Siblings and a promise

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Chapter 1; The De Bourgh family

Rosings Park, Kent, April 17th, 1795

Sir Lewis de Bourgh looked down into the face of his second daughter who was born only a few hours earlier. He was mildly disappointed that Catherine had given birth to another daughter, instead of the son he craved. He looked at his family ... his wife Catherine, their 2-year-old daughter Anne and their new daughter ... lying together on Catherine's bed cuddling each other.

He remembered that his own father had not spent any real time with his sisters. He was more concerned with educating and bringing up his only son to be an honourable man and pressuring him to make a good marriage. Daughters were only good for making good marriages and bringing the next generation into the world. His father had originally wanted the youngest daughter of the then Earl of Matlock for him to marry, but Lady Anne Fitzwilliam was already being courted by George Darcy of Pemberley. So, he was to marry her sister, Lady Catherine, who also had a large dowry, in a marriage of convenience.

When his young daughter opened her deep and warm brown eyes and looked at him, his new daughter had his eyes. He realized how much he loved his new daughter and vowed that he would do anything to protect her. It was then that he decided on her name – Elizabeth. The name of the most wonderful woman in his life – his mother. Catherine had named Anne after her sister. Now he had the chance to name his daughter after a special person in his life.

Sir Lewis was not so disappointed after all. With his second daughter, he was overjoyed. He now had another little girl he could spoil and look after. He would be a better father to his children than his own father had been. He had a family – a real family to love and protect. He had two healthy children and a wife who had survived childbirth twice.

Lewis began thinking ahead to the future, for his new daughter, she would be an ideal choice for his wife's sister's son, young Fitzwilliam, also called William, who was around eight years old.

He picked up little Elizabeth and held her in his arms. He could not remember having Anne in his arms the same way after she was born, two years ago. Little Elizabeth was so small and fragile that Sir Lewis was afraid to drop her. He quickly sat down next to his wife and placed her back in the crib. If the first day of knowing that she was with child again and the months to follow were any indication, he knew Catherine would want nothing to do with Elizabeth. She didn't care for the new babe, unlike her favourite. She doted and spoilt Anne since her birth and he could see that she was being raised as herself; proud and arrogant. He would not allow his favourite to be ignored! He would protect her from anyone, including her mother. In his heart, Sir Lewis knew that this bundle of joy would be the next Mistress of Pemberley.