Hello everyone and welcome back to yet another chapter of the story. Now before I begin I just want to thank everyone for still reading this and staying with it regardless of my weird posting times and everything. To be honest fanfiction's "hype" is dying down or something. Course I am only saying this because the times I search generic terms for new stories I find a lot of stories just going nowhere…and the ones I am watching are kind of frozen as well. Course there still are some new stories coming out but many just die before they even reach 100k…its kind of sad to be honest. Course I could just be seeing things but who knows.

Chapter 81

=main area of Nadeshiko village=

After what seemed like the quickest night, he ever had he found himself waiting at the side of the platform as the monk began yet again. Course this time when they were both called up to the stand, they were uninterrupted. So, they both stood in front of the monk trying to hide their nervousness as they looked at each other.

"Now Naruto. Do you promise to love Shizuka in good times, in bad times, and in times of need?" the monk asked looking over at Naruto.

"I-I do" Naruto stated but fumbled over his words slightly.

"Shizuka; Do you promise to love Naruto in good times, in bad times, and in times of need?" the monk asked her.

"I do." Shizuka stated with a blush ever present on her face.

"Then with the power granted to me I now pronounce you man and wife…you may kiss your bride." The monk stated with a smile holding out his hands to either side. And with that said Naruto moved closer to Shizuka until they were only a few inches apart. He then gulped back his nervousness and gently held onto her as he initiated a light kiss. Course this kiss only lasted a few seconds but left both of them with bright red faces. With the embarrassment only growing stronger as they heard the spectators around them.

Course at this time the monk then brought everyone's attention back to him after the excitement died down a decent bit. "And with this wedding let the alliance between Konoha and the Nadeshiko village be bonded as well. May this alliance lead to great things for both villages as the will of fire fills each of them with strength." The monk said happily with everyone clapping at this information.

AN: I will be honest I am not super happy witht this wedding but for the sake of getting content out I am not going to burn myself out trying to make it better right now. I most likely will try to fix it up in the future…but like I said many times before. Its just not worth going after for something that has very little to the actual story line.

"Well it looks like everything went smoothly even with that bastards interference." Tsunade said with a smirk looking at the blushing couple.

"Indeed. And I can't wait until the time I get to hold my grandchild in my hands." Tsuyoi agreed with a nod making everyone around her sweat drop.

"You really have a one-track mind don't you." Tsunade mutters only for the other kage to nod her head yet again.

"Of course. When it comes to something as important as continuing my family I am as focused as you can be. After all who knows what is to come." Tsuyoi added picturing a war in her head. "But enough with that thought for the moment. Let us enjoy this day." She told them then stood up.

"Now everyone please give us an hour to set up and we will have a celebratory feast." Tsuyoi told the crowd as those that weren't part of the crew kindly dispersed from the area while the predetermined group quickly moved things around and set up for the large meal. Course while they were doing this many people went up to Naruto and Shizuka. With many of the residents focusing on Shizuka but a few did give Naruto a brief congratulations as well….not that Naruto expected any less from the Nadeshiko village seeing as they didn't have anytime at all to try get to now what kind of man Shizuka was stuck with.

Course Naruto didn't pay any attention to this as he soon found his other girlfriends around him.

"So how does it feel to finally be hitched?" Ino asks with a smirk on her face."

"I-it feels different." Naruto told her with a blush still on his face.

"Well you better get use to it mister! I exspect a perfect wedding coming in my future as well ok?" Ino tells Naruto making him just look at her.

"N-n-not now….just sometime" Ino told him looking away with a blush on her face now.

"hehehe yes we all will have our time. But for now, let's just congratulate Naru-kun and Shizuka-san." Ayame tells the group bringing them back to the present.

"Yea…but I WILL get some Naru-time soon. At least to make up for another first being taken from me." Hinata tells Naruto seriously making him blush even more at the thought even with Hinata pouting in front of him.

"Yes, yes but let's let Naruto-sama enjoy this time with his current wife rather than his future ones" Haku tells Hinata who huffs but ends up accepting this. And after this the rest of the set-up time was spent with a mixture of his girlfriends, various civilians, and his now wife until it finally was beginning to get late. And with that the party finally came to an end and everyone began to return to their own lodgings. Though Tsuyoi took this time to walk over to Naruto with a small smile on her face.

"Well son-in-law are you ready?" She asked making Naruto blush.

"A-are you sure this is needed? L-like what if we aren't ready?" Naruto asked her with a heavy blush on his face. Course this led to Tsuyoi putting her hands on her hips and glaring at him.

