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Senju Legend Chapter 1

Today was the 15th, of the eighth month of the year, as well as the grand Tsukimi Festival. The streets of Tanzuku Gai were swarmed with people, ranging from the locals to tourist from all over the world. Various stands of entertainment were spread across the streets, these included lantern riddle games, seven needle loops, and for the children it had; candle stands, apple bobbing and scooping goldfish. Fully bloomed sakura trees acted as a decoration amongst the view.

In the midst of the lively city of Tanzaku Gai, there was a fairly ordinary bar. It had dark brown colored walls with several japanese style paintings hung upon it. The seating of the bar was designed to be circler, and at an eagles eye view the seating would resemble a whirlpool. The main bar was located furthest from the main entrance, all front bar the seats were filled with various people; young couples, groups of friends, and particularly a couple of life long comrades and friends.

The two people had sombre expressions on their faces, unfitting to the festive atmostphere of the night. The one sitting on the left was a woman, one that would often turn the heads of many males with her great beauty. This woman had blond hair which was tied into a long ponytail that reached down to her lower hip with chin-length strands framing both sides of her face, a diamond shaped mark on her forehead and had brown eyes. She was about five foot four, wore a green robe with a kanji for "Gamble" on it; underneath her robe she wore a white sleeve shirt along with black short pants with a matching waist sash. But her most prominent feature was her extremely large breasts.

The person sitting beside her was a man with very distinguished features. He had waist-length spickey white hair tied into a pony tail, with two shoulder-length bangs that framed both sides of his face, red lines that ran down from his eyes, and a unique head protector with the kanji of 'oil' printed across the metallic object upon his forehead. He was a fairly tall man, about six foot four, he wore a grey kimmono under a long red vest, his pants were full lengthed as shared a similar color to his shirt, he also wore a pair of traditional japanese clogs.

The people of the bar were none the wiser when two of the most powerful shinobi that have ever been produced in the shinobi world was within arms reach of them. They were Jiraiya the Gama Sennin, and Konoha no Namekuji Tsunade-hime. It was only a few days after the Third Shinobi World War, and the Sandaime Hokage had allowed his two students to leave the village for a brief vacation. The two Sannin had been two of the most powerful Shinobi in the war and there were countless lives on their hands, and even life long veterans like Jiraiya and Tsunade needs some quiet repentance.

"The Third Great War is finally finished...its hard to believe isn't it?, half-asked a flustered Tsunade.

"Hai, this is the second Shinobi World War we've been through", said Jiraiya while sipping on his sake. "I know a lot of leaf shinobi has died in the war, but I am glad that no one particularly close to us have perished."

Silence was the only response Jiraiya got back, he knew he shouldn't have said that to his teammate, she had lost too much to wars already. Tsunade had changed a lot since she was a Genin, the happy and exubernt girl she was then had all since vanished, and only a shell of her former self remained. The Senju had much more power than she did back then, but it came at the cost of the majority of her soul...she no longer had the will of fire that her clan valued above all others.

Jiraiya looked around and saw many happy faces around them, he knew that most of them were just normal civilians around the world, but even they were glad that the war was finally over. In the last ten years the war had rendered the economy of the world to plunder to the ground, but with the end of the violence the people of the world can finally breathe a sigh of relief and see a glimmer of hope.

"The people around his sure look happy...the end of the war could be one of the best things to ever happen to them", said the powerful Sannin as he sipped on his saucer of sake.

Tsunade nodded absenmindedly with a flushed face, she had already drank three bottle of sake. "Why wouldn't they be, the world is finally at peace and they could make money again." said the woman with a flat voice.

The white haired man sighed and looked over at the teammate, "Lets go join the festival, it is very seldom that we get to see the moon like this", said Jiraiya as he led Tsunade to a good moon gazing spot.

