Happy Valentine's Day Fuu

Hi everyone! Since Valentine's Day is coming up I guess the little idea fairy decided to pop this idea into my mind well that & this picture, & I thought it was cute.

Found the pic on Deviantart, the pictures titled Vivi's Valentine, fanfic wouldnt let me post the link, I apologize.

Hope you all have a great V day! Enjoy the story!

Fuu hates Valentine's Day & everything to do with it. Vivi wants to change that, will he succeed?

Fuu scowled as she walked through Twilight Town on the chilly afternoon of February 13th. Valentine's Day was tomorrow & this annoyed the silver haired crimson eyed girl. To her Valentine's Day was just plain stupid & useless, all the red heart shaped balloons & the chocolates, not to mention the stupid stuffed animals & flowers. If that wasn't enough it was seeing all the stupid lovey dovey couples making out on the streets. "Honestly. Quit sucking faces and get a life." Fuu thought to herself as she made her way to the sandlot to meet her friends for struggle practice, Seifer, Rai, & Vivi. Upon her arrival Fuu realized that she was the only one there. Rolling her eyes at her friends' ignorance she sat down on a bench to wait for them.

Vivi smiled to himself as he put down his red marker to admire his project. He knew the girl he made this for hated the following day but to him she deserved it for everyone needed someone to love & after helping him, Seifer, & Rai out of plenty of sticky situations over the years, Fuu deserved it. Looking at the clock he saw that he was already late to meet up with the Crimson eyed girl & his two friends at the sandlot, placing his project gingerly in his pocket so not to mess it up he left his little house to meet his friends.

Fuu sighed in an annoyed way as she checked her watch for the third time. The guys were over 10 minutes late. "Idiots" Fuu mumbled to herself. After about 5 minutes of waiting even more she finally saw one of her friends walk up to the bench where she was sitting. "Hi Fuu." Vivi said to the silverette in a kind of nervous tone. "Vivi." Fuu replied simply. After about a minute's awkward silence the little creature spoke up again in the same nervous way. "Um, Fuu?" "What?" "Well I know Valentine's Day is tomorrow & -." Fuu rolled her eyes. "- & even though I know you hate it, I just thought you needed some appreciation after all you've done for me, Seifer, & Rai & also a little love." Fuu was a little shocked at hearing this & looked down at Vivi, eyes a little wide as she saw in Vivi's gloved hand was a simple valentine card with a red heart the same shade as her eyes drawn in the center. Fuu being the quiet girl she was speechless & shocked. No one had ever given her a valentine before. Looking down at Vivi she saw that his cheeks had become a faint scarlet that seem to darken as Fuu wrapped her arms around Vivi in a hug. "Thank you." Fuu said quietly with a small smile. Vivi smiled back. "Whoa whoa whoa. What's going on here?" The two heard a familiar voice say as they quickly un embraced, & looked up to see Seifer & Rai standing in front of them. Fuu stood up from her seat on the bench. "Nothing. Right?" she asked looking at Vivi. "Right." He nodded as he received skeptical looks from both the blonde leader & the tall brunette. "Fine, whatever. Enough chit chat." Seifer stated like he was becoming annoyed. "Time to fight." He said wielding his struggle bat. Fuu sighed as she watched Seifer beat down both Rai & Vivi in their struggle battle. Holding her valentine tenderly, a small smile formed acrossed her lips as she realized that maybe Valentine's Day wasn't so bad after all.

Hope you've enjoyed this little one shot! Read & Review please! Flames will be passed on to Axel for his own amusement. Happy Valentine's day lovelys!