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Senju Legend - Chapter 16

It has been almost three years since Naruto had left on his training trip with his father, and it was almost time for him to go home. The young man of fifteen had been dreaming about going back to Konoha for a long while already, and he only had about three days left before his dream would come true. Konoha was the result of the efforts of countless men over the last hundred years, and was the legacy of Naruto's ancestors, it was his real home.

Naruto had only heard stories of Konoha from his parents and pictures of parts of it in textbooks, but he had always wanted to explore around the village. Mito had told him that the gargantuan forest around the village was created by his Great-Grandfather, so Naruto wondered if he would feel something special once he was inside the area...

The Senju heir was once again resting on a branch of a large tree waiting for his father, and he let his mind wander around aimlessly. 'Kushi-chan...I'll be home soon.'

Despite all the other reason of going back to Konoha, Naruto's biggest reason for returning home was so that he could see his Kushina again. In the last three years there wasn't one day that he wouldn't think about her beautiful face...whenever he closed his eyes Naruto would see Kushina smiling at him with his exclusive smile.

Naruto and traveled to the ends of the Elemental Nations with his father in the pass few years, and each town in visited he would buy a local souvenir for Kushina, and he already had a whole sealing scroll full of them. It was Naruto's way of recompense for not having his love with him where he went, his thoughts of Kushina would sooth him of his stress and increase his optimism. The red haired girl was really the most important person of Naruto's life...he couldn't even imagine what he would be like if he never had her.

Naruto grew an apple from the tree he was resting on and took a big bite out of it. "Where are you Tou-chan..." muttered the man to himself as he looked around him for any signs of movement...

Jiraiya had gone on a solo mission a day before he had instructed Naruto to meet him in the middle of a forest just outside of Hi no Kuni, and the white haired man was already a few minutes late. The father and son would usually go on separate missions now that Naruto had the power to back himself up, and Jiraiya would mainly focus of reconnecting all his spies all over the world. The Sannin had faith in his son's skills as a Shinobi, and would allow him to go on A-ranked mission alone.

Naruto had to admit that his father was right, he had grown much more powerful since he start of his training trip...

"Yo Naruto!" suddenly said the voice of Jiraiya as he appeared right next to his son on the branch.

The Senju heir cried out in fright bcause of the sudden loud voice and almost lost his balance on the branch. "What the hell Tou-chan!" cried out Naruto as he glared a little at his smirking father. "Why do you have to do that every single time?!"

Jiraiya gave out a small laugh as he wrapped an arm around his son. "Well it is just so funny seeing you freak out like that!"

Naruto looked annoyed as he crossed his arms and have his father a look. "Whatever...so are done with your mission?" asked the young man slightly lilting the subject.

The Sannin nodded with a chuckle. "Of course I am done, such an easy mission is nothing for Jiraiya of the Sannin!" cried the man as he struck a pose as he looked up at the sky. "I stormed in and out of the village and no one even knew that I penetrated their defenses!"

The Senju rolled his eyes with a smile on his face. "So what are we going to do now..." Naruto knew that his father would never change.

Jiraiya smirked. "Nothing!" cried the man loudly as Naruto sweatdropped. "I want to take a break, so we are going into town to have a drink!"

Naruto smiled and actually looked happy. "Great, I'm been wanting to sleep in something other than a sleeping bag."

Just like a few years ago, Naruto and his father ended up in the beautilful village of Tanzuku Gai. The village was still as festive and bright as Naruto remembered, and it soothed the young man of his stressed body and mind. In the past three years Naruto had been on a total of fifty C-ranked missions, forty B-ranked missions, fifteen A-ranked mission, and two S-ranked missions. The young Senju had completed more mission than most Jounin in the village already, that was a perk that came along with traveling with his father.

Jiraiya had officially assessed his son a few weeks ago, and had deemed Naruto to be a Jounin. The Senju was only fifteen years old but had the skills of a well trained Shinobi, and with his Kekkei Genkai Naruto could already be one of the most powerful Ninja in Konoha. The Sannin made a self-note to ask Kakashi to spar with Naruto when they get back to the village, it would be a good indicator of where Naruto stood in terms of power.

Naruto stretched his arms and yawned. "Where are we going to stay tonight Tou-chan?"

Jiraiya had a smile on his face as he drapped an arm on Naruto's shoulders. "Lets go the Sunset Inn, they have a great lounge."