Tanzuku Gai Castle Roof

"Did you know that in a far away land in the west, women celebrate this moon as a tribute for the man they love," stated Jiraiya as he kept his gaze on the full moon, "The men will praise and recite poems for the woman they loved, comparing their beauties to that of the moon." Jiraiya continued as Tsunade tore her gaze from the moon as she turn to look at her life-long team-mate. "And that was something I always wanted to do?"

"Then why didn't you, you're the Gallent Jiraiya remember?", asked Tsunade with an amused smirk. "After the Second shinobi world war you should've had girls falling all over you.

Jiriaya had a soft smile on his face. "Yeah...that was the case." said the man with a less than enthsicastic voice that surprised Tsunade. "But I never had any sort of feelings for those women, they were all beautiful but they just weren't for me." whispered the man as he closed his eyes and breathed out a long sigh. "There had always been only one woman in my life, and as long as she is in my heart I could never love another woman." said the Sannin as he opened his eyes and looked over at Tsunade.

"I...Jiraiya...um", stuttered a flushed Tsunade, partly from the alcohol, and the rest from the heart-felt words of Jiraiya.

"I met her many years ago, and my feelings for her had started since then..." continued Jiraiya as he ignored his teammate's voice. "She was a very unique girl...angry and violent in one minute, sweet and loving in another. She was the reason I actually wanted to get hurt or injured on missions back then, her face and actions during her healing me always made me feel cared and loved." chuckled Jiraiya as he spoke, amused by his own words. "There was just something about her eyes...they were so full of life and compassion, they made me feel that she could do anything she wanted to do, I was sure that she will be the most successful medical Ninja in Konoha...and I was right."

Tsunade was entirely focused on Jiraiya's words, she never knew he felt so intensely of her; she had always known that her teammate liked her, but she thought it had ended many years ago. The Senju heiress had never heard Jiraiya speak with such emotion in his voice, it really made him reflect an image of a Sannin, and not just a common pervert.

Jiraiya looked over at his life long love. "I was very happy that she could be so successful, but overtime I watched her get knocked down repeatedly emotionally, and the girl I loved began to change." The white haired man knew Tsunade knew he was talking about her. "The light in her eyes started to dim...and she grew distant from me. I didn't know what to do, I tried my best to comfort her, but she always pushed her away...there was nothing I could do."

Tears rolled down Tsunade's face as she closed her eyes, she felt guilty about treating Jiraiya like she always had, it was like she had failed him.

Jiraiya carefully moved closer to Tsunade, until their faces were mere inches from each other and he put both his hands on her shoulders. "The first time I met you was at our team meeting, I still remember that you were wearing that cute turquoise kimono and how you use to tie you hair back in a high pony tail." A soft smile graced the woman's face as she heard Jiraiya clear memory of her. "That was the Tsunade I fell in love with, the happy and fun loving Senju heiress that liked to fight with me."

Tsunade started to move closer to Jiraiya as she dragged on to his every word...

"After I obtained the contract for the Toads I was really happy, because I thought I could haveimpressed you with my power, but that never happened." Whispered the man with a little sadness in his voice. "But I didn't give up, I spent the next few years traveling around the world, and it was some of the most important and happiest time of my life, I got much stronger and wiser through those travels..." said the man as he looked into Tsunade's eyes. "But leaving Konoha at the time is the one thing I regret the most in my life!" Jiraiya said with a sudden anger that surprised Tsunade. "It was during the time I was away you started to date Dan. If I was not to leave we might have had a chance."

"Jiraiya..." muttered Tsunade with difficulty, she never even suspected that Jiraiya would feel that way.

"Tsunade, I know that this may not the best time, but this is something I have to say," spoke Jiraiya with conviction as he once again stared intently into Tsunade's eyes. "Tsunade I love you, there is nothing more I can say with words other than that. I know that you may not even remotely think of me like that but-ummpf.

