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One Point in Time


It was not happening. No way was he going to cave that year and get that idiot rabbit something for Valentine's Day. This was the year that Takahashi Misaki expected something from Usagi-san instead. He was going to hold his ground and not let the other man have his way with him either. No, that man's cock was going to stay out of his ass because Misaki wanted to be able to walk the next day. The prior Valentine's Day had ended with him and his landlord having sex on almost every available piece of furniture. The next day Misaki'd had to stay home because he couldn't walk properly. That of course had ended with him being sucked off so many times he never wanted to have another orgasm again.

The Great Lord Usami Akihiko was cruel!

At least that was what he thought until he'd walked into the apartment and found it completely empty. That was unexpected. Normally, especially on those ridiculous holidays of love, Usagi-san would have been waiting at the door to pounce. For a brief moment Misaki actually felt lonely as he walked through the apartment and saw that he was, indeed, alone.

Brief thoughts of that morning, after he'd left for school, popped into his head and he almost felt his heart palpitate. Did Usagi-san know!? There was no way the older man could have known if Misaki hadn't known it was going to happen either. Still, it made him all but start to shake at the thought of one pissed man trying to even the score.

Misaki walked into the kitchen and started to pull out anything he could make for dinner. There wasn't a note saying when the elder would return, but the idea that they would always eat together was clear in his mind. Usami would return and they would eat together, no matter what. He'd promised.

Takahashi was starting to worry himself into a tizzy with thoughts of violence and retribution that he didn't even feel the knife when he sliced the tip of his finger. It wasn't until he looked at the cutting board and saw the blood everywhere that it registered that he needed to go to the emergency room.

Why does he do that to me! No matter what I do, he has a hold of me and I can't break free! Not that he'd want to break free anyway. Usami Akihiko had become akin to water when it came to Misaki. He didn't think he'd be able to live without him anymore.

Quickly he wrapped his finger in a dish towel and started out the door. He didn't have the money, but he'd hail a taxi and hope that they'd be kind enough to drop him off.


After receiving three stitches on his finger, Misaki was sitting in the waiting room for his discharge from the hospital. It hadn't taken long to get the finger fixed and the doctor had told him there'd hardly be a scar. That made Misaki happy, but he realized how lonely he felt being in the hospital without Usami at his side.

That didn't last long though as he saw the violet-eyed man storm into the hospital and demand to know where he was.

"Usagi-san!" he all but called out when he saw the man, in his overcoat, standing at the counter.

Moments later Usami jumped across the room and wrapped Misaki into a hug so tight he could hardly breathe.

"U-Usa-gi-sa-n, ca-n-'t b…"

"I was so worried. I came home and saw the blood and just about died. How come you didn't send me a message?"

Misaki realized that he'd forgotten his phone at the house and he hadn't even bothered to send a message to the elder. No wonder he hadn't come immediately.

"I'm sorry," he said, muffled by the other man's shoulder. Usami wasn't going to let the boy go anywhere without him anymore if he had his way. "You weren't home, so I thought…"

Without even worrying about the others in the lobby, Usami placed his lips firmly to Misaki's and kissed him. The college student didn't even have a chance to protest at them becoming exhibitionists. He leaned into the kiss and let the other man have his way until it was time to break apart.

"If something like that happens again, I want to be the first to know, Misaki," Usami growled under his breath.

Misaki just nodded and then fell back into the seat. He noticed the stares and turned scarlet. Damn that idiot Usagi! He forced a nervous laugh as Usami went to pay the bill for the visit. Then he hid his head in his hands until he felt the other leading him out of the hospital and into his car.

It wasn't until they were on the road that Misaki started to speak again.

"Where were you?" he asked, nonchalantly.

"I was preparing your Valentine's Day present," Usami stated as he lit a cigarette.

Misaki felt his heart stall and he blinked a few times. So he wasn't going to have to be the one to give the gift this year.

"What is it?" he asked.

Usami reached over and held onto Misaki's hand, mindful of the hurt finger. He interlaced their fingers and just held on like he wasn't going to let go.

"You'll see when we get there," he said. "Happy Valentine's Day, Misaki."


Valentine's Day was a menace to society, especially in the publishing world. Luckily for one Isaka Ryuuichioro, the biggest hurdle was getting any manga out on that date. Such matters had already been taken into account and had worked out as they should have. Now the only issue was worrying about whether he'd end up with a mountain of cards, chocolates, and crap on his desk. Normally he'd have played a joke on some unsuspecting sap, but the tiny tree with condom ornaments he'd put on Yokozawa Takafumi's desk last year couldn't be outdone. So he was stuck with just being a normal human being for the day.

At least that's what he thought until he came back from a meeting and saw an even larger tree with not just condoms, but vibrators, screamers, and lube sitting on his desk. Luckily for him the desk was in his private room, but whoever had done this deserved a medal. He'd been one-upped.

"Asahina, come in here please?" Isaka said into his phone as he viewed the tree from all angles. It was a pine tree, about three feet high, and every square inch was covered in perverted material.

