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Oh and before I get started with this chapter know that I am NOT someone who knows the exact time it takes before a woman can be found to be pregnant though I have a rough idea of the time frame. But this is not important in the naruto world they are not using our logic/technology so I am not going to bother saying an explanation about how Shizuka is supposed to be found pregnant in just a few days. I am just gonna go for one of those "the magic of chakra" and leave it at that for the sake of the story.

Chapter 83

=Doctor's office; Shizuka=

"Well, I guess it is time to officially congratulate you." Dr. Mai told her with a smile.

"Y-you mean" Shizuka mumbled with a blush only to get a nod.

"Yes you are officially in the starting phase of your pregnancy." Dr. Mai told her then watched amused as she watched Shizuka rub her stomach gently. "Now you can spend your day rubbing your nonexistent bump in wonder or you can go tell people the good news." She adds making Shizuka blush even more.

"R-right. Thank you, Dr. Mai" Shizuka told her with a quick bow before walking towards the hospital's exit.

"Make sure to come back later for proper instructions and information!" Dr. Mai called out after the girl who just continued to walk. She then sat down in her chair and relaxed. "I wonder just how crazy that kid's chakra is gonna be" She couldn't help but ponder. After all she was well aware of just how ridiculous Uzumaki clan member's chakra was said to be.

~Kage office~

After coming out of the hospital Shizuka immediately ran as fast as she could directly to her mother's office and barged into the room itself. An act that was permitted by the guards only because she was clearly family and they had more than enough members on duty in case it somehow was a trick.

"Mom!" Shizuka yelled out a bit out of breath from her trip.

"Yes honey what is it that made you come barging into my office?" Tsuyoi asked even though she had a fair idea.

"Its official. You finally have your grandchild on the way." Shizuka told her with a small smirk as she placed a hand on her stomach again.

"Oh honey that is wonderful." Tsuyoi told her daughter with a smile on her face giving her a hug. "I know it surely isn't the plan that you dreamed about but you have to be happy to know you have your own little one to spoil and watch grow up." She added making Shizuka blush.

"Y-yea it kind of has passed my mind." Shizuka admitted. After all she has already been going through various things that she could do with her 'daughter' and imagining various moments as she rushed to the office. "But what if I am not a good mother? What if I mess up? W-what if I hurt 'her' before she is even fully developed?" Shizuka asked panicking a little only for her mother to put a finger on Shizuka's lips simply to stop her from talking.

"Shh, it's ok honey. There are loads of people here that can help guide you to be ready for taking care of your little tike and how to be careful during the pregnancy. To start off make sure you get the information Mai has for you and carefully read every last bit of it. But always remember there are loads of us gals that will happily help you." Tsuyoi tells her calming Shizuka down a fair bit. She then takes a step away from her and gives her a smile that failed to reach her eyes. Something that made Shizuka shiver in fear knowing her mother's rage when she was upset. "But if I hear about you doing stuff even though you know it will hurt my grandchild's development, I will personally tie you to a bed and keep you from leaving until I get said grandchild." She added placing a hand on her daughter's shoulder. "understood?"

"H-hai" Shizuka told her with her back stiff from fear.

"Good" her mother told her quickly loosing her cold look. "Now how about you go let the future dad know the news?" She told Shizuka who quickly nodded and ran back out of the room.

"Ah pregnancy. One of the worst things to go through but also one of the most worthwhile things that can happen to a woman." Tsuyoi muttered happily watching her daughter speed off yet again.


Currently Naruto was sitting with Tsunade, Shizune, Jiraiya, and his girlfriend around the table in Tsunade's room. Course this made for a tight fit even for the rather luxurious room but they made it work. They were at the moment just having some snacks while talking about various subjects. After all this trip now was basically a vacation now that all of the hard work was done. Course Naruto still had a task to do…but for most men it was a task they wouldn't consider to be work anyways. Still, they simply continued to enjoy their time even as they heard a commotion going on outside of the room. Thought that is until one of the ANBU entered the room and reported to Tsunade.

*sigh* "Stupid girl" Tsunade muttered with a shake of her head then turned to the man. "Just let her in. She won't be of any danger to me." She told the man who quickly left to do just that. A few seconds later Shizuka walked into the room with two ANBU guiding her on either side. "You may leave" Tsunade told the team who left Shizuka by herself and went back to their normal guard positions that were set up around the hotel.

