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(P.S. These are more of snip-its from a real story than the actual story itself.)

Title: Alternate

Paring: DannyXAlexy, boyXboy

Rated: T

Summary: An alternative ending to Amour Fantôme: Sam leaves Danny. Heartbroken, he almost ends his life…but Alexy intervenes. As a result, Danny takes up Alexy's offer on a date…and finds that he rather likes it.

Disclaimer: I do not own nor claim Danny Phantom nor My Candy Love (Amour Sucre)

Notes: TAKES PLACE BEFORE-DURING EPILOGUE OF OTHER STORY…and these are a bit short, but if I made them any longer than eventually it would turn yoai *eye twitch*, I blame that one my perverted friends.



How could she do this to me? I cried into my hands. I was sitting on the bench in the park. Sam just…she broke up with me. She swore that she still wouldn't tell my parents though. I was so depressed, life was finally going good. Vlad was helping me, I didn't have to worry about my parents finding me, I could finally help people again using my ghost half. Jazz moved out and I lived on my own and Sam was going to live me…but then…Sam…

Sometimes I just think that everyone would be better off without me. I slowly got up.


I was walking in the park, at night to clear my head. I still have a crush on Danny, but he has Sam-a girl. I wasn't sure what to do anymore. I saw Danny on a park bench and raised an eyebrow. What was he doing? Is…is he crying? I tried to listen in.


Oh no…I know that…Sob plus saying a girl's name whose your girlfriend…means that they broke up. Poor Danny, I could see that he really loved her. He started to get up and walk so I followed. I am not a Stalker, I am not a stalker, yeah keep telling yourself that… I shook my head.

I followed Danny as he went to his apartment building, is he going to his apartment? Most likely, I know his sister isn't there because I saw her hanging out with Nathaniel. No…Wait a second… I watched him, he wasn't going to his apartment, he was going to the roof. My eyes widened, oh no.

I quickly ran to catch up with him.


I tackled him to the ground before he reached the edge of the roof.

"Don't do it, dude!"

I didn't care if I was crying.

"Why do you care," Danny sobbed as he tried to push away. I held him closer.

"Because I've been there before...don't do this Danny. You have your whole life ahead of you…"

I was trying to use words that my brother said to me before. Danny looked at me and my heart broke when I saw tears.

"It doesn't matter…What's the use of living when you don't have someone to live for?"

"Then live for me."

Danny looked at me with confusion and I figured this may be my chance.

"One date, Danny, and I'll show you that even if you think no one cares, I do."

Danny looked at me and finally, he smiled. He hugged me tightly and I couldn't really be happier.

"Thanks, Alexy."

I hugged him back,

"No, thank you."