"Yes, Ryuuichiro-sama?" his secretary asked from the doorway.

"Did you see someone come in and put this on the desk?"

"If you think back a little ways you'll recall that I was with you from the moment you came into the office, went to the meeting, and came back. So, no, I doubt I saw someone come put this on your desk if you didn't," Asahina deadpanned.

"Who do you think did it?"

"That is not something I would know about, Ryuuichiro-sama."

Isaka grinned. "There are lots of people we could pin this one on, but I think I know who and why they did this."

"Then why did you need me?"

One sly man walked to the door, pulled his secretary inside and shut the door, after which he closed the blinds.

"Because it was you, Kaoru," Isaka said with a grin.

"And why would you think that?"

"Because I know you have been trying to field complaints about the few times I've spread some Valentine's Day mischief. It only makes sense that you would jump in and have some fun with me in that way."

Asahina went from being secretary to lover in less than a second. He pulled the other man toward him and started to kiss him senseless. He knew he'd get caught, but he also knew that Isaka was the only man in the company who would be able to handle such an elaborate joke.

"Who set it up?" Isaka asked when they broke away from the kiss.

"Himitsu*," Kaoru whispered into Isaka's ear.

"You're evil!" Isaka laughed.

"So is this holiday," Asahina growled as he reached for a condom on the perverted tree.

Isaka pulled his lover back toward him and proceeded to kiss the man senseless. He could feel a tingling sensation below the belt and knew that it wasn't going to take long for both he and Asahina to turn his office into a sauna that smelled of sex. Then again, it wasn't like he cared. He was the boss, after all.


Waking up and reading a note that stated Nowaki had been called into work at an ungodly hour had put Hiroki into a mood. So while he stalked through the school to his classes people tended to veer off to the side like he was Moses parting The Red Sea. He didn't really care as long as they moved their asses out of his way so he could get his lecture started. After almost relocating Miyagi's balls into the roof of said professor's mouth, all Hiroki wanted to do was get out of that office and go home. Instead he needed to teach the idiot minds of his students in his intro to English literature class.

Kamijou walked into the room and everyone immediately stopped talking. No one wanted to talk out of turn, lest the devil hurl some sort of projectile at them. Today was slightly different though. Someone had left a single, white rose on the podium for their professor and to be honest, everyone was beyond curious.

"What in the hell is this?" Hiroki barked, holding the flower up over his head.

No one said a word, they were too afraid to speak up when the professor was about ready to go nuclear on someone's ass.

"Someone better answer me or I'm going to require a ten page paper, due next class period, on *The Great Gatsby!"

Finally someone raised her hand.

"Yes?" Kamijou snapped.

"Professor, there's a card," she answered, timidly.

Hiroki looked at the card and put the flower down on the podium. He opened the card and read what was written inside.

Sorry about not waking you when I left. It was so early and you were so cute while you were sleeping. Happy Valentine's Day, Hiro-san!

This caused the annoyed professor to blush from the roots of the hair on his head to the tips of his toenails. That idiot Nowaki had done something this embarrassing, and in front of his students. But he couldn't bring himself to be angry, no matter how humiliating it was.

"Class, read the final ten chapters for next time, class is dismissed."

With that Hiroki left his class, walked out of the building without his things, and headed straight for the hospital.


Nowaki was in the process of making paper flowers for the children in the lounge when Tsumori walked in, a huge grin on his face.

"I am glad to see you so happy this morning, even though you were pulled away from someone important at three AM," the man said, cheekily.

"I know that Hiro-san wasn't going to be too thrilled with my disappearance, but there wasn't much else I could do," Nowaki replied. "Besides, I was able to get him a flower and a card. I asked his superior to place it on his desk so he could have it when he came in."

Tsumori laughed. "I'm sure that tsundere you love so much appreciated that. Or he's on his way here now to kill you."

"Hiro-san isn't someone who would go about killing people, senpai. He's a good person."

"Then my warning about him coming doesn't worry you at all?"

Nowaki stopped making flowers and looked at the older man. "Hiro-san is on his way here?"

"Yes, I saw him enter the building a few minutes ago. He should be here in a few moments."
The young doctor visibly brightened at hearing his beloved Hiro-san was on his way into the building. He was worried that he'd not get to see him on Valentine's Day since he wasn't scheduled to leave till after midnight. Even if just for a few moments, he was happy to know the other man was on his way.


Hiroki barged into the lounge in the children's wing of the hospital and marched up to Nowaki, a flush across his face from walking so fast.

"You look cute with that flush, Hiro-san," Nowaki stated, softly.

Kamijou grabbed hold of the younger man's arm and pulled him from the lounge amidst cries of protest from the young patients.

"I'll return him in a minute!" he snapped at the kids, which shut them up rather quickly.

Nowaki didn't have the heart to chastise his lover for his snappy behavior toward the kids. Instead he just followed as Hiroki led them down the hallway. He could see the eyes of nurses, doctors, patients, and others following them as they walked through the corridors to the men's changing room.

