Title: Millennium

Main Pairings: Puzzleshipping (YamixYugi) Egyptshipping (AtemuxHeba)

Rated: T

Warnings: Cussing, violence, blood, character death, Yaoi, Yuri, and sexual suggestiveness.

Discalmer: I own nothing of Yu-gi-oh or anything that I reference in this story, this is purely for fan entertainment I make not money off of this.

Rose: This is an idea that occurred to me after reading an AtemuxHeba and a YamixYugi but I've incorporated it into my one of my older ideas that I haven't done yet but anyway… on with the show.

NOTE: As of 3-18-14, I am rewriting the first three chapters since the feel of them is quite juvenile, hopefully they will be better once I'm done. A note for Tea; she is my comedic punching bag in this story- it's not really bashing she just seemed like the one everyone loves to hate most of the time so she kinda got the metaphorical shit end of the stick in this story :3.


New York, New York:

Tea Maizaki; Broadway dancer walks into one of the many night clubs New York City. Through the pumping music, interchanging lights, and the mass of bodies she gets bumped around by a few dancers as she pushes her way through the crowd.

"Where are they," she wines alittle to herself. She scopes out the room again only to get the same result; nothing. She plops herself in bar stool huffing as puts her crossed arms on the granet countertop. "I don't understand I overheard that they would be here." She gives a frustrated sigh as she looks up at the bartender. "Jack Daniel's on the rocks- wait nevermind some rum and coke will do just fine.

The bartender turned around to get her drink, she drummed her French manicured nails on the counter to the beat of the newest song: 'Saturday' by Basshunter. This was an euro/k-pop and techno club. Not particularly her tastes but the Sennens and that little knock off Rini from sailor moon girl, what was her name, Candi seemed to like places like this kinda music. She was more an Usher or Trey Songz kinda person.

(A/N: I like all this kind of music so I am not dissing anything here; just putting it out there.)

A 12oz glass of Coke and Bacardi rum was placed in front of her she pulled out her black visa handing to the bartender. She turned around to lean back on the bar as she took small sips. She was still looking out for targets. After finishing off her drink she stood up dropping a tip in the jar before headed towards the backdoor, maybe they were outside.

Outside of the building the music could be heard thumping through the walls. As she exited through the backdoor of the club Tea leaned on the railing and looked up to the sky. She couldn't see any stars due to the lights of the city but it focused her mind none the less.

"Why am I such an outcast," she down over the railings at the cracked cement. "I was so popular back in Japan everyone loved me. Well… not everyone," she continued in her mind, "there were those losers." She shook her head, that wasn't the point right now, she had to find those twins. Those gorgous twins she went off into her on little world for a moment before she felt a cool liquid oozing down her chin.

She jumped in place wiping the drool off her chin looking left and right to see if anyone had seen that. She sighed after looking around seeing that absolutely no one was interested in her, too busy texting on their phones or making out with their hook-ups for the night.

She pulled a letter out of her white purse that hung down by her pink mini-skirt. She held it up and giggled resisting the urge she had to bounce around. "They are going to be so excited," she giggled to herself again. She looked forward with a determined look in her eyes, "and I'll be so cool once I invite them!" she giggled again just as her ears twitched; she heard voices. Not just any voices either, her ears twitched again as two deep baritone voices laughed. She leaned over the railing abit as if she could see around the wall that way.

"God twins are so weird," a girl's voice wines.

"Candi," Tea thinks excitedly. She practically runs towards the stairs tripping down the last three or four steps. Her clumsiness caught a few people's attention as she almost face planted right in front of them. She coughed into her hand before readjusting her skirt ignoring the half-interested stares. Then started to slowly walk towards the corner of the building so she wouldn't trip as she eavesdropped- casually overheard their conversation.

"We are not weird Candi," two voices said in unison.

"There you go again talking together," Candi wines again and then lets out a shuddering sound.

"Chill girly, it's a twin thing, think of it as one of their finer qualities," a new male voice cuts in.

"Shut up Marik, what do you know? You're crazier then they sound," Candi says.

"Hey I resent that!" he shouts back.

"Man let it go," one baritone voice says in a calming way.

"Yeah," a second baritone voice cuts in, "she's just mad that she didn't get in good with Ryuji tonight," he and Marik snicker.

"Yami! Atemu! You're not helping me," Candi continues to wine.

"Ah, look she's blushing!" Marik exclaims.

"No!" Candi cries as all three males laugh this time.

"Hey shut your yaps you assholes," there was a slight pause and then new female voice continued. "Three guys teaming up on one girl, you're all pathetic."

"Shouldn't I and Atemu count as one, I mean no one can tell us apart half the time anyway." Yami says. Tea had made her way to the corner of the wall and was now peeking around it. Her one blue eye blinked at the scene in front of her.

