Hello readers and welcome to the next chapter of this story. Now I know that the "cliff hanger" I left this story on. And I say it with quotes seeing as anyone really could easily guess what the answer given would be. I just felt like doing so seeing as it was a good ending. Anyways I think that the method I did last time is what I am gonna try for…at least for a while. Of giving about half plot pushing and half fluff stuff. That way I can get some relationship things into this chapter while still feeling like I am not needlessly pushing this story further (as much as I would love to say I have a 100 chapter story, ect.) Course I am sure there are many that want me to work on the fluff I have been horribly neglecting but to be honest I grow tired of this story and wish to finish it. BUT like I said somewhere else I despise just leaving a story unfinished and won't settle for. "10 years later Orochimaru was killed in the war and Naruto had 20 kids" I am sure that if ANYONE saw this they would/should say that the writer just doesn't care about their work and shouldn't read more of their stories unless they are properly completed. Anyways let's get on with this story.

Chapter 85

=Tsunade's office=

"I have decided to have Naruto-kuns child" Ayame tells Tsunade determined but with a blush on her face.

"Are you sure? Like I said I don't want to force you to do this…in fact I don't want to force any woman to do this if I could help it." Tsunade told her honestly and got a nod in return.

"I-I thought about it and even though I don't know how good of a mother I will be it would be a lot better for everyone for it to be me rather than some random woman. After all Naruto-kun would try his hardest to keep the kid happy and not only could he be used due to this but he would spend less time with the rest of us if the woman decided to stay away from the group." Ayame explained. For in her mind a kid could easily be hung over someone's head for things like money far over the amount that should be given to properly help raise the child. But the thing that sent chills down her spine was Naruto ending up in a loveless marriage with the woman and end up being controlled by her.

"You know I would never let someone do that to the brat…as much as I hate to admit it I care for the blond bastard." Tsunade told her.

"My decision still stands…I'll just have to figure things out as I go." Ayame tells her firmly.

"Ok as long as you are sure. Now just to let you know you will receive some help from the village seeing as I am 'forcing' you to do this for the sake of the village. It's the least I can do to after you doing me this huge favor." Tsunade told her honestly. For while if she was forced to do so she would find the best person but it would still leave a sour taste in her mouth to force Naruto into doing something like that. For she could already tell he is a man that wants nothing to do with a loveless relationship or a 'one time thing'…but she imagined there could be exceptions after all he still was a male. *sigh* "Well I guess I better drop this bombshell on the brat and get the ball rolling…last chance to back out." Tsunade told Ayame seriously only to see a determined look on the girl's face.

"Always nice to see a woman determined…Anbu fetch me Naruto!" Tsunade orders and the two women calmly wait in the office.

"As nervous as I am about this whole idea a part of me can't wait to see Naruto's face when this bombshell is dropped on him" Ayame thought mentally laughing at the stupid look Naruto was surely about to show.

+a few minutes later+

It didn't take too long before Tsunade's door was opened widely allowing Naruto to walk in unabated.

"You asked for me Baa-chan?" Naruto asked with a wide smile ignoring the tick mark that she gained.

"Tsk, yes I did brat…you see with the way things have been going on I have to think about the village seeing as you forced me to be the kage. Anyways because of this I-"

"Heh, I knew that you would have a super cool mission for me. I am itching to go don't worry about that. What's the mission?" Naruto asked happily interrupting Tsunade.

"…Ayame go take this asshole and get busy before I kill him." Tsunade told Ayame holding herself back from hitting said blond into orbit. Course this sudden statement made both Naruto and Ayame blush up a storm.

"Baa-chan! They may be my girlfriends but I am NOT doing anything like that with them unless they want to." Naruto tells her annoyed.

"Umm… actually I already agreed with her on this." Ayame told Naruto making him stare at her in confusion while Ayame's face looked like it was about to explode with all the steam coming off of her.

*sigh* "Brat I won't go into too much detail but Tsuyoi was on the right track about shit about to get real in the world. So, for the sake of keeping your bloodline in Konoha and having you fight with us we basically have to copy what they did." Tsunade explained after her rage cooled off a bit.

"W-wait y-y-you mean." Naruto started with a heavy blush only to be interrupted by Tsunade.