Jiraiya was abruptly cut off when Tsunade smashed her lips upon his, effectively shutting Jiraiya's brain down. Jiraiya was knocked out of his stunned state when he felt Tsunade's tongue enter and began to explore his mouth as his eyes widen. Stunned and in denial, Jiraiya slowly returned the kiss making the both of them moan in the process. After a full five minutes, the two reluctantly pull away from each other, a link of saliva connecting their lips.

"Jiraiya...don't speak anymore" whispered the woman close to her teammate's face with tears welling in her eyes; her whole body was shaking and her heart was breaking down. "Please, this is enough."

The white haired man ran his fingers delicately through his love's hair. "Why...Why are you still hiding from me?" asked Jiraiya tenderly. "You know I will do anything for you..." said the man as he pulled the love of his life close to him and let her rest against the crook of his neck. "You can stop with your cold and apathetic act in front of me...I will let you know up front that I will never give up on you...you mean too much for me Tsunade."

Tears flowed freely down Tsunade's eyes as she tightened her grip around a part of Jiraiya's shirt. "I-I'm so sorry..."

Jiraiya sighed and wrapped his arms tighter around her. "I almost died during this war...it was when my troops and I were attacking one of the largest camps of Iwagakure, and just before I managed to kill the leader of the group, I thought I was going to die" whispered the Sannin softly as he felt the woman in his arms flinch at his words. "The man was not particularly powerful, but most of my men were down, and I was outnumbered a hundred to one..." Jiraiya paused to snuggled deeper against Tsunade. "I laid motionlessly on the ground around hundreds of dead men...barely conscious myself...and the only thing I could think of at the time...was you Tsunade."

Tsunade wrapped her arms around Jiraiya's frame, there was a very peculiar feeling in her heart that she had spent the last five years to hide from. The Senju promised herself that she will never feel the pain of losing someone close to her again, and in order to do so, she pushed everyone close to her out of her heart...including Jiraiya. But the man's words had thawed his way back into her heart, and the thought of losing Jiraiya to the war was almost unbearable.

Jiraia closed his eyes and felt content with the warmth Tsunade provided for him. "I felt like a faliure...I was praised by the village was one of the most powerful Shinobi to ever live, but I couldn't even make the woman I love happy." whispered the man close to the woman's ear. "I promised myself that I will do my best to stay with you after the war...I know you are trying to break all your bonds with people close around you so you don't have to hurt again...but I promise you Tsunade, if you let me in again, I will always be with you no matter what, nothing will take me away from you."

Tsunade lifted her head from the crook of Jiraiya's neck and stared at the man that had loved her for over two decades. "Jiraiya..." muttered the woman as soft as the wind surrounding them. There was nothing she could say, she had no idea what could she possiblily say. In just a few minutes, her view of Jiraiya had changes drastically, he was no longer the perverted goof in her eyes...he became her most precious person. The Senju could believe the amount of affection she was feeling for Jiraiya at the moment, it was to the point where she couldn't tell if she was in love with him, or if her entirely was dependent on him...

The white haired Sannin sighed and just pulled her back against him. "You don't have to say anything...just know that you will never be alone and you don't have to be lonely all the time, I will always be here with you...by your side supporting you."

The blonde woman suddenly pushed herself up from Jiraiya's body until she was looking down upon his face. "Jiraiya..." whispered the Senju with her eyes still filled with tears. "I love you too..." Tsunade leaneed down and kissed Jiraya again, but this time instead the kiss being filled with desperation, it was filled with affection and love. The woman straddled her teammate's lap and wrapped her arms behind his neck, pulling him deeper into the kiss.

Fireworks were igniting in the sky as two of the Sannin committed their lives to each other, the festival and the war were knocked out of their minds as they totally engrossed themselves into each other. Both of them were acting on instinct, being to shocked and exhilerated to react rationally...and the drive behind their love was increasing dramatically, after already been waiting for over twenty years.

The past week have been the happiest week of Jiraiya's life. He has been spending every minute of everyday with the woman of his dreams, and the fact that Tsunade seemed very happy when she was with him made it all the better. They had spent the week after they confessed to each other staying at Tanzaku Gai, the festival may have ended, but to Jiraiya and Tsunade it was heaven.

