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~Vampire Valentine~

"Mrs. Cullen, you're needed at the hospital right away. Your husband said it's an emergency."

"I'll be right there," the beautiful vampiress answered through the receiver in her soft, mellow voice in which she tried to hide her worry. She was never called to the hospital before. And if ever she was, Carlisle was always the one to call her. What emergency could possibly happen to a three hundred year-old plus vampire, such as Carlisle?

Though she's gotten used to it, and though it only bothered her in the beginning, this time, she hated how they had to keep up the appearance of being human. She could have been in Carlisle's office in the hospital in seconds, but since they were supposed to act human, she had no choice but to take the drive to the hospital. How she wished though, she could've just ran there, which in this case, would have been faster, which would've calmed Esme a little bit more than being anxious all the way during the drive. Though it was a short drive, and since they always went over the speeding limit anyway, it still somehow bothered and annoyed her quite a bit.

As soon as she found a parking space and parked impeccably, she stepped out of her car and walked briskly in to the hospital. The head nurse at the front station motioned to her with a wave.

"Mrs. Cullen, you're needed in Dr. Cullen's office. Shall I have a nurse bring you there?" the middle-aged head nurse asked.

"No, thank you. I know where it is," Esme replied calmly and walked down the hallway to the left, then further down to the right, until she was finally in front of Dr. Carlisle Cullen's office door. She walked in without further ado. But he wasn't there. Only one thing was lying on his desk. A single red rose with a note attached to it.

'Take this with you and follow the petals, my love.'

Esme picked up the single rose as she looked around the room until her eyes found petals scattered on the ground that led to the window behind Carlisle's leather chair and the trail continued outside. Climbing over the window in effortless ease, even though she was wearing a tight skirt until her knees, she followed the trail with excitement and curiosity. It's been quite some time since Carlisle's been this mysterious.

Only a few steps away from the hospital, another single red rose lay on the ground, which Esme picked up quickly and added to the single red rose she was holding. She couldn't help smiling like a young high-school girl head over heels in love with a gorgeous blonde medical student. Thinking of nothing but what was awaiting her at the end of the trail; she continued the pursuit of her happiness.

Another rose was lying on the ground right before the entrance to the forest. Then another one was taped to the trunk of a tree. The fifth single red rose was sort of twisted into a hanging branch, which Esme freed from the branch's tight grasp.

"Why are beauties like you always captured, trapped or ensnared? Such splendors as yours don't deserve anything as such but then again, the world isn't fair," she whispered to the fifth rose as she caressed its soft petals in her palm. The tender and generous love that made up who Esme was had no limits, no boundaries.

The sixth rose was right beside a small stream, with the trail continuing on the other side of the body of water. Esme picked up the rose and crossed the stream with a small leap and journeyed on. The snow-white vampiress took her time being one with nature, enjoying the walk in the forest, with the sun setting far behind the trees. As she picked the eleventh rose and added it to her ensemble of red roses, she could smell the slight hint of the one man she could ever love. Her mate.

The trees gave way to a bright clearing, and the sound of water filled Esme's ears. And just before the sun completely hid itself to make way for the lovely moon, Esme caught a glimpse of the beauty it caused on her mate's glistening skin, shimmering with the few gentle rays the sun splayed across his bare back.

"My angel…" Esme whispered, breaking the silence of the forest, turning every living thing's attention to the man of her desire.

The blonde-haired angel of Esme smiled to himself as he heard her whisper. He'd been waiting all this time for her to come. His Vampire Valentine.

Her angel's body slowly turned and in that single moment of time, Esme could have been certain her frozen heart jolted back to life as she caught her breath the moment he turned around to face her with that loving smile on his absolutely flawless face. With her lover naked in the massive body of water, Esme hadn't even noticed the magnificent waterfall behind him nor the petals swimming gently across the water.


The endearing, intimate voice of her lover pulled her in. In a trance, she freed herself from the tight confines of her clothes and her heels as he held out a hand to her, eager to feel his touch against her skin. Clutching the eleven roses to her chest, she dipped her body into the cold water and made her way to the man who longed for her as much as she had longed for him. Strange enough, the water seemed to give way to her, wanting her to be bonded with her mate as much as she wanted to be.

"You've come for me, my love…" he had whispered with his hand still reaching for her as her body inched toward him, closing the enormous gap between them.

