No, when Leonard McCoy applied to StarFleet, it never entered his mind that his main duty would be the care of a twenty-something accident-prone allergies-full eternal child with the habit to jump into every dangerous situation this side of the universe -or any universe, come to think of it- coupled with irrational luck -good and bad- and a genious that was long done flirting with madness and gone to totally obliterate it, reaching impossible new hights every time he so much as turn his head away, or so it felt.

He problably would not have joined had he know. Really. Crazy Genious Kid. Like if being in space was not punition enough as it was...

And lets not forget the hobgoblin that the brat somehow managed to glue himself too. Of course, only after the pointy-eared bastard almost had him expulsed from the academy, banished to an ice-hell hole of a planet full of abominations and strangled almost to death. And no, he was not going to listen to the erotic asphyxiation rumors going around! He was a doctor, not a gossip-mongrel!

Still, there was no other place he could imagine being, now.