Team 7 currently is in the final battle with Zabuza's group. The battle is cannon up until Zabuza is pinned by dogs. All other battles and situations are the same as before.

"Prepare to die." Kakashi called out as he ran at the broken form of Zabuzawith his hand covered in electricity due to his chidori. Course Naruto's opponent/friend saw this and rushed up to take the hit for their master. Thankfully Kakashi saw them coming and manage to move his hand just enough so that it went through the shoulder not the heart but the force still caused Haku to yell out in pain.

"I always knew you would be a good weapon." Zabuza said with an uncaring smile then lifted his sword up intending to slice both Haku and Kakashi in half. A move which Kakashi dodges by pulling Haku just out of range. Kakashi then gently places Haku on the bridge before refocusing on the fight.

"Damn it! How dare you do that to your own teammate!" Naruto yelled at him causing him to let out a sadistic laugh.

"Kid, Haku was just a weapon to me. I don't care what happens to a weapon after it did its job and now that it is broken it is useless to me." Zabuza said then noticed birds chirping behind him. Before he said man could do anything Kakashi pierced Zabuza through a lung causing a slower death than if he aimed for the heart again. Course neither one of them noticed the Killer intent (KI from now on) leaking from Naruto or the chakra that was beginning to form around his body.

"Well it looks like we are all done here" Kakashi said to himself until he saw a giant army of mercenaries stand on the other side of the bridge. "Shit I don't have enough chakra to fight all of them. Even though I am good at taijutsu eventually I will still be brought down just by the sheer amount of them." Kakashi thought worried seeing as it looked like he was about to die with his team.

"Thank you Konoha ninja for dealing with the demon of the mist now be good and let my men kill you." Gato told Kakashi then turned to his army and continued to talk. "Men, bring me the heads of the ninja… and while you are at it get rid of the town; I got what I need from it. I don't care what you do to the civilians just get rid of them…except for the old bridge builder and his family I want him to watch as I destroy them." Gato said evilly then saw them all start to charge down to the bridge until a single arrow hit the ground in front of them.

"We won't let you take the village Gato!" One of the of the villagers yelled at him making everyone notice that on the other side of the bridge was most of the village holding makeshift weapons.

"Bah, you still will die. Now what are you waiting for kill them! But for daring to go against me take the women so that we can sell them on the market. Maybe then they will realize who they are messing with." Gato told his army who just smiled and were about to take another step when they felt a massive amount of KI go through the air causing all of them to find it hard to breath.

"Where is this coming from? It is not evil enough to be the Kyuubi but yet it seems to be coming from my team." Kakashi thought confused but then was shocked by what he saw. For standing in the middle of the bridge was Naruto releasing a massive amount of KI and chakra. Chakra that was now surrounding him in a form that looked to be almost like armor. After it formed the chakra bulged around his hands and soon four feet of green chains made purely of chakra came out from his hands. Though the thing that scared everyone the most was when Naruto looked at them and they saw dark red eyes with a distorted pupil looking like a whirlpool on a cat's eye that was pure black. These eyes practically glowed with chakra and anger causing them all to feel some cold sweat form.

"I am going to kill you bastards" Naruto said in a demonic voice then disappeared from all eyes except for Kakashi and Zabuza. He then and appeared right in front of one of them slamming the chakra chains at the man. But, instead of just hitting him they cut through his body like it was nothing leaving holes in his and the three men behind him chests. After that there was a short span of time where all you could see is blood spray up in different locations within the group as an enraged Naruto continued to fight. Finally though after a few minutes all that was left of the army of goons was body parts and puddles of blood; a sight that made most civilians look away.

Course Kakashi, Sakura, and the now awake Sasuke could only look at their blond teammate who appeared in front of the massacre zone as he looked over to them with his KI receding but the chakra and red eyes still present. He then calmly walked back to the group without noticing that Sakura was basically scared shitless seeing the bloodied Naruto coming towards him. After all to her right now he seemed to be the ultimate killing machine.

Course instead of even talking to them he went over to the downed Haku and bent down to check his pulse. "Good" was all Naruto muttered out before he fell down completely as his consciousness faded.