The young Senju nodded. "Sure, I'm kind of hungry already."

The father and son headed to one of the more well-known inns in the village. They had been there before, it was three years ago when they first left Uzu no Kuni, they had stayed in the same inn then too. Jiraiya still remembered the exact location of the inn and wasted no time in getting there. It too the father and son about twenty minutes to arrive at the inn, but the enjoyed the happy atmostphere that accompanied the the walk.

Naruto walked through the intricate decorated main entrance of the inn and looked back at his father. "Hey Tou-chan, lets go have dinner first."

Jiraiya nodded. "Sure!"

The lounge of the Sunset Inn was the main selling point of the place, it had great food, service and some of the best sake in the lands. The owner of the Inn was one of the few traditional brewers left in the Elemental Nations, and his work was very sought after. Jiraiya shared a few bottles with his wife many years ago in the same lounge, and he had loved the sake they served since then.

Naruto and Jiraiya sat down in one of the boothes as one hostess passed them each a menu.

Jiraiya smiled at the woman. "One bottle of sake first please!"

The mission Jiraiya just finished will be the last one he will take before he would travel back to Konoha with his son. The past three years were far longer than the Sannin had expected, he and his son had accomplished much, but time was slow when his family was incomplete. Jiraiya often found himself thinking about his lovely wife along with their two daughters. The man missed his little girls a lot, but he missed his wife more. Jiraiya wanted nothing more than to go home as soon as possible so he could once again be together with Tsunade.

Another thing on Jiraiya's mind was his little girl, Mito. The girl should be almost four years old already, and Jiraiya couldn't wait to see her again. The Sannin was angry at first that he had to go on such a long mission that caused him to miss some of the most important times of his daughter's life, but Jiraiya promised himself that he will make sure to make it up for his Mito-chan once he got back to Konoha. Jiraiya had already spoke with the Sandaime via mail, that he will be taking a one year break from all mission so he could spend more time with his family, and despite the arguements the Hokage had tried to persuade Jiraiya, the Sannin's decision was adamant.

Jiraiya smiled and looked forward at his teenage son. "So how are you feeling about going home for the first time?" asked the Father as he sipped on his sake.

Naruto gulped down a cup of fine sake and smiled at his Father. "I am really excited, I really want these three days to go by faster!"

The Sannin chuckled and nodded. "What are you excited for more, becoming an official Konoha Shinobi or seeing Kushina-chan after so long?"

The Senju heir smirked and crossed his arms. "Is this a trick question?" asked the young man as Jiraiya smirked back. "Well if you must know...I want to see Kushi-chan more than anything. I am excited about officially becoming a Shinobi, but three years is far too long for me to think of anything else except for Kushina."

Jiraiya smiled at his son's love for his adopted daughter, he had come to understand that Naruto and Kushina were made for each other. "As weird as it is to me to say this...you are my son and Kushina is my daughter, but I wish the two of you nothing but happiness together."

Naruto smiled at his kind Father. "Thank you, Tou-san."

The Sannin then turned serious, and Naruto instantly shifted to mirror his Father. "Then here is the important thing..." started Jiraiya as he poured him and his son some more sake. "Very soon, you will begin your official Shinobi career...I now you have been through many ardous and difficult missions in the past three years, but from now on you will be representing Konoha and the Senju Clan, and that is quite a responsibility."

Naruto nodded understandingly. "I know Tou-san, and I am psychologically ready for all of it." said the young man confidently. "I have been training as hard as I can for the past three years, and all that was preparing for today."

Jiraiya nodded with pride. "I will say now that you are already one of the most powerful Ninja in Konoha, but I must remind you that you must hide your Kekkei Genkai as much as possible...it might be a real trump card for us if a real crisis comes up."

The Senju nodded. "Hai, I will not use it unless it is absolutely nessecary."

Jiraiya smirked. "Good...now lets enjoy our Father and Son drinking time!" exclaimed the man back to his regular self, and down his cup of sake straight.

Naruto chuckled and raised his glass. "You got it, Tou-san!"

For the last three years, Kushina had been quite happy living in Konoha with her mother and sister. The lively and festive village took some time to get used to, but soon Kushina grew to love the village and saw it as her home.