Once inside Hiroki shoved the flower into Nowaki's face. "You left this on my podium. All of my students saw it!" he grumbled.

Nowaki's eyes went wide. "I asked Professor Miyagi to leave it on your desk; I don't know why he'd leave it on the podium. I'm sorry Hiro-san."

"It doesn't matter anymore," Hiroki said, averting his eyes from his boyfriend's heated gaze. "I just wanted to tell you…Happy Valentine's Day," he mumbled under his breath.

The well wishes made Nowaki grin like an idiot and he pulled Hiroki in for a chaste kiss.

"I love you, Hiro-san," he whispered after said kiss was finished.


After his shift at the hospital was over, Nowaki received a text message.

Nowaki, I'm cold.

Ijuuin Sensei to Takahashi Misaki

There was no doubt in his mind that it was a low blow. Showing up at Misaki's school, unannounced, had all but startled the young man into old age way before his time. That, added to the fact that he could all but hear the girls in the background complaining about how such an ordinary looking person could attract the attention of not just Usami Akihiko, but Ijuuin Kyo as well. It was a travesty on the entire way the universe worked.

Ijuuin didn't care. Seeing Misaki, on Valentine's Day was a treat. And he expressly showed it when he handed the boy a box of homemade chocolates and a bouquet of Baby Romantica flowers. To say that Misaki was startled was definitely the understatement of the decade.

"Uhhh…Ijuuin-sensei, what are you doing here?" the boy stammered as he eyed everyone in the vicinity. If he didn't accept the tokens then it would make him look like a prick in front of half the student body.

"I wanted to see you on Valentine's Day, Misaki," Ijuuin purred. "Is that a crime?"

Misaki shook his head in embarrassment. This was not how this day was supposed to progress. What if Usagi-san showed up?

"Then please accept my gifts. Just think of them as something from one friend to another," he said with a wink.

Takahashi was more than embarrassed and wanted to hide away, rather quickly if possible. That wasn't going to happen in the open courtyard though. He couldn't even think of a way to turn the man down before Ijuuin walked over, ruffled his hair and walked off the property. Misaki could hear the girls in the background all but swoon at the sign of affection. And to make things worse, he still had a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates in his hand.

My Interest is You - Terrorist

Valentine's Day was the bane of Shinobu's existence. He hated the holiday with a passion thanks to his sister and her incessant need to try and win Miyagi back that year. After she'd confessed that she wanted his lover back, she'd told him that even if he has someone doesn't mean that she can't come back into his life. Shinobu didn't like that and had been anticipating her doing something on this holiday of lovers. Normally it was the girl who gave something to the boy. Then in a month's time the boy could reciprocate, but on a grander scale. Shinobu wasn't a girl; he had a dick in his pants that Miyagi liked to play with to prove it. But the idea that Risako might try something had him nervous and pissed at the same time.

In fact, he'd missed a question on his English exam, which completely proved that he wasn't able to pay attention to anything. So he decided to leave the highest ranked university in Japan and head over to where Miyagi worked instead. He'd rather have spent the day with the old man anyway. Plus, Risako wouldn't ambush him at work, so he knew he'd be safe from any attempts at wooing his future.

Shinobu wandered onto the campus and made his way to Miyagi's office. He knew the older man's schedule by heart, so he knew that Miyagi wouldn't be there. The college student wasn't too surprised to see Professor Kamijou sitting at his desk.

"What in the hell are you doing here?" the other professor snapped at Shinobu, much like he always did.

"Waiting for Miyagi to get back so we can make use of this sofa," Shinobu snapped back.

He and Kamijou were like an asteroid hitting a planet. The force was not good, and it ended up with a lot of debris in their wake.

"You could do that at home and not here," Kamijou growled.

Shinobu sat down on the sofa and stretched out to take a nap. He really didn't care if the other professor was around. He'd wait for Miyagi anyway. Shinobu closed his eyes and let his mind go blank, which caused him to fall into a calm sleep.


Miyagi walked into his office and saw that Kamijou was gone and that Shinobu had passed out on the sofa. His eyes went wide when he realized that it was the middle of the day and the little brat should have been in school. Then again, said terrorist always tended to skip school and still make the dean's list in one of the hardest programs in the country. He'd have given anything to have been that smart when he was in school.

If Shinobu was sleeping then he obviously needed it, though he wasn't sure why. They'd gone to bed at a reasonable hour the night prior and after their lovemaking both of them had been pretty spent. Maybe it was too much on the kid to have sex every night? Though, it was generally Shinobu who instigated such acts between them.


The professor looked at his young lover and saw that he was dreaming and talking in his sleep.

"Yes, Shinobu-chin?" he asked, sitting on the table next to the sofa.

"Need…" Shinobu whispered in his sleep, "Miyagi…"

The confession all but made Yoh's heart leap into his throat.