During the sunset of Tanzaku Gai, the orange glow of the sun paints over the village, illuminating the light colored walls of the buildings, sakura pedals sails through the sky as if it was following the melody of the wind. Once again atop of the castle roof was the lovely new couple. The two were entangled with each other, Jiraiya had his arms wrapped protectively around Tsunade's waist, and his chin resting on her head as she snuggled her face deeper into the crook of his neck. Shifting his gaze from the beautiful view, he turn his head down to stare at what he considers a even more beautiful view. Tsunade was bathing in the orange sunlight, her eyes were brimming with life and hope that had been scarce for a long time.

"What are you staring at Jiraiya-kun", whispered Tsunade, breaking Jiraiya out of his stupor.

Jiraiya smiled at his soul-mate as he answered,"Just wondering how my stupid drunken confession manage to make the most beautiful woman in the world to fall in love with me".

Tsunade closed her eyes and snuggle further into Jiraiya's warmth, "Your words meant a lot to me... it was as you said...after Dan and Nawaki died I began to lock my self away from the world, ignoring most of my friends, and because of this I lost contact with most of them." whispered the woman softly. "I wanted that to happen because if they were to died in the war, I will just be in pain again. I was so engrossed in that idea, I failed to see that you never gave up on me or left me." said Tsunade with a smile on her face.

Jiraiya's eyes were glued onto Tsunade as she spoke...

"It was you that was with me when Grandpa and Grand Uncle died, it was you that comforted me when Nawaki died, it was you who stayed with me for days on end when Dan died..." Jiraiya slowly stroked her hair lovingly as she continued, "I had already given up on loving another, I thought it was too late for me..., but your words showed me that I was not alone. you never left me, you were always there...now I can truely see clearly, and can say without a shred of doubt...that I love you Jiraiya." finished Tsunade with stray tears flowing freely down her smiling face, as she lead upwards to kiss Jiraiya lovingly on the lips.

Jiraiya was stunned at the very least. His obvious feelings were happiness and love, now fully accepting the fact that Tsunade loves him and the impact of his confession. What emotion Jiraiya felt that really surprised him was the feeling of intense relief; Tsunade has regonized him and the things he had done for her, 'it was not in vein', thought the man silently as one lone tear slid down his cheek. He quickly responded to the kiss, and as if a dam erupted, all the passion and want built up inside him for years was spilled into the kiss. What started out to be a loving kiss quickly turned into a passionate make-out session, it was as if both of them were trying desperately to make up for lost time.

Jiraiya forced his tongue into Tsunade's mouth, aggressively brushing his tongue against her's making Tsunade moaned into the kiss as she tangled her fingers into the white locks of the man she loves. Removing his tongue from her mouth, Jiraiya lightly suck on her lower lips, savouring the taste of the pair of lips he had wanted to kiss for many years.

Tsunade removed her hands from Jiraiya's hair and proceeded to rub from his wide shoulders, then down towards his muscular chest, causing him to shudder at her delicacy. Taking this as a sign to continue, Jiraiya continued to kiss Tsunade as he gently layed Tsunade onto her back, and proceeded to rub her belly and waist sensually. But that was the limit Jiraiya had set for himself, he maybe a pervent but he did not want to jeoperdized the most important relationship in his life.

Tsunade saw his hesitation decided to take over. She lighty lifted Jiraiya's hand off her belly and laid it on top of her wonderful breast. The Senju heiress almost giggled out loud when she saw Jiraiya's reaction to what she did, his eyes almost popped out of his head.

To say Jiraiya was surprised would be an understatement, the woman he had been in love with for the past twenty years just pushed him to second base. "Tsunade...if you continue this I will not be able to control myself," grounded out Jiraiya, desperately trying not to move his hand.

