This chapter is the first story arc, concerning Clan Skirata during the discovery of Order 66. The chapters will be named in parts after the Mandalorian Marriage Contract. I know that Etain was briefly mentioned in the story, but here she and her extended family take center stage.

The next story arc planned will also be a flashback arc.

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The chapter will take place 8 months before Operation Good Neighbor.

Episode 2: Mhi Solus Tome.

{Coruscant, 8 months ago, The Past}

Etain Tur-Mukan was in the Library of the Temple, looking for some star maps for use in some Separatist locations that have the Republic in a deadlock. The Maps would be used to help find paths that safely traverse over the outer rim planets, which are being blockaded by Separatist patrols. She had only arrived from a campaign at Haurgab, where the local warlords supplied the Separatist forces with locations of local GAR convoys. She and Omega Squad and Delta Squad were tasked with stopping these raids.

She realized the tactical uselessness of the planet and advised a withdrawal, claiming that not only is the planet useless in the long run, and the resources to take it would be put to waste, she also pointed out that it would be much of a problem to the enemy as it is to the Republic. Eventually after a few skirmishes and a major offensive, the Republic pulled back. She had just came back to find some maps to find anything to find another path around the droid army patrols in order to sabotage the droid war machine. That and she had another reason for coming back: She was going to tell Darman about Venku.

She had been secretly in a relationship with the Clone Commando for about more than a year, and then gave birth to Venku, but was unable to tell him. Although she intends to remedy that and more; she also plans to tell Darman that she will leave the Jedi.

It was a hard decision, but her love for her son and husband was more than her dedication to the Jedi Order, so it was decided that after doing this, she would tell Darman her plans, and hope to the Force that the future will turn out for the better.

That would have come to pass, but that would take a detour as of this moment.

Obi-Wan stepped in the library, with Ahsoka Tano in tow. Etain noticed that they seemed rather in a rush, and she also saw that Obi-Wan had been holding a data crystal in his hand and wondered if it was another report. Normally, she would not care if it was just another data crystal, but the look on Kenobi's face seemed to be one of worry. Curious, she decided to head towards the duo as they came to a nearby holo terminal. Already there was, and working on it, Jocasta Nu, the head librarian of the Jedi Archives.

"Master Kenobi, it is good to see you." The elderly woman gave a welcoming smile.

"Yes, and you too, I must ask some assistance with opening this data crystal, please." He asked. Jocasta nodded and loaded the crystal in and began typing some commands to open the crystal's information matrix. Etain finally gave in and decided to join in on the conversation.

"Master Kenobi, something troubles you?" she asked. Obi Wan simply had a concerned look.

"You could say that." Obi-Wan replied.

"Is there something the matter? Where did you get that crystal?"Etain inquisitively asked.

Obi-Wan sighed "To be honest, I got it from a "tourist" just outside of the Temple. She was asking for directions and slipped this inside my robe. I am just going to assume that this must be very important that she gave this to me without telling it to me straight."

Etain smirked a bit "You must be getting old if a girl half your age was able to slip a crystal inside your robes." Etain then turned serious "Whatever the case, I fear that the person, or persons, involved with it are not your usual collaborators of the Republic." She had, from experience, gained allies of convenience in the past. True, they were no lovers of the Republic, but even they believe the Seperatists are worse, and that was good enough for her to win skirmishes. Obi-Wan nodded in agreement.

"Indeed. Whoever did this maybe doing this for their own benefit; they would not give something to us without expecting much in return."

"Whoever "they" are, I'm sure that we will find out their identities once we discern the contents of that crystal. I'm sure that Jocasta Nu will find that out, won't you?" Etain asked that last part to the librarian in charge, but when she and Obi-Wan turned to her, she looked as though she'd seen a ghost. Obi-Wan, who, up until this point, was mildly curious, was now worried.

"Master Nu, what is wrong?" Jocasta blinked at Obi-Wan a few times before regaining her posture, and took a deep breath before speaking.

"I think it would be best if I showed you, Master Kenobi. What is on this crystal is not meant to be said, rather than to be shown." Her face was now impassive, but the emotions that raged behind her face were one of confusion and apprehension. Obi-Wan felt it, and he too had some sense of apprehension in approaching the terminal. Whatever scared the old master was not meant to be taken lightly. Obi-Wan booted up the terminal which Master Nu turned off.

