"Ne, ne! Ouron!" I turned around to look at my girlfriend of two months. We had been together ever since we were kids and became orphans. "Look what I found!" She showed me a little indigo kitten a few months old, holding it as though it were a prize.

I smiled. She always did love animals. "That's adorable, Kiri." I hesitated a bit before continuing. "Are you going to keep it? We're not sure if Kia would let us keep it." Her face turned a bit sad before lighting up in determination.

"I'm going to keep it. If Kia says no, then I'm just going to have to hide it from her." She looked down at the kitten. "I found her on the street, Ouron. She was so skinny and already about to die, so I went to the pet store and got her some food." She looked back up at me with hopeful eyes. "We just have to save her. I don't want an animal to die like that, Ouron."

I hugged her tightly. "I know what you're thinking. You want my help, right?" She nodded. "I'll go ask Kia. You wanna come with me?" I held a hand out to her. As she took it, I gave her hand a squeeze of reinsurance. "Don't worry, Kiri."


As I turned the corner, I saw Kia sitting at her desk reading a textbook. When I looked closer, I saw that she was also playing with the ring on her right index finger. "Hey, Kia!" She looked up from the book and gave us a glance before looking back to her book.

"If you're going to ask if you can keep the kitten, go ahead. But you two are going to take care of it. I'm not taking care of it." I grinned and Kiri squealed before running up to hug her. "But just to tell you, Kirisa, you and Ouron are taking care of it beause I have two years of work to catch up on."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! I love you so much Kia!" She jumped up and down before getting shooed out of the room.

I looked to Kia. "Thanks Kia. Really. I haven't seen you so agreeing in a while actually."

She smiled softly and played with her ring. "A time away from this place can do that to you." I smiled.

"Anyways, I should probably help Kiri set up a place for the kitten." She nodded. When I walked outside, I saw Kiri in the kitchen getting a bowl of warm milk for the kitten. I sneaked up behind her and hugged her from behind after she put the bowl down. "You know, today's a special day. I got something for you."

She turned around and looked at me curiously. "What is it?" I grabbed her hand and pulled her out towards the front door of our house.

I gave a quick shout upstairs to Kia. "Kia! I'm going to take Kiri out for tonight!" Before I left, I heard a response of "Use protection!" before leaving, causing both of us to trip over thin air and land face-down onto the carpet. (A/N: Sorry, Kiri. I just had to put that in there XD) "Damn it, Kia. Don't randomly shout things like that!" I swear I could hear laughing from upstairs.


A few minutes later, we reached the park a few minutes walk from Kia's huge house/mansion. "Where are we going, Ouron?"

I pulled her into the forest and walked for a bit. "Just wait. We're right..." We got to a huge clearing. "...here!"

Kiri stood next to me, staring at the clearing in shock. I had set up a table with some food and a nice small candle. "Oh my god, Ouron. This-this is amazing!"

I smiled lightly. "Of course. I had you in mind when I set it up." I took her hand and led her to the table. After eating, we climbed up a tree and sat up there together. "Hey Kiri?"


"Would you accept this?" I slipped a ring on her left ring finger. "As a sign of my love to you. And a promise that we'll always be together." She turned around to give me a light kiss.

"Forever and always?"

I nodded. "Forever and always, Kiri."