Valentine's you guys! And guess what! This is m first year celebrating it with someone :)

I considered re writing this entire fiction with an entirely different story line, but I didn't have the time. I think the other version will bcome a oneshot sometime in the future :D

I used to consider cutting my wrists, the only reason I didn't was because it could attract bothersome people and questions. Life was a boring task, I didn't look forward to the next day, and I didn't fear it either. Mother would test me every night at dinner, beat me when I got things wrong, tell me I wasn't her son and her son was much better then me. I was quiet, antisocial; I had the personality if someone much older and defeated.

But not anymore.

Soubi brightened my life like a sweet angel. He says the same thing about me, but he's an idiot; he was the one who saved me from a life of apathy and loneliness. I suppose that I felt my world change that day in the park when he kissed me and told me I was his sacrifice.

Now I skip to school, and I usually am smiling as I walk through the school gate.
I've made friends, Seimei said I had friends before I lost my memories, but these are the first friends I remember.

But I think they're only my friends because Soubi woke me up and showed me just how much I could love being alive.
He made me love making friends, love my childish teacher and the rest of my school, but most of all, I quickly fell in love with him.

Soubi is like a child, he clings to anything he loves, he cries when something frightens him.
He says he's been abandoned many times, I know his parents died when he was small... And Seimei as well... But who else abandoned him? His sensei? They don't seem very close, but maybe they were once closer...
He never tells me anything, but in the end I think he's trying to protect me... The idiot.

He's hiding himself away from the light, and he's content living with his past hidden away. I'll except as much of his true self as he's able to give me... I'll always except him, but I think he's not used to that kind of love... He seems to have been abused in any kind of relationship he ever had...
I don't understand why anyone ever hit him, he's too sweet! He's even asked me to punish him, he used to ask that all the time, but I think he's getting better.

His hands are large and warm, and his arms are just as warm and safe feeling. I'll never tell him, but I sleep every night with one of his shirts under my pillow.
He's protected me so many times, I owe everything that beautiful blond.

But in the end, I don't owe him everything; he is my everything, the best thing that's ever happened to me, my lover, my childish protector, and my precious, precious fighter.

I've thought I've lost him before, those were the worst moments of my life, but when he's alive, happy, smiling, I feel so much more alive then I ever have before.

Thank you for everything, I love you, Soubi.

Happy valentines day, from Ritsuka

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