"Shizuka why are you here?" Naruto asked surprised that she would seemingly try to rush through the hotel only to be caught by the ANBU.

"I had to come talk to you…and it couldn't wait." She told him honestly and then muttered the last part. For in her rush to tell him she actually managed to forget that the hotel actually had security thanks to the Hokage being there. So, much to her embarrassment she only realized her folly after she was already being captured by the ANBU.

*sigh* "These crazy kids" Tsunade grumbled before looking towards the ANBU. "You can release her. The only danger she is to me is possibly causing a head ace." Tsunade told the group who quickly followed her order and left the blushing girl in the room.

"I-I'm sorry Lady Tsunade" Shizuka muttered knowing that she messed up.

"Heh, don't worry brat. I understand that newlyweds can't wait to connect with each other as soon as they can." She told her teasingly and watched happily as the girl's blush increased dramatically.

"Ba-chan please stop teasing her." Naruto told her walking up to his wife. "So, what did you need me for Shizuka-chan?" Naruto asked her gently.

"Oh yeah!" Shizuka said as she moved past her embarrassment and looked directly at Naruto. "I have great news to tell you!" She told him with a smile. After all, even if she was nervous; she was very happy knowing that she will have a baby. "I'm pregnant!" she told him making Naruto freeze up out of shock.

"P-pregnant!" Naruto muttered. After all even though he knew what their 'mission' was the shock still hit him hard. For there is a huge difference between thinking/making a baby vs. actually finding out you are going to have one.

"Well look at that brat you really got strapped down to this one." Jiraiya says laughing at his student until Tsunade hit him into the floor.

"Tsk, shut up pervert…but at least I won't have to deal with annoying issues now." Tsunade said seeing as this plan was basically partially attached to the alliance they had.

"Congratulations Shizuka-san. Please let me know if you need anything before, we have to leave." Haku told her formally seeing as in her mind she put herself as a maid role to anyone in Naruto's family line.

"I am glad you are happy." Ayame told her with a smile.

'…ya good for you." Hinata grumbled seeing as she still wasn't over having another first 'taken' from her.

"I-I am going to be a father." Naruto mumbled going a bit pale. "W-what do I do? Naruto muttered panicking a bit. For the idea of having a little child to take care of was something he never thought about and felt far from ready to handle. Course his thoughts were halted after Tsunade walked over to him and smacked him on the head.

"Stop your muttering brat. This little tike will be taken care of by this village so you don't need to worry about things like that yet….but you better come see them every now and then to show that they are loved even with villages keeping you apart….got it?" She told him stating the last part as a threat. After all even if the child was most likely going to be a woman trained to only follow the kunoichi village ways she still deserved to know and meet her father.

"…right" Naruto said with a mix of emotions clear on his face.

"It is the way of my people Naruto-kun. You aren't abandoning me to a fate I didn't want or anything. We just have different villages we are loyal to and different beliefs to follow….but I still want to have you visit me." Shizuka told him with a blush on her face.

"Heh, ya I will for sure! There is no way I will let any child of mine to not know just how loved they are by me." Naruto told her in a typical nice guy pose seeing as he always wanted a large family to love…and this was just the start.

"Oh, you just knocked her up and want to make sure she knows you want seconds…way to go my student your method is almost perfect." Jiraiya told him crying tears of joy. For the only thing the super pervert wouldn't have done himself was risk knocking a girl up…if he could help it. Course he didn't pay attention to the tick mark Tsunade gained as she yet again smashed him into the ground.

"You just don't know when to be quiet do you?" she asked glaring down at the man. She then looked over at the rest of the group and quickly glanced through them until she stopped at one in particular. "Ya know this might be the best chance to say it" She thought with a shrug. "Anyways we should all celebrate the new mother-to-be. How about all of ya go to a restaurant and have a party…on me." Tsunade told them with a small smile.

"Are you sure Lady Tsunade?" Ino asked with a hopeful gleam in her eyes. After all if there was one thing she loved was a good party.

"Ya go have some fun all of you. Oh, and Naruto make sure you keep spending time with Shizuka. We have to leave pretty soon so get your honeymoon phase over with already." She told him then enjoyed the blush both of the young adults gained.

"Baa-chan!" Naruto called embarrassed but she paid him no mind and instead just pushed him out of the door.

