AU - Danny did not reveal his secret during Phantom Planet. He did reveal his secret to select people on a need-to-know basis, including his parents.

I finally followed advice and split off this series of drabbles and dribbles that had developed into a connected story line which had previously been started under "Drips and Drabbles". I posted a new chapter at the end.

Well, this 250 word dribble is an experiment with a different style in Tucker's POV. Unfortunately I can't figure out how the get things to line up so I had to resort to centering the alternating lines.

Disclaimer: I do not own Danny Phantom

Contemplating Betrayal

If it were a cartoon, there would be an angel and a devil sitting on opposite shoulders giving contradictory advice. The problem was he couldn't tell which was which.

There were times when being the mayor

was pretty cool.

Other times it really reeked.

He knew the type of strain Danny was under.

It's not like he was the only one

It's not like he meant to destroy stuff but

fighting ghosts caused a lot of collateral


He hates publicity.

He couldn't help being a celebrity.

He was already chased by fan girls.

Would this really be worse?

Maybe it would be better under municipal


There was more than one way to save the town.

There was more than one way to be a hero.

So why did it feel like he was selling him out?

He was his best friend.

How many times had he and Sam been

left to clean up after him?

What about his responsibility to the


What about Phantom's responsibility?

Phantom's powers were good for fighting


not for rebuilding

or paying the bills.

People expected the government for help.

People hoped for Phantom's help.

It was his job to make it happen.

Everyone loved Phantom.

But they would blame the mayor.

I could resign.

But the problems would still be there.

Ectoplasm and blood

keeps ghosts and humans alive.

Taxes and tourism

keeps the city alive.

I'll ask him and if Danny doesn't kill me, politics will. I'm dead either way.