Miyagi held back a giggle at hearing this from Shinobu. He was obviously fighting someone in his dreams to keep him. The boy didn't have to do that, Miyagi was his forever, or so Shinobu constantly stated. Miyagi placed a hand on Shinobu's hair and felt his forehead. He felt warm. That was not a good sign. So he pulled off his jacket and wrapped Shinobu into it like a taco and let him sleep for a while longer.


Shinobu was having a nightmare where he saw Miyagi change his mind and leave with Risako. Tears started to fall as he reached out for the elder who was leaving him, crying, in the street. Within a few moments he'd woken himself from the dream and sat up, tears actually streaming down his face. He blinked his eyes and realized that Miyagi was sitting right in front of him, a worried look in his eyes.

"Shinobu, what's the matter?"

The kid shook his head as he sorted out the dream from reality and came back to the present. Miyagi was not walking away with his sister, but he himself was crying. He really needed to stop that at some point.

"I had a nightmare, it's gone now."

Miyagi wasn't convinced. He'd heard the boy shout out to Risako in his sleep. He'd heard, specifically, that Risako was not allowed to take him away. Miyagi put his hand to Shinobu's head and felt it again. His fever was higher than before. That meant he was going to take the rest of the day off and nurse his little terrorist back to health.

"You're sick, Shinobu-chin. It's time to go home so you can rest."

"I am not!" Shinobu insisted. "I'm perfectly fine."

"We're going home anyway."

Shinobu glared, but let Miyagi help him to his feet. He realized, in that moment, that he did feel a little sick, so obviously Miyagi wasn't lying. After gathering a few things, Miyagi led Shinobu to his car and the two made their way back home.


After a quick shower, that Miyagi actually had to help him with, Shinobu found himself on their futon in his jimjams. There was a cold compress on his head and he was scowling as Miyagi took his temperature. The whole thing looked vaguely familiar as he realized he'd nursed Miyagi at one point too.

"So, you want to tell me what you were dreaming about now?" Miyagi asked when he read the thermometer; it read *39.2 degrees Celsius.

"I had a dream that Risako was going to steal you away from me," Shinobu said without thinking, the fever was getting to his head.

Miyagi then realized why he had a fever. "So, you worried yourself into this mess," he stated as he pushed Shinobu back onto the pillows and changed the cold compress. He would have taken Shinobu to the hospital, but that might have ended up with his parents being notified and Miyagi knew that Shinobu wouldn't have been happy if his parents had been brought in.

"It's a legitimate concern. Lots of people might try to steal you." Shinobu was getting tired and wanted to go to sleep.

"No, Shinobu, I can promise you that no one is going to steal you away from me. You're stuck with me forever." Of course he knew that if the kid wanted him gone, he'd leave to make him happy, but he knew Shinobu never wanted him to leave, which made Miyagi very happy.

"Good…" Shinobu said, nodding off. "You're mine, Miyagi."

Yoh smiled and kissed Shinobu on the forehead. "Happy Valentine's Day, Shinobu-chin," he said softly. "I love you."


Later that next morning, around five when the fever broke, Shinobu woke up and saw Miyagi sleeping in a chair next to the bed. He reached out a hand and pulled the sleeping man into the bed with him. Sure, it would only be a couple of hours, but that was still two hours in which they could hold one another.

Onodera Ritsu no Baai

The man was glaring at him. He'd been glaring at him since Onodera'd walked into work and sat down. The same glare continued on when Hatori had left. It didn't stop when Mino had shown up to work and after a while he just assumed that it wouldn't stop any time soon. With that, Ritsu started to ignore his boss. He went about his day like nothing was wrong and all was right with the world.

Unfortunately, once everyone else on the floor had cleared out, the same routine happened. Without much of a warning, Onodera felt a presence behind him, which caused him to hunch over slightly.

"Takano-san, have you ever heard of personal space?" he grumbled, trying to get ahead on his work.

"Yes, I'm not stupid, but you've been ignoring me all day, so I wanted to know why?" Takano said into his ear.

"I've been here all day, same as you." What was this man getting at?

"True, but you didn't acknowledge me when you came in."

Ritsu had no clue what Takano-san was saying. "Of course I acknowledged you. I said, 'Good morning, Takano-san', just like I do every morning!" he snapped, "out of politeness to my superior."

It didn't even take a second for his chair to be swiveled around, which resulted in him looking directly into Takano's eyes.

"That's not what I meant," Takano grumbled. "Where's my present?"

"And what present would that be?" Ritsu asked, leaning as far back into the chair as he could.

"My Valentine's Day present."

"What?" Ritsu scoffed. "Are you for real?"

"Very much so, now where is it?" Takano asked, leaning closer to Ritsu's face.

"And why do I have to get you anything?" Ritsu was starting to squirm in his chair.

"Because…you love me." The way he said it caused Onodera to shiver. "Ritsu?" Takano asked, huskily before leaning in and claiming Ritsu's lips in a hungry kiss.

Onodera wanted to push away; he needed to push away. Instead he felt his hands reach out of their own accord and grasp Takano-san's arms. Instantly he could feel the elder's arms grab his own and pull him to his feet. The kiss remained unbroken as he was maneuvered to the desktop.