It seemed an eternity before she reached her lover, and as soon as she did, all she could do was step into his arms and be embraced in that familiar place, the place she knew so well. The place where she had always felt at home. And though she had never heard his heartbeat, she could have sworn she heard it for a millisecond in that precious moment they shared as the setting sun smiled down on them.

She felt another rose add to the one's she was holding and she looked down to see her lover adding another red rose to the bouquet.

"Happy Valentine's, sweetheart."

If Esme could still shed tears, she would have been right at that moment. It's been two weeks since Carlisle had any real time to be alone with her. He's been called in quite frequently for late-night shifts, sometimes even ending up in the hospital for twenty-four hours straight, leaving Esme alone at night, while their children were happily satisfied with their own partners in their own quarters.

"I'm sorry I've been busy so long. I wanted to make it up to you today," he explained. Esme just shook her head in understanding and gave the doctor her ever-loving smile.

"No words can describe your beauty, my love." Carlisle's hands slid across Esme's, and pulled on them softly, making the bouquet of roses fall into the water, floating aimlessly around them. Stepping closer to his wife, Carlisle rested his hand on his wife's cheek as her head tilted up to look at him. Beautiful, shining, gold eyes slowly turned black with thirst and the same could be said about the eyes staring back at his.

Slowly lowering his lips onto hers, the world shifted from day as it made way for nightfall. And just as the moon passed the sun on its way, Carlisle's lips found Esme's in a gentle touch. Their kiss lingered, neither of them wanting to break their much needed reconnection from two weeks of no interaction.

"I can't believe I let myself be so far from you all this time," Carlisle whispered regretfully into the night.

"Hush, my darling… You're here now… We're both here now…" Esme intercepted as her hands rested against his bare chest, travelling up his arms until they wrapped around his neck, pulling her body closer to his. The hardness of his body made Esme aware of something she had been longing for since two weeks ago.

"I think we should make the most out of this night. Don't you agree, Doctor Cullen?"

The way she breathed his title huskily into his ear awakened every part of his body as it responded quickly with his rigid member flush against his wife's figure. He lifted her up effortlessly and with the water urging them on, Esme's legs wrapped around his waist instantaneously.

Carlisle slowly made his way toward the waterfall and with a protective hand over Esme's head, he crossed it, the powerful current both shaking them with its heavy weight. On the other side of the waterfall was a cave, big enough for them to stand in it, seemingly man-made, probably as a hide-out for lovers to meet at night.

Tons of scattered rose petals across its rocky surface created nothing more and nothing less but a bed of roses, where he gently laid his wife down. It was dark, but with their eyesight, they didn't need any light. And for tonight, no lights were needed. Just a simple touch would be their guide.

And a simple touch pulled him in. His aching body was flush against hers. He could feel her legs spread apart for him, inviting him and welcoming him in to the very heart of who she was tonight. His wife. His mate. His lover. Nothing could change that. Not now. Not ever.

With a single gentle shove, he completely filled her to the brim. Though he memorized her body like any medical book he's ever read, he began to explore every inch of her, wanting to discover her body once again like it was his very first time to do so. His hands took their time, feeling the bare skin of his wife against his palm, feeling her soft breasts in his hands, her nipples taut between his fingers.

Learning the curve of her neck, the slant of her shoulders, the shape of her waist, the curve of her hips, he took his time to know her once again. There was a certain unknown pleasure in finding out about your lover's body for the very first time again after so many years you've been together.

The sound of her moans reverberated throughout the small cave, his name echoed off its walls, as the sound of skin slapping against skin filled their ears, igniting the raw, sexual desire of a man for his wife. He could feel his wife's hands clinging onto him, her nails digging into his back, as her body arched up to his, their hips meeting with each thrust he gave her.

"Please…" Carlisle heard his wife plead.

"You don't have to beg, my love. I will give you everything you need," Carlisle whispered lovingly into her ear before he bit down on her lobe, then with a forceful shove inside her, made her whole body shudder in delight as her scream of pleasure bounced off the caves' walls.

"I'll give you everything you need…" Esme heard Carlisle repeat before he once again deepened his thrust in one quick shove. She could feel the intensity of his forceful thrusts, dragging out their experience of reconnection as the build-up of her climax started forming.


She was on the verge of breaking as she clutched tighter onto his body, wanting more, needing more of her husband inside her, as she was so ready to give everything up to him.