"Ya, ya. Just go have fun with your wife and girl friends while I am in a good mood." She told him then watched as all of the rest of the group bar Jiraiya left the room. Or she would have had she not grab onto the shoulder of Ayame as the girl passed her. "Actually Ayame-san if you don't mind I need a word with you…it will only take a minute." Tsunade told the woman who nodded and sat back down in a chair.

"What is it Tsunade-sama?" Ayame asked curious as the older woman sat across from her.

"Well as you know the start of this whole situation was because the leader's daughter needed to finally produce an heir. What you don't know is exactly why this was pushed so hard." Tsunade told the confused girl before pulling out a bottle of sake from a storage scroll and two cups. "Feel free to have some…you probably are gonna need it." She added before taking a large sip. "Ah…anyways the reason Shizuka had to make sure a heir was in the works was because at least her mother and me can both agree that there seems to be a war brewing in the shadows…or at least something big. So, in order to send out your valuable resources you must make a recovery plan if the worst thing happens…like a kage losing her life along with a new mother." Tsunade told her making Ayame gasp.

"Y-you mean her mother is worried about them both dying in the near future" Ayme asks horrified by the idea.

"Indeed. But this is more of a worst-case scenario seeing as the child might not even be born before trouble arrives…or there might not be any at all. But part of being a kage is making sure our village's valuable assets are protected even if there is only a chance." Tsunade told Ayame then downed another cup of sake.

"Ok…but why am I being told this? All I do is make ramen with my father. I don't have any ability to help with things that important." Ayame told her trying desperately to see what this chat was leading to.

"Well my dear. That is where you are wrong." Tsunade told her with a straight face. Do you remember the whole reason I let that brat start to date all of you…even though I LOATH perverts who dream of harems." Tsunade asked.

"Umm because he is the last of a bloodline. Right?" Ayame states.

"Exactly. Something that makes that brat actually one of the villages precious assets seeing as if we lose him we lose that bloodline…but yet he is a piece that could truly be needed in a war." Tsunade explained choosing not to go into detail about Naruto's strength or the beast he contained. "So, what do you think would be the best way to solve this problem?" Tsunade then asked the woman in front of her.

"Hmm. I guess the only way to have him join a battle like that while making sure there is no chance of losing his genes would be to have him produce a child before he goes out to fight." Ayame told Tsunade after some thought. There then was a long pause before either spoke as Ayame thought further about the current conversation and the answer she just gave. She then quickly gained a blush that basically covered her entire head. "Y-you can't possibly mean that you want me to get pregnant right?" Ayame asked thinking she miss understood. Ayame then watched as Tsunade sighed and took yet another cup of sake before speaking.

"Indeed, I am Ayame." Tsunade told her seriously.

"B-but I am just an ordinary civilian. Wouldn't it better to let Hinata have her wish or something?"

*sigh* "First off seeing as I actually like you I want to point out that none of what I am about to say should be taken personally. But yes you are right. Mixing Naruto's genes with an already secured clan would be a preferred choice as the village leader. But in this case each of those clans valid options are valuable warriors themselves. And while I could set Naruto up with a member of the clans that isn't battle ready it would lead me to more problems. For starters the reasons those members are not capable of battle could be birth related and possibly cause issues for the child created from them…and on a more personal note I don't want to be the one to send Naruto with a drastically older woman." Tsunade admitted. For as far as the clans go the people that weren't actually ninja was only housekeepers, mothers, kids, ninjas who were injured, ninjas who suffered career ending injuries and those unfortunate enough to not be able to become a ninja due to problems they were born with. And needless to say each one of these had a list of problems to go with them. With the lightest being the one taken out of the ninja career. But even then most of them settle into a vice that helps them cope with the horrible things that happened to them; thus making their bodies not as optimal for childbirth as they once were….but the main reason she went to Ayame was because of Tsunade's soft spot for Naruto. After all she didn't want to be the one to stick him into a loveless relationship if she didn't need to.

After waiting for this information to sink into the girl Tsunade continued. "So, if you could think of it more as a favor to me than anything else…but I would like you to think about approving the plan to have you be our village's emergency backup; so to speak. Now know that if you did you would have funding and backing from the village itself so you wouldn't have to worry about the expenses of a child." Tsuade told her to finish her explanation.

"I-I don't know what to say…this is just too much for me to handle right away." Ayame admitted with various thoughts running through her head.

