herself and her once lovable sister. What concerned her is how Irina escaped her fall at the accident of the Levianta lab…

In the stream of thoughts she wasn't aware she finally reached her destination. Her head hit the great, black steal gate.

'Oh my, lady, you should watch your head.' The blonde butler of Conchita informed.

MA was stunned. The boy, with blonde hair and blue eyes, really resembled that boy of the twins created by Meta Salmhofer's cells. It brought back certain bitter memories, when Meta ran away from the lab…

No. MA laughed bitterly. It cannot be Hansel. He and his sister have been missing and there's no way he can be here now.

'Ah… right… you must be Lady Conchita's butler…' MA lowered herself to face the young boy 'I am an investigator from the King. His Highness has asked me to clear out certain rumors about your master. I would like to meet your master.'

The butler looked at her closely

'You said you are from the King?'

'Yes, I even have an official allowance from him to go on this investigation.' She handed it to the butler 'Can I see your master now?'

'This looks eligible… alright.' The butler said, opening the gate 'but… my master is not here at the moment. You would like to come back another time.'

MA stepped in, enjoying the beautiful, gorgeous castle. Yet something felt… rotten and disgusting…

'I am called Stupid Butler. Here is my colleague, she's called Wicked Maid.' MA was once again shocked to see the blonde girl, she looked just like Gretel. The girl like Gretel gave her a real wicked smile, just like her name.

'Where is Lady Conchita?'

'She has left her lands to me and Maid. I have not an idea where she is now.'

The Butler let her into a chamber.

'Here, you can write an appointment to the lady.'

MA signed her name in the empty note

'Thank you, thanks a lot.' said the Wicked Maid 'in a few weeks please return and see.'

'A few weeks. It's that long?'

'It's our lady's order. When my lady arrived home, she can reconsider.'

'Look, it's important…'

'It's our Lady's orders!' said the twins in unison. Their voice was absolute, meaning they would lose to nothing to keep their master's order.

MA backed down. There was indeed a familiar presence in these two children. A very strong, unbeatable presence.

'Hansel, Gretel?'

The twins didn't respond at first, but then the Wicked Maid spoke

'You are a Levianta residence. You are the next MA.'

'She worked at the lab where we were born?' asked Hansel.

'No, she was the fiancée of the master of the Project.' answered Gretel.

'Then isn't she the enemy?'

Gretel continued, didn't even mind MA's existence

'It's not important for us right now, Hansel. Enemy or not, she's on the King's side. We must obey our lady, don't you remember? We cannot revenge just yet.'

'Wait now; are you two really Hansel and Gretel?'

'Precisely.' Gretel replied sharply.

'Why are you serving her?'

Hansel drew out a butter knife and threatened the Sorceress

'Hansel! Do not do so! She's a person of the King!' Gretel stopped him.

'I don't care! This treacherous woman of Levianta should die today!'


'Alright, you are lucky this time!' Hansel declared as he drew his butter knife back.

'I don't need your luck.'

'Oh, you will.' Gretel smiled wickedly 'I'll make sure of it.'

MA frowned at the twins

'You have no reason to serve this person. I'm asking why.'

Gretel smiled bitterly

'Why, you ask? Of course, it is because the lady is our mother. She has come back to us. She hasn't died when the witch attempted to kill her. She is still living… we promised to find our real mother and we have.'


Then that means this Conchita person… she… resembles Meta Salmhofer….

She RESEMBLES Meta Salmhofer!

These children… didn't realize that their mother… gone?

'But… but… she's not your mother!'

Before she knew it, MA was already outside the cold, dark metal gate. She still stared at the empty garden inside with shock.


'Heh, now that is more interesting, right Belphegor?' Lucifer smiled warmly as she dismissed the mirror 'It is the battle of not only one now.'

-to be continued


Beelzebub – CUL

Vanica Conchita – MEIKO

Belphegor – IA

Lucifer - ?

MA the Sorceress of Time [a.k.a: Elluka Clockworker] – Megurine Luka

Hansel & Gretel – Kagamine Len & Kagamine Rin

Meta Salmhofer – MEIKO

Notes [references and rants]:

The Conchita's deal with the Demon and Elluka's investigation was the information I read on the sheets about Evillious Chronicles [pm me for the link, it's in Vietnamese though]. One part said that "In Belzenia, people rumored that Land Lady Conchita is a cannibal. It was also rumored that she made a deal with the devil. The Kingdom of Belzenia had asked the infamous MA the Sorceress to investigate the truth. But after that, Conchita was missing, and the investigation must come to a stop." [Year 325, I translated from Vietnamese]

The Stupid Butler and the Wicked Maid is not confirmed to be Hansel and Gretel though, it's just my own theory. However it is mentioned that the Maid and the Butler followed Conchita because she resembled their 'mother' [Vocaloid wiki]

Originally, Elluka's hair is kind of blonde. After she used her magic to earn the body of Lukana Octo her hair is pink and it stays pink until she meets Kayo Sudou.

Irina Clockworker intended revenge on her sister-in-law for certain reasons stated in Music Box of Reminiscence.

If you have watched Escape of the Witch or listened to MA Keikaku, then you probably understand that Elluka Clockworker knows the project. The position of Mem Aleph [MA] is probably also the reason why a war broke out between Elluka and Irina.

I'm not sure if Kiriru is the master of MA project and the project that gave birth to Hansel and Gretel, or those two projects are just one, but it would be simpler to put it this way. I am confused myself, care to explain?

It's very obvious Lucifer made her only mistake before she fell from Grace. What's the mistake? I don't know. I've never thought of it.

Thanks for reading and please review.