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Tails would come of age during his time on Gallifrey. He would be a student at the Academy for several years and by the time he left he would be an adult. This is not to say that he never returned to Mobius during that time. True to his word he came back home during most of the breaks between academic terms. It was during this time that the Freedom Fighter Monument and Memorial Garden which both he and Knuckles had seen during their trip to Mobius' future was built. After seeing the finished monument for the first Tails would always be a bit shy when visiting it again. It was strange to look at statues of his friends when all of them were still alive and well. As for his own statue sometimes he was proud of it because it acknowledged his part in the war but other times it embarrassed him because he thought the thing made him look much more handsome than he really was.

From time to time he saw the Doctor when that Time Lord had to come back to Gallifrey for some reason or other. During one of those times Tails saw the attempted invasion of the planet by first the Vardans and then the Sontarans whom the Doctor ultimately defeated. He also met the Doctor's then current companions, a savage woman named Leela who ultimately stayed on Gallifrey after the Doctor left again, and a robot dog named K9 who stayed with her. Later on when Dar was preparing to leave Gallifrey to go join the Doctor to help him hunt for something called "the Key to Time" she stopped by to see Tails and asked him if he had any advice for her regarding traveling with the Doctor. Tails told her about his own experiences in the TARDIS but wasn't sure how helpful they really were. Nevertheless Dar thanked him.

During Tails' time at the Academy Sonic and Sally got married. Tails came back to Mobius for the wedding and was Sonic's best man. Two years later Sonic and Sally had their first child, a boy that they named Manic. Sally was now pregnant again and was expected to give birth in a couple of months. According to the ultrasound tests this time it would be a girl and Sonic and Sally were thinking of calling her Sonia

So the years went by until eventually Tails got his engineering degree (a doctorate as it turned out) and went back to Mobius although he kept in touch with his friends on Gallifrey. Every now and then either he would go back to visit them or vice versa. Once permanently back on Mobius he reopened his workshop and got to work inventing. The stream of inventions that came out of his workshop over following decades would have an enormous impact on Mobian society.

And did he eventually find love, get married and have a family of his own? He did, however that story is not recounted here. Suffice it to say that he was the founder of a very illustrious family. Down through the centuries that followed many of his descendants would become famous themselves as the Prower family gained increasing prominence in Mobian society.

One day about five years or so after Tails had returned to Mobius for good he was in his workshop working on a new project (as usual) when there was a breeze across the floor of the room and he heard a familiar VWORP sound which told him that a TARDIS was arriving. Since Tails' Gallifreyan friends did visit him from time to time this was not an unheard of event. What was unusual, however, was that when he turned to face the materializing TARDIS he saw a familiar blue Police Box coming into view.

It had been a long time since Tails had seen the Doctor. Not since he was still a student at the Academy. The last time he had seen the Doctor the man had looked completely different from any other time he had seen him. Instead of curly brown hair, long multi-colored scarf, and brown overcoat he now had blonde hair, wore a long cream colored coat over a shirt and jumper and had a stalk of celery attached to one of the coat's lapels. When Tails spoke with him he said that he was the next incarnation of the Doctor from the one Tails had done most of his traveling with. Dar (or Romana as the Doctor referred to her) had left him some time earlier. Now he was traveling with two new female companions named Nyssa and Tegan.

Having not seen the Doctor in years Tails was not sure what to expect this time as the TARDIS fully materialized on his workshop floor. So when – again – a completely new person came out of the TARDIS the fox wasn't really all that surprised.

"Tails!" exclaimed the newcomer grinning like a maniac, "it's wonderful to see you again!"

"Doctor?" asked Tails, "is that you?"

"Of course it is" was the reply, "who else would it be showing up here in a blue police box?" Tails looked closely at this new Doctor. The man looked older than most other versions of the Doctor he had seen except for the first one. He had somewhat curly gray hair (but not too curly) and was wearing a black suit with a matching ascot over a white shirt. There was something very familiar about him but Tails couldn't immediately place it.

"I suppose only you" said Tails, "which incarnation are you this time? An older one or a younger one?"

"You remember when I was the 9th Doctor?"

"Yes" said Tails.