"And I don't expect you to. I just wanted to ask you rather than force you seeing as I have come to care for you. Oh, and know that even though I am asking you I by no means am forcing you to be the person that does this. Like I said there are other options but on a more personal reason I think you to be the best choice. So, please just think about it for me…but know that while I gave you some time I will eventually have to make a decision." Tsunade told the girl before standing up and walking over to her. She then gently placed her hand on Ayame's shoulder.

"I am sorry for brining up such a serious topic…please just try to enjoy the last of the trip. But just give this some thought when you can." Tsunade tells Ayame feeling bad. For while she didn't want to push things onto the younger generation there still was some things that she was required to do seeing as the blond brat made her dawn the kage's title.

"Ok." Ayame muttered still lost in thought then walked to the door. "Are you coming with us?" she asked looking back at the older woman who shook her head.

"No Shizune will handle paying for stuff. I am happy here." Tsunade told her pointing at the bottle on the table.

"Then enjoy your day Hokage-sama." Ayame muttered walking out of the room. Finally, after Tsunade was sure she left Tsunade sat back down in the chair she was in before and immediately slouched in said chair.

"Ah man this job truly sucks at times…I don't know why the brat wants this horrible job so much." Tsunade grumbled grabbing the bottle of sake and taking a large gulp. "Tsk, even the sake tastes off now." Tsunade grumbled. Still she continued to drink until she got the buzz she so often desired.

+ A while later +

The rest of the time that the Konoha group spent in the kunoichi village was basically a small vacation. Course it wasn't that much time but after the wedding finished and Naruto did his 'mission' they didn't have anything else to worry about. So, the younger generation used this time to enjoy themselves while getting to know Shizuka while Tsunade spent a lot of time drinking while lost in her thoughts. As for Jiraiya…well he was under careful watch from the ANBU after his several attempts to spy on the women of the village. Meaning the old man was basically under house arrest while his mind ran rampant about all of the 'research' he was missing. Until finally it was time for them to head back.

~Nadeshiko village gate~

"Well thank you for coming and finally making good on a promise that should have been handled a long time ago." Tsuyoi stated glaring at Jiraiya.

"Hey I can't help how I am." Jiraiya told her clearly not feeling sorry at all. Course this made him receive a hit to the head by Tsunade.
"It is no problem…and I promise if this idiot ever comes back and causes trouble he will lose the equipment he cares all so much about." Tsunade told her making a squeeze movement that made the man go completely pale.

"N-noted." Jiraiya stated crossing his legs.

"Well I guess this is good bye for now….but I promise I will come and visit you." Naruto told Shizuka awkwardly as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Y-yea…I'll be waiting for you." Shizuka muttered clearly feeling just as awkward. After all they were both officially soon-to-be parents but yet they would be living in two separate villages. Something that may be normal in the world they lived in but was VERY different when you are actually involved in it.

"Heh, don't worry you two. It may be weird for you now but you will get use to this feeling." Tsuyoi told them after noticing the two of them together. She then focused completely on Naruto.

"And while I do hope you come see your kid and spend some time with my daughter make sure you don't feel too bad about the child. Even though it's not perfect these kinds of things happen….in fact it is rather rare for one of our mates to come and actually spend their lives with their wife. Anyways my point is that we will make sure that the little tike will be well taken care of no matter what." Tsuyoi told him then leaned in closer to him. "But make sure you come back for visits often. After all even if the kid will be well taken care of the mother needs to be taken care of as well." She whispered to him making him blush.

"Mom!" Shizuka yelled out with a blush on her face.

"What I am just saying that I want you to stay friends….you two are the one who took it that way." Tsuyoi told her with a mischievous smirk as she was well aware what was in the minds of both of the young adults.

*cough* "Anyways thank you for the hospitality. But I am afraid we must return to our village. May the will of fire protect you and all that jazz" Tsunade told the kage that she has become ok friends with during their time in the village.

"Heh, ya see ya latter." Tsuyoi told her not caring about protocol much seeing as the villagers were all out of hearing range anyways.

Everyone then watched as Shizuka quickly rushed up and gave a quick kiss on the lips to Naruto. "I-if it had to be anyone else I am glad it was you Naruto-kun….come back soon." Shizuka told him then went back over to her mother. And with that the Konoha group left with a blushing Naruto being teased by the girls around him.