"Oh, no. You aren't getting away from the plan this far into it. I want my grandchild you hear me?" She told him making him flinch back a bit.

"O-ok" Naruto told her shocked by the bluntness. "What happened to the woman's family wanting the man to do ONLY what the girl wants and hating them for doing stuff." Naruto muttered remembering his event with Ino's parents. Still he just swallowed his nerves and followed Tsuyoi.

AN: For those who don't understand this. Naruto is nervous seeing as he is going to be a father AND while is a friend with Shizuka he really still wouldn't call himself in love with her yet. Basically, he also doesn't want him/her to do something they live to regret. Oh and while Tsuyoi really does want a grandchild she also is pushing it so much because of the war looming over them in her mind. So, she also wants to have something to assure that their line will be continued.

They then walked for a short while until they eventually reached a moderate sized house.

"Well this is where I leave for the night…but you better do your part." Tsuyoi told Naruto seriously before walking away from him as he stared at the door in front of him for a minute. He then swallowed his nerves yet again and knocked on the door.

"C-come in" Naruto could hear Shizuka call him in and opened the door to a scene that left him stunned to say the least. For standing a bit away from the door was Shizuka who apparently had the time to change over to a rather thin nightgown. She stood there for a few moments as Naruto's brain rebooted fidgeting a bit the whole time.

"H-hello" Naruto muttered out before breating himself for doing so.

"W-welcome to my home…" Shizuka told him shyly waving her hand around the house. And if one wasn't focused on the situation, they found themselves in they would notice the house was rather spartan in design. This was due to Shizuka only buying this when she got married after her mother told her that she didn't want to hear her 'nightly activities' at the mansion Tsuyoi had. But this was not something that either of the young adults paid any mind to at the current moment.

"W-w-well follow me" Shizuka told Naruto walking back into her home with Naruto following after removing his shoes at the door. Though even with his nerves Naruto couldn't help but keep his eyes on the shapely butt that was being partially shown with each step seeing as the nightgown wasn't long enough to completely cover it.

+_+_+_+Lemon warning (if you couldn't figure it out already)+_+_+_+_

As he stared Naruto couldn't help but feel his blood begin to pool in his 'other head' making him blush even more. Still, they quickly reached the room where there was only a modest bed out with rather basic sheets. Shizuka then turned back around to look at Naruto.

"W-well am I going to be the only one exposing themselves?" She asked him making Naruto look at her confused until he finally remembered that he was still in all of his clothes. So, he quickly took off his clothes until he finally was left in just his boxers which currently had a rather sizeable bulge in the front. Course that fact only made him blush more when he saw Shizuka staring at him.

"Any better?" Naruto asked her making her blink out of her starring session.

"Y-yea" she muttered "He already so different than Sagiri" She admitted to herself but pushed that to side of her mind. Instead, she watched as Naruto went over to her until there was only about a foot between them.

"Shizuka-chan are you sure that you want to do this? I don't want to do anything you don't agree with." Naruto told her gently making her smile a bit.

"It's ok Naruto…I have already made my peace with this plan of my mother's….I am just happy it is at least someone I like." She told him giving him a gentle kiss on his lips.

"S-shizu-chan." Naruto muttered out but quickly returned the kiss and deepened it as he wrapped his arms around her and brought her close. When he finally released her lips there was a trail of saliva connecting the two. But they only stayed still for a moment as Naruto's hands began to wander on her body causing light moans when he squeezed her plump butt.

"Naruto" Shizuka muttered with the blush still present on her face but pulled away from the grabby male confusing him until he saw her quickly pull off her nightgown leaving her only in a pair of panties.

Seeing this Naruto couldn't resist anymore and pushed her down onto the bed while he continued to grope and feel her body until he finally reached down and rubbed her pussy through her panties making Shizuka tense up in surprise.

"My I guess you truly were ready for this" Naruto told her with a smirk seeing as her dampness was already noticeable through her panties.

"S-shut up" Shizuka told him with a light glare but soon moaned and arched her back instead as he began to focus his wandering hands around her pussy. "J-jerk" She mumbled out after recovering from her spasm. She then decided to take back the dominant role as she sat up and pushed Naruto back until he was sitting down.

She then took her own turn to feel Naruto up with a blush as she felt his hard muscles but she quickly reached down and felt Naruto's hard rod still hidden away by his boxers.

"Shizu-chan" Naruto groaned out surprised as she began to pump her hand on his shaft while it desperately tried to be released from the cloth that confined it. Then after only a few seconds Shiuka removed the offending piece of clothing only to look on in surprise as Naruto's member launched out as soon as it was able.