"Yup, your next 'mission' is to impregnate this lovely young woman here." Tsunade told him with a smirk as Naruto's face quickly went from a heavy blush to being completely shocked…and a blushing mess. She then walked around her desk and put an arm around his shoulder. "Now just remember that if you don't treat her right your favorite chef will probably cut you off…and you don't even want to know what I will do to you…" Tsunade told him with a fake smile on her face then quickly released some KI at the blond. "So don't you even think about treating her bad or forgetting about her after this child got it." She added. For while she doubted it would happen, she wanted to make sure Naruto wasn't in for just the fun dates and sex. He needed to be a good father; and if he wasn't gonna be one then she would have to beat the idea into his brain.

"N-no need to worry Tsunade-sama I will do everything I can to help." Naruto tells her with a salute.

"Perfect" Tsuande told him as she let go of him. She then pushed him over to Ayame. "Now leave me alone and spend some quality time with your girlfriend." She told him amused that both of the young adults were blushing so much.

"R-right." Naruto muttered than looked at Ayame though couldn't bring himself to look at her completely at the moment. "L-let's get going." Naruto told her.

"R-right." Ayame agrees with Naruto and followed him out of the office. "T-the idea of having a kid is just so new to me…I haven't blushed this bad since I first learned about sex." Ayame thinks as she follows Naruto out of the building.

"S-so…do you want to go on a date?" Naruto asked a bit awkwardly.

"Um…we have to wait a little while before the time is right for this Naruto-kun." Ayame tells him feeling just as awkward.

"W-w-we don't need to do…that…I just figure I haven't been with you in a while."

"O-oh." Ayame muttered feeling a bit stupid. "W-well ya a date sounds good." She then told him with a small smile.

"G-great. Let's go." Naruto told her as they walked out into Konoha clearly still feeling a bit stunned by the information that was just dropped.


"What you didn't actually tell him!?" Hinata asked her sister who blushed.

"I-I just couldn't…I at least kissed his cheek." She told her sister honestly.

"That is a start but the WHOLE purpose of that date was so that he would see you as the beautiful woman you are and you then you were supposed to strike when the iron was hot….hell with the way he was acting towards the end of it I probably could have had a fun night with both of you." Hinata explained.

"W-what? That was a part of your plan!" Hanabi asked with a blush. After all she came to the realization that she liked the blond only a little while ago. Going that far seemed to be insane to her.

"Why of course it was. My Naruto-kun knocked up a girl in the village we went to…I need to make sure he never forgets what he has here. And what better way to do that then to have two sisters ready for him." Hinata tells her with a smile.

"…wasn't that whole trip meant to be to forge bonds between our villages…and the marriage was part of that." Hanabi asked.

"Well yes…but that doesn't change the fact that it happened!" Hinata told her still just as determined.

"I love my sister and I am happy that she is willing to help me out…but even I have to think that she is a bit crazy at times…I hope that she calms down a bit after figuring out that no one is planning to take Naruto away from her or when she gets all of the weird idea done with." Hanabi thought. For she was well aware that Hinata like the rest of her clan were a bit on the strange side when it came to things about their lovers. But Hinata's strangness was currently bordering on unhealthy obsession. It's like some writer is using a sex crazed girlfriend idea as a bit of comic relief to a story or something. But she was thankful that Naruto was already Hinata's lover…if he was not then her sister's actions would be a lot more worrisome. Still she couldn't help but gain a blush on her face as her mind began to wander. "W-well I suppose having sister teach me some things wouldn't be so bad…" Hanabi thinks picturing a few scenes in her head that made her almost start giggling perversely.

~Hokage tower~

After the younger adults left Tsunade quickly gained a serious expression and returned to her desk. "Bring me Kakashi and Jiraiya to me…threaten their porn book and 'research' book to make sure they get here asap." Tsunade told the Anbu who nodded and disappeared. She then only had to wait about fifteen minutes for the Anbu to return and place both of said items on her desk. After which it took only about a minute longer for both requested people to enter the office.

"Welcome you two. I am so glad that you listened to your summons for once." Tsunade told them with a fake smile.

"Yea we did. Now give me my notes already. My next book is almost done!" Jiraiya tells her keeping his focus completely on his notebook. Meanwhile Kakashi said nothing but was keeping an eye on his book.

"Oh don't worry you two will get your trash back after I finish." Tsunade told them. For while she would like to just destroy both of them she knew that it would make the two men in front of her lose any attention they had for the conversation at hand. "Now as I am sure both of you know Orochimaru's creatures and ninja have been creating havoc all over the elemental nations. Well the other kages have finallyl decided that this problem is bigger than any one village's issue…so a kage council has been decided upon in exactly one week time." Tsunade explains.

*sigh* "I figured that would be the case…Orochimaru what kind of foolish plan are you doing this time. Even you can't handle a united ninja force like this." Jiraiya mutters remembering his old teammate. "So I guess the reason that you called us for is to come with you right?"