*sigh* "This is going to be a long trip back….but life sure is gonna be interesting now that I have to figure out how to take care of a kid that I won't even be living with." Naruto thought as they went on their journey home.

AN: For mothers/first time mothers I will just say this now (on the off chance you are reading this story). As a male with currently no kids I have no idea what the father is thinking about let alone what the mother is thinking about. I am only going off what makes sense to me for a mother to feel when they have no experience and can't go to the internet to search for all of the 'answers'. As for how Naruto reacts…well if they actually cared about the child, I couldn't see a dad not panic the first time they have to deal with it even if they tried to prepare.

~Village gate~

Tsuyoi watched the direction that the Konoha ninja left for a few seconds before finally turning to her daughter.

"Way to go hun you sure know how to make sure they remember you." Tsuyoi told her teasingly a she noticed Shizuka blushing up a storm.

"I-I don't know why I did that…it just felt like the right thing to do?" Shizuka told her mother a bit confused.

"Oh, it seems like you actually managed to come to love that blonde…good to hear." Tsuyoi told her. For while she was teasing her daughter she really was truly happy that this political marriage didn't end up as a loveless one after all.


After the long journey Tsunade and the rest of the group finally made it back to the village.
"Well it wasn't that long of a break but it was enjoyable." Ino stated happily as she walked through the gate.

"Yea…though it sucks now that I have to do actual work again." Tsunade muttered.

"Lady Tsunade!" Shizune called out at the older woman.

"What? I was kidding, kidding." Tsunade told her she then glanced over at the rest of the group. "Anyways all of you are free to do whatever you want now…but Ayame please just let me know when you make your decision." Tsunade told the group before heading off towards the kage tower with Shizune following.

"What does she mean decision?" Naruto asked looking over at Ayame who quickly blushed.

"I-its nothing. I just had a talk with Tsunade-sama a while ago." She told him waving her hands in front of her.

"Oh? What were you guys talking about?" Naruto asked her curious missing the fact that her blush was getting worse and she seemed to be a bit uncomfortable.

"Naruto-sama it seems that it was a rather personal conversation. You appear to be making Ayame-san uncomfortable with the current conversation." Haku told Naruto who quickly looked at Ayame with wide eyes.

"Really!?" Naruto asked surprised. He then quickly bowed to Ayame. "I am sorry Ayambe-chan I won't bring it up again." He quickly told her with his head still down. For the last thing he wanted to ever do was to make one of his girlfriends uncomfortable. But he quickly found his hair being ruffled with and looked up to see a smiling Ayame.

"Thank you Naruto-kun. It wasn't that big of a deal but I am glad to see that you care." Ayame tells him with a small smile.

~Kage office~

After leaving the group Tsunade quickly made her way up to her office and opened the door without any care in the world.

"Hello Shikaku was there anything troublesome happening while I was gone." Tsunade asked with a smirk as she knew it bothered him when others used his families catch phrase.

"Darn woman" Shikaku muttered under his breath before refocusing himself. "Actually yes. We have had news of several attacks all around the fire county that seem to be at random. Upon investigating it seems that both the sound village and the black blooded creatures seem to be responsible for these attacks mainly…other than that there hasn't been anything too notable happening. But I left you a few scrolls to loo through just in case I missed anything." Shikaku told her with his smirk growing just a bit seeing as he knew Tsunade hated paperwork just about as much as he hated any work at all.

"Tch. Thank you so much for that." Tsunade told him with a vein visibly pulsing on her head. Course before their banter could be continued another ninja came rushing into the room out of breath.

"Shikaku-san we have a-" the man began then noticed that Tsunade and Shizune were also in the room.
"My apologizes Hokage-sama." The man told her bowing at her seeing as he barged in on her meeting. Something no one was supposed to do without at least knocking to gain permission.

"Tsk, enough of that what is so important that you ran full force over here?" Tsunade asked not caring at all about the interruption. Course the man just held out a scroll that had Iwa's seal present on the paper. Though the seal was of course broken currently seeing as they had to make sure it wasn't a trap sent to the Hokage. Still seeing this Tsunade quickly went completely serious as she quickly read through the scroll.

"Well it seems that Ayame might not have as much time to choose as I had hopped." Tsunade muttered looking over at Shikaku who was still sitting at her desk.

"Well what are you waiting for lazy ass. Move so I can get a reply made up." Tsunade told him and the man was quick to comply.

