The first 3 chapters are not written by me. I saw that the story had been abandoned and decided to ask if I could continue it. Thank you Alluring Alliteration! 413 words and 1 page.

Danny Phantom: X-man

Chapter 1

Professor Charles Xavier sat in his customized wheelchair, in front of a large television. Logan, Hank McCoy, Ororo, Scott Summers, and Jean Grey stood just behind him, also watching the screen.

It showed the image of a boy in his mid-teens, with messy white hair and glowing green eyes. He wore a black jumpsuit with a white belt, gloves, and boots, and a white logo on it. Although the image was still, the boy was plainly hovering in mid air. He was glaring angrily at something to the right of the picture.

The newsman started talking, "Inviso-bill has been haunting Amity Park for more than two years, and there is still no solution to this menace. He, along with other ghosts, often wreaks havoc upon this innocent town, causing mayhem."

"The mayor has stated that at this point in time, there is no plan that has been proven successful in capturing the ghost, although there is a bounty being offered for anyone who can beat him. Even the Fentons, Amity Park's resident ghost hunters, have had no success so far. In the mean time, the town will just have to hope the mayor's bounty plan works.

"In other news, the town's library is re opening has been announced after the damage caused by several ghost attacks…"

Professor Xavier turned the television off. The X men all looked at him as he turned his chair to face them.

"I think we should visit Amity Park." He declared. "The boy looked like a young mutant, and the description seems to fit."

"But are we just going to hand him over?" Logan growled. "We're not bounty hunters, Charles."

"No, we are not," Xavier replied steadily. "I propose we try and talk to him, the same as any other young mutant. If he really isn't 'attacking' anyone, we should speak to him about coming to the institute. If not, we can decide on a plan of action later, once we know more about him, and the situation."

The X men all nodded.

"Are you going to check Cerebro?" Hank asked.

"No time," Xavier replied. "Jean, Scott, go get Rogue, Kitty, Kurt and Bobby. Hank, Logan, we might need me things from the arsenal, so get a power dampener, a tracking device, and whatever you think might come in handy, just in case. Ororo, I need you to come with me and get the jet ready. We leave in half an hour, everyone."