The first few weeks in the village for Kushina were mainly spent to bury herself in research and work, trying desperately to suppress her sadness of not having Naruto with her. Everytime Kushina saw objects or heard phrases that reminded her of the young man she loved, all she could do for solace was the sight of the diamond bracelet on her wrist.

Kushina made it a habit to activate her bracelet every night before she went to bed, and she would always smile when Naruto returned the gesture almost immediately after. The bracelet the Senju heir made for Kushina really saved her a lot of heartache in the past three years; the puesdo-physical connect they had over the bracelets gave Kushina all the support she needed to live without her love.

Tsunade had officially introduced Kushina as a Chunin Kunoichi and a Medical Specialist to the Medical Corp of Konoha, and the daughter of Tsunade quickly became known as a great prodigy in the medical field that might one day surpass her mother. Kushina had been responsible for saving the lives of over 100 patients in the past three years, which was very impressive for a girl her age and rank. Even Shizune, one of the most skilled Medical Kunoichi in the village admitted that Kushina was her equal.

Tsunade herself kept on training Kushina everyday to shape her daughter into her successor, and it had been going very well for the Sannin. As usual, Kushina took in her mother's training like a sponge in water, and her skills have been improving significantly ever since she arrived in Konoha.

"This is it for the class today, finish the reading I assigned today and be ready for questions tomorrow, "said a fifteen years old Kushina with a smirk on her face.

"Hai, Kushina-sensei!" replied a class of ten year old children.

As the sound of shuffling students filed out the classroom, Kushina sat in her desk with a small smile on her face. Tsunade had created an outreach program to young academy students to attract younger Shinobi into the Medical field of Ninjutsu, and she had tasked Kushina to teach the class. The Uzumaki Heiress gladly accepted the job if it met less hours doing rounds in the hospital, after three years of intense hospital work, Kushina was exhausted and wanted a break.

"Finally done with your class, Kushi-sensei?" asked an amused voice from the door, and Kushina looked over to see her friend Mitarashi Anko standing by the door.

Kushina grinned at her friend and nodded. "Yep, just let me pack my stuff," said the red haired beauty as she sealed her notes and stacks of papers in a scroll. Fuinjutsu had become a part of Kushina's daily life, and it made her menial tasks much easier to manage.

Anko sighed and shook her head. "I don't get how you can enjoy teaching those boring classes, I wouldn't last a day as an Academy Teacher," muttered the purple haired woman with a sigh.

Kushina giggled without looking up at Anko. "First of all, Hokage-sama will never let you become a teacher and two, not only will you be bored, the kids will also be extremely scared of you."

Anko grinned and nodded, "Yep, proud of it!"

The Uzumaki girl finished her packing and walked up to her friend with a smile. "So where are we going today, I thought Kurenai was on a mission?"

Anko smirked and nodded. "She was, but the mission was apparently much easier than expected and they finished within the day they arrived", said the woman as she drapped an arm over Kushina's shoulders. "So we are all heading over to Firey Leaf to have a drink!"

Kushina made some great friends in the past few years, and most of them were older than she was. First there was Mitarashi Anko whom Kushina healed back to full heath after a bad mission. The eccentric girl made Kushina quite uncomfortable at first, but they became quick friends after a few chats in the hospital. There were also Yuhi Kurenai, Inuzuka Hana, and Uzuki Yugao, all three some of the most revered young Kunoichi in Konoha.

Kushina sighed and shook her head at her friend. "Drinking again?" asked the girl exasperated. "We just went drinking two nights ago; I am not that much like my Kaa-chan."

Anko grinned and patted Kushina's head. "Come on Kushina-chan, don't be such a prude!" cried the young woman as she led Kushina out of the Academy. "If a guy tries to hit on you again just do what you did last time; knock him out by punching him through the roof!"

In the past few years, Kushina had become a very beautiful young lady, and would often be on the receiving end of affections from the opposite sex, but she always treated them with anger and distain. Kushina's feelings for Naruto had grown stronger and stonger since they left the island, and if it was not him, Kushina will punch all the other men away from her. Shizune and Tsunade were both often amused by the number of suitors the Uzumaki heiress had, and would often tease her about being so much like her mother. Kushina had placed at least ten suitors into the hospital, and she would just ignore them if they needed treatment.