"May I ask what Iwa sent us." Shikaku asked curious seeing as they were the last people that ever wanted to talk with them.

"That old cripple wants to have a meeting of the kages….it turns out those damn creatures are apparently a bigger problem then I'd imagined." Tsunade told him seriously.

~+Side story, Kiba's experience+~

Kiba was currently walking around the village all by himself seeing as Akamaru was currently getting a checkup. So, with nothing really planned to do he simply wandered around the village until he finally got whiff of a very familiar smell. Something that he quickly followed with a smile on his face until he finally reached a bakery. At said bakery was his teammate Hinata sitting at one of the outdoor seats happily eating one of her beloved cinnamon buns.
"Perfect I can spend some time hanging out with Hinata while I wait." Kiba muttered himself happily; that is until he noticed that Naruto was sitting near Hinata making him stop walking almost immediately.

"tsk, of course he has to be on a date with her. Honestly it's bad enough that he stole her from me but he has to show of being all lovey dovey." Kiba complained now moving to hide himself so that they would not find him but close enough for him to still keep an eye on them. Afterall, he wished to continue to glare at Naruto resentfully. Afterall if there was a just world Hinata's silly crush on Naruto would have disappeared and be replaced by him after all of his excellent flirting. He then lost himself in such a fantasy until he swear, he saw Naruto look directly at him.

"Huh? Why is he looking over here…I made sure I was hidden from them." Kiba told himself but still kept on watching. Course he almost wish he didn't seeing as he swore he saw Naruto smile as he grabbed Hinata and pulled her over to his side of and happily put her on his lap. An action that produced a large blush on the girl but she made no attempt to remove herself from her new seat. Finally after Hinata got herself comfortable and restarted eating her favorite snack Naruto happily wrapped his arms around her in a hug.

Meanwhile Kiba decided that Naruto must have made this happen just to show off to him and seethed in jealousy as they shy girl happily stayed on top of someone other than himself.

"Damn bastard." Kiba growled out "Just because Hinata somehow was brainwashed him him doesn't mean that he has to brag about it….I don't have to stand around and take this." Kiba growled out and finally left his hiding spot and walked away at a much brisker pace. Anything to get him far away from Naruto's 'bragging'. Due to this he was unable to stop himself from running into Shino who managed to catch himself after stumbling back a few steps.

"Oh, sorry Shino I didn't see you there." Kiba apologized to the stoic man. He then looked his teammate over and was rather surprised. For while he still had a lot of his skin covered up by clothes his current outfit was much more stylized rather than the normal one color one. "Oh, what's the special occasion?" Kiba asked his quiet friend.

"…I have a picnic planned." Shino tells him simply in his normal neutral tone making Kiba sweat drop.

'That really doesn't tell me much of anything.' Kiba thought but was too use to his friend's antics to comment further on it.

"Well sorry for stopping you." Kiba awkwardly told him with a small smile. Course Shino paid no mind to the awkwardness and simply nodded his head and walked away from Kiba. Though now Kiba's curiosity was peaked yet again as his previous jealously was quickly forgotten about.

So, with that in mind he began to follow Shino as the bug user walked out of the village and ended up in a clearing only a few minutes away from the village. What truly surprised him though was a rather cute girl was already in the area happily bouncing around the clearing.

"Shino-kun you're finally here!" the girl called out happily as she rushed over to him with a wide smile.

"Yes but I came right on time…I would never be late for our date." Shino told the girl who laughed a bit.

"Hehehe, I know but I was so excited for the picnic that I just couldn't wait and got here early." Fu told him giving Shino a hug. "Oh and I gotta tell you that this area is perfect for the meal." She told him with a smile.

"…yes well let's get everything set up" Shino told her pulling out a scroll. "But are you sure you are happy with this as our first date?" Shino asked actually sounding a bit nervous.

"Hmm? What are you talking about? Of course this is the perfect first date for us!...unless you don't want to. I am new to this dating thing." Fu told him blushing and nervously playing with her hands.

"N-no I am happy with whatever you want to do Fu…chan." Shino told her and if one was to look carefully they would notice a blush on his face as well.

"Perfect! Then let's get this all set up." Fu told him pumping a fist into the air.

Meanwhile a bit away from the two of them Kiba was watching this scene with wide eyes.