Etain and Ahsoka exchanged glances of worry before heading over to Obi-Wan's terminal. Jocasta Nu seemed to head over and take a seat, her mask of impassiveness seemingly cracking under the information she uncovered.

The information must be dire if Jocasta Nu herself is reeling from it Etain thought.

Obi-Wan headed over and began to type some commands. What he found was the full manifest of orders that were implanted into the clones during their training. He knew most of these orders but one was marked in red.


Obi-Wan Kenobi was a man who was of calm demeanor and stoic professionalism. Yet when he opened the file, it was like opening a maw to a dark abyss.

The order dictates that, when given, would brand all Jedi as traitors of the Republic and have them be executed sight on seen by the very same army that the Jedi had lead into battle on many occasions. The most troubling part of this order was that it was to be given by the Chancellor himself.

It was basically an order of execution. Obi-Wan could hardly comprehend the horror if such an order was to be given. His two colleagues had similar ideas.

Ahsoka was shocked. She was close friends with Rex and Cody. The fact that they would be her soon to be killers had unnerved her to the core. But the hardest hit was Etain.

She was closer to the clones than any Jedi in the Temple; even Obi-Wan knew how she took each clone death personally. But even he did not know HOW close she is to the Clones. She is in even love with the Clone Commando, Darman, who has also the father of a son he himself does not know. The only people who knew were her and Darman's mentor Kal Skirata. To think that he man she loved…

No, inconceivable. She refused to accept that the man she loved had a code in his head that would program him to gun her down no better than a droid. There was only one way to figure it out.

It was to tell him everything. Even if the truth is more painful than getting shot.

She turned away with her hand on her mouth, controlling her urge to let the tears flow freely in her eyes. She muttered her permission to leave and walked briskly away, without acknowledging the Jedi around her, but judging from the looks of utter despair on the faces of Obi-Wan and Ahsoka, they didn't care for her much. She walked out, her original purpose for being there seemingly forgotten. Her mind numbingly registering the environment as a mere blur, with the sound of every being in the Temple reduced to nothing.

She was still engulfed with her inner turmoil as she headed to the apartment that she and Darman shared.

Obi-Wan numbly took the crystal, before composing himself and start to run towards the council chambers, alerting all members to come immediately to the Council. He still did not yet know who gave him this crystal, but alerting the Council was a much more pressing issue at the moment.

{GAR Headquarters, Briefing room A-5, 6 hours later}

Darman had just finished writing a report to Commander Cody when his personal communicator, beeped a message. This particular communicator was only designed to contact one person.


Quickly excusing himself, he left the room where he gave the report and found a nice, quiet spot in the Barracks, hoping that no one would eavesdrop. He activated the small device and saw some text on it.

"Meet me in out apartment. Please come as soon as you get this. GarCyar'ika, Etain."

Darman was happy. Not an emotion you'd normally describe the elite of the GAR, but Darman's newfound love for his Jedi companion was one that gave him happiness, relief and a sense of serenity he has not felt in a long time.

So why was it that now he had a sense that something bad was coming?

Thinking it was just his frazzled nerves, he headed out to the residential district of Coruscant. He was about to head to the docks where he has a personal transport when he bumped into his old mentor, Kal Skirata.

"You seem to be a bit in a hurry, adiik. Off to see your jetii cyar'ika?" The old man joked. Darman snorted.

"Please, spare me, ruug'la jag, I'd been off for a while now, so the least could do is be with her for the night."

"Coincidentally, I happen to be going there myself. Hope you don't mind if I tag along?"

Darman sighed "You're not driving this time. I nearly got Kyr'amur with that sort of reckless driving." Kal smirked a bit.

"Don't worry, you get the controls for now, I want to relax anyway, and see Etain."

"I'm just hoping that things will slow down for now for me and Etain to relax." Darman hoped, but sadly in a galaxy in conflict, the hope for less bad news, seems to have all but disappeared.

{Darman and Etain's Apartment; 2 hours later}

Darman and Kal stepped out of the elevator that led to the room where he and Etain "shared" during their down time. When they entered they found Etain walking around, lost in thought as she simply hugged herself and looked at a window overlooking the Coruscant skyline.

She was wearing a rather beautiful gown that showed off her curves nicely. Darman looked as though his armor was choking him up. Kal suppressed the urge to laugh at Darman's look on his face, but all joviality ended when both men looked at Etain, who looked as though she'd been found a dead relative.

Darman took notice "Cyar'ika, what's wrong? I received the message, so I came here as fast as I can."