"Please, Carlisle, please…"

Slowly lifting Esme's legs up over his shoulders and bending down low against her body, deepening his penetration with the new angle, he heard the innocent mouth of his wife spit out beautiful curses, indicating how much pleasure she was in.

Their lips crashed in delirious pleasurable ache for release, though none of them wanted their sexual connection to end. Tongues entwined in joyful delight, relishing in the fond accompaniment of one another.

With a few more deep thrusts of her husband into her with his body fully pressed down on hers as her legs rested over his shoulders, Esme could hear herself practically shouting out the proof of the immense pleasure she was feeling.

And as Carlisle starting calling out her name, she knew he was nearing his limit and she was more than ready for him. It didn't take them long before reaching their climax. So much stored pent-up sexual frustration led both of them too sensitive with the other's simple touch.

In a tantalizing manner, she clenched her walls tight, and with the way Carlisle groaned out in pleasure, she relaxed, loosening up the tight grip on his male counterpart then repeating the same action over and over again until his hands pulled on her hair, making her body arch up to him and exposing her neck on which he bit down on hard.

With the scream of pleasure he received from Esme as he bit down on her neck, he finally released all he had stored up for two weeks, spilling everything deep into her, filling her entirely with everything he had to offer.

The ragged unneeded breathing of theirs filled the cave, as they stayed still for a while, both listening to their bodies quiver and shake with the intensity of their shared orgasm while waiting for each other to recover from their high.

"Carlisle…" As Esme called out for her lover, Carlisle's hand found hers and pulled her body close to his as they lay on the bed of roses in a dark, hidden cave, where on the other side of the curtain of massive strength of water, the moon smiled as it lit the night forest for the two of them to find love once again.

"Would you like to come out and bathe with me under the moonlight?" Carlisle then asked as Esme's lips started to travel from her husband's jaw down to the side of his neck, and up to his ear where she nibbled around lazily, enjoying herself a little too much. As her leg brushed against her husband's inner thigh and her hand playfully caressed his chest down to the perfectly sculpted part of his abdomen, Carlisle knew his wife was up for another session of their never-ending love-making.

Diving right below the waterfall and swimming out into the moonlight with his wife, they were immediately greeted with the beauty of shimmering red petals splayed across crystal clear water under the strong gaze of the moon. From their bed of roses, they enter into a sea of rose petals.

"Nothing less for a beauty like you…" Carlisle whispered into the night as he shared a long, intimate kiss with his wife.

"Esme…" Carlisle groaned as his wife's tongue found its way past his lips, lightly teasing his to come out and play. His hands found the hardened peaks of her pert nipples as she moaned into the playful duet of their tongues. He could feel his passion flame up for her one more time.

One minute, they were all over each other, and in another, Carlisle had been inches from her naked skin. Esme was left confused as her lover was a few inches away from her. She couldn't bear the small distance between them.


Esme watched her husband's body dip into the water and vanish, until he reappeared right in front of her, emerging from the water as fast as he had gone. In his hand, he held one of the twelve roses he had given her and he was carefully breaking the stem into a much shorter one. Then, he slid the stem into the caramel-colored locks of his wife, the rose gently tucked behind her ear.

"My valentine…" Carlisle whispered. Esme smiled up at her lover.

Carlisle stood there, admiring his wife in all her naked glory, shining under the moonlight, with red rose petals accentuating her beauty in his eyes. The lustrous color of caramel was seen whipping the air gently as a mild breeze made its way past them. Then Carlisle's eyes focused on one single drop of water falling from her forehead down her cheek, down to the side of her neck, dropping below her collarbone then reaching the peak of her hardened nipple.

His lips followed the exact same trail. Esme felt the water ripple as her lover stepped closer to her, and as his lips landed on her forehead, Esme felt love. As his lips kissed her cheek, she felt contentment. On the side of her neck, she was met with passion. The kiss on her collarbone ignited sensuality. And as her husband's lips enclosed over her nipple, Esme felt the enormous need to have him again.

In an instant, she felt falling onto a patch of soft grass with her lover right above her, his gaze staring into her shining, gold eyes.

"I can never seem to get enough of you, my love…" Carlisle breathed against Esme's naked skin on her neck, inhaling the unique, distinct scent of his wife. "And I can never forget this wonderful sensation, my darling. Never. Even if we're apart for so long, I can never forget how you feel against me…"

Carlisle's body had traveled lower as his lips tasted every inch of her body and her slightly parted legs exuded the sweet scent of her essence. Soon enough, with Carlisle's body spread across the soft greenery, his lips landed on the inner part of her thigh as he slowly kissed away the few remaining droplets of water on the snow-white skin of his wife. A single rose petal stuck to Esme's other inner thigh, which Carlisle laid a kiss upon before letting it slide off his wife's porcelain skin.