"B-big" Shizuka muttered in surprise and just stared at the penis in front of her. "I-I heard that men's penises can be various sizes but I didn't think it would be this different! H-he must be at least an inch or two bigger than Sagiri was." Shizuka thought placing a hand on her crotch. "It hurt when we had our first time for quite a while and this is even bigger…I know some of the experienced girls say it feels good after your first b-but what if this hurts even more" Shizuka thought with some fear. After all she only had sex one time with Sagiri and while she did get some pleasure from it there was still pain. And even with her being a proud ninja she had no desire to cause herself unneeded pain.

"Shizu-chan are you ok?" Naruto asked worried seeing as she hadn't really moved in a couple of seconds.

"Huh?" Shizuka muttered then quickly came back to reality. "Oh! I'm sorry Naruto-kun I just was surprised how big you are." Shizuka admitted.

"…I already told you that if you didn't want this, we could stop…I don't want to do something that will make a friend uncomfortable." Naruto told her. For while he knew he would suffer from a major case of blue balls; It was worth it in his mind if it helped his friend feel safe.

Course Shizuka just shook her head at the blond. "It's ok Naruto I have already made up my mind…just be gentle." Shizuka told him still nervous but refusing to go back on her decision. "A-and I am your wife not friend now." She added after thinking for a minute.

"Oh yea…sorry about that" Naruto told her with a smile as he rubbed the back of his head. Course she just smiled and shook her head at his antics. She then gave him a hug.

"Thank you for caring Naruto-kun." Shizuka told him while still holding him.

"Anytime Shizu-chan. I always will be there for my special people." Naruto told her with a smile.

"Heh thank you." She told him with the smile on staying on her face. "…but for now, I think another one of your 'special people' needs attention." Shizuka told him letting go of Naruto to grab the shaft that was poking her stomach.

"Sorry" Naruto muttered with a blush.

"Don't be. Its what we are here for after all." She told him with a blush as she began to jack him of again.

"Well…better get over this fear step by step." Shizuka thought as she continued and bent down until her head was just above Naruto's cock. She then hesitated for only a second before giving it a few licks. Until she finally brought herself to begin to take his member in her mouth inch by inch.

Meanwhile Naruto was enjoying the pleasure with his hands resting gently on her head as he let her go as fast as she was comfortable with. But after a bit he frowned and quickly picked up a shocked girl and laid her on top of him.

"I feel bad that only I am getting to feel pleasure." Naruto told her with her clothed pussy sitting just in front of his face. A fact he quickly took advantage of and began licking her pussy lips through the fabric making an already wet spot even worse.

"Eeep!" Shizuka couldn't help but let a startled yelp not expecting the sudden change. Though this quickly turned into a blush from both embarrassment and from the waves of pleasure coming through her body. Though she then remembered what she was previously doing she quickly decided that she wouldn't be the first to cum and restarted her efforts with more effort. A fact that only made Naruto chuckle a bit when he noticed as he decided to play her game. He then quickly pulled her panties off revealing her moist lips. He then returned to his meal as he used his fingers to aid him.

After that for a couple of minutes the only thing that could be heard was the two at work and various muffled moans. That is until Naruto pulled away from Shizuka's crotch with a strained expression.

"Shizu-chan I'm gonna…" Naruto told her but then felt her take him as deep as she could making him loose his restraint and begin to cum directly down the surprised girl's throat. Shizuka then the spurts of cum continue down her throat as she had no choice but to swallow his load.

*cough cough* When Naruto finally stopped Shizuka quickly pulled off of him and began to cough a bit.

"Shizu-chan I am so sorry! I just couldn't hold it anymore!" Naruto told her feeling bad. After all he was experienced enough to not make such mistakes.

"It's ok. I just was surprised." Shizuka told him waving off his worries. Feeling relieved Naruto quickly gained a mischievous smirk.

"Then I guess I better make it up to you." Naruto told her huskily.

"N-naruto-kun!?" Shizuka called out in surprise as he moved her yet again and lined his dick up with her pussy. Then he quickly thrust into her sheathing himself completely inside of her at once. He then sat completely still just in case she felt any pain.

After Naruto did so Shizuka was lost in her own world. For originally, she was worried about this event hurting. But in this case, she was surprised to that instead of pain she felt…. full instead. Something that brought her great relief but that feeling quickly was being replaced with desire.

"Naruto…please start." She asked softly feeling a bit shy asking for him to rock her world. But instead of teasing her Naruto was more than happy to start thrusting into her tight cavern causing both of them to moan.

