Beelzebub and The Evil Food Eater Conchita

The Climax

This is the time for the cannibal frenzy. LET THE FESTIVAL BEGIN!

In her hunger, after losing her chef and swallowing down all the foods remained in the kitchen and on the banquet, Vanica growled. It was still not satisfying. She couldn't stand it. She could not lose to such a demon. She could not be inferior to Beelzebub.

'My Lady,' the voice of her Butler ', would you like me and Maid to find you more food?'

Her hungry, starving eyes averted to the twin servants. They were very loyal. They never failed to serve her right. But now… it would come to the point of no return.

It had already been too late to hide away from the Gluttony.

Vanica turned to her servants

'Oh, my butler over there, what do you taste like?'

On that faithful day, blood had been spilled all over the castle.

It is the price of Gluttony, in its original meaning.


Time passed by, the Apostate Castle became more and more empty

There was no one and there was nothing left

Even so, she kept her search of

The most disgusting food in the planet

Even so, Vanica Conchita wasn't satisfied

After trying out every dish in the planet

They were still unable to match Blood Grave.

Vanica Conchita still hadn't found it.

What could it be?

Vanica Conchita gazed around. There was nothing more that she had not tasted. Everything had been swallowed down… and still.

She wasn't satisfied.

In that uncontrollable hunger, her eyes met her own blooded hand

Her smile started to form and widened

'That's right… there's still one dish I have never tried out…'

Finally, she had found it!

It was disgusting.

It was painful.

The pain and disgust was unbearable, as she chewed down more and more of that 'dish'.

This is it!

This is my answer to you, Beelzebub the Lord of the Flies!


While Vanica triumphed in her own supposed end, was it really worth her own sanity to find the answer that was too obvious?

Nothing, nothing, is more superior to one than oneself, be it beauty or disgust.


'No way!' Beelzebub shouted out loud, slamming Lucifer's table hard 'You are really an idiot!' she growled as she saw the events from the mirror of Lucifer.

Lucifer raised a brow: Really an idiot? Beelzebub, you are really awesome! All that bloodiness and disgust and you say one thing like this?

Second Lessons: Beelzebub is very indifferent and optimistic when it comes to bloodshed.

Lucifer grinned

'I was right, then! There is one and only one dish Conchita could never taste if she wanted to save her miserable life…'

'That is a dish!?'

Lucifer got serious up

'Oh, uh? Beelzebub, you never considered that a dish?'


Lucifer shrugged

'Alright, calm down right there, Beelzebub. Humans are hardly sensible. It's good that you are a bit sensible. And so I thought…

'What did you think!?'

'Never mind.'

Beelzebub gritted. More than five thousand years had passed, and Beelzebub couldn't quite say she could now take on Lucifer in battle. No one messes with the Morning Star.

The Morning Star smiled

'The method of Peace is resolving conflicts by peaceful methods, means on the negotiating table.'

'Right, that should be the reason why you are such a good negotiator.' Beelzebub murmured. Lucifer rolled her eyes.

Beelzebub coughed

'Anyways, I have to say she won the bet. After tasting everything in the world, she resulted to a terrifying solution. Damn it, now after Mephistopheles I'm screwed up.'

'That's true, at any rate, the Contract has been carried out very well, Conchita got what she wanted and you got what you need, there's no need for regretting this. I sometimes view you Demons really angelic, more than angels…'

'You said I was what?'

'Never mind.'

Beelzebub scowled. She turned around to leave when Lucifer called to her

'Oh, Beel, remember to find a punishment suitable to her, ok?'

Beelzebub stopped dead on her tracks

F- it! That's right! If she ate everything in the world, even the most disgusting foods, how would she be afraid of my punishment!

And since that day, Beelzebub would never grant anyone the ability to eat everything in the world, with no limits of quantity, quality, safety and so on. So, if you would like to contract with Beelzebub, dare not speak of what Conchita had wanted. You have been warned.


The most disgusting food to Lady Conchita

That is, yes, that is…


Everything in the world, she had already tasted

Yet no one ever knew what she tasted like.


'Who would want to know that!?'

-to be concluded in next chapter


Beelzebub – CUL

Vanica Conchita – MEIKO

Lucifer - ?

Stupid Butler/Hansel – Kagamine Len

Notes [references and rants]:

This is really an unimpressive Climax. I mean, it's too short, and if I get too bloody, I will run out of words to describe, and I will have to change the rating. I also think that maybe I should cut off the Aftermath and merge it here, or piece up the previous chapters shorter to have a more balanced number of words each chap. But to be honest, I am a Belphegor believer.

The italics, normally, are thoughts associated with characters mentioned above. However, some lines of those italics are actually descriptions from the song Evil Food Eater Conchita. You can make them out.

Gluttony general means excessive consumption of something, so not necessarily food I think, but this one is in its literal meaning, food.

The punishment for the sin of Gluttony placed by Beelzebub was not stated, but you can possibly guess it out, right?

I kinda forgot to tell you this in Chapter 1, see the song Evil Food Eater Conchita [or Repulsive Food Eater Conchita, or Evil Epicurean Conchita, blah blah blah, things like that, just google it up. Me? I like the first name I've stated first.]

I learned of E.C wiki lately and they said Conchita reached the point of being 'fat' and then after a few days ill to death she became the slim lady and stay still as the same lady even when she committed Gluttony… Damn I'd have to add to the reason of her dealing with Beelzebub is to keep her beauty. Everyone succumbs to Pride these days.