His senses were filled with the mere sight and intoxicating scent of her essence, glistening in the moonlight, all set for him to claim once more. Sitting back against his heels and on his knees, he watched his wife in silence. The damp caramel-colored locks beautifully mixed with the tangles of the green foliage, her fair skin shining under the moonlight, her gold eyes glimmering with the rays of the moon, her gentle hands pressed softly against the fertile earth, her long slender fingers enjoying the feather-light touches of the grass – nature seemed to love this woman just as much as he did.

Esme then held herself up by supporting her upper body's weight on her elbows to watch her husband's inaction. Her golden-haired angel had his eyes on her, like they were feasting on the mere sight before him. Never in her entire life had she seen a man more stunning than Carlisle. Frozen in the body of a twenty-three year old English man with his utterly sexy English accent and with the meticulous, precise hands of a doctor, Carlisle could bring any woman the utmost satisfaction of sexual pleasure. She still could not believe he chose her as the only woman he'd ever touch in the most intimate of ways.

Finally sitting up straight, Esme studied her husband carefully. The dampness of his hair letting it fall slightly across his forehead, the beautiful color of his fair skin, the masculine square jawline with his square chin, his thin lips slightly apart as he was watching his wife with those compassionate eyes staring at her with both admiration and lust, visible as the gold color of his eyes darkened into deep onyx ones – all of it were astounding perfect little pieces making up the epitome of perfection – her Carlisle.

Not to mention his body perfectly molded into pure embodiment of strength which exuded both virility and capability of protection. A lean man, Carlisle was definitely not. His broad shoulders with the muscles on his arms on each side of his chiseled chest and abdomen, down to his muscular thighs and well-toned legs, he sure gave off the promising invitation as a safe haven, along with the provocative invitation of sexual promises.

Carlisle's eyes wandered down to his wife's body. Very slowly and quite reluctantly, his eyes slid down from her chin to her neck, which was quite visible with the way she lifted her chin to gaze up at him. Her original bite mark was barely visible, but it was there, pretty clear with his eyesight, and the memory of him marking her for the first time as a vampire, flashed through his mind.

There was nothing erotic about that specific moment, but whenever he thought back on it, it was quite an erotic moment for him. As she lay dying on that hospital bed, when he slowly unbuttoned the top buttons of her robe, parted it, his eyes meeting her beautiful collarbone, slightly dazing him as he leaned down his lips to her neck, gave it a light kiss as he apologized for what he was about to do, and finally sank his teeth into her soft skin – it might not have been an erotic moment that time, but in his memory now, it was.

Her blood was delectable, nearly too delicious for him to stop. And though she was nearly dead, she had moaned and groaned in pain as the venom started from Carlisle's bite. Though those sounds were clearly from agony, it was arousing to him, whenever Carlisle thought back on it. She had sounded both in pain, screaming like she were in hell, which was also where he thought he had brought her, and in pleasure, like his bite was her freedom.

Later, he did find out that to her, it wasn't hell. It was her heaven and he did free her. With his bite, she told him, she was free from the painful grasps of the mere human husband she had. And that his bite, to her, was heaven, since when she awoke; she had looked into the eyes of an angel. His eyes.

Carlisle's eyes drifted downwards to her collarbone that struck him as beautiful, elegant and arousing that day he turned her. In those times, even the slightest exposure of clothed skin was an open invitation to a woman's body. His eyes scanned her lean shoulders, admired her caramel hair flowing down her fragile back, until they settled on her breasts. Since Esme was turned right after giving birth, her breasts were full, beautiful rounded mounds, supple, firm and soft.

Along with the fact that she just gave birth before becoming a vampire, she had beautifully rounded hips, perfect for giving birth, and the proof of ever carrying a baby inside her womb. Every time Carlisle remembered that one truth, his guilt ate away at him. He had turned her into an unchanging creature that could no longer hold a fetus, something that he knew Esme wanted to be able to do once more, after losing her first baby boy.

