"Xanxus?" Harry quipped in a worried tone.

His older brother had been really quiet and not as moody lately. In fact he seemed exited.

"Harry, I want you to meet someone, no, some people." Xanxus was ready. He needed the only one he considered family, not Famiglia to meet them. The only people who saw this his way.

He then took his brother to a warehouse on the outer skirts of the city.

Harry felt a bit scared. Anything that made Xanxus happy usually caused mass destruction. The guns he gifted him cause the utter obliteration of 3 training rooms. Well, 3 training rooms, each taking up a floor. And he couldn't even fix them! It seemed magic infused weapons were, uh, a tiny bit unstable. Like they kinda doubled the power… He didn't mean to do it! He didn't even know!

But, he still got scolded by Nono.

And had dessert banned for 3 months. So unfair.

Anyway, Xanxus opened the door and inside stood 5 very, unique, people.

A silver haired man was yelling at Xanxus for being late, while a weird spiky looking guy was looking at his brother creepily, chanting 'boss is the greatest'. A blonde kid was in the corner cackling. Like a maniac. Another guy with a rainbow Mohawk was walking towards him with a dangerous glint. He could see that same look Oregano had when she tried to cross-dress him. Trauma for life.

Then Harry spotted a familiar figure in the corner. A floating ball of dark cloth counting cash.


And proceeded to pounce. While he was counting money.

Viper lost count.

Then all hell broke loose.