"W-what Shino has a girlfriend!" Kiba stated stunned. "And she is actually good looking!...how does someone who doesn't even talk really get a good looking babe to be with before me!" Kiba asks seeing as this is just to ridiculous for him to wrap his mind around. Course he then looked back at the date and sweat dropped at the scene he saw. For while Fu and Shino did indeed take out food; it is what they did with the food that he found strange.

For rather than eating a meal together both of them left the food out and were happily watching as various bugs came to eat the easy food.

"…ok I feel a lot less jealous of Shino" Kiba muttered to himself and was gonna leave them alone but saw a swarm of bugs come close to him. Then after a few seconds Kiba found Shino standing right next to him.

"What are you doing here Kiba-san?" Shino asked almost sounding slightly angry.

"Well I was curious when I heard you were going for a picnic and were dressed different than your normal so I got curious…don't worry I ain't gonna steal bug girl from you." Kiba told him patting Shino on the back. "She may be cute but if she is gonna be weird enough to be as obsessed about bugs as you are than she's not my type." He told him with a smile. Course he failed to notice that for once in his life Shino actually was showing emotion on his face….through glaring at Kiba.

"What's up man? I mean I'm use to you using your bugs but I never thought an attractive girl would pick such a strange hobby. So, don't worry I won't use the Kiba charm to win her over…she is the perfect weirdness level for you." Kiba told him and began to walk away from the area.

"…thank you Kiba…but one last thing." Shino told Kiba as he walked away making him turn back to Shino. "It's a picnic so everyone needs to eat." Shino told Kiba and all of a sudden a swarm of bugs came off Shino and swarmed around Kiba. Said bugs made quick work of Kiba's chakra as he was far too surprised by the attack to actually protect himself.

Shino then calmly waited until Kiba passed out from chakra exhaustion before quickly writing him a note. After which he quickly put the note in Kiba's hand and swapped with the clone he left with Fu to actually enjoy his date.

+A while later+

Eventually Kiba woke up and groggily stood up trying to figure out what happened before his memories came back to him.

"Ugh…why did Shino have to be such an ass? All I said is that he didn't need to fear me taking his girlfriend from him." Kiba muttered stretching his sore joints finally after this he noticed the letter that was left for him seeing as it fell out of his hand and gently began to float down to the ground. Course he easily caught the letter and quickly glanced through it.

Kiba while I am well aware of your tendency to act before thinking I request that you desist your spying of me during my normal life. If I find you doing so again you can expect much worse than this small slap on the wrist….but for insulting my girlfriend I feel you deserve yet another punishment. So, you will find yourself getting rather itchy as the flea colony I had takes residence on you. Don't worry they won't get on Akamaru seeing as he is actually smart unlike his owner…I'll come and collect the colony in a week as long as you don't mess with MY Fu-chan

Seeing this Kiba crumpled up the note annoyed and through it over his shoulder.

"Tsk, acting like I did something wrong…I was just curious." Kiba grumbled but quickly found himself itching.

"Agh damn you Shino!" Kiba yelled out as the fleas did what they were known to do.

AN: this is simply something I kind of wanted to write for a while…well the part with Fu/Shino mainly. After all Shino while a tough guy to write about is sadly ignored a lot because of this. So, I am happy to give him some screen time after ages of leaving him out…even if it was just a side story. Now I am NOT someone who hates Kiba or anything like that but it is just too easy to paint him as a horndog. So, I made light of him simply because it brought humor into what would have been a MUCH shorter side story if I just did a cutesy date. I am happier with this but to be honest the date would be interesting to write as well…maybe ill work on something like that for the next one that I do.

Oh, just in case people didn't know this; but for the random characters that I make up a good portion (def not all) of the time I put effort into them. And I don't mean developing them in the story and other stuff that people should do regardless but the actual name itself. For I go to an English to Japanese site and try to find a name with/close to something that has some meaning while still being clearly masculine/feminine. Course the site could be wrong so I'm not gonna say "so be sure to look them up" or anything but I just figured some may find it a bit interesting and/or maybe use the idea themselves. Course obviously this will come no where close to actual meaningful Japanese names that some people have…but I am not fluent and have no desire to try then botch up an attempt more than I already have.

Anyways that is all I have for you guys today. I hope all of you readers enjoyed this chapter. I know I had fun at least with my sides story/off shoot of this. I probably will end up doing some more of these especially to use some characters I have been neglecting to give proper screen time recently… anyways Ja Ne.