Finally, he pushed away, lips still feeling the sting.

"Takano-san," he gasped, "we can't do this kind of stuff…especially not at work."

"Of course we can," Masamune said in a sultry voice. "We love each other, so making love is more than acceptable."

Ritsu could feel himself blush more than he already was. Did this guy ever listen?

"But, I thought we were going to talk and get to know one another more," he insisted as he tried to scramble away from Takano-san's grip.

"We can talk after I sleep with you," Takano deadpanned.

Ritsu squirmed a little more and turned his face to avoid another kiss. "Why do you love me?" he asked.

This did cause the other male to pause and Ritsu looked up into Masamune's eyes, a contemplative look on his face. For a moment he was actually at a loss for words himself.

"I love you," the man said after the pause, "because you are Ritsu."

Onodera's eyes bugged again and he felt the other man lean in and start to kiss his neck. There was no point in fighting it anymore. He knew, deep down, that he loved the other man too. And he felt special whenever his senpai was around.

Takano claimed his lips again and Ritsu let himself be lowered to the desk. He'd have to figure out how to clean the desk later as he was certain they'd make one hell of a mess before they were through.

Yanase Yuu no Baai

Nothing in the world was going to make him get out of bed. He was tired, cranky, and didn't see the point when he knew that Chiaki wasn't going to spend the day with him. Instead, he could sleep away the day and start over on the morrow, just like a good little worker. Any other plans he may have had for the day were terminated when he'd been told by Hatori that the editor was fine with he and his best friend hanging out and keeping with tradition. Of course, Chiaki had smashed that window rather easily by telling him the day before that he wanted to spend it with Hatori instead. So poor Yuu had been left to his own devises. And that was going to be to sleep and conserve energy for his next crunch.

Ding Dong!

"Who in the fuck is that?" he snapped at no one, since he was alone.

Yuu stood up and padded to his front door and looked outside. There was a man holding a bouquet of flowers. Had to be the wrong door.

"Can I help you?" he asked as he opened the door.

"I have a bouquet of flowers for Yanase-san," the delivery guy said.

"Uhhhhh…" Yanase nodded and took the flowers. "Thanks?"

The other man left and Yuu went into the apartment. He pulled the card from the flowers and narrowed his eyes. He wouldn't! Would he? Yanase asked himself.

He opened the card and read the inscription:

I know you are spending today with your friend! Have fun. Here's a little something to keep you from forgetting me today! It's a custom I picked up while in Canada last time I was there. I think we should go there in the spring. Prince Edward Island is beautiful that time of year.

"Is he fucking kidding me?"

Yanase almost threw the bouquet onto the ground, but stopped himself. It had been the first time in his adult life he'd received such a gift and it wasn't one he could think of getting rid of, no matter how much of a pain in the ass the man who sent it was.

Bound - Hatori Yoshiyuki to Yoshino Chiaki no Baai

Normally, on a day that tended to be a pain in the ass, Hatori was more than happy to forgo meeting up with his lover, even if the day was meant to be spent with that someone special. In the prior years, on this specific day, he'd learned that Chiaki tended to spend it with Yanase, which made his blood boil. He didn't usually argue anything with Yoshino on the matter though because he knew that the other man made the one he loved happy, so he quietly grumbled and went about his day.

Hatori would go to Chiaki's house after work and make dinner. If he was lucky then Chiaki would return from hanging out with Yanase at a civilized hour and he could eat something before Hatori went home to sleep. This year he wasn't going to fight Chiaki spending time with Yanase, even though he'd told the mangaka to stay away from him. After causing a rift between the smaller man and his other best friend, he'd felt a little guilty. Hurting Chiaki had never been his intention. Maybe that could be his Valentine's gift to the other; allowing him freedoms he'd previously tried to take away out of jealousy.

The editor continued on with his work, pretending his mind wasn't elsewhere. Rarely was anything but Yoshino on his brain, so that day was no different. Yet, somehow it was, because for the first time in a long time, he wasn't able to keep himself focused. Before he knew it, he'd mixed the pages of his newest manuscripts up and marked things wrong. This wasn't like him and if he didn't get his head on straight he'd end up with more work than what he'd had to begin with.

"Takano-san, I need a break. I'm going to check on a few mangaka and I'll be back this afternoon for a while," he stated as he gathered his stuff.

"I'm sure you'll get your work done at some point. Take it home with you and stay there. No need to return, Hatori," Takano stated, not even looking up from his own pile of work.

Hearing that made Hatori feel quite a bit better. Not having to return to work meant he'd be able to head over to Yoshino's house, do his work there, and then still be around to make the evening meal before the other returned home.

"Thank you, Takano-san," Hatori said with a slight bow as he walked from the department. Something was still nagging him and he tried to push it away since that day had to be about Chiaki.


It didn't take more than an hour to get to Yoshino's place. Hatori let himself in and stalled when he noticed that Chiaki's shoes were still in the entryway. Had he worn another pair of shoes out?