There were two men both had gravity defying hair that was a golden blond they both wore leather pants with chains decorating their hips along with their belts. Matching leather jackets and maroon red shirts could be seen under them. Both had one ear pierced, the earrings dangled down in the shape of a pyramid. Their biker's boots went up to the bottom of their knees. Yami –well she assumed it was Yami Tea won't admit it but she had trouble telling them apart sometimes- was leaning on some railing for a ramp leading to the building beside the club. Atemu was standing in front of him hands placed on his hips. Their crimson eyes were staring at the two girls in front of them.

The other male had dark purple eyes and shaggy black hair, it was usually spiked like crazy but it seemed like he was going with the, 'I don't give a shit today,' look. He was laying down on the ramp behind Yami. All the males had tanned skin, Tea knew that it came from their Egyptian blood. Marlk was pure blood while Yami and Atemu were a mix of Egyptian and American air go their blond hair.

There two girls; the taller girl had her arm drapped over the shorter girl. The tall one had short pale blonde hair cut in a bob and crystal blue eyes. The right sides of her bangs were dyed a red color. She wore some old faded jeans, a green mid-drift shirt and a black beret hat. Tea knew her as Star if that was even her real name. Candi was the girl she was being protective of, Candi looked like a grownup version of Rini from sailormoon but she had green eyes. Her pink hair was tied up in pig-tails and she wore a red sailor skirt with a simple white shirt and black jacket on top.

(A/N: If you have ever read my Cursed story I explained that I was tired of thinking about incest because the dark and lights looked so much alike when they were together and I didn't want them to look like siblings so I changed the yami's looks abit. )

Star glared at the twins. Yami raised his hands in a mock surrender. "Chill I was joking."

"Sennen you take way to much pleasure in torturing others you know that," Star hisses at him.

"What! I do no such thing!" He defends himself as his brother and Marlk snicker at the comment. "You're not helping," he says as he glares at them.

"I have to agree with the brat, that's more along mine and Marlk line of work," a voice says with a slight Irish accent. A figure walks out from the shadows to reveal another man with long red hair and dark purple eyes.

"Brat! Who you calling a brat, you common thief!?" Yami says turning to Bakura his fist clenched. Sparks fly as Yami and Bakura stare each other down. Everybody but Candi give the two a bored looks, like this shit happened everyday. These two could just never seem to get along. Bakura was sporting an all-black leather outfit except for the red coat that ended at his knees. (Think Vash the Stampede style coat.)

"I don't have time for you today twerp," Bakura attempts to brush him off but as usual it only makes Yami more angry as comment after comment gets thrown at one another. Star stares in a bored manner at the two.

"Atemu I think that it's time you put your animal and Marlk's animal in separate cages," Star says plainly. Atemu and Marlk howl with laughter as the two 'animals' kept arguing because they were too engrossed in their feud to notice the obvious insult.

Tea puffed out her cheeks in frustration at the obvious insult. How dare she speak of her Yami that way! He and his twin brother Atemu were gorgeous. Tea flew off into her own world –again- for a moment before she shook her head remembering what she had come here to do. So she started walking towards them making sure to step heavily in her knee high white boots so you could clearly hear her heels click on the ground. She rounded her hips as she walked trying to act sexy with her pink mini skirt. The way she walked made her boobs bob up and down a little. Her yellow tube top, that didn't even cover her stomach let alone her boobs very well, looked it was about to lose its struggle with containing her dignity.

Hell, she was desperate at this point to get the Sennens attention. She idolized them for being perfect beings, at least in her multiple fantasies about them they were. She deserved them, in her mind. The groups attention was turned towards her now. She beamed with success.

Atemu had the certain urge to run for his life as Tea walked towards them. Yami and Bakura had actually stopped arguing, if Yami wasn't such a manly man –his words not Atemu's- he would have jumped up into Bakura's arms Atemu was sure of it. She had a huge smile that border lined crazy on her face which made the men want to run even more. Tea was known for being overly emotional, well-er… dramatic.

"Hey guys," she says way too cheerfully. Everyone braced for their chance to run. "I've been looking for you guys everywhere."

"What do you want woman," Bakura hisses. Tea gives him a quick glare then plasters a smile back on her face choosing to ignore him, Bakura didn't like that obviously.

"I just got something really great in the mail and I wanted to share it with my closest friends," she stated holding up the letter she had just recently pulled out of her purse. Everyone shared a looked then turned back to Tea. "You guys know that I'm originally from Japan-" she was cut off.

"You're going back, that's terrible. You can just send us a post card." Marik chimes in.

Tea glares at him. "No, well… yes I'm going back but only for alittle while. You see my high school reunion is coming up." Everyones eyes widened at the announcement, but it had nothing on what she said next. "and… I wanted to invite you all to come back to Japan with me for a small vacation." Everyone's months almost hit the floor. Inside Tea smirked evilly. "Yeah that's right just think about how amazing I am to give you this opportunity. Come one Yami-kun I know that you've always wanted to go and Atemu loves to travel so this is perfect," she thinks to herself.