"Fuck you are so tight Shizu-chan." Naruto grunted out feeling as if the girl had a warm vice grip around his penis.

"I-I feel it too." Shizuka told him not meaning in the literal sence but rather that she felt fuller than she did her first time and was truly enjoying the new spots that Naruto was hitting inside of her. "Why was I even worried…those girls weren't kidding about this!" Shizuka couldn't help but think as she felt pleasure each time Naruto's girth moved about in her walls. Pain currently was the farthest thing from her mind as she lost herself in pleasure.

Though she quickly found herself realizing that Naruto took complete control of the situation. Something that her pride just couldn't take. So, with a forceful push she got the confused Naruto to lay down on the bed. Shizuka then repositioned herself and quickly restarted their momentum but this time in the in complete control with the cowgirl position.

"haah, haah, I'm not letting you take all the control" Shizuka told Naruto determined between pants.

"Heh, my new wife is determined to be remain dominate huh?" Naruto asked her with a smirk. Still he put his hands on her hips and helped her out a bit as she bounced on his cock. Still Shizuka didn't respond and instead focused on her work as she felt waves of pleasure with each wet slaps. Soon enough the pressure she felt increased to a point where she felt as if a spring would break at any moment.

"N-naruto-kun I-I'm close" Shizuka told Naruto while finding it hard to force herself to move for the last bit. So, Naruto helped her out by thrusting all of the way into her pussy and began to play with her clit making the woman on top of him squirm.

"Haa, Haa, N-naruto-kun!" Shizuka called out as she felt the spring finally break and her pussy clenched on Naruto as she came. Naruto happily watched as his wife arched her back as the wave of pleasure came over her body as he simply enjoyed her pussy's vice-grip on him. But eventually his balls aching won over his mind and he quickly stood up with Shizuka now laying on the bed. He then began to thrust back into her with renewed effort.

"H-huh?" Shizuka muttered confused as he moved her but then let out a loud moan as he began to move. "W-wait I just came! Give me some time to recover." Shizuka asked with her pleasure high yet to wear off. Thus, making her feel each thrust all the more.

"I'm sorry Shizu-chan…I promise it won't be much longer." Naruto told her picking up his pace until Shizuka could only see stars.

"Haaa, here it comes!" Naruto called out after hammering into her. Though Shizuka hardly was thinking about anything but pleasure and said nothing as Naruto did one final thrust into Shizuka as deep as he could and finally released his load deep inside of her. The feeling of Naruto cumming inside of her was enough to bring Shizuka into yet another release as she felt the warmth pump into her.

They both froze for a minute simply enjoying their release until they finally came back down from their high.

"Soo warm" Shizuka couldn't help but mutter placing a hand on her crotch as if she could feel the heat radiating off of herself. She then looked over at Naruto and noticed his now glistening rod was still hard as can be. Something that made her groan.

"I'm sorry Naru-kun…you are just too much for me." Shizuka told him honestly. She felt far too tired to go for another round currently and now only felt the desire to sleep. Course Naruto just laid down beside her and hugged her close.

"Don't worry Shizu-chan…. let's just get some rest." Naruto told her caringly but said nothing as his hard member slid in-between her legs and rested right next to her pussy. Though much to Shizuka's relief Naruto made no attempts to try anything else. "Good night Shizuka-chan." Naruto told her calmly.

"…good night Naruto-kun" Shizuka told him before closing her eyes and tried to get some rest. '…I swear I feel Naru's sperm impregnating me at this very moment.' Shizuka couldn't help but think as her consciousness finally entered the realm of sleep.

+Next Morning+

Naruto woke up groggily glancing at the girl currently snuggled into him. In doing so he couldn't help but blush finding her sleeping figure quite attractive even with her messed up hair. Though instead of waking her he decided to sneak out of the bed and went to find a shower.

+A While later+

Shizuka eventually woke up and glanced around partially surprised that she didn't find Naruto next to her but quickly solved her confusion when she heard the shower going.

"So Naruto is cleaning off the mess we made last night." Shizuka thought with a blush rubbing her thighs together. Even with the mess that currently was on the bed she couldn't help but have her mind focus on the pleasure she experienced. While she lost herself in her thoughts, she felt herself becoming more wet much to her embarrassment. "I-I've only had sex two times now and I already am craving it…am I becoming a sex addict?" Shizuka thought a bit scared but soon found her desire overruling her overactive thoughts. Due to this she pushed her fears to the backburner for the moment and walked to the bathroom.