"Yoshino?" he called as he slipped his shoes off and placed them, neatly, on the carpet. He then adjusted Yoshino's so they looked presentable.

"Tori!" a squeak came from inside the kitchen and living area of the apartment.

Okay, so Chiaki hadn't left yet, which meant that he might run into Yanase. Not exactly the thing he wanted to deal with on Valentine's Day. It was hard enough dealing with the interloper on a normal day, let alone the lover's holiday.

Chiaki bounded out of the kitchen, wearing an apron and a huge grin.

"Tori, I didn't expect you till tonight, it's only eleven!"

Hatori looked at the mess in the kitchen, which was considerably less than what he'd seen before when his lover had decided to try and make something.

"Yoshino, what are you doing?" Hatori saw a plate of burnt pancakes sitting next to the stove.

"I was trying to make these pancakes I saw in The Kan. Yuu got me the latest issue and when I saw the recipe I got rather excited," he answered sheepishly.

Hatori chuckled as he walked over to the counter and saw that there had to have been a hundred, burnt, pancakes that resembled the shape of a heart.

"I don't think you're doing a very good job," Hatori stated, smartly.

Yoshino lowered his eyes and nodded.

"I kind of messed up the last special day between us, so I wanted to make this one…" he cut himself off.

Hatori felt a pang of guilt at keeping his kuudere personality up top, so he leaned in and placed a kiss on Chiaki's face.

"I had thought you were going to go out with Yanase today, so I came here with the plan of making dinner," he admitted as he tasted one of the crisp pancakes.

Yoshino looked up, eyes wide. Had Hatori actually thought he'd skip out on him for another important day? Then again, this day was an easy one for him, in the past. He was done with his transcript, so he and Yanase usually had gone to a bar and drank beer. But that was before…

"Why, Tori?" he asked, softly. "Why would I go with him, on today of all days?" He was starting to get cross.

Hatori knew he was about to step on a landmine. Chiaki was prone to overreacting, just as he was. And deep down, he knew that the feeling he'd been feeling all day was loneliness because of not being around this man he loved.

"I know that whatever you and Yanase did on this day in the past was something that made you happy, so I thought you'd want to do that again."

Chiaki huffed and continued trying to make pancakes. "Don't think things for me, Tori. Ask instead of assume. You're really bad at that."

Yoshiyuki laughed at that comment since he knew how true it was. He watched a bewildered Chiaki try to make a heart and mess it up, again. After the weird-shaped thing was removed from the pan, Hatori reached over and helped Chiaki pour the batter. Together they were able to make a pancake that closely resembled a heart.

"Okay, Chiaki," he whispered into the other's ear, causing Yoshino so shiver. "From now on I'll ask."

And thus, a new day was born. From then on, every Valentine's Day was spent, just the two of them, no work, no anything. They woke up, made heart-shaped pancakes, watched a movie, made love, and enjoyed one another's company. Eventually there was no greater day than Valentine's Day.

No Words Needed – Kisa Shota to Yukina Kou no Baai

Everywhere he looked, the only things he saw were pink and sparkles. Normally the only sparkles Kisa Shouta saw were those that belonged to one Yukina Kou. Not on Valentine's Day though. Every single person in existence sparkled on Valentine's Day, unless they'd gotten their heart broken. Then they ate the sparkles everyone else was emitting for breakfast.

Kisa had actually wanted to avoid this day, but just like any other day it wasn't something he could ignore. So he went to work, finished early, and found himself walking down the street toward the bookstore. The route had become a second nature to him since he frequently went there if he knew he and Yukina were going to stay the night together. It was no surprise that Kisa wanted Yukina to stay over. Valentine's Day sex was something he'd only ever done with strangers. Now that he'd been in a relationship with the younger man, he tended to cherish their time together.

The streets were full of couples walking arm in arm, hand In hand. He even noticed some same-gender couples who were unaffected by their replica reproductive anatomy. Japan was becoming a lot more open and accepting to the homosexual community, even if public displays of affection embarrassed the manga editor to no end. It was a nice sight though, in a vastly progressive population.

"Flower for your someone special?"

Kisa stopped and looked at the little girl standing next to him. She was wearing a school uniform for a local middle school.

"We're selling them to help raise money for new books in the library," the girl said, big eyes shining.

In no way could Kisa Shouta say no to that. He smiled at the girl and gave her *200 yen, plus a 100 yen tip.

"Thanks!" the little girl cried as she went back to her cart.

Kisa looked at the carnation in his hand. Someone had taken the time to die the tips a rather pretty color of purple. He hadn't thought about getting something for Yukina since he most certainly wasn't a girl, but…maybe Valentine's Day didn't need to be for a girl to give a gift anymore. Maybe it could be one person giving another person they cared about something.

This brought a blush to Kisa's face as he imagined handing the flower to Yukina. He knew the taller man would all but sparkle enough to cause the sun to go nova. Maybe that wasn't such a bad thing.


