Chapter 29; Epilogue

Since the wedding of Fitzwilliam Darcy to Elizabeth Fitzwilliam, they had lived happily at Pemberley, with a constant flow of friends and family visiting them from every corner of England. Georgiana remained at Pemberley until she turned twenty-three where she married a Mr. Julian Holt, a Derbyshire gentleman with a decent fortune, and who loved her deeply.

The Fitzwilliam family remained close to each other, and regularly visited each other at their homes. The Earl, Patrick died at the grand old age of seventy-eight at Matlock Lake House, followed three years later by his devoted wife.

Maxwell and Marina also took over the Earldom of Matlock, and soon had four children in their happy marriage, they remained devoted for life. Maxwell also proved that his father had not only been a loving but also astute teacher, since Maxwell became the most successful earl of Matlock in memory.

Anne who continued to change, ended up being an entirely different woman and attracted the attention of a man with both title and fortune; a Baron James of Langley Hall, Baron Northbourne. They were married in December 1815. They would have two children and a long and happy marriage.

Mary-Rose and Rachel also remained happily married to their men, and produced six children between them. Many laughs were shared in the families during the years, that the sisters had married brothers. Though they remained devoted and happily married for life. Rachel and Mary-Rose only became closer as they lived within an easy distance of each other, and so raised their children side by side.

Elizabeth kept her friendship with Captain Frederick Wentworth after her marriage, and when he returned shortly to England in late 1814, he met William and Elizabeth in London, and they became very good friends. Therefore it was not a surprise that in the autumn of 1816, Elizabeth and William received a letter from Frederick, wherein he announced his engagement to Miss Anne Elliot of Kellynch Hall. Frederick had described his relationship and former engagement with Anne through letters, and therefore the Darcy's were very happy to hear about the engagement. Later that year, when both parties were in London, the Darcy's were introduced to Miss Anne Elliot. The Darcy's also attended the wedding.

Richard married his sweetheart Cecilia De Martinez in late 1814, after he had accepted Rosings Park from Anne and Elizabeth. They had four children, two girls; Elaine and Sarah and two boys; James and Fitzwilliam, named after William - much to William's annoyance. Richard and William remained best friends for the rest of their lives.

Elizabeth remained close with the Gardiners for the rest of her life, and was named godmother to their eldest daughter. Madeline and Elizabeth visited each other as often as possible, when either holidaying in London or in Derbyshire. The Gardiners ended up moving to Derbyshire, half the year, when Mr. Gardiner had acquired his fortune – though their business continued to grow. A generation or so later, a Darcy would marry a Gardiner.

And what happened to the Bennet girls, well;

Jane married Charles Bingley; they ended up having five children, and a very long and perfect marriage.

Mary met a mature naval officer, who was related to Anne and Elizabeth by the name of Peter De Bough-Weir. It was instantly obvious that it was love at first sight between them. It would take two years before Peter proposed to Mary, and she joined him wherever his duty took him, until they settled at a modest cottage on Pemberley land, where they raised four children, all girls.

Mr. Thomas Bennet and Mrs. Frances Bennet remained at Longbourn with their son, but in the end Mr. Bennet proved to be the stronger and survived his wife with five more years. He was buried with his wife, and left their children, and adopted family to mourn their passing.

John Bennet eventually inherited Longbourn, and married his childhood best friend Charlotte Lucas. They remained devoted to each other for life and raised two lovely girls. John also ended the entail on Longbourn.

After being sent to a school and finishing school in London by her parents, Kitty married the curate at Pemberley, George York, when she was twenty-one years old, and they had together a happy life and three children, two boys and a girl. Their youngest son continued in his father's footsteps as curate to John Darcy, who would inherit Pemberley.

Lastly Lydia, after finishing her education the same as Kitty, and having stamped a lot of silly notions about marrying an officer out of her head, she spent her time with her eldest sister, and at Pemberley with Elizabeth, until at twenty-four she met a man in London at the Gardiner's home, called; Daniel Caldwell, he was a Doctor in London. They married and had two children.

And lastly what happened to Elizabeth and William, you may ask?

Well they lived happily ever after just as they had planned to. They remained devoted to each other for the rest of their lives and raised seven children, four girls and three boys; Christin, Anne-Cati (Anne-Catherina), Rose, Evelyn, John, Nicholas and Frederick. The children grew up to be decent and upstanding gentlemen and ladies, their youngest son even ended up marrying Sophia Bennet of Longbourn.

William and Elizabeth were married for seventy years before they died in each other's arms.
Oh, I forgot to mention…what happened to Lady Catherine De Bough, you may wonder. Well, she remained at Rosings, though was put in the dowager cottage, when Richard and Cecilia moved in, during the winter of 1814, she was incensed and saw everything which had happened as Elizabeth's fault – she lived in the dowager for five years, when she suddenly had a heart attack and died. Though not missed, the idea of the mother they might had had made both Anne and Elizabeth sad, they visited Rosings for the funeral.

The End.

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