Esme sensed the sadness that was emanating from Carlisle and noticed the way his eyes were slowly turning back to its ochre nature as his gaze was fixated on her abdomen. She knew what was tugging at his conscience. Sitting up, then kneeling in front of him, she reached out her arms and cradled his head against her breast. His arms wrapped around her slim waist, and she heard him inhale sharply, choking back a sob she knew he was holding.

This reconnection didn't just reunite them physically, but emotionally as well, as they both opened up their feelings to one another when it came to the specific topic of having a baby. Though they had five adopted children, one daughter-in-law, and one granddaughter, it wasn't nearly the same, especially not to Esme. Though she settled for all those, it wasn't the same as it would be if she were to have Carlisle's biological child growing inside of her, and Carlisle knew that and knew her pain. Nothing hurt him more than knowing that she was hurting, though she never showed it with the beautiful mask she wore for her family, staying strong and smiling in contentment.

Esme knew the guilt he's been carrying ever since, and though she always reassured him everything was okay, he never stopped carrying that guilt with him. She could hear the unspoken apology of her husband howling in the wind with each broken sob he tried to hold back.

Managing to lay him down on the grass, she leaned her body over his, perfectly fitting against his as she continuously shushed him, quieting him down with kisses on his lips, his cheeks, his eyes, his brows, his jaw, his chin, his nose.

"My love…"

Esme's comforting voice whispering solemn reassurances could be heard sweeping along with the gentle rustling of the trees high above them. Her light fingers caressed her lover's face, lovingly slipped into his hair, as her lips lowered onto his.

"Please…" she pleaded. She hated nothing more than seeing Carlisle be absorbed into that one place where nothing and no one but she could get him to snap out of it.

"Come back to me, my love… It's not your fault…"

As she looked into her lover's eyes that stared back at her with empty nothingness, she could hear her own body shake with tearless sobs. Giving up, she rested her head against the side of his neck, where she lightly bit down repeatedly in frustration.

Carlisle's arms found their strength and wrapped around the lithe figure above him. "Esme…"

Looking up to find his apologetic eyes glowing at her and his fingers tracing the nonexistent streaks of tears on her face that they both knew would have been there, if only she still had the ability to spill tears, she heard him whisper, "I'm so sor–"

Planting a finger against his lips to silence him, she whispered achingly, "Let me love the pain away."

Lifting her mouth to his, her tongue grazing his lips, forcing his lips apart, seeking for entrance, Esme determined ending this night of long-awaited reconnection in a slightly merrier tone. She did something she knew Carlisle loved. Esme had never been confident with her singing voice, but her husband always insisted she sing for him whenever he felt exhausted. It helped him relax no matter what was going on. Sitting back up leaning her weight against her heels, with her hands folded on her lap, she sang. And whenever she sang, she sang for him.


If there were no words

No way to speak

I would still hear you

If there were no tears

No way to feel inside

I'd still feel for you

And even if the sun refused to shine

Even if romance ran out of rhyme

You would still have my heart

Until the end of time

You're all I need, my love, my valentine

All of my life

I have been waiting for

All you give to me

You've opened my eyes

And shown me how to love unselfishly

I've dreamed of this a thousand times before

But in my dreams I couldn't love you more

I will give you my heart

Until the end of time

You're all I need, my love, my valentine

And even if the sun refused to shine

Even if romance ran out of rhyme

You would still have my heart

Until the end of time

'Cause all I need is you, my valentine

You're all I need, my love, my valentine


There was nothing more beautiful than the sight Carlisle witnessed in front of him. A singing angel who silently cried for him.

Esme's singing voice echoed silently in the woods, as she whispered the last words of the song with such emotion that tempted Carlisle to lean forward to her and roll her back onto the soft greenery, his torso lightly hovering above hers, his hips forcing her body down.

Moved with the tender love her lips uttered out in such a melodious song, his lips crushed hers in blatant need and raging passion, touched by the understanding and generous acceptance of their damned life as a vampire that Esme conveyed plainly, clearly and unmistakably with that song.

Gentling the kiss, lightly brushing his against hers in soft back and forth strokes, he felt her fingers slip into his hair at his nape, caressing gently, pulling his body closer to hers. The moment he felt the suppleness of her breasts against his chest and her tongue darting out to meet his, he felt his body ache and awaken once more.

Esme's fingers lightly caressed her husband's cheeks, trying to slow his brash actions on her. Carlisle sensed it and lifted his lips off hers and stared into her loving, ochre eyes and waited.

"You're enough for me, Carlisle… You, my darling, are all I'll ever want and I'll ever need…"


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