Title: A single rose

Couple: Yoruichi and Byakuya

Summary: Out of the many roses she got a day. Only one stood out.

She looked over at the massive pile of roses, letters, and gifts. It was all the same. Each and everyone of those gifts given with the attention to bed her. She sighed, all these men and some women all they wanted was her body. Once again another of her nights would be spent going through the pile of letters, and writing rejection letters of her own. By time the sun would fall she would only be halfway through.

It was morning by time she was done reading the letters, and sending rejection letters back to the owners. Just as she thought, the letters were all the same. Each one saying something about admiration, a compliment here and there, and the inevitable question to bed her. Did people really think just because you give them gifts, in return they give you their body.

Truly it disgusted her. She has only met a few men that were truly gentlemen to her. They didn't care about her because of her body but for who she truly was. She had fell in love with one of those men.

He loved her as well. When she had to leave him, she knows she had broke his heart. She knows because her heart shattered. She had fallen in love with Byakuya and paid the price. A broken heart and a man who most likely hated her guts.

Finally, done with all her letters she stretched her arms till she heard a satisfying pop. Well it was time for her to deliver these letters to the Soul Society post office.

As she slung the bag full of letters over her shoulders there was a knock at her door. She wondered who it could be this early in the morning. When she opened the door, she was surprised to see... Byakuya.

So how did you like it so far. The story will only be three chapters long.