Naruto was busy cleaning off the sweat and grime that coated his body when he jumped as he felt two soft pillows push on his back as someone hugged onto him. He then quickly looked over his shoulder to find Shizuka hugging him with a small smile on her face.

"S-shizuka-chan what are you doing?" Naruto asks her surprised.

"What are you talking about? I needed to get cleaned off as well right." Shizuka told him pressing on him more.

"O-ok" Naruto said with a blush on his face a blush that increased even more after a few seconds. "S-s-shizu-chan what are you doing!?" Naruto asked the girl who only continued to smirk at him.

"What do you mean? I am just helping you get clean." She told him innocently.

"Yes but did you have to start there?" Naruto asked her. For Shizuka was currently rubbing her hand up and down his quickly hardening cock. Something that at first embarrassed Naruto but after deciding to go with the flow quickly felt himself getting in the mood as well. "Well I guess I better return the favor" Naruto told her turning around in her arms and began to massage her butt.

"Thank you Naruto-kun…but I think I need a brush to clean out the mess you left somewhere else." Shizuka told him positioning his cock to rub against her pussy.

"I-I guess I'll get right on that." Naruto told her surprised she was being so bold but wasn't complaining. He then wasted no time pushing his entire cock deep inside of the girl who groaned happily. He then thrust into Shizuka at a stead pace while playing with her breasts. Something that the girl was happily enjoying while squirming around in his hold; that is until Naruto moved one of his hands to her clit driving her even more insane. That is until the pleasure became too much and she felt the strength in her legs give out. Thankfully though Naruto was able to hold onto her making the girl blush even more.

"I-I'm sorry" Shizuka muttered embaressed as she stayed in his arms.

"It's ok Shizu-chan but let's bring this to somewhere better, shall we?" Naruto asked her carrying back into the bedroom while paying no mind to the woman's desire to walk herself. He only let go of her to dropped her on the bed. He then wasted no time re-entering her pussy and continuing their love making.

"Oh Naru-kun" Shizuka moaned out as she held onto Naruto.

"…I knew it." The both heard a voice call out making both of them jump pratically out of their skin.

"H-Hinata-chan what are you doing here!?" Naruto called out seeing the girl standing in the room.

"H-how did you even get in here?" Shizuka asked the girl trying to hide her naked body behind Naruto.

"…We are ninja how do you think I got in?" Hinata asked her simply. For when she didn't find Naruto anywhere in the village this morning, she quickly used her eyes to find him and simply picked the houses lock. As for how she knew which was Naruto…. well, she simply needed to find the brightest chakra signature in the village. "Anyways I was nice enough giving you a night alone as your wedding gift…but now I need my Naru-time as well." Hinata told Shizuka and quickly began to discard her clothes.

"W-what are you doing!?" Shizuka asked shocked by the girl.

"Like I told you I need my Naru" Hinata told her firmly now completely nude. "And this a perfect time to play around with some more of the ichia ichia books scenes." Hinata mentally added as she walked over to them. She then pushed Shizuka over until she had enough space to lay beside her.

"So what are you waiting for Naruto? Come please us." Hinata told Naruto who for the moment was stunned at what happened but was broke of it with this statement.

"R-right." Naruto muttered not sure what to do. For he could see that Shizuka was feeling a bit uncomfortable but was well aware that Hinata would not take no for an answer. Course Hinata saw his hesitation and rolled her eyes.

"You are too nice sometimes" Hinata muttered and rolled over till she was facing Shizuka. "If you are uncomfortable then I'll just have to get you in the mood as well." She told the girl simply before kissing her full on the lips and if Shizuka's cheeks were anything to go by; stuck her tongue into the other girl's mouth. A sight that made Naruto's cock practically throb with desire at how it looked. Something he couldn't ignore anymore as he returned to thrusting into Shizuka making her moan into Hinata's mouth.

"W-what is going on!? I know I wanted more sex but to have one of Naruto's other girlfriends come in was beyond my expectation…and why is this beginning to feel so good?" Shizuka thought seeing as she originally had no intention of ever begin with another girl let alone a threesome. But she quickly found herself getting even more pleasure than before from the situation. And while she had no idea if it was because of the kiss or because of Naruto she found herself not truly caring. She found herself instead quickly becoming drunk on the pleasure and simply let it happen to her.

"Come on just cum already so I can have my turn." Hinata told the girl after releasing the kiss. She could now see that the girl was lost in pleasure and now had no intention of trying to stop her anymore….but found herself groaning impatient as her desire grew. So rather than kissing Shizuka she instead moved lower and began sucking on one of her breast while using her hand to play were her clit. Something that made both Naruto and Shizuka groan even more. Shizuka because of the added pleasure and Naruto because the velvety walls around him tightened up even more.