Tsunade leaded up closer to his ear and whispered huskily, "Jiraiya, I want you...I need you...", Tsunade then proceeded to suck on his earlope pushing Jiraiya over the edge. Jiraiya tilted himself so he was fulling atop of Tsunade, ready to proceed but before he coud continue, Tsunade stopped him.

"I want this...but can we please go back to our hotel room first?" said a flushed Tsunade with rapid breathing.

Jiraiya smiled as he lifted his soon-to-be lover up bridal style, "Anything for you Tsu-hime, besides... I have fantasized about carrying you to bed for a long time."

It was a beautiful morning, the sky was a clear blue, the birds were singing, and the town was just beginning wake up. Just when the clock hit 9 o'clock, sunlight began to seep through the curtain of the hotel. The rays of light land on the lovely sleeping face of Tsunade, illuminating the face that showed only expressions of happiness and fullfillment. Her eyelids started to twitch and twitch, until one of them open to catch a glimpse of the man she wanted to wake up to for the rest of her life.

Jiraiya was still asleep, a small smile delicately graced his face, the sunlight was shining on his hair, causing it to look as if it was glowing; his arms were wrapped tightly around her body with her head on his chest. 'I never thought I would see him like this... just one week ago, all I would've seen from this man was an obnoxious pevert with his signature perverted grin...but now...I can only see a handsome gentleman that loves me unconditionally, a man that can really bring out the good in me.'

It was true, Tsunade no longer felt the urge to gamble anymore, she had passed by multiple casinos throughtout the week, but she didn't even pay it a thought; she was always too engrossed by whatever she and Jiraiya were either doing or talking about. Tsunade was not the only one who had changed, Jiraiya had not made one perverted comment about any other women except for her. The Tsunade a week ago would have beated Jiraiya to a pulp because of his perverted words to her, but after that confession night, she loved it whenever Jiraiya would compliment her body.

A slight twitch from Jiraiya's body woke Tsunade from her deep thoughts. Looking up and seeing that Jiraiya was about to wake up, Tsunade leaned up and planted a soft kiss on his lips. Slowly but surely, she felt Jiraiya return the kiss as he began to nibble on her lower lips. Instinctively parting her lips, she allowed Jiraiya's tongue to sensually explore her mouth.

"Can I expect a wake-up call like that every morning Tsu-hime?", said Jiraiya with a smile as he fully woke up.

"Only if you are good, Jiraiya-kun", replied an amused Tsunade with a giggle.

"Oh I will be good hime... last night was the best night of my life...it was literally a dream come true", said Jiraiya as he peck Tsunade on the lips.

"Well, then you better expect a lot more dreams coming true", huskily said Tsunade.

"Oh...this I can work with, hehehe,"perversly replied Jiraiya as he closed in for a kiss.

"Ting, ting, ting," the couple was interupted when something hit their glass window. Looking over they found that is was two messenger birds tapping their peaks on the window.

Jiraiya reluctently pulled away with a sigh, and walk towards the window to receive the messages, "It seems Sarutobi-sensei have a messsge for both of us." said Jiraiya as he read his own message while passing the other to Tsunade.

"It seems that he wants us back at he Konoha." stated Tsunade as she continued to read, "Wow, expected arrival in two days, what's the hurry?."

"It does make sense, we have been gone for almost two weeks, Konoha needs more intimidating shinobi to prevent other villages from attacking during the village is vulnerable." calmly replied Jiraiya.

"Well we do have good news to bring to Sarutobi-sensei, he would be estastic that we are together", chirped a happy Tsunade, she knew that her Sensei always wanted her to get together with Jiraiya, even before she was even together with Dan.

"Yep, I bet even Orochimaru will be happy for us," agreed a happy Jiraiya, silently hoping that his news will cheer up his best friend a little, as Orochimaru has been acting very strange lately. "Yosh, let pack and head home." said Jiraiya with a cheshire grin, making Tsunade giggle at her lover.

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