"I've regenerated three times since then" said the new Doctor.

"So you're the 12th Doctor now" Tails observed.

"Indeed" said the 12th Doctor, "it has been a very, very long time since I last spoke to you, but oddly enough it's only been a short time since I last saw you."

"Really?" asked Tails, "when was that?"

"We didn't speak to each other" said the 12th Doctor, "you didn't know me. It was early in your travels with the 4th me. On Darillium by the Singing Towers."

Suddenly Tails remembered what the 12th Doctor was talking about.

"Of course!" he said, snapping his fingers, "you were there with a woman I didn't know and I think you might have been crying."

"That's right" said the 12th Doctor, "I was very surprised to see you there."

"It showed" said Tails as he thought back to the incident, "you looked away from me very quickly."

"Well" said the 12th Doctor, "I remembered when I took you to Darillium. If I said anything to you I might have crossed my own time stream."

"That didn't stop you before" said Tails, "we ran across different versions of you more than once."

"That's true" the 12th Doctor conceded, "but you never mentioned seeing this me to my earlier self so I had to assume we didn't speak. I'm sure I would have remembered if you had told me that you'd met a different me at that point. It would have been the first time for you after all and you don't forget the first time something like that happens."

"That's definitely true" said Tails as he thought about when he first met another version of the Doctor from the one he was traveling with. The encounter between his Doctor and the 9th one had been a bit violent after all.

"So what brings you here now?" asked Tails, "I'm glad to see you – any of you – of course, but it's been a long time since I last saw you."

"No matter how long it's been for you" said the 12th Doctor, "it has been much, much, so very much longer for me. So many years have gone by for me. I can't even tell you how many because you wouldn't believe it. But when I saw you at Darillium again for the first time after so, so long I knew I had to come see you. I had to tell you – "

"Tell me what?" asked Tails when the 12th Doctor fell silent.

"Tell me what?" repeated Tails. The 12th Doctor took a deep breath.

"Gallifrey wasn't destroyed" the 12th Doctor blurted out, "it still exists." Tails eyes got big and his jaw started to drop.

"Excuse me?" he finally asked after a long moment.

"It's true" said the 12th Doctor, "really. The TARDIS can confirm it for you if you want to ask her about it."

"I think I will" said Tails sounding a little faint. He walked over to the TARDIS and placed his hand on one of the walls.

"Hello Tails" the TARDIS said in his mind, "I'm very happy to see you again. And yes, what the Doctor is saying is true."

"How?" asked Tails and he spoke out loud so the 12th Doctor heard him.

"Well now" said the 12th Doctor, "that is quite a story. I hope you have some time to spare."

The story took a fair amount of time to tell but the gist of it was that the 12th Doctor and all of his previous incarnations had combined to use their abilities to freeze Gallifrey in a moment of time in a pocket universe just as the Daleks were firing on the planet from all directions. When Gallifrey disappeared the Daleks wound up destroying themselves in the crossfire. To the universe at large it looked like the Time Lords and the Daleks had destroyed each other.

""But if you knew this all along because all of your incarnations were involved why did you tell me Gallifrey was destroyed?" asked Tails.

"Because I didn't know at the time" said the 12th Doctor, "the time lines of all of my previous incarnations up to my immediate predecessor were taken out of sync in order to do this deed. None of them could retain the memory of it. All of the earlier versions of me from before the Time War simply forgot about the whole thing afterwards. The me who fought in the war and the two that followed him remembered the war but forgot that they saved Gallifrey. They spent their whole lives thinking Gallifrey was gone. When the 9th me told you Gallifrey had been destroyed it was true as far as he / I knew. My immediate previous self was the first one to remember what actually happened."

"So everyone's all right?" asked Tails, "Caltec, Dar, Xeras, Taliasanian, Laxalia, and the rest?"

"I don't know about most of them" said the 12th Doctor, "a lot of people on all sides died in the war. Without actually going to Gallifrey to check in person I don't know specifically if most of your friends are alive or not."

"Can we go there?" asked Tails.