"Shizuka-chan. I am cumming!" Naruto called out as he continued to thrust into her.

"M-me to!" Shizuka called out as she found herself cumming yet again on Naruto's tool as she felt him push as deep as he could and dump his load in her. They then simply basked in their release until Hinata felt she waited long enough and pulled the still stunned girl off of Naruto.

"Ok its my turn now." Hinata ordered them laying in front of Naruto with her legs apart. "Come on big boy rock my world." Hinata told Naruto sultrily waking the blond from his episode to see her dripping wet snatch.

"Okay!" Naruto called out and quickly plunged his still rock-hard member deep into Hinata who happily began to moan. Beside them Shizuka took a few minutes until she finally was aware of the world around her again and saw Hinata being pounded into right beside her. A sight that normally would embarrass her but instead she was determined to get revenge on the girl. So, with that focus in mind she quickly latched on to one of her breasts with her mouth and began to play around with the other soft mass. She continued her work as the girl underneath her moaned loudly until she felt her own desire build up yet again.

So, instead of continuing her work she got completely on top of Hinata and reached down to Naruto's cock trying to get him out of her to please her yet again.

"Ohh…" Hinata groaned out happily not caring that Shizuka was on top of her until she felt Naruto stop and saw his cock captured by said girl when he pulled out and watched as she began to line it back up with her. "Oh you cheeky little minx." Hinata muttered to the girl who was ignoring her then flipped over so she was on top of Shizuka. She then looked at the girl who now refocused on her. "You had your turn. Now you have to play nice and let me have mine." Hinata scolded then shook her ass in the air. "Naru please give it to me." Hinata begged the blond who happily wasted no time doing just that.

Meanwhile Shizuka pouted at her for making her plan fail which only made Hinata roll her eyes. "Oh you greedy girl." Hinata told her getting on her hands and knees so she could pull the girl out from under her. "If you won't learn to share you will just have to be punished" Hinata told her and began to lick the other girl's pussy making Shizuka moan.

"What…oh god…are you doing" Shizuka asked surprised through moans.

"Be quiet and let me teach you the pleasures that a woman can give you….and so you don't take my turn." Hinata told her but muttered the last part. So, with that being said she continued her work with Shizuka unconsciously placing her hands on the back of Hinata's head pushing her closer to her snatch. Meanwhile Naruto watched this sight that turned him on even more as he thrust harder into Hinata while reaching down to play with her breasts.

The trio's fun continued for a while longer until Shizuka finally woke from her pleasure filled state with her eyes going wide.

"M-my appointment!" Shizuka called out surprising the other two as she forced herself away from the two of them.

"What?" Naruto asked the girl who quickly went back into the bathroom.

"I was supposed to go to meet the doctor this morning." Shizuka called out from the shower as she tried to clean herself off as good as she could. She then quickly came back into the room and got dressed back in her normal clothes.

"I'm sorry Naruto-kun. We will have to continue this another time but mother would kill me if I didn't go get tested." Shizuka told Naruto before quickly leaving the building leaving Naruto stunned looking over towards the hallway.

"What are you doing? I still need my fill." Hinata told Naruto after she decided he spent long enough not pleasing her and quickly forced him back into her pussy. "All this means is that I don't have to share for a while." Hinata told Naruto who wanted to respond but found his lower head overpowering him as he did just what Hinata wanted him to.

+_+_+_+Lemon end+_+_+_+_


Shizuka quickly ran to the hospital after getting cleaned off and went as fast as she dared to in order to get to her appointment as fast as possible.

"Haa, Haa, Hey doc sorry I am late" Shizuka calls out to a short haired woman wearing a lab coat after panting a bit. This woman was one of the head staff of the building and has been taking care of her for a good portion of her life.

"Welcome Shizuka-chan. While I am glad you are here finally, I insist that you make sure to come on time next time. After all you never know what could happen or how long the tests will take." The doctor told her with a smile but didn't try to hide her slight threat at all.

"Ah! No need for that Dr. Mai. I promise this won't happen again." Shizuka told her quickly. After all the last thing she wanted was to be stuck in the hospital for hours at end.

"I am glad to hear that…now hope on up and let's get your exam done, shall we?" Mai asked tapping on an exam table in the room. A question that Shizuka quickly followed and laid down on the table and tried to relax as Mai hovered a glowing hand over her abdomen slowly.