Inside the bookstore, Yukina was in the process of turning down the third girl who had come at him with chocolates. Before he'd met his lover he might have considered one of them, but now if it wasn't given to him by Kisa-san, then it had less than no meaning to him.

"I'm sorry, but I have someone I'm in love with right now, so I can't accept your offer," he said sternly; sometimes the girls didn't take no for an answer.

I think I need to put a sign around my neck that say's I'm taken.

As the girl wandered off, looking completely dejected, Yukina saw Kisa-san walk down the stairs into the manga department. His heart skipped a beat and he could feel his blood start to heat up. Whenever his Shouta walked into a room, nothing else was in existence.

"Kisa-san!" he shouted, smiling like he'd just won the lottery. Of course in his mind he had, since he now had Kisa by his side.

The smaller male blushed as he walked forward and all but shoved the flower into Yukina's hands. This stopped the younger man in his tracks as he took the piece of flora and brought it to his nose to smell. Kisa could just see the mental orgasms the girls in the store were having at seeing the prince with a flower in his face. He almost had to avert his eyes to keep from going blind. Yukina was positively glowing like one of those creatures in a horror movie who'd been doused with radiation.

He wasn't expecting to have a box handed to him though, and Kisa almost dropped it on the floor. The box was red in color and had a gold ribbon on the outside that was tied off in a nice bow. Kisa opened the box and his eyes went wide. Inside was a single piece of chocolate in the shape of a heart.

Not quite sure how to react, he looked up at Yukina and blushed when he saw how closely the man was watching him. Kisa could hear people in the background commenting on how it was such a waste that Yukina was gay since there was so many good girls to go around. Okay, so maybe not everyone was as progressive as he thought.

Yukina wasn't too thrilled with the way people were speaking though, so he leaned in and placed a quick kiss on Kisa's lips, making the elder blush with ferocity. He liked it so much he decided to do it again before Kisa-san came to his senses. Only this time he allowed himself a little bit of free reign and started to use his tongue. As they were in public, Kisa didn't exactly use his tongue, but he seemed to be a little in shock, so Yukina stopped and pulled away.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Kisa-san," he said jovially.

Kisa, for his part, was too out of it to respond much at that point.


"Yukina!" Kisa growled when his lover finally came out of the shower. "Why did you do that in front of so many other people?"

Yukina grinned and chuckled a little. "Because I wanted people to know that there is no such thing as waste when I am with you." He beamed and walked forward, letting his towel fall from his hips. Kisa caught himself looking at Yukina's half erect cock. "Besides, you didn't exactly stop me, now did you?"

That was a true fact and Kisa wasn't really all that upset at the show they'd given the patrons at the bookstore. He was actually happy that someone was willing to stand up and say, it's okay to be in love with a man if you are a man.

"Thank you," Shouta said, softly.

Yukina closed the distance to his lover, picked him up, and kissed him with all his energy. They were going to make love all night if he had any say in the matter.

"Shouta-san, would you mind taking me tonight?" he asked, wanting to feel the other man inside of him.

Kisa blushed, but nodded. After all, it was a holiday, so switching it up was definitely a good way to do things.

Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai

Yokozawa Takafumi definitely knew what day it was. How in the fuck someone could forget when working in a publishing company that specialized in manga was beyond him. That evil known as Valentine's Day was almost as much of a curse as Christmas and New Year's. The office had looked like someone had vomited pepto bismol and red Koolaid everywhere for a few days. Women had been talking in hushed tones and giggling like giddy high school girls about to lose their virginity to the most popular boy in school. Men were nervously glancing to and fro, hoping that they were at least going to be remembered on such a day.

Yes, Yokozawa knew what day it was and he'd never liked it; not even as a child. Whoever had come up with capitalizing on the death of a martyr who just happened to be listed as a Saint was an idiot, in his mind. Where the fuck had the whole hearts and chocolates garbage come from except to cause patrons to spend unnecessary amounts of money to make someone else happy?

At least, that was how he thought until he watched one diminutive girl named Hiyori walk from her bedroom, waltz over to the table, and hand him a homemade card.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Onii-san!" she sang before placing a kiss on Yokozawa's face. She then sat down at the table and started to eat her breakfast.

"Hey, where's mine?" Kirishima asked, mocking hurt since he was still trying to keep from giggling at Yokozawa's facial expression.

"I give one to you every year, this time it was Onii-san's turn," the girl stated matter-of-factly as she stuffed her face with rice and miso.

"I feel very unloved!" Kirishima Zen cried out in protest, embellished of course.

"You're so spoiled," Hiyori said, rolling her eyes and finishing her meal.

Yokozawa didn't even have time to think, let alone speak, before the kid was finished and ran to the front door to meet up with friends to walk to school. Once the door clicked, Kirishima-san started to giggle and playfully shoved Takafumi in the arm.

"Guess you're going to have to think of an answer to give her on White Day, Yokozawa," he laughed, slyly.

Yokozawa glared at Kirishima. "You're just mad that neither she nor I gave you anything for this holiday," he growled.

