Rose: I would like to formally apologize for the fact that is not a chapter.


However this is very important to all of us- those who both read and write fanfiction and/or draw fanart. SOPA is back and trying to destory many of your possible favorite sites; like this one (fanficton), abultfanfiction, deviant art, and etc . This is copy and pasted from wordsorcesses updated stoty:

"The United States Government is trying to put policies in place that will effectively shut down FanFiction, deviantArt, and any other website associated with fan-made art work and literature. There is a petition up that will stop this, but there is only 11,501 signatures out of 100,000, and the deadline is April 13. The only reason for that is that these policies aren't getting as much publicity as the infamous SOPA policy, and we need to change that.

What I'm asking is for all of you to spread the word as far and wide as you can. The best way I have found to do this is an emergency update on popular stories, but even just putting it on your profile will help. Facebook, Twitter, PM-ing all of your friends, a journal entry on deviantArt, anything you can think of to make this general knowledge.

I'm appealing to my readers and watchers, and hope to make a small dent, but we can only do so much with so few of us.

Here is the link to the petition:

petitions. whitehouse. gov/ petition/ stop- sopa- policies- trans- pacific- partnership- notice- and- staydown- efforts- and- other- policies/ dXMRvNh8

If the link doesn't work, just copy and paste the one Wordsorcesses profile.

I know some of you don't live in America and probably can't sign this, but I'm willing to bet that you have quite a few readers that do and can, so please spread the word.

We can't do this on our own, so please spread the word and sign the petition. Getting an account on the site is free.

Please sign, or we lose FanFiction for good."

Rose: I don't know about you guys but my roommates would probably be dead if I didn't have fanfiction to relax after my 12-15 hour work shifts- why do I still need roommates when I work two jobs; I blame the government coupled with the fact that good percent of the actual work force are a pack of lazy assed mother******* that want all the damn money in the world but don't wanna work for it which is explains our high taxes and ObamaCare -not all but some I just know since i get health insurance from my job what they take outta my paycheck has been tripled; not doubled but tripled what they pull out a week- But that argument is saved for me and my roommate. So yes, I'll admit it that i'm alittle bitter about that one since i go to the doctor like once a year and even when I do go I still get a bill for like 200$- yeah there insurance sucks that's why I STILL don't go to the doctor. Some people NEED it i get that but there's always that one person you wanna slap.

Anyway, I think that i've lost you guys (or atleast myself...)- as long as no one is making a profit off of someone elses work we can't be charged with a crime- or fee. If you have any doubts about signing this petition think about it this way: first it's sites likes this, then next it'll be youtube, facebook, twitter, and etc. All of these sites express our freedom of speech- yes even this one- and the freedom of press -in some way, it's 2am where I'm at and i just worked a 10 hour shift and have a 10 Hour shift tomorrow but I need uniforms so I'm waiting for the wash to finish, so I'm gonna let one of you guys give more depth to that argument. It's alittle drastic I know but government is like a really crappy guy/girl give them an inch an they take mile, so it's still your choice right now if you don't speak you can never complain about not having a choice because you've opted to have someone else chose for you, yeah.

This is war and I don't like to lose; how about you?

Eh...Ok I think have my peace with a few of my own issues on this one -crosses fingers- hopeing roommates never read this...

Thank you for reading! Please sign! I'll take these chapters after the 13th.


I guess I could write something about my stories the next one to update is: The Legand of the Black Water Pirates...since aparently I'm holding it for ransom; for anyone else who sees it that way I apologize for making you think that I merely put a goal on there for exactly that; a goal. If you look at my footers and headers I don't always reach my goals and still update it's not a hard number my dears I just like reviews because it makes me feel like you're invested in the stories because I don't get the chance to write very often with both of my jobs and school (part-time but hey I'm still trying). So please don't reveiw like I'm forcing you to, it makes me feel really shitty and in no mood to write cause I like to be happy when I write; if i'm angry I read stories not write them. If you're reading everthing this far, I thank you.