"Hmm. Well it seems that everything appears fine for the moment. It is truly hard to tell completely if it took but your egg is healthy and has plenty of healthy options around it….I think it is safe to say that if you aren't already it is jut a matter of time." Mai told her with a smile. "I think its safe to congratulate a new future mother." She added making Shizuka blush.

"T-thanks…but how long until we know for sure if it actually worked?" Shizuka asks unconsciously rubbing her stomach.

"Well other than a medical diagnostic jutsu there is no real way to tell right now seeing as it is so early…but judging on the amount I saw I don't think you will have too much to worry about." Mai told her with a shrug. After all it was incredibly hard to tell if something was going on with less than a day of progress. But she soon gained a teasing smirk as she looked at the woman she watched grow up. "But I guess you guys worked pretty hard to get that much sperm huh?" She asked the girl who turned bright red.

"Mai! I-I was just doing what I was told to do." Shizuka told her with her blush refusing to go away.

"Uh huh, I am sure." Mai agreed with her clearly not believing her. After all, if she was truly unhappy with the situation, she wouldn't have gone so far with the man she picked... even if it was the second one. Course Shizuka could do nothing but look away from the woman with her face completely red. "Now, now I am happy you found love again…now go get out of here and spend some time with him…it will take a few days for me to confirm that the job is done perfectly and then he'll have to leave.

"R-right." Shizuka answers wanting to quickly leave the teasing she faced.

~Meanwhile; Tsunade hotel room~

After waking up Tsunade quickly found the rest of the girls she traveled with knocking at her door. So, with a sigh she opened the door and let the girls sit around the table she was provided.

"So what do you brats need so damn early?" Tsunade asks the girls who look at each other before Ino answered.

"Well we were just wondering what the plan was now that the wedding is done." Ino asked.

"That's it? Well I was gonna tell you guys later on today anyways." Tsunade asks before grabbing a chilled sake container and a cup. "Now that all of the legal jargon is done we basically have a few days of vacation time…as long as you don't piss anyone off too much." Tsunade told them.

"B-but isn't the hokage supposed to always be in the village protecting it?" Ayame asks surprised.

"Yea I am supposed to; but part of that is making sure we have allies. And in this case that agreement won't be set up completely until they are sure the brat knocked up his new wife. So, until their doctor sees that we just have to sit and wait" Tsunade told them amused as they all blushed about the thought of Naruto getting a girl pregnant.

*cough* They all heard from a bit away and saw Shizune glaring at Tsunade a bit.

*sigh* "Spoil sport…If they take more than another day or two I will get the ball rolling and make sure we are on our way home by the third day. I WOULD have just relaxed a bit but Shizune was kind enough to hint that it wouldn't be for the best of things…or my sake allotment." Tsunade told them though muttered the last bit. For Shizune was truly the only person that knew how to boss her around a bit…well the only one that wouldn't die trying. "Anyways just go have fun…though I would have thought that Hinata would be with you girls." Tsunade told the girls then looked at them curious as they just shrugged.

"We woke up and she was already out of her bed. I have no idea where Hinata-san could be at the moment." Haku admits. But seeing as they conversation was done they all left the room leaving Tsunade and Shizune by themselves. Something that Tsunade was rather happy about as she relaxed on a chair and happily held her booze. That is until she heard a knock yet again.

"Oh come on…come in." Tsunade calls at the door a bit annoyed. She then saw Ayame walk back into the room. "What ya need?"

"Well I was just wondering if this really is ok?" Ayame asks a bit shyly.

"What do you mean"

"I mean…just having Naruto get a girl pregnant then just leave…for all they know she will never see him again." Ayame explained only to see Tsunade shrug.

"Oh well. I doubt they truly care if they do see him or not…I know it seems weird to civilians but that is just the ninja way." Tsunade told her getting serious. "The hidden villages trade and do deals as much as they can to get what they want. In this case what they wanted was a man that was strong enough to be a good sperm doner for a heir. As for taking care of the kid…well I am sure they will use as many resources they need from the village itself. After all they can't have a heir not be completely loyal to their village. That's one of the reasons there really are no males here." Tsunade explains but didn't bother going into further detail.

"B-but I just can't imagine having a kid at that age. I mean I am only a few years older than them!" Ayame told her still not fully wrapping her head around the idea. Course Tsunade just looked at the girl awkwardly.

"Well funny you should mention that…" Tsunade told Ayame who looked at her kage confused.

~Orochimaru base~

Kabuto was calmly looking over a tank that contained a male in some sort of fluid.

"How is the body doing?" Kabuto asks not looking away from the man.