Etain took a deep breath before asking in an uncharacteristically small voice "What is Order 66?"

And then the illusion of peace shattered.

Darman's heart skipped a beat. How did she know?

Ever since the early days of his training, Darman and his brothers learned that there are specific orders implanted in his mind long before they got out of the tubes they were born in. One of those orders was more specific than others. Even though they were not taught the Orders directly, they still knew it.

Unlike the normal clone, Clone Commandoes and Null Clones are trained more extensively and given higher intelligence as a result. These troopers were trained extensively by highly skilled Mandalorian bounty hunters, Kal included. Not even they knew of Order 66. Of course, the setback is that when it comes to obedience, the clones have been known to question orders. The Kaminoans were not concerned, however. They knew nothing else, so they were confident their loyalty will still be with the Republic.

Unfortunately, falling in love was not part of the plan.

Now Darman was in a situation where loyalty has now come into question.

While Darman was still formulating a response, Kal's response was more immediate.

"What are you talking about?"

Etain turned to face Kal and recounted the events earlier today. By the end of that conversation, Kal had a look that crossed between confused and absolute horror.

"This is absurd; the Kaminoans would never, ever do something of this magnitude. They'd never stand for it." Kal said with authority.

"I've checked with the Council, they informed me and possibly the other Jedi about this as well. We are all in shock, Kal. We were told to keep this quiet until we they got more information but-"She looked down and Kal saw she had some tears glinting on her cheeks. Kal realized that she had taken it hard.

"I wanted to know, if the man I loved will be the same man who ends me life." She looked up, tears in her eyes.

Darman looked at her and realized that his pain reflected hers. Mustering whatever strength he had, he replied:

"Yes, I knew." Etain took a sharp breath, while Kal simply looked on in disbelief.

"Why was I not informed?" Kal asked in shock.

"This order was implanted long before we were even born. We learned of the orders when most of us came in the training phase, when we were still learning the basics in our holopads and our teachers. You met us long after those days, but we still remember than clear as day."

"So you didn't think it relevant to inform me and Etain about it?"Kal's voice raised in tone.

Darman knew that Kal was starting to get angry and defended himself. "I never thought that they would be ever implemented. The Jedi would never turn their backs on the Republic!"

"Have you ever thought of the fact that some utreekov from Coruscanta might be giving the order itself, and can even do so even if the Jedi didn't go AWOL?! Come on, ad, I taught you better than that!"

Darman found this bit hypocritical.

"How should you know better then, when you yourself taught us that we should be loyal and obedient to the Republic itself?"

"And to family, Darman. I taught you to be, above all else, loyalty to your family, Dar!"

"Damnit, Kal! I know that I lied, and for that I'm sorry, but don't you think I'm in the same predicament as you are!? I'm no dumb brute, Kal. You taught me better than that, and I believe you should give me benefit of the doubt. I know where I stand." Darman ranted.

Kal was still a bit furious at his behavior and knowledge, but he had a point. He knew that Darman loved Etain more than his loyalty to the Republic. He loves her too much to even do so.

Besides, venting his frustrations on Darman will not change the fact, so he might as well douse the fires before they spread.

"Look Dar, I'm sorry I sprung at you like I did, but this is serious. I know you would never do anything to harm your family." Kal placed his hand on Darman's shoulder reassuringly. "Besides, I am not the one to give apologies." He turned Darman around so that he could face Etain.

Darman was glad that he and Kal got this resolved, but now? He had to deal with Etain.

Carefully walking towards her, Darman made his way to Etain, who slightly inched herself away from Darman. Sensing her hesitance, Darman was figuring a way to gain her trust when he spotted her lightsaber on a table near the bathroom. Darman made up his made and grabbed the lightsaber and then walked towards her. Etain was then backed to a corner, her eyes betraying the fearlessness on her face. He then headed toward her and handed her lightsaber, with the thumb on the ignition, and the end of weapon pointed near his heart.

Etain's fear of him betraying her evaporated when she saw what he was doing.

"What are you doing?" Etain asked her voice hoarse from the sobbing.

"You think I'd betray you? You?! Haar'chak, Et'ika! Ever since my time living in Kamino, I thought of nothing more than to be sent to battle. What I found there was death and misery, and I had never felt any happiness until I met you. I will never bring and harm to you, but if you truly think I am the mindless clone trooper that will gun you down, then, Re'turcye mhi, Etain. Ni kar'taylir darasuum gar."

