Author Note:

This is not continued right after the last chapter, because I think you all can read between the lines and know what happened after Danny kissed him ;)


(PS you know you're bad at spelling when neither Microsoft word or Google Chrome can figure out what you're trying to spell….it took me five tries before it finally figured out I was trying to spell Anniversary).



I couldn't stop smiling. Alexy and I have been dating for a full year and today was Alexy's and I's anniversary. I avoided him all day though because I was planning something really special. I had Rosa's help with it too. She gave me the idea, in fact. I left a few notes everywhere (using my ghost powers I hid them as he walked by so he saw them). I left them in his locker and each of his desks in class (right before his class would start, I had my duplicate put it right in his hands). The notes were never signed, each one had things like 'Hey Sexy,' 'Hey Babe,' 'Love you,' and things like that. I left a flower with the one in his locker.

I spotted Alexy headed over to me and I quickly left before he could reach me. However, I left a note and a flower in my place. The note said, 'Meet me at the roof of my apartment building at seven, XOXO,' cheesy, but effective. I went straight home, well I flew home, to get everything ready.


I was really happy, and when I told Armin what's he done so far, even my twin was happy. No guy has ever done this much for me before, even for our anniversary. Danny, even though I haven't seen him all day which got on my nerves, is kind of romantic. He lefts notes everywhere-which I think he used his ghost powers to put some of them, and even a note with a flower in my locker. When I thought I saw Danny, I ran over to try and thank him, but he disappeared. At first I was sad, but then I saw the note and flower in his place. I read the note, okay at seven then you wild animal.

It was finally seven, and I was very excited. I even got my tux, granted the tux was orange with a right blue tie, but it was me! I fixed the tie and headed up to the roof.

When I got to the roof, I actually cried. It was tears of joy. On the roof, even if I didn't see Danny yet, was a single table that had a velvet cloth over it and two chair. On the table was two wine glasses, a bottle of wine, two plates that had a nice dinner, and a small vase of flowers (the same type of flowers that were in locker and with the note that told me to come). All around the roof were flower petals and candles. It was even more romantic than a traditional candle-lit dinner at night. I felt two arms give me a hug from behind.

"Do you like it?"
I turned my head slightly,

"I love it, Danny."

I gave him a kiss, and I can honestly say that I have a feeling that Danny and I are going to be together for a long while.