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The house was empty, so he inhaled deeply, trying to find that one particular scent he never got enough of. Sensing her scent strongest outside of the house, he walked out the door and saw her lying on the grass with her knees up and her gaze upward to the sun that strived so hard to smile down on her despite the stubborn clouds trying hard to block it.

"What are you doing out here?" he asked her as he hovered over her, his shadow bathing her. Smiling up at him was none other than his beloved wife, Esme.

"Just enjoying the day. Why don't you join me?" she replied, a little amused smile on her face.

"Oh, I do plan on joining you," Carlisle said with a small smirk forming on his lips.

In an instant, he was atop Esme, his hard body melding into her small lithe figure. Golden eyes met each other in a piercing gaze. And quick, nimble fingers worked on the buttons at the front of Esme's dress. Baring her underneath the sun made her skin glimmer. But just as soon as the sun had taken a peek at his perfect wife, the clouds once again interfered in the sun's little trick.

"Dr. Cullen, why are you exposing me to the sun?" she asked teasingly, her lips forming into a sly smile.

"Because I love seeing the beauty it causes onto you," he whispered into her ear and in one swift movement, led them up past the cloud banks, leaving the purple clothing behind and leaned her almost naked body against a tree close to the edge of a cliff. Stepping away from her a bit, he started unbuttoning his shirt but as his wife made a low snarl at him, he stopped mid-way.

"It's only fair I guess that you strip me since I've clearly stripped you down," he told her in a chuckle, as he looked at his wife in just her undergarments. Without further ado, Esme's hands were running down Carlisle's chest but she had no intentions of stripping him down. She ripped his shirt into pieces.

"My love, that's not fair. I haven't torn any of your clothes yet today," he said, chuckling with amusement at her eagerness.

"Oh, I bet what I'm still wearing will be torn off any moment now," she quickly answered back, giving him a proud smile on her face before she stuck her tongue out playfully at him.

"My woman's so mature," he laughed softly as he pulled her against him and gazed into her eyes. "Esme, love…"

"Yes, Carlisle?" she asked as she leaned in closer to meet his descending lips.

"Let me love you one more time," he whispered against her lips before claiming it.

Sealing his love for her with a searing kiss, he knew he was able to convey everything he felt right at that moment. The gentle way his lips had pressed onto hers had spoken of how much he cherished her and the way his lips molded over hers sensually spoke of how much he needed her. As he slid his hand to her nape, he pulled her closer, deepening his kiss as a sense of urgency surged up within him. Parting her lips with his tongue brushing against hers, she finally gave in and let him indulge in her taste. Sliding his tongue in as she parted her lips, he found what he has sensually and possessively claimed more than a hundred times already. Never getting enough, he continued to explore the inside of his wife's mouth, teasing her tongue as he rolled over it slightly, flicking her tip before sliding it along hers, domineeringly taking what was his.

"Mine," he muttered against her lips and saw a smile form on his wife's delicate lips.

He felt her fingers on his nape, playing with his hair as they locked gazes. Sliding his hand into her hair, he silently thanked everything that had led Esme to him and that had led him to her. Perfection was what he saw in her and her being his alone was something he prayed for ever since his feelings for her surfaced. And now that he had what he had wanted, he couldn't stop feeling truly blessed with what he had gained after so much loneliness.

"Have I ever thanked you for coming into my life and being mine?" he asked her, leaning his forehead against hers and closing his eyes, taking in her scent that had not only the power to arouse him, but to calm him as well.

"I always ask myself what I ever did right to deserve someone like you and be able to spend eternity with you," she whispered against his lips. "Lucky and blessed don't come close to the words of my gratitude for this life I'm ecstatic to live alongside you."

"I love you," he sighed in full defeat. Her love was something he drowned in every day. As enormous as his love was for her, her words never failed to sink him deeper into a mass of certainty that was filled with nothing but the promise of eternity. "And I love you, Carlisle."

Pulling her into another passionate yet hungry kiss, he grabbed her thighs and lifted her up. Her legs swung around his waist simultaneously with her arms wrapping around his neck.

"Love me one more time," she pleaded against his lips before pressing hers back onto his, pulling him in fiercely as their lips crashed in blatant raging passion.