"The body has been showing stable vital signs and does not seem to have any sort of biological problems. Medical staff have also confirmed that its chakra coils seem to be properly connected to everything but the eyes. For those we unfortunately have not found a way to see if they will work properly or be unusable for the task the lord has asked for." A researcher told Kabuto handing over a folder that was filled with various charts and readings.

"That most likely will be a problem we will have to deal with after initiating the transfer. How is the dna coding?" Kabuto asked flipping through the pages not seeing the researcher frown in front of him.

"Unfortunately, despite or many attempts we have been unable to properly stabilize the bonds between the strands. We also have several questions about its life expectancy after having the accelerated growth phase." The man told Kabuto who just tossed the file onto a table.

"That is to be expected. Thankfully this should only be a temporary solution until other projects are completed." Kabuto told the man with a smirk. "Prep the body for transfer in ten minutes." Kabuto told the man then walked out of the room.

"Yes sir!" the researcher said firmly while saluting Kabuto as he left. Then as soon as the man was gone he looked to the rest of the group in the room. "Well what the hell are you waiting for? Get it prepped asap and don't you dare make me disappoint our lord." The researcher growled at the group who began to rush around the room.

~Different chamber~

After leaving the room Kabuto walked for a little bit before standing in front of a door that had a large seal placed on it. He quickly pumped a small amount of chakra into the door until he finally heard a bolt moving inside of the door. After which he quickly opened said door and walked through while letting the door close behind him.

"Orochimaru-sama your body is almost ready." Kabuto called out to the seemingly empty room

"Exsselent" a small voice was heard then a small snake slithered out into the open. "Is it ready?" the snake asks looking at Kabuto who pushed his glasses up.

"Mostly. There are some problems and questions we are having with a sample but it should be stable enough to survive your transfer. But regardless this transfer will lead to a wide variety of results and will surely let us create even better shells for you to possess in the future.

"Perrrfect" the snake said then began to slither over to Kabuto who then put his hand down. Kabuto did not react at all the whole time as the snake rested on his palm with its tail wrapped around his wrist. When this was done he quickly stood back up and calmly walked back to the previous room. After entering said room he sat down in a chair and simply watched the researchers run around until finally the body was placed on a metal table with only medical machines monitoring its vitals attached to it.

"Well are you ready my lord?" Kabuto asks the snake which nods its head and slides back onto the offered hand. He then walked over to the table and places said snake directly on the man's chest. "Then whenever you wish to begin." He told the snake and backed away to simply watch just as many researchers were doing. They then saw Orochimaru in his snake mode slither into the nose of the man and all of a sudden, the vitals began to go crazy and the body twitched all over.

This reaction lasted for about five minutes before the body went still again and the vitals returned to normal.

"Lord Orchimaru how do you feel?" Kabuto asks calmly and simply waits a few minutes until finally the bodies eyes opened wide and it took a deep breath.

*cough cough* the body began a fit of coughing as fluid came out of the bodies mouth.

"Everything seems to be in relatively working order." The body tells Kabuto then smirked at him. After which the body began to morph and the hair began to grow in a sickening matter. In fact many of the researchers looked away as the body morphed until it finally looked exactly like Orochimaru. The man then looks over to Kabuto with the sharingan spinning in his eyes.

"Wonderful. Then let us begin our tests." Kabuto states with a smirk. "And welcome back Orchimaru-sama." Kabuto tells the man who simply begins to chuckle.

"Yes let's see just what is possible now." Orochimaru states happily as everyone now looked at him with fear in their eyes. 'I am another step closer to finally reaching my goals…and ahead of schedule.' Orochimaru thinks pleased while ignoring everyone around him.

And that is where I am going to end this one. Now I know most of this was filled with *cough* filler but I still am happy with how it worked out for the most part. Now if you haven't been able t tell I am mainly focusing story rather than lovey times. But this time I wanted to see if I would be able to make a semi decent segment in…but I will leave that to the perverse readers to decide upon. Now before they say it I made Naruto nervous because of the situation and because of it being a 'first' attempt to impregnate a girl; as for Shizuka…it was her second time. She ain't gonna be a pro. But enough about the stuff a lot of you surely don't want to hear/see. I will tell all of you that I am trying to wrap this story up. It might be 10 chapters it might be 20+ I don't know for sure…but I am trying to tie things up and finally move onto another project. Honestly I feel sad not doing my others but just don't have enough time for work, life, and relax time to pump out a chapter of more than one. Honestly I don't know how some people do it. But for now everyone. Ja Ne.