(A/N: If you think of her talking in her thoughts like Sakura does it's pretty funny.)

Bakura scoffs, "No way in hell bitch am I going anywhere with you." He pointed to her. He gives one last glare to Yami saying that he had better places to be before he stalked off apparently having enough of this –mostly Yami- for one day. The group could hear the engine of his bike roar in the distance then fade as he rode away.

Tea laughed nervously on the outside, inside however… "That's right ass drive off the offer wasn't for you anyway." Tea turned her attention to Yami and Atemu. "Well I've already bought a few plane tickets and it doesn't happen for another week so you can think about it tonight and let me know tomorrow ok." She put on a huge smile again. They just stared at her after a few minutes of silence her smile was starting to falter. "Say something damnit," she hissed in her head.

"That actually sounds like a lot of fun Tea," Candi's voice breaks the silence as everyone turns there attention to her. Star stood behind her now looking at her like she had grown a second head. Candi looks at the others, as if asking them to say something. Yami sighed and returned to his brother's side.

"Well… Japan is one of the places that I've always wanted to go," he muses to himself. He tries to say it low enough so only his brother could here but Tea heard it too.

"If it helps I have tons of friends and we could give you an exclusive tour of my hometown Domino," Tea says in an overly happy voice again. Yami's eyes light up.

"Hey isn't that where the main office of Kaiba corp. is located," he asks his brother more than Tea.

"Yes and I actually went to school with 'the' Seto Kaiba," Tea announces hoping to boost her chances.

"No way," the twins said in unison. They look at each other then to Tea.

"You mean to tell-" Yami starts.

"-us that you know Seto Kaida," Atemu finishes.

"Yup," Tea nods. "Perfect," she thinks.

The twins give each other another look. They then start to walk towards her in unison. They put some seductive smirks on their faces. Candi sighs as Star smacks her forehead with the palm of her hand. Marik just turns around then laying on his other side facing the wall now. He prop himself on his elbow having his head his hand. Tea gulps as she sees something that has only happened in her dreams coming to reality.

"So…" Yami starts as him and his brother part going to either side of her.

"You know Kaiba eh…" Atemu asks. Tea nods her head all the blood going to her face. They stop behind her and give a quick smirks to each other. "So…" this time Atemu starts. As they start each of them put one hand on either of her shoulders. A shiver goes down her spine and she loves it.

"If we go with you-," Yami breathes on her neck.

"Then we'll get to meet-," Atemu breathes on the other side of her neck.

"Seto Kaiba?" They finish together. Tea almost collapsed from the heat on her neck.

"Y-yea s-s-sure," she stutters. The two men lean away from her. The twins look at each other, they didn't believe her. She was a no one here, how could she know Seto Kaiba? Then never mention it! The twins make their way to stand in front of her this time. They can already see that Tea is lost in her own world, creepy… They were abit disgusted but knew that being near her was necessary to getting what they wanted.

"So…" Yami starts.

"How do you-," Atemu continues.

"-know Kaiba-" Yami takes his turn.

"-exactly." They finish together.

Tea still caught up in her day dream -they didn't want to know- the words just spill out, "I was childhood friends with Yugi Mouto, king of games." She says dreamily. The twins mouths dropped open again, first Seto Kaiba and NOW it was Yugi Mouto. What had they missed?

"You know Yugi Mouto!" they said exasperated. The name seemed to bring Tea back to reality.

"W-what," she stuttered.

"You know Yugi Mouto," they said again but calmer this time.

"What! W-when did I say that," Tea said nervously.

"You just said that you were childhood friends with him," Candi cut in. The twins looked at her alittle annoyed that she had cut in on their fun.

"I-I did," Tea thought for a moment. "Yeah I did," she says sounding more excited. "This is perfect I forgot that runt was famous," she thinks to herself.

"Please she's obviously lying," Star now talks for the first time since Tea had appeared.

"I am not, we even dated a one point because he thought that I was cute," she says putting one hand on her hip giving Star a smug look. Everyone looked at her shocked. "Great now I have to follow through," she thinks in her head with an annoyed voice. She then pulls her cellphone from her purse and smirks. "I even have his number I can call him," she says getting really arrogant. "Right now even," she says giving Star an 'I dare you' look.

Star crossed her arms over her chest giving Tea a scowl. "Do it," she simply says. The twins and Candi had moved back out of the women's line of fire-sight. Tea looked at her cellphone in thought for a moment. But then gave it a stern stare.

"Fine," Tea huffs and then presses a button to look up Yugi's number. She pushed the button to call him and pressed the phone against her ear. It started to ring, and it kept ringing until…


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