Lowering them and laying her down onto the hard surface of the rocky ground at the edge of the cliff, he watched how the sun's rays finally reached her body, as it had reached his. "The words beautiful and perfect don't come close to how I see you in my eyes," he told her lovingly before leaning down to her body and tearing her brassiere with his nails. "And off it goes," Esme said, chuckling.

Capturing her lips, his hand slid down her smooth skin and travelled up and down her thigh teasingly before his hand finally tore off her last piece of clothing. Feeling himself harden at the sight of his wife bare naked underneath him at the edge of the forest near a rocky cliff, he watched how her eyes drifted below to where his visible arousal was tempting her. He felt her hand drop down to it, slowly stroking him through the soft material blocking him from the feel of her naked flesh. As her hand worked down his slacks, she surprisingly didn't tear it off, but her deft fingers quickly unbuttoned and unzipped it, and as her hand expertly slid in to hold him, he let out a low growl.


Seeing her lips form into a sly smile, he watched how her eyes glowed into a darker shade of gold that matched his own. She wanted him just as much as he needed her. Lying above her, he shielded her from the sun's jealous rays. "The sun shall not see more of what it has already taken a peek of," he told her as he bent his head low to her neck to inhale her scent. He heard her chuckle at his possessiveness. It was endearing to find she was amused about it.

"You're mine, Esme," he muttered possessively against her neck as he kissed it before biting down on the mark he gave her almost a hundred years ago.

Feeling her shudder and hearing her gasp, making her hands wrap around him and her nails dig into his skin, just made him even more turned on. The way she responded to everything that he did to her was something he never forgot and never would forget. Those delicious moans, gasps, groans, and growls dipped in a deeply seductive tone always reverberated through his ears every time he remembered her writhing underneath him. Darting out his tongue across his mark, he gave it one last kiss before looking down at his wife.

"I'll always be yours alone, Carlisle," she said, smiling. "For eternity."

Claiming her lips, he indulged himself in her taste once again and basked in the glow of her eternal love. Her hands slid back and forth on his back lovingly before her fingers slipped into his hair as his lips travelled down her neck, past her collarbone to claim one taut nipple, eliciting a pleasured moan from her. Sliding down her body, he let his other hand tease her other nipple, flicking his finger over it before capturing it between his thumb and his forefinger. Luckily the sun was once again blocked by the clouds, so he had the chance to then let his hand wander down to her legs and slip into the crevice of her thighs.

With his lips claiming her other nipple, he heard her gasp as his hand covered her womanhood and his finger lightly grazed her entrance teasingly. He felt her hands tightly clutching onto his hair as he lowered himself and spread her legs apart. Moving away from her grip, he sat up on his knees and draped her legs across his thighs. Bare naked on the ground with her hair splaying across her shoulders onto the ground, he couldn't believe she never failed to take his breath away. As the sun started crawling upon her hair, he immediately swept her up into his arms, and with his speed, took her deeper into the forest and trapped her between a tree and his hard body against her.

Smiling up at him, she told him in her sweet voice, "You will be the only one who'll see me like this. Not even the jealous sun will ever be able to steal a look at what's only yours to see."

Pleased, he leaned his head down and inhaled the scent of the sunlight on her hair. Slightly brushing her hair away from her shoulders as his hands made its way down to cup her breasts and softly kneading it in them, he gave Esme little bites on her neck, tasting and taking more of her each time. His name slipped past her lips as she asked for more. Slowly getting down on his knees, he lifted her leg up over his shoulder and was welcomed by her intoxicating scent that lured him in so expertly. He could see so well how ready she was for him. But he wanted to give her more before giving himself the satisfaction of a release.

Sliding a finger across her folds to part them, he watched how Esme threw her head back. Pleased, he leaned his head down and started tasting what he had tasted so many times yet never seemed to get enough of. The straining inside his slacks had grown and was now uncomfortably trying to slip out of its open fly. Slowly inserting a finger into her, he felt her hands grab onto his shoulders roughly. As she drastically got wet as he slipped another finger in, he couldn't resist but to put her other leg onto his other shoulder and start to dart his tongue out quickly to lap up her juices that had gathered so easily onto his fingers.