Kushina grunted at the mention of the man who tried to hit on her at the bar. "That guy made me sick…if he ever tries that again I will break all the bones in his body." A few weeks ago, while Kushina was having a girl's night out with her friends, a man tried to buy her a drink and wrapped his arm around her shoulders. To the utter amusement of Anko, Kurenai, Yugao and Hana, Kushina elbowed the man instantly and kicked him with her super-human strength and sent him through the roof. The man was checked into the hospital with over twenty bones broken and it took him three weeks before he could walk again.

Anko chuckled at the thought. "That was one of the funniest things I have ever seen…"

Kushina sighed and shook her head. "It might have been funny for you guys, but that guy just annoyed the hell out of me."

Anko scoffed. "Anyone who isn't your perfect little boyfriend will annoy the hell out of you!" said the woman casually. "But that makes me wonder about what your man actually looks like; seeing he managed to make our Kushina-chan to wait for him for so many years."

Kushina grinned and wrapped her arms around Anko's arm. "Well I can say that he is much more handsome than any of the guys that tried to hit on me!"

The purple haired woman grinned and shook her head in amusement. "You got it so bad, Kushina-chan!" teased Anko as Kushina grinned. "Well he should be back soon right, you did say that he'll be coming to Konoha in three years?"

Kushina grinned harder and nodded happily. "Yep, Naru-kun should be back anyday now!"

Anko smirked and leaned closer to her friend. "So what do you have ready?" Kushina just looked puzzled by Anko's question. "Did you buy some sexy lingerie? "

A huge blush came onto Kushina face as she pushed Anko away. "Shut up, Anko-chan!" cried the girl embarrassed. "N-Naru-kun and I are not like that…"

Anko rolled her eyes and shook her head. "Come on, Kushina-chan, that was three years ago!" said the woman exasperated. "You are both fifteen now, and he's been traveling around the world, if you don't at least try to make him want you physically there will be troubles in your relationship."

Kushina was silent after Anko's explanlation. It was true that Naruto was traveling around the world and would have undoubtedly run into many beautiful girls. Kushina knew that Naruto would have been faithful to her, but nonetheless his eyes would often be filled with pretty girls, and if she herself didn't try harder, she might lose his interest…

"No…" said Kushina seriously. "Naru-kun loves me and I believe that he will want me no matter what."

Anko sighed. "Fine…but I will still bring you shopping for lingerie!" demanded the woman. "Even though he loves you and all, looking good for him will add to the relationship, and it will make him happy…just trust me on this!"

Kushina sighed but smiled at her good friend. "Fine…we'll go later." Anko just grinned in response and continued to lead Kushina out of the Academy.

The Firey Leaf was one of the higher class drking facilities in Konoha, and definitely had a more conservative clientel. It had most of the drinks other bars have, but its grounds would usually be used for wine tastings and dinner parties. Kushina's first time having sake was at the Firey Leaf with her mother, Tsunade. The Sannin had a huge grin on her face when she taught Kushina about all kinds of sake and what food to have with what class of wine. Kushina honestly thought that Tsunade was more passionate about teaching her about sake than Medical Ninjutsu.

The building itself was a large three story edifice that sheltered the largest wine and sake collection in Konoha. The facility was started and owned by the Niidaime Hokage several decades back, and after his death the business' ownership was passed onto the Senju Clan assets, so the current owner was Tsunade.

Kushina would often bring her friend to hangout at the Firey Leaf seeing that the place made her more comfortable than the other bars, and they wouldn't have to pay for anything they drink seeing that Kushina's mother owned the place. But that would make Anko drink much more than usual and that would sometimes cause problems for the rest of the girls.

The Firey Leaf was located near the Senju Clan Compound, just outside the main area of the village. The entrance was quite grand and beautiful, and its other three sides were guarded and framed by tall majestic trees. On the top floor, which was the VIP floor, had a balconey that looked out to the large forest where a small waterfall highlighted the sight.

"Oh I love coming here after a long day, this is so relaxing and beautiful…" gently spoke Kushina as she stretched her arms around. "Let's go, Anko-chan!"

Anko grinned and quickly grabbed Kushina's arm. "Let's go!"

The two young women strolled into the building with obvious familiarity, and made their way up the stairs toward the top floor, where Kushina had a permanent tab opened. The wooden winding stair case was an adventure on its own as large windows were casted in swirl patterns around the staircase, and the natural view beyond the glass would captivate anyone who looked through it.