Kal saw this was a foolhardy move. He trusted Darman to resolve this, but even for him this seemed rather idiotic. Kal was about to end this bout of stupid until Etain snatched the lightsaber and tackled Darman to the ground, her eyes now awash with new tears, all the while punching her lover's chest.

"Di'kutla utreekov! What made you think that I wanted you to kill yourself!?" She sobbed, her emotions seemed to balance at grief and anger. Darman may have gone a bit too far with that stunt. He looked over to Kal and saw stern anger and concern in his eyes. Darman knew what they meant.

We'll talk about that later. Kal seemed to convey that message to Darman without saying it. Aside from Darman, Kal was very close to Etain, to a point that he regarded her as a daughter he never had.

"I was scared. Scared that you, after all we've been through, is the same person who would gun me and your child down like hapless battle droids. I was scared, but I'm even more so when you tried to kill yourself just so that I would be safe?! I love you, but if you ever do that again, I will beat you within so badly that not even Kal can recognize you!" Etain threatened. Darman was kind of shocked; after all, she is a Jedi. But then, considering the events today, she probably wouldn't be in her right state of mind.

Darman got up and helped Etain up on her feet.

"Well Et'ika, I hope that-"He stopped when he finally registered one part of Etain's speech that gave his mind a whirlwind spiral going down.


"A S-Son?!" Darman Spluterred. Etain nodded with a rather bright smile on her face, with Kal simply giving a grin. Darman then hugged his wife. Truly this night of an emotional roller coster was a draining on a man such as Darman, but unfortunately, it was far from done.

"Well if this drama is over, I think we should move on to more pressing concerns."

Etain and Darman were calmer now, and held hands as they began to take a seat in one of the couches in the living room, with Kal seated opposite the couple.

"Well, the first thing we should do is inform your brothers about it." Darman found some fault with that but Kal continued, his eyes locked on Darman's.

"I understand your concern, adiik, but we need to have your brothers' supporting you if this really is going to happen soon. I don't know how far high this goes, but we need more people on our side if this Sith-shit hits the fan." Darman was wary, but after years of combat alongside his brothers, he decided to give them the benefit of the doubt.

"Alright, but make sure all of them are in the same place. I want to make sure that I want ALL of them to be there." Darman said. Kal understood, Darman's bond with Etain was strong, but his bonds with his brothers go way back. If he was to trust them all, he would have to gather them all in one spot so that he can ascertain who was more loyal to the Clan. The Skirata Clan maybe full of Clones, but their training with Kal made them more independent from other clone companies.

Etain agreed. And before long, all three of them headed over to a room with Venku Skirata, child of Darman and Etain Tur-Mukan.

Darman had actual tears in his eyes. He was overwhelmed with happiness just holding his sleeping son in his arms. Looking at Etain, the family held each other close, while Kal was in the back, watching his family with content.

He then sighed and moved out of the room, to leave the family in their peace. He came across the balcony and looked over the horizon, to the Senate building. His face hardened when he did.

Someone was pulling strings over the galaxy, with his sons being part of the puppet show. He knew that whoever made that order wanted the Jedi to be weak enough to be wiped out without any resistance. These Clone Wars are nothing more than someone trying to tie a noose around the neck of the Jedi, with the hardships and sacrifices the Order has faced, they may be digging their own grave, and could take Etain with them.

Kal Skirata was going to protect his family at all costs. And he knew just the people to help him. Etain may not have known who sent that data, but he knew of a faction that did possess the means to do so. If he was to save Clan Skirata, he may need to barter with the most unpredictable race of Humans in the galaxy, the one unknown factor in this entire War.

The Terrans.

Well, now, this is a shocker. The next chapter will deal with Kal and Darman confronting the rest of Clan Skirata and Lt. Joseph Roberts is about to make a deal with Kal, while contacting a general to bring in reinforcements.

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Now for going back to the present…

The Wounds that Heal

{Glinn's Field, Psych Counsel Room A, 2 hours after arrival, Present day.}

Dr. Glenda Schofield was a modest individual, with a rather pretty pink bowtie and a small keychain teddy bear on her uniform. She was had blue eyes with raven black hair and was wearing pink glasses as well. She also wore a pink shirt underneath a white lab coat. She was also a scientist in the field of xenobiology. So coupled with her psychiatry degree and her masters in science, she was the perfect candidate for treating the Jedi who suffered severe mental trauma. There were others, sure, but none had her expertise.