Her fingers that dug into his hair tugged on it roughly. Feeling her whole body shake, he slowed his tongue's ministrations. Flicking his tongue and his finger over her clit teasingly and rubbing against it repeatedly, he heard her cry out his name once more before she finally tightened up and clamped down on his fingers. With her essence sliding down on them, he slowly slipped them out and licked it clean.

Feeling himself get pushed onto the ground of the forest, he propped himself up by his elbows and watched how Esme finally freed his member by tearing his slacks into pieces and had taken his length so eagerly into her mouth, with her hand wrapped around its base. Throwing his head back, he let her take her time as he desperately tried to hold back. As her head bobbed up and down with her lips tightly wrapped around him, he let out a pleasured moan and looked up at her as her lips left his hard length. He groaned in frustration. He wanted more. He wanted to feel that warm tongue sliding down his eager member and her hot mouth engulf his hardness.

Once her mouth was on him again, this time working on him quicker and having him deeper inside, hitting the back of her throat, he grabbed her head, slid his fingers into her soft curls and guided her lips up and down on him at the pace he could handle. With her lips enclosing on him at the pace she was going, he knew he wouldn't be able to hold back. With her nails grazing his thighs and in a tantalizing manner, sliding down across his sac and back up, Carlisle couldn't stop himself from shuddering at her teasing touch. And as her lips tightened around him, he groaned in response to the pleasurable pressure. Before he could reach it, her lips had left his disappointed member.

Looking up at her, he watched how she stood above him with her feet on each of his side and watched how she lowered herself onto him, completely sheathing him inside of her. Esme's name had crossed his lips at the contact and without hesitation; he had gripped onto her waist and thrust into her with violent urgency.

Trying to hold himself back, he slowed down and let her ride him at her own pace. Leaning forward into his body, he watched how her breasts swayed back and forth right above his eyes as she planted her hands on each side of his head. Lifting his head up a bit, he captured her nipple and sucked on it, making her gasp and stay still for a second before resuming her up and down movements. As her moans grew needier, and with the way her pleasured face tempted him for more, he quickly held onto her thighs tightly and slammed her back against the tree once more that had cracked slightly.

Her arms wrapped around his neck as his hands clutched onto her thighs, keeping her in place as he thrust upward, deep into her. Lifting up a hand against the bark of the tree above her head, and wrapping his other hand across the back of her waist to keep her steady, he leaned into her body and kept sliding inside of her. His hips easily continued going in a steady pace, but as he felt her tighten up, his thrusts turned with haste.

Nearly splitting the tree in two with the way his hand dug into its bark deeply, he pushed her back onto the forest ground and as fast as he had left her in desperate need, he had once again filled her to the brim. As she screamed out in pleasure, the echo of it reached his ears, penetrated his skin and filled him up, lighting his desire aflame.

Slowing down a bit, she made a low snarl at him and clenched her teeth, making him aware that she didn't want this pace at all. Nuzzling her ear, he licked her earlobe, softly apologizing for the way his wild thrusts gentled down. And as she purred, he knew she had forgiven him. Easing himself inside of her, he leaned in forward and kissed her lips, feeling her breasts pressed up against him. He loved her like this. Despite the fierce and urgent need from both of them, they took their time to slow down in mellow thrusts, making love gently, not always just letting their wild side take over. This was something humane. And just because they were humans before but vampires now didn't mean they'd had to forget the benevolent way of love-making.

With his slow and gentle thrusts, he caressed her hair as she did to his. Letting his hands travel down her smooth skin, he felt every curve, every hill and every depth on her body. Exploring her body with gentle caresses always awakened an emotional hunger to be with her one more time.

Pulling out slowly with just his tip inside of her, he violently plunged in, and watched how the passion in her eyes went ablaze. Growling, she pulled his neck down to her and bit deep into his skin. Repeating his forceful and intense plunges over and over eliciting wild moans from her with each one, he didn't stop until she threw her head back against the ground and felt her body arc up towards him.