Waking onto the top floor, Kushina smiled at the sight of her other friends waiting for them in their usual mahogany table and brisk leather seats. Kurenai was sipping on glass of fine fine as she chatted with Hana and Yugao, who were both enjoying a warm bottle of sake.

"Hey guys, whats up?!" chirped Kushina as she walked into the terrace.

The other three girls smiled at the last two members of their group and gestured to the two open chairs. "Hey Kushina-chan, Anko-chan!" greeted a giddy Hana with a grin on her face. "Come on!"

Kushina giggled as she took a seat and sighed in relaxation. "This is nice…it was a long day", muttered the red haired beauty as she smiled at her friends. "A nice cup of sake will help…"

Yugao smiled and poured the youngest of their group a cup of good sake. "Tiring day?" asked the woman curiously.

Kushina smiled and nodded. "Yeah, I gave the kids a big reading list today and I have a lot of papers to mark", said the girl as she sipped on the warm liquid. "But at least the school year is almost over and I can catch a break."

Anko grinned. "And not to mention that your boyfriend will be back soon…"

Kurenai smiled and sat up higher. "Oh yeah, the three years mark is almost up!" exclaimed the red eyed beauty as she grinned at Kushina. "Do you know when he'll be back?"

Kushina shook her head, but it was Anko who spoke next. "He can be back any day now, and that being said, we have to take Kushina-chan shopping for some things she will needed once her man is home."

Yugao grinned and giggled. "Oh…I see what you are saying Anko-chan!" chirped the Inuzuka Heiress as she winked at Kushina. "`We should get you officially measured Kushina-chan, some lingerie can be very form fitting."

Kushina blushed and glared a little at Yugao, "Oh not you too, Yugao-chan!"

Kurenai nodded with Kushina. "I'm sure Kushina-chan's relationship with her boyfriend is very innocent, and they are only fifteen, there is no need to get them hot and heavy already." Kushina smiled and leaned towards Kurenai, but the latter grinned back at the former. "But we'll still get you the lingerie; you might need it either way."

Kushina pushed Kurenai away and huffed in her seat. "Screw you guys, I'm just going to drink!" said the young woman as she downed the whole cup of sake and poured herself another.

Yugao cheered. "Yeah, let's get hammered!"

Anko grinned and started to open a new bottle of wine. "You got it!"

Kurenai giggled and poured herself a shot of vodka. "You are all crazy!"

A sense of excitement rushed over Naruto as he traveled through a large forest in the middle of Hi no Kuni. The Senju heir had never been so close to Konoha before, and the prospect of going home made Naruto feel very happy.

After three long years, Naruto along with his father was finally going home. While Naruto was happy to see his home and official family compound of the first time, he was most excited to see Kushina again. The brief moment with their bracelets were the only sort of connection they shared for the last three years, and Naruto wanted nothing more than to hold his love in his arms again, to kiss her again. Then there were his Mother and baby sister, who he had missed dearly for the past three years.

Jiraiya smirked at the smile on his son's face and smacked on the back of the head. "Don't get too excited boy, we aren't back yet."

Naruto glared at his Father and smacked him back, "Like you aren't excited!"

Jiraiya chuckled and nodded. "I am excited, but I try to hold it in so I don't look like an idiot."

The Father and Son continued their way through the forest and soon, Jiraiya caught sight of a familiar and nostalgic sight. It was the very large sight of Konoha's main gate, and they could sense some Shinobi burst past them in quick speeds. Jiraiya had a smile on his face as he gazed upon the sight of his home, and he reached a hand over to his son and wrapped it around his shoulder.

"This is Konoha, Naruto…your home", said the white haired man with a proud smile on his face, both for his home and his son.

Naruto looked up at the at gates with a smile, this was the very place very his Great Grandfather place his hopes and dreams, and Naruto wanted to follow in his ancestor's footsteps. In the past three years, Naruto had gotten a lot more powerful than before, and he hoped to become an active Shinobi as soon as possible in Konoha.

Jiraiya let out a sigh and began to walk. "Welcome home…Naruto."

Naruto smiled and marveled at the sight as he walked into the village for the first time. Instantly, Naruto was taken in by the festive atmostphere of the village. The young man had been in many other villages before in his travels, but never, had he seen one that was so bright and warm. The sun was shining down graciously on the many people of Konoha, and many of them had bright smiles on their faces. Even though it was a Shinobi village, there were families and children walking all over the place having fun.