Slowly he opened the card and read the inscription. Happy Valentine's Day to a Treasured Friend! This made his heart all but melt, but he wasn't about to share that with Kirishima-san.

"You aren't going to get me anything?" said man asked, feigning hurt.

"Are you going to get me something?" Yokozawa demanded, harsher than he'd intended. "I mean, I'm not exactly a girl, if you haven't noticed."

Kirishima stood up and walked over to Yokozawa and placed a hand on his crotch.

"Hey!" Yokozawa bellowed in a scandalized tone.

"Nope, definitely not a girl, but maybe we should take it to the bedroom…just to be sure," Kirishima said, whimsically.

"Like fucking hell that's going to happen!"

This caused the elder to throw back his head in an all out cackle as Yokozawa removed his hand from his nether region.

"Then I expect a rain check once work is over today. I'll have Hiyori stay at my mom's house. You can let me do a little of this and a little of that to you as your gift to me." An impish grin and a wink followed, making Yokozawa's blood run cold.

"Or maybe you'll let me do that to you, as your gift to me!" he snarled.

Kirishima clapped him on the back, sending Takafumi forward into his bowl of rice. "I accept!"

God-damn him, it was all a ruse! Yokozawa thought with a frown. He looked at the card again and within moments his annoyance evaporated. Then a feeling of family hit him in the heart and he realized that maybe it wasn't such a bad thing to have such a holiday. He glanced at Kirishima, who was clearing the table. That man did things to him that he didn't want to think about, but were always on his mind.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Kirishima," he said, softly. The tsundere didn't see the smile that adorned his lover's face.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Yokozawa."

Yokozawa'd never admit it, but things that used to make him annoyed and mad at the world didn't seem to matter anymore, as long as he was with the one he loved.

Kanade Mino no Baai

One happy father was woken up by his overzealous girl first thing in the morning. Normally the child would have waited for Mino's wife, Yurie, to wake him up before barreling into the bedroom, but on Valentine's Day that never happened. Kanade Mino didn't seem to mind that he'd all but lost feeling in his crotch whenever his daughter or sons stomped on his manhood first thing in the morning. That was what fatherhood was all about.

"Happy Valentine's Day daddy!" the girl sang as she nestled into his embrace.

"And why are you in here bothering me at this hour?" Mino asked, ruffling the girl's hair.

"Don't tell!" the girl hissed as she leaned in to his ear. "Mommy is making you a Valentine's Day breakfast like in those American movies you like to watch."

"Is she now?" Mino asked with a smirk. His baby girl was always more than willing to spill any secrets that might be lurking throughout the house. "What is she making?"

"Something called Eggs Benefit, I think."

"I think you mean Eggs Benedict, but that's close."

Mino held the girl as he stood up from the futon and placed her on his hip. No matter what work brought him that day, nothing could ruin the moment of being woken up by one of his two favorite girls.

"I love you, princess," he said with a smooch to her cheek.

"Ewwww, daddy, you got me wet!" the girl shrieked as he carried her into the front room where he knew the rest of his family waited to wish him a Happy Valentine's Day too.


Usami Haruhiko sat at his desk working on a new proposal. Work didn't stop because some lover's holiday swept the nation. Plus, the only one he'd ever really loved was in love with his brother, so it wasn't like he was expecting anything anyway. Of course that didn't stop him from thinking about Misaki, wherever he may have been at that time.

On his desk was the one thing he'd allowed himself to keep of the kid's. After he'd been turned down and all but been forced to forget the kid, a card had shown up at his house. On his birthday that year, Misaki had sent him a birthday card. Sure, it was under the pretense of coming from his brother, but Haruhiko knew better. Akihiko wouldn't give him a card to save his soul. Misaki, on the other hand, had wanted the two brothers to mend the rift. That wasn't going to happen, which was why on the subsequent two birthdays no card arrived.

But Haruhiko kept that one card on his desk at work as a reminder that at some point, someone had cared. That one point in time was all he needed to help him move forward with his life.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Misaki," he whispered like a ghost.


Author's note:

*Himitsu means 'secret' or can imply the sentence 'it's a secret' or any variation thus.

*The Great Gatsby is a great book that everyone should read.

*Think of 200 yen as roughly two dollars, wherever dollars are used.

*39.2 degrees Celsius means poor Shinobu is a very sick little terrorist. It's about 103.8 Fahrenheit.

I know that the word Pedo-jin is floating around for Ijuuin-sensei in the JR fandom. I am going to laugh at that since Misaki is hardly a pre-pubescent child. A person who likes teenagers is called an ephebophile. Now, based on the canon, Misaki was 21 before Ijuuin started to pursue him, so he wouldn't even fit into that category, though the Usami brothers would since Misaki was 18-19 at that time. I think there are enough ridiculous names going around for some of the characters in sensei's world, so I don't see the need to add yet another one.

Also, a friend and I have decided that Mino is not only straight (which I know people in this fandom hate with a passion) but also has kids. Thus, I included something for him in here as well.