Moonlight is what reveals the most of the world. Darkness, sorrow, truth. Tears.

A continuous stream, drying, but so meaningful. The young lady lay at his feet. Broke. Bleeding. Waiting for death.

Then there was hope in her eyes. But why? Then he realised, she thought he would be her angel to a merciful death. Edward needed this. A mate to look after like him and Esme. Esmeā€¦ were they destined for companionship or love?

But nevertheless, she would be the one for his son.

Dulled emeralds stared at the sobbing young girl. He was on his way to save her until he appeared. Haunting him forever.

He was wrong. They didn't hit off and could only be siblings at best.

Then Rosalie brought home a mutilated body begging him to change the man. Curse him to an eternity of hiding. He was ready to reject her, until there babbled mix of "mate, mine, please, mine" tore into his frozen heart.

He would do this for his daughter.

Esme looked on worried, while a trail of green flashed in the forest near his home, noticed by no vampires, but one wolf.

Alice looked up excitedly. She'd finally found the family that she'd been seeing for so long. The love in the father's eyes. Definitely.

She dragged Jasper and turned to say thanks to the one who'd helped them. The purest green eyes stared back with a tired shake of rejection. It would not happen now, not until he broke from the chains that bound him to his master.

The child tugged on his hand and lead him away, forcing him from his only hope of family.