Many merchants setted up their stands along the busy streets, and the delightful aroma of all types of different foods danced around in the air. The whole scene was like a grand festival, and nothing like Naruto imagined what the strongest Shinobi village in the Elemental Nations would look like.

Jiraiya walked up to his son and patted his shoulder. "That's your Great Grandfather...and the one next to him is your Great Granduncle." said the Sannin as he pointed up at the Hokage Monument with a smile on his face.

Naruto smiled at the magnificant structures and chuckled. "Wow...the momument is much bigger than what I expected."

The Sannin chuckled and started up pull his son along. "Come on Naruto, we'll show you around the village later, we have to go see Sarutobi-sensei right away!"

Naruto was about to nod and follow his Father to the Hokage Building...but he suddenly sensed something.

'Kushi-chan!' thought Naruto with widened eyes as he sensed a very peculiar chakra signature.

Jiraiya looked back at his son. "Naruto...come on!"

Naruto looked at his Father while backing away. "You go see Hokage-sama first, Tou-san...I have to go!" Without waiting for his Father to reply, Naruto disppeared with a fast Shunshin and sped along the rooftops of the village.

Jiraiya sighed and shook his head. "Damn that kid...too bad he is faster than me now."

Kushina was just waking up with a bad headache, she drank too much with her friends the previous night. Anko had passed out and Kushina had to drop her home with the help of the others, and she finally made it back to the Senju Compound by about two o'clock in the morning. Kushina loved drinking with her friends, but sometimes it would tire her way too much. The young woman dropped onto her bed sound asleep the instant she made it home, Kushina often wondered how her Kaa-chan could drink so much...

The sunlight began to seep through the curtains of Kushina's room and land on her closed eyes. "Come on Kushina..." muttered the girl to herself. "Get up...you have to get to the Academy."

Kushina heard her door opened all of a sudden, and she smiled when she felt a familiar little person land on her bed. "Nee-chan, breakfast is ready!" cried a small little girl with snow white hair that reminded Kushina of her father. "Shizune-nee is over today, and she made us a lot of food!" chirped the girl happily as she continued to bounce on Kushina's bed, making Kushina's hangover even worst.

Kushina sat up on her bed and lifted her baby sister onto her lap. "Mito-chan...I want to sleep some more!" whined the red haired beauty as she hugged her sister to her chest.

Mito pouted and started to pull on her sister's sleeve. "Come on Nee-chan, I am hungry and you have to go teach!"

The Uzumaki heiress sighed and nodded. "Fine...just let me change first."

Kushina walked over to her large closet and picked out her regular teaching clothes, which consisted of a black skirt, a buttoned up white blouse, and a red blazer than complimented her hair. Brushing her fingers through her hair, Kushina woke up more and walked into her bathroom to brush her teeth and clean her face. Mito waited for her sister on the side of the bed as she swung her legs left and right. The little girl was very hungry, but she wanted to eat together with her sister...

Kushina was finally ready after a full five minutes and picked Mito up into her arms. "Lets go Mito-chan!"

The two sister made it down stairs and saw that Shizune as well as their mother were already at the dinner table. There were a few platters of food in the middle of the table, and almost all of them were Kushina's favorites. Kushina placed Mito down on her high chair and hugged Shizune happily.

"Oh I love you Shizune-nee, I am really craving for all of this!" exclaimed the red haired girl happily.

Shizune giggled and patted Kushina's back. "You're welcome Kushina-chan, now eat up!"

Kushina giggled and sat down quickly. "Good morning, Kaa-chan!" chirped the young woman as she filled her plate with eggs, sasuages and bacon.

Tsunade was reading her morning paper and smiled at her daughter. "You are becoming more and more like me Kushina-chan...I heard you went drinking with the girls last night?"

Kushina chuckled sheepishly and nodded. "Yeah, Anko-chan really wanted to go, so we amused her..." said the girl as she rubbed her head. "But I have a bit of a hangover..."

The female Sannin smirked and leaned closer to Kushina. "I'll teach you a Jutsu later, it will ease the pain of a headache right away!"

Kushina giggled. "Sure!"

