Pops announced their arrival at their destination. Harry attempted to move his head in an effort to figure out where the Death Munchers, as he thought of them, had brought him but had to stop as even that movement hurt his pounding head. Giving that up, he settled for shifting his eyes from side to side in order to take the situation in. He certainly didn't realize the place, but Harry reasoned 'judging by the posh furniture and the way Malfoy Sr. is moving around the room, I'd say I'm in Malfoy Manor'.

He took more of the room in. The walls were dark, painted what looked a dark silver, there was a large, menacing fireplace which took up most of the far wall. Various sized armchairs were scattered about the room. Harry's thoughts were interrupted as a voice spoke from out of nowhere it seemed. "Lucius". Lucius Malfoy turned sharply to face Avery. "What is it, filth?" Malfoy sneered. "You won't be using that tone in a minute" Avery said warningly, a hint of glee in his small eyes. "The Master asked me to wait for your return. He is in the library, awaiting your report. I also have His orders for Bellatrix: if the attack was successful as He expected it to be and as I can see it was; to transfer Potter to the cells down in the cellar. The Dark Lord prepared the last cell on the right hand side himself". Both Lucius and Bellatrix nodded a vicious grin already on Bellatrix's face. She forced Harry up off the floor, where he'd fallen, at wandpoint.

"Come ickle baby Harry. Let's go see what your new room looks like". Grasping his wounded arm with her left hand, she dragged Harry out of the room keeping her wand pointed steadily at his chest despite the awkward position it put her in. Malfoy followed Bellatrix out as far as the staircase, grinning at their good fortune, parting company with her as she began to drag Harry down the stairs, taking no notice as to the amount of times he banged his head on the low ceiling of the stairwell or the number of times he tripped over his own feet as his left shoelace had come undone.

After what seemed like ages to Harry, they arrived at the bottom of the stairs. Taking a sharp right, Bellatrix prodded Harry along to the end of the cell row. There he got his first look at what Tom intended for his use.

It was small, was Harry's first thought. Small, cramped and dark; not all that different from his old cupboard at the Dursley's. As he let his gaze wander even further Harry saw that the room was bare. There was a set of shackles located on the wall to his left about halfway up. 'Guess that means I'll be doing a lot of sitting in here'. Harry was shocked to realize just how calm and rational his thoughts were. "Home sweet home, Potter" Bellatrix cackled in happiness as she shoved him none too gently into the cell. He turned as she slammed the door shut, plunging him into even more complete darkness.