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"Byakuya?" Her eyes widened in surprise. Certainly the man she loved and was only thinking about a few moments again was the last person she was expecting to see. The bag of letters suddenly felt a lot heavier on her shoulder. Her eyes looked him up and down taken in the changes of his form from one hundred years ago. He had grown into a handsome man.

His hair was longer but only by a little bit. Under his clothes she could see his muscles that had formed over the years. His face had become harder and perfected into an emotionless mask. His eyes that use to hold mock anger towardS her now told her nothing. He was no longer hot headed, but a tamed flame never once faltering nor igniting. Very little remained of the boy from one hundred years ago.

She looked at his clothes which she noticed wasn't his usual black uniform and captain"s robe. He wore blue shinigami pants, a white shirt, and a robe with the symbol that represented his status as a member of the Kuchiki family, and his zanpaktou strapped to his side. He also wore his headpiece that represented his status as the clan head. Even in casual clothes, his air of authority and strength didn't waver. Her eyes shifted to his would he bring it? Did he see her as a threat?

"May I come in?" His voice was soothing to her ears. A voice that snapped her out of her thoughts. She mentally kicked herself for forgetting he was standing there. She stepped aside, while he used the space provided to enter her home. Remembering the weight on her shoulder she set the bag down in the corner deciding to deliver them later.

She walked to her couch and beckoned him to follow. Now seated but slightly on edge she watched as he seated himself. His blade never once leaving her sight. She repeatedly told herself to calm down, and for now he wasn't her enemy.

"Yoruichi-" He started

"I'm sorry, Byakuya." His gaze landed on her, he wasn't expecting what he saw. There Yoruichi sat her fist clenched in her lap. Her head was down, as if finding something more interesting on the ground. To Byakuya she looked unsure. What could possibly make the most confident woman he ever knew unsure of herself. He saw her head move ever so slightly up looking to see if he heard her.

"I'm sorry I abandoned you a century ago. They needed me. I don't want you to think I left without considering the pain you would have to endure. I did a million times over; but my happiness was something I had to give up if I wanted to save my friends. My heart was shattered at the thought I may never see you again; or that you would hate me- oomp"

Her apology was cut short by the feeling of his lips on her own. It was light and quick; but there was meaning behind it. Too soon... It had ended to soon. He pulled away his eyes staring into hers.

"You talk to much. I have already forgiven you and come to terms with my feelings on your departure."

"Make sure to give her the rose."

He said a mental OK. He didn't' want to give it to her yet. Her face still held the shocked look to it. He also saw something flash in her eyes for just a brief moment. Was that disappointment? He liked the way her lips felt on his. It was exactly like he dreamed it would be. He wanted that feeling again.

He leaned forward to kiss her again. This time she was expecting it and happily accepted. The kiss was passionate and loving. What they couldn't say in words was through that one kiss. All the waiting, the sadness, the want they felt for each other was expressed. Breaking only for the need of air, they stated into each others eyes.

Byakuya could see the love in her's, just as she could his.

He grabbed the rose he had gotten her. He twirled it in between his fingers, admiring it's beauty. Something beautiful for a beautiful woman.

"Yoruichi, this is for you." She gently took the rose from his fingers. She received hundreds of roses a day, this one was different. It was given to her with the intention of love by the one she loved. She loved the rose.

"Thank you Byakuya." She gave him a quick kiss on the lips before placing the rose on the table and taking the hairpiece out of his hair. She flash stepped away.

Byakuya could only smile. He was happy things were back to the way they used to be.

"Go after her."

He flash stepped after her. Their game would continue on all through out soul society.

In Byakuya's inner mind scape Senbonzakura could only look as his master happily chased after her. Yoruichi was back and now his favorite tree would bloom.

He looked at the tree and watched as purple cherry blossoms bloomed all over the tree. It truly was the most beautiful tree her. He was sad when it whithered away, and its beauty was lost for a while. He layed on the ground watching the purple blossoms gather in the wind and be carried off. A single pedal fell on his cheek.

He enjoyed the warmth it brought. It was soft and warm like her touch. He closed his eyes, he was happy for Byakuya. He himself was happy as well. His tree was back.

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