Suddenly, the diamond bracelet on Kushina's wrist glew...and the girl looked down on it with surprise. Kushina and Naruto would usually only use the bracelets at night as a nightly ritual, they both refrained from using it in the morning just in case they would expose the other on a mission. Kushina's eyes then widened when she suddenly felt a strange sensation in her heart...

Tsunade looked at her daughter in surprise. "What it is Kushina-chan?" Mito and Shizune were also looking at the young woman curiously, Kushina suddenly became motionless.

Kushina hen quickly stood up and looked around. "K-Kaa-chan, I have to go!" Without another word, Kushina ran out the door despite the cries and questions of the other in her home...

Naruto was speeding through the area of Konoha as fast as he could...he sensed Kushina's chakra signature and he couldn't help up run towards that direction right away. The sights around the village became a daze to Naruto as his eyes focus on only one direction. All his senses dulled except for his chakra sensory skill, and he locked onto Kushina's chakra as she ran as fast as he could. It has been three years since Naruto had felt the very peculiar chakra of the woman he loves, and just feeling it made Naruto feel warm and happy.


A sense of desperation surged up from Naruto's heart, he had to see Kushina, he needed to see Kushina. Three years of supressed feelings and affections all bubbled up to the surface, and they forced the Senju heir to forget about everything else around him...

Naruto's eyes seemed to sudden have tunnel vision, and all he could see was the light at the end of the tunnel. The young Senju kept a steady flow of chakra running through his bracelet as if trying to tell Kushina that he was finally home and was coming to see her. With a final burst of speed, Naruto jumped and landed into a large opening of grass and trees. He had already reached the outskirts of the village and was in one of the training fields, but he could feel Kushina's chakra right ahead of him...

Kushina was also running towards the center of the village with a very peculiar feeling in her heart. She could sense Naruto being near her...Kushina never had the ability to sense chakra signatures, but she would always feel slightly different if Naruto was beside her. Since she was a little girl, the presence of Naruto would make Kushina feel safe and secure, and for the last three years she had missed those feelings. Then just a few minutes ago...all of a sudden, those feelings rushed into Kushina's core like tidal wave.

The red haired beauty pushed her legs to run as fast as she could from tree to tree, and she could feel that she was getting closer. Kushina's breathing was becoming uneven as she realized that her Naruto was finally home after three years. In the past three years there was not one day that Kushina did not think about her wayward love, and she would often dream about him coming home to be with her. After three long years...Kushina finally got what she wanted...


Kushina jumped into another thin bunch of trees as she headed towards the village, and she jumped down to land in one of the training fields in attempt of using a short-cut...

Naruto was in a trance...but just a few seconds ago, a blur emerged from the treeline and landed on the ground. The first thing Naruto saw were the same pair of loving violet eyes that he had loved since he could remember. It was as if a wave of relief and happiness rushed through Naruto the moment his eyes saw the shade of red hair that he would often dream about. The same white light his bracelet made was right in front of him...it was his bracelet's counterpart...the one Naruto gave to Kushina three years ago.

"Kushi-chan..." whispered the young man as he took a step forward.

Kushina was in a very similar situation. Tears started to well in her eyes as she gazed into a pair of azure blue eyes that had been a symbol of warmth and security in her life. A very familiar head of blond hair was right in front of Kushina, and it made her lips quiver at the very sight.


Both in a trance, Naruto and Kushina's legs moved on their own and made their way towards each other. And after what seemed like another eternity, the two met in the middle in a passionate embrace. Naruto wrapped his arms around Kushina ast tightly as possible and lets his senses overload his mind as her scent rushed through his being. The feeling was the same...everytime Naruto hugged Kushina he would feel a sense of completeness throughout his being, and he was feeling that for the first time in three years.

Kushina had buried her face in Naruto's chest, and it offered her the same warmth and love as she remembered from three years ago. It was her Naruto. Kushina wrapped her arms as tightlyy as possible around his waist and sobbed into his clothes...all the supressed sadness of being away from the man she loves for three years sprang up to the surface.

After a whole ten minutes of calming down and sobering...they both finally stopped shaking.

Naruto sniffed and smiled as he brushed through Kushina's hair with his quivering hands. "I-I'm home...Kushi-chan."

Kushina still had tears in her eyes as she nodded against Naruto's clothes. "Welcome home...Naru-kun."

The End!

Sorry for the long wait, but I will start to work on this story again.