She was very excited, as this was her first time to treat aliens, Aliens, who have had severe mental trauma. She has treated patients before, but all of them were humans, and she understood human behavior, but treating humans and aliens at the same time was a first for her, and she loved challenges.

But deep down, she was a bit nervous. Who's to say that aliens think similar to humans?

A knock on the door signified the arrival of her first patient. Composing herself, she allowed the person to come in.

It was a Torgrutan, with blue and white striped head tails, or lekku, and some of the same color patterns surrounding her eyes. She looked as though she is in her 30s and was wearing a rather modest set of robes. The one thing that stood out of her appearance is her lightsaber.

Glenda wasted no time in introducing herself. "Dr. Glenda Schofield, at your service, Master-?"

"Master Shaak Ti, and it is an honor to be here, Doctor Schofield." Shaak Ti bowed her head slightly. Glenda blushed a bit at the "honor" part.

"Please, call me Glenda. I must say, this feels rather new to me, treating someone of your caliber for traumatic stress." Glenda admitted.

"Yes, even this is new. I must confess; I did not like this idea until Admiral Morrison came to me in person and talked to me about this. The recent events have taken a toll on me. So I accepted."

Glenda decided to cut straight to it.

Glenda nodded with her face neutral. "I have to say, I have read on your reports. You have done well in the Clone Wars without any significant trauma. But you've started to show some cracks, I believe?" Shaak Ti nodded.

"The loss of the Temple, and by extension, the Republic, to the enemy had cut me deep. I did what I could, but the haunting screams of younglings being shot-"Shaak Ti stopped as though reliving it could send her to a more moody state. Despite witnessing horrors in the War, the screams of such horror echoing within the Temple, her own home was painful to all who witnessed it.

Glenda had to push on however. "Master Ti, I know this is difficult and I can barely understand what tragedies have pushed you on edge, but try and continue recounting such events, because I know for a fact that burying them will only haunt you later, and it may prove debilitating, especially of someone of your status."

Shaak Ti recovered and began to recount the tale, in full. The discovery of Order 66, her wariness and tension she felt when commanding clones in light of the discovery, the attack on the temple and the loss of their only home. But the one thing that stuck her hardest was this simple fact: The galaxy has lost hope in the Jedi.

Since the Clone Wars, the Jedi have led numerous campaigns against the Seperatists, and in the majority of such battles, many innocent lives were caught in the crossfire. Some blamed the Seperatists, but most others blamed the Jedi, for they were supposed to keep them safe, to be peacekeepers, and to be champions of righteousness and justice. All of those titles went with the wind with the Clone Wars.

Glenda patiently listened to her recount the tale, and when she was done, Glenda had a sympathetic gaze on Shaak Ti.

"Listen, Master Ti. War is the ultimate life-changer; we Terrans are no strangers to that. We have learned to kill each other in ways that you could not have thought is possible, yet at the same time, we can also find strength and endurance and kindness in ways most people do not expect. We know that even if your home burns, do you think you should live your life in regret for a "what if?" No, home is not where you put your head on the ground for the night, it is the people who lived in it, and I believe most of you made it out. So moping helps no one. If you want to feel better, then learn to let go." Glenda advised.

Shaak Ti's mood was still somber, but a small smile on her face indicated progress. "I can see now why Morrison recommended us to you, Dr Scho- I mean Glenda. You are very good at helping people like us come to terms with loss."

Glenda smiled back "Thanks, but this is not an overnight thing to cure. This will take months, or even years for you to get over this, but I will be there every step of the way." She took Shaak Ti's hand and squeezed it reassuringly. Shaak Ti squeezed it back.

"Thank you." She said. And Glenda began to help out Master Shaak Ti for the rest of the day. She would see her next patient tomorrow anyway.

Glenda smiled inwardly. This may not be as difficult as I thought. Who would have guessed that even from other species, they harbor the same doubts and insecurities as any other human? This may prove very enlightening indeed.

What do you think? That's right, there will be some small snippets as to how the Jedi cope with the new surroundings in the UNSC, from religion to culture, we go deep with the Jedi as the begin a new life in the UNSC. So, while we delve in the past of how certain characters who had close encounters with the UNSC, we sometimes come back to find out just how complex the Terrans are in the eyes of certain Jedi, as they learn to adapt to a brand new life within the TUG.

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