"That's correct. Having both of you with me may leave the village at a bit weakened but we I trust that the rest of the village will be able to handle anything that may come our way…not to mention most of the villages will likely be the same." Tsunade explained to them.

(AN: for this I am taking it at Kakashi being high A rank and Jiraiya obviously is S rank (not gonna bother to look it up) so Kakashi is one of the staples of strength the village has with Gai being up there as well. Now of course there are MANY others that are strong but they are the shows figurehead of "strongest in the village" seeing as they were so close to the main. So in this story they will be the same in this case.)

"Hmm that does make sense…and the village has enough contingencies to help protect it even when we are gone. I just hope that they aren't needed…but Orochimaru has a sick pleasure of attacking us when we least expect it." Jiraiya told them in one of the few cases when he is serious while not on a mission.

"That is true. But it is a risk we have to take. Anyways be ready in one week to travel at dawn. Oh and don't even think about being late." Tsunade told both of them with a glare that sent shivers down both their spines.

"R-right" both of them muttered already imagining what Tsunade's wrath might end up being.

"Good" She told them with a smile. "Now go get Shukaku for me. I am sure he is just gonna love having to manage this place yet again." Tsunade told them feeling a bit amused making the lazy genius do actual work.

"That man truly is going to have nightmares of you working him to the bone." Jiraiya mutters but still leaves to do as she wished.

=Konoha restaurant=

After getting over a good portion of the awkward feelings that Naruto and Ayame had were mostly pushed to the side as the couple walked through Konoha. And eventually they found themselves in one of the many restaurants that was established in their city. Though at the moment they were less focused on what the food was and even what the restaurant was called but rather were trying to find a way to break the ice after everything that they just went through.

"Oh I wish I told Tsunade-sama a few days later so that I didn't have to deal with this heavy atmosphere. We could have just gotten over it in a moment and then move on with our lives. I mean its not even that big of a deal…I wanted to have kids eventually so its not like this isn't something I wanted and we both aren't even virgins. But why does this feel like my first time all over again. Ugh…at least the man I am with this time is a lot better." Ayame thinks but still found herself unable to really strike up a conversation that didn't die out rather quickly.

"Ugh come on Naruto you can make this date work….but GAH! I just can't think of anything but what we just were in a meeting about. But I mean how can you just go back to a normal conversation after that! I mean even though I just had to do this it still doesn't make this any easier…but I guess at least I would be able to help Ayame…but would I even be a good father?...No I can't think about that right now. I have to focus on trying to make Ayame as comfortable as I can even though she got wrapped up into the ninja worlds mess…but how?" Naruto thinks with a mental frown seeing as he couldn't find it in himself to be talkative right now. So, both of them sat quietly while eating their meals.

"Hey Naruto fancy meeting you here." Choji called out happily as he walked into the restaurant but quickly noticed Ayame. "Oh sorry didn't know you were busy." He added.

"No!" Naruto called out before coughing to regain his composure. "I mean we don't mind you joining us." Naruto told him.

"I would…but I'm excepting the team to meet me here in a bit." Choji tells them.

"Welp we can always just move to another table." Naruto told him only to see the 'large' man shrug his shoulders.

"Do what you want."

Something both of them gladly did if only to avoid the awkward silence they were having until they had time to cool their heads a bit.

"So, how's it been going with you guys?" Naruto asked happily after Choji placed an order in.

"Pretty good so far. I mean we don't get a lot of combat missions anymore seeing as my teammate's skillsets are more based on more covert tasks. Course that doesn't bother me much…I still don't want to have to hurt more people than necessary." Choji tells them with a small blush on his face. After all he always was more of a softy compared to the rest of the class.

"Then it works out for ya bud. I mean you can still do your job and get to follow your wishes as well…besides those two really do need some protection and a heavy hitter on their team. I mean otherwise neither of them have much in the lines of jutsu or techniques for when shit gets real." Naruto told him giving Choji a pat on the back.

"I guess you are right…so anyways why were you so happy to have company? It looked like you were on a date."

"W-well let's just say that we got some surprising information in a meeting and we just need something to take our minds off it." Naruto told him nervously. Something that confused Choji but he just shrugged it off. At this time Ino and Shikamaru walked into the restaurant and Choji quickly waved them over to the table.

"So we have both troublesome blonds to deal with this time huh?" Shikamaru muttered and got a light smack from Ino

"And what is that supposed to mean?" Ino asked only to be mostly ignored. But she eventually just let it go and sat down on the other side of Naruto. "Anyways what are we the chances that we'd find you here?" she added happily hugging onto Naruto.