"No" said the 12th Doctor, "I'm afraid I left there rather abruptly after causing some trouble. It's another long story but it's not important. What's important was that after seeing you at Darillium I knew I had to come and tell you about Gallifrey. However I did say 'most of your friends.' I can tell you that your friend Caltec is alive."

"He is?" asked Tails, happy to hear this.

"He's regenerated a couple of times" said the 12th Doctor, "but he survived the war. He's done a few interesting things in his life. He spent some time on Earth once where he helped to found a university. It's even somewhat named after him." The 12th Doctor chuckled, "cheeky."

"That's great" said Tails, "if I get my communicator and call him while you're here which version of him will I get?"

"Are you still using the communicator you got from the Academy?" asked the 12th Doctor. Tails nodded. "In that case it can only call your Caltec as it is temporally locked to Gallifreyan time in the same way that a TARDIS is."

"So I won't be able to call him while you're here" said Tails, "or if I go inside your TARDIS."

"Right, but after I leave you will be able to" said the 12th Doctor, "do you want me to go?"

"No, no" said Tails, "it's been too long since we've seen each other. Who knows when I'll see you again."

"Spoilers" said the 12th Doctor with a slight grin, "so what's been happening in your life since you last saw me? You're all grown up now. You look terrific."

"Thank you" said Tails, "I got my doctorate in engineering and technology from the Academy about five years ago."

"Ah, are you Dr. Tails now?" asked the 12th Doctor.

"Officially I'm Dr. Prower" said Tails, "but everyone still calls me 'Tails.'"

"As they should" said the 12th Doctor in approval.

Tails then told the 12th Doctor about helping to rebuild Mobotropolis, about coming home and starting up his inventions again – the 12th Doctor was very interested to hear about some of these and declared that Tails' impact on Mobius' future would be extensive – Sonic and Sally's wedding, the birth of their first child, and Sally's current pregnancy of their second one.

"Just last year King Maximilian stepped down from the throne and retired" said Tails as he was finishing telling the 12th Doctor about his life, "Sally is now Queen and sole ruler of Mobius."

"Good for her" said the 12th Doctor, "I imagine Sonic helps her a lot."

"As much as he can" replied Tails, "but you know how he is, he can't keep still for very long. He doesn't much care for government. He'll help Sally when she needs it but he'd still rather run."

"He probably always will" said the 12th Doctor, "And what about you? Are you seeing anyone?"

"Not at the moment" said Tails blushing slightly, "although there might be someone I'm thinking about."

"Good for you" said the 12th Doctor, "don't worry. I won't press you for details. Now I'm actually here for more than just to tell you about Gallifrey. I saw Sarah Jane Smith recently."

"Really?" asked Tails, "how is she?"

"Doing well for herself" was the answer, "she's a lot older now of course. She works protecting Earth from hostile aliens and helping friendly ones who need it."

"Like UNIT does?" asked Tails.

"A bit" said the 12th Doctor, "but with a lot less guns of course."

"Of course" said Tails smiling slightly.

"Anyway" continued the 12th Doctor, "she asked after you and, well, I hadn't visited you in so very long I thought maybe we should all have a nice little reunion: you, me, Sarah Jane, Knuckles, and Shadow. What do you say?"

"Oh yes!" said Tails with enthusiasm, "I'd love to see her again. I haven't seen her since you took me back here after the fight with the Daleks. I realized afterwards that I had no way to get in touch with her and that was pretty sad. Maybe this time I'll be able to whip something up so that doesn't happen again."

"I'm sorry to hear that" said the 12th Doctor, "couldn't you have built something when you were on Gallifrey to do that?"

"They kept me pretty busy on Gallifrey" said Tails simply. The Doctor understood.

"So what about Knuckles and Shadow?" he asked Tails.

"I'm sure Knuckles would be glad to come with us" said Tails, "he still uses that force field you made for him. He says it's made his job of guarding the Master Emerald and the Chaos Emeralds so much easier."

"Good" said the 12th Doctor, "and Shadow?"

"Normally I'd say he wouldn't want to come" said Tails, "even after all these years he still keeps mostly to himself. But he might come because it's us TARDIS comrades. We were all pretty close when we were traveling together. If we can find him we might be able to persuade him to join us."

