Squalo could do nothing but cry internally. One person. One person caused all this mess. And it was Xanxus' brother to the boot. Fuck him with a baseball bat. And he was the one who had to deal with the mess because his shitty Boss wasn't bothered.

Viper's rage was devastating. There was this carnage that looked suspiciously like figures of Harry. Ripped apart. Covered in blood. All because he lost count. The Varia would gladly by Viper a not counter, but no. It had to be manual. Now look what happened. Baby hands ain't made for big boy cash.

The blast zone was scorched by rage. It would've insanely scary if not for the cloak-clad baby being glomped by a kid. Admittedly, the baby had a dark aura, but the child rubbing his cheek against the baby's just made it cute. And a certain flamboyant creep made it pretty clear how cute he thought it was.

Squalo once again felt the urge to rip his hair out. Why did he choose to follow Xanxus? Such a bad idea. Oh no. The twitch is coming back. The same twitch that indicated the start of a really bad migraine. Oh great.

He couldn't do anything but let the situation die down.

The Great Sword Emperor couldn't do anything but leave the room, muttering "FMLFMLFMLFMLFMLFMLFML."

And a "SHISHISHISHISHISHISHISHI" stalked him down the hallway.

He really hated his life sometimes.