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"W-WHAT!?" Is all Kirino could say through the tears. He had been woken up at around 10pm by a knock on the door. There was a police lady there, she had told him that his parents had died in a car accident and there was no one else to take care of him. Because of this he must now go to Sun Garden.

'I really don't want to go to Sun Garden. Kariya will make my life like hell. I have to find someone to take care of me.' This is what Kirino was thinking before the police women interrupted his thoughts.

"Listen kid, if you can find someone you know who's an adult… well I guess you ask them to adopt you. You have until tomorrow to find someone" The police women said this with a very heavy American accent.

"Thank you so much! I'll call the police station tomorrow if I find someone." Kirino said so fast it was a miracle the police women understood him. And with that the police women left, leaving Kirino alone.

In his brain Kirino thought of as many adults as he could. Since he did not get a proper sleep his brain wasn't working too well. The first person he thought of was Endou.




"Hello?" Kirino could obviously tell that he had woken up Endou.

"Endou-san could you please adopt me so I don't have to live with Kariya at Sun Garden?" Kirino had said with with one breath. By now he was taking deep breaths.

"Huh? Is anyone there ….. GRR!" And with that Endou hung up. Endou being Endou doesn't have very good hearing when he had just been awoken.


It was just past 10:15 when Kirino thought of another person. Kidou Yuuto.



"Hello?" Kidou said with a hint of irritation in his voice.

Before Kirino could answer he heard sounds in the background. Almost instantly he realised that it was a sakka match.

"I see I'm interrupting something. Bye Kidou-san!" And this time Kirino hung up.


Now it was almost 10:30 and there was only one other person Kirino could think of at the moment. His idol, Kazemaru Ichirouta.


"Hellow?" Kirino knew Kazemaru wasn't doing anything because his voice was so lively.

"Uh, Kazemaru-senpai can I ask you a HUGE favour?" Kirno said hesitating a bit, he was worried he'd get rejected.

"Sure Kirino!" Kazemaru's answer made Kirino feel just a little bit better.

"CouldyoupleaseadoptmesoIdon'thavetolivewithKariya?" Kirino said really fast that Kazemaru couldn't understand him.

"Could you please repeat that Kirino?" Kazemaru said with kindness in his voice.

'It was now or never!' Kirino thought. "Could you please adopt me, so I don't have to live with Kariya?" Kirino was very worried that he'd be rejected.

"Sure! I'll come over tomorrow and sort out the paper work. We better go to sleep now. Good night Ranmaru!" Kirino blushed as soon as his new father.

"Good night Otou-san!" and with that Kazemaru hung up.

That night Kirino went to bed with a smile on his face.


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