"Come along then" said 12th Doctor gesturing to the TARDIS, "let's go pick up Knuckles and Shadow and then head for Earth."

"I see you've redone the TARDIS" Tails said when he entered the console room and looked around. It looked completely different from any other time he'd been there.

"Actually she redid herself at the beginning of my previous regeneration" said the 12th Doctor, "that was a violent change and she needed to repair herself from the damage it caused her. Do you like it?"

"Yes" said Tails, "I mean I'll always like the ones I did most of my traveling in best (especially the one I helped the TARDIS create), but I do like it."

"I'm glad" said the 12th Doctor as he activated the TARDIS.

It was surprisingly easy to find both Knuckles and Shadow. Knuckles. as usual, was on the Floating Island guarding the Master Emerald and the Chaos Emeralds. However it just so happened that Shadow was on the Floating Island with him that day having come up there to get away from the rest of the planet for a while.

Having seen three incarnations of the Doctor already (even if he had only seen the 1st Doctor from a distance and didn't actually get to meet him) Knuckles readily accepted the 12th Doctor. On the other hand since Shadow had only ever seen one incarnation of the Doctor at this point in his life it took a bit of time to convince him that this new man standing in front of him really was the Doctor. It took an intervention from the TARDIS herself to finally win over Shadow. Once that was done he was willing to go with them to see Sarah Jane Smith again.

The trip to Earth was quite short and remarkably smooth with no Vortex turbulence. Once the TARDIS landed Tails and the others stepped out of it to find themselves in the very comfortable sitting room of what was clearly an upscale house.

"This looks nice" said Shadow casting a critical eye on the room.

"I'm glad you approve" said a voice. The travelers all turned toward it and Tails saw Sarah Jane Smith standing there. She looked a good deal older than the last time Tails had seen her but it was definitely her.

"Doctor" she said to the 12th Doctor, "it's good to see you again, as always. Thank you for bringing them."

"My pleasure Sarah Jane" said the 12th Doctor as Sarah Jane turned to the three Mobians.

"Knuckles" she said to the echidna, "and Shadow, it's so nice to see you again after all this time and Tails – " she turned to the fox " – when I first met you at UNIT you were just kid. Now look at you. You're all grown up! You all look terrific."

"Thank you" said Tails, "you look great too." Sarah Jane waved away the compliment.

"I just got older" she said, "but I guess we've all done that, haven't we? Come everyone let's go into the kitchen. I'll make us all some tea."

Soon all five of the friends were sitting around the kitchen table while Sarah Jane served tea and snacks and they began to catch up with each other. More years had gone by for Sarah Jane than for Tails but again, as Tails remembered, that was how time travel often worked. Sarah Jane now had two adopted children, a son named Luke who was currently away at Oxford University, and a daughter named Sky who was out with friends. She also had an incredibly powerful computer named Mr. Smith in her attic who helped her with her work with aliens. Before he went back to Mobius Tails would have a long and enjoyable talk with Mr. Smith which led to the two of them creating an easy way for Tails and Sarah Jane to remain in touch in the future.

They all had a very nice afternoon and Tails was sorry when it was over. As he sat there having a snack in Sarah Jane's kitchen at 13 Bannerman Road in Ealing, London he decided that while he might have traveled to many places in the universe and seen many different things, in the end there really weren't many things more enjoyable than spending time with either friends or family. Or both.


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The TARDIS Crew:

Tails – Christopher Stephen Welch

The (4th) Doctor – Tom Baker

Sarah Jane Smith – Elizabeth Sladen

Knuckles – Brian Drummond

Shadow – Jason Griffith

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9th Doctor – Christopher Eccleston

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Recurring Characters:

Sonic – Jaleel White

Sally – Kath Soucie

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Selected Guest Stars:

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And some fantasy Production Info.:

Written by The New York Bear

Produced by Verity Lambert & Ron Myrick

Directed by Waris Hussein

Theme Music by Ron Grainer, Delia Derbyshire, & Michael Tavera

Production Companies: BBC Studios, DIC Productions, Sega of America, and Fanfiction Dot Net

Tails' TARDIS Tales: Begun 02/13/2013, finished 04/02/2020