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Valerie Clark could not be more proud of herself. She was going to dance on Broadway. Every real part of her body was tingling with anticipation. After all those years of rejection because of her body, she was finally going to be somebody. She tried everything. She could do a 180' split and come up tapping the Morse code. Did that matter? Not at all. Two words would change her life forever: Plastic surgery. Breast implants, and a lot of silicone helped her to get where she was now. It was like a dream. Nothing could stop her now.

Diana Morales, on the other hand, had this strong feeling of guilt. Sure, she wanted the job, but she felt as if she couldn't dance without her best friend, Paul San Marco, by her side. Paul had broken his leg at the audition. Without him, she felt as if some part of her had died. She knew she had to keep going…she just didn't know how.

"Girls! Cassie, Judy, Val, and Diana. Start at stage left for the tap combination." Said Larry, the assistant to Zach, the director. It is hard to say that Val gets along with…well, anyone. But she had a strong dislike of Diana. The way she would smile through most of rehearsal and how she couldn't get over Paul just got under her skin. Big deal, Val thought. So he's in the hospital. There are things more important than so-called "friends" you know! Find yourself another gay guy to hang out with! It's a big city! Concentrate on your dancing!

As they did the combination, Diana acted perky-as usual, while Val flashed her a dirty look. What's with her? Diana thought. What does she have against me? Eventually, Diana became so lost in thought as to why Val was acting that way, that she kicked in a wrong part of the combination. Val was right behind her, so she fell. "Oh my god!" Diana yelled as she rushed to Val. "Are you alright?"

"Sure…No worries!" giggled Val. "Zach, Honey, Baby doll, can I please go backstage for a second…with Morales?"

"Fine," said Zack. "Everyone take 5! And that means 5, not 15!"

Diana could not stop blabbering. "I'm so sorry, Valerie. I was distracted because I thought you were trying to-"

"Shut up!" Val's eyes widened as she spoke. "I'm done with your attitude."

"My attitude?"

"Yes! You thought right! I can't stand you! No one can stay in a good mood for so long! And forget about this Paul character! People in show business don't have time for friends! I am one of the best dancers in New York! Sure, no one's told me yet but-"

"You egotistical, self-centered, little whore!"

"Be quiet! Stay out of my way, or you'll have to deal with me!" Diana never felt more threatened in her life. What she was about to do, she would regret for the rest of her life.