Lol, this happened earlier this morning with my friend at shcool when he received a love letter just like this. Hope you like this one.

Percy`s POV:

Well, today`s Valentines' day and I am happily enjoying every last one bit of it with my loving, drop-dead gorgeous girlfriend, Annabeth.

And with the majority of a few (maybe a lot) friends with us like, Jason, Piper, Thalia (she quitted being a huntress and is now dating Nico), Leo, Reyna, the Stolls, Katie, and a few other friends I'm too bored to pronounce (ADHD acting up again).

We were all having a great day in camp (gods had finally agreed to merge both the camps) and every last couples (with me and my wise girl) were having a blast until we met up with a dead-shock Nico reading a red, heart-shape valentine letter and was staring at it as if it was some monster baby that somehow grew out of nowhere.

When we reached him, Thalia greeted him by kissing him in the cheeks and he turned to her with a terrified expression on his face.

"What you got there Nic`s?" I asked teasingly.

He stuttered before getting the words right, "va-valentimes` le-let-letter." He said hands shaking while holding the letter.

The Stolls in some way stole the letter from his grasp without even knowking it and said, "Whooo-weee! Thalia, you got a competition with another girl, with Nicky over here." Connor said as Travis wolf-whistled and Katie smacking him in the back of the head.

Thalia`s face hardened and she said, "Read it." Seriously with electricity sparking off her.

Everyone backed away from her avoiding getting electrocuted while connor gulped and mumbled, "Why does it has to be me holding this." And cleared his throat and said.

From Veronica

Aphrodite cabin:

Roses are red,

Violets are blue.

Nico, be my bitch

Will you…"

"oh my gods..." was the last thing Annabeth said before Thalia stormed the Aphrodite cabin and did some electrocuting.

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