In just a flash of a second, he had her on all fours as he hit her deep from behind, gaining another piercing pleasured scream from her. Leaning forward to her body, he slid his hand up to her cheek to move her head to her side to meet his lips. Tongues entwining, hips connected, he slowed down and with one forceful shove, her body propelled forward, just to be caught and held towards him by his hands at her waist.

Thrusting into her uncontrollably, he heard her want. Her need. And he wanted more. He wanted more of it. He wanted more of her. He wanted her everything.

Moving them off the ground, he pushed her against another nearby tree. Entering her from behind, he heard her scream in delight and as soon as his hands found its way up to her breasts, she was begging for more.

"Carlisle, more, please, give me more…"

And what his wife wanted, she would get. Ramming into her with rapid thrusts, while kneading her breasts in his hands roughly, he could hear the echoes of her screams and moans resound in his ears. There was something feral about doing this out in the woods and it had fascinated him more than just once whenever they ended up coming here during the day and always came back out when the moon had taken over the sun's place.

Nibbling on her earlobe then licking his way down the side of her neck and biting down on her shoulder blade, he felt her walls grasp him tightly, making it nearly impossible for him to focus on what was important. Her release.

Her hands had clutched onto the tree tightly, which with every thrust he gave to her, contracted heavily against the battered up tree. A visible crack like on the last tree made him grin. Not even the woods could handle the way creatures of the night made love.

"Esme, love, the tree," he whispered to her silently, a soft smile upon his lips as Esme's expression turned abashed and embarrassed. Slowly separating himself from her, which made her moan in frustration, he chuckled.

"Patience, my love," he whispered to her. And in one swift movement, he turned her around, lifted her up for her legs to wrap around his hips and her arms around his neck. With his speed, he climbed up another, sturdier tree. As they stood on a branch, he resumed his previous ministrations on her.

Lifting Esme's leg up against the tree which she wrapped around it effortlessly, and keeping his hand below the back of her knee to hold it up, he once again slammed into her from behind. With the way the breeze blew stronger up where they were, and with all the other trees in view and the far sea in sight, her scent wafted to him faster and it felt stronger, making his desire for her flame up even more. Quickening his pace and reaching deep inside her, he could feel her second impending release. Dropping his head to her neck, he once again bit on his mark and licked it afterwards to soothe the pain. Esme's fingers had dug into the tree's bark and her nails scratched at it ferociously as her breasts scraped against it with each thrust she received.

Soon enough, all he heard from her lips was his name. And with the way she finally screamed it out loud as she reached her climax; he finally relinquished everything with her name hanging from his lips.

Feeling her coming down from her high, he finally let go of her leg which she weakly rested down on the branch they were standing on. If it weren't for the fact that the house would be empty for the whole day since their children were out for a weekend getaway, he would've made them stay right where they were and had made love to her until the moon bathed them in its glow. But since that wasn't the deal today, he swept his wife off the branch and carried her back to their house in a flash.

Dashing into their bathroom with Esme still in his arms, he let her down beside the shower. As he prepared the bathtub for them, he heard the shower turn on. Walking over to where she was, he watched in amazement how seductive the water ran down her smooth silky white skin. Moving close to her body, he wrapped her arms around her waist and felt her lean back into him. They were both in utter peace and satisfaction. Kissing the back of his wife's head, he felt her turn around to him and felt her lips rest against his.

"I love you," she whispered and even with the water blocking his eyes, he could see the bright gold shine in her eyes filled with so much love for him. He sighed in gratitude. He couldn't comprehend how much love a person could feel for another. But with Esme, he knew exactly how it felt. He knew he'd never stop loving her.

"Love…" He cupped her face in his hands and leaned down to kiss her once again. "For eternity."

After the water had washed the dirt and soil of the forest off their bodies, he carried her into the bathtub with him. And as she rested her head on his chest, wrapped his arms around her tenderly and kissed her forehead. Tonight, they'll be busy once more. And he wouldn't deny it; he was looking forward to it. Making love to his wife was never something he would tire of. Watching her shift across his body, he heard her utter those words that made him fall in love with her all over again.

"You're all I'll ever want and I'll ever need. You're mine, Carlisle," she whispered possessively against his chest.


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