"Heh I guess you are pretty lucky Ino-chan." Naruto told her with a small smirk. "It's good to see you even if we just separated." Naruto told her honestly. Afterall each of his girlfriends have wormed their way into his heart more than even he thought was possible.

"Heh you know it. Now you better take me on a date pretty soon and maybe you will be to." Ino told Naruto with a sultry smirk.

"Tsk, troublesome flirting blonds." Shikamaru mutters. Still after this Naruto and Ayame found themselves wrapped up in the various conversations the other team had until the finally finished their food.

+About an hour later+

"You truly are a lucky guy Naruto-kun." Ayame told Naruto with a smirk only to get a confused look from the blond. "Right when we needed something to help us out of our funk you manage to always have just that occasion happen. I mean it doesn't feel nearly as strange to talk now that we got away from it for a while." She told him with a smile.

"Huh, yea you know you are right." Naruto told her after pondering it for a few moments. "I mean its still something I feel weird about but at least my head feels clearer."

"Yea…but don't worry we will figure it out…and no matter what I chose this you didn't force me." Ayame told Naruto figuring that he would still feel sorry about 'making' her do something.

"Thanks. Ayame-chan. I love you" Naruto told her giving her a quick kiss.

"Love you to." Ayame told him with a happy smile. "Heh, he is such a softy no matter what. I don't know what I am worrying about. I already always wanted to be a mother at some point anyways. And I don't have to worry about having enough finance and help to take care of one like Lady Tsunade told me…this might actually be a good thing." Ayame thought happily seeing as she always was worried about if she would be able to copy her father's strength in taking care of a child while still running a small restaurant.

AN: props to all single mothers/fathers out there. It is amazing what some people can do and I can't imagine the strength/willpower that takes.

With what felt like a weight lifted off their shoulders the couple happily continued to walk through the village. But this time when they ended, they found themselves in from of a familiar ramen bar.

"Hmm? I though we just ate Ayame-chan?" Naruto asked her confused making her giggle.

"Yes we did. But unlike you who doesn't have a mission to go to yet I need to make up for missing several days of work." Ayame told him poking his shoulder gently.

"Ah. Ya I completely forgot about that." Naruto told her actually forgetting that she is the only one of his girlfriends that had a 'normal' job.

"Of course you did. You don't need to worry about things like this. But don't worry I will still be able to spend plenty of time with my Naru-kun." Ayame told him teasingly while pinching his cheek.

"Tsk, you better." Naruto told her faking irritation at her teasing making her laugh a bit more.

"Oh don't worry I won't ever forget…but in three days you better make it worth my while to do so." Ayame told him then went into the ramen stand leaving a confused blond standing there. Only a few seconds later though the thoughts aligned and Naruto quickly began to blush.

"Ero tenshi-chan" Naruto called out before leaving the area. Something that made Ayame laugh even more as she heard the reaction.

"Ah he will always be far too easy to tease." Ayame muttered to herself.

=Sound Village=

"Kabuto-sama our spies have reports that the other villages are having gathering in the land of iron to discuss the daku." A man reports while handing Kabuto a scroll. Currently said man was sitting at a desk going over the small amount of paperwork that the village needed done in order to function as normally as it has been.
"Oh so they finally chose to come together? Here I thought that they would have waited until at least twenty percent of the population have been transformed. I will let Orochimaru-sama know as soon as he is finished." Kabuto told the man after quickly going over the scroll and setting it down.

"B-but sir this is something serious!" the man told Kabuto not expecting it to be shrugged off so quickly. He then watched as Kabuto sighed and looked at him like he is a fool.

"We set everyone free to basically do as they wish and you didn't expect more than one village to get upset over it?"

"B-but all of them-"

"All of them will eventually fall. It matters not to us whether they come all at once or not. We have all the cards in our hand right now. They only know basic tidbits of what's going on while we are well versed in the strengths and weakness of all of them. This is why you should leave the strategizing to those that can actually think." Kabuto tells the man who went red with rage.

"How dare you!" the man started to yell only for Kabuto to simply look at him with disinterest.

"How dare I lead the village I have been give control over the way I want? Know your place." Kabuto told him making the man practically red in the face with rage.

"Fuck you, you damn book nerd of a-" the man began to yell only to stop when he felt some pain in his throat. He then placed a hand on his neck and had his eye widen when he saw there was blood on his hand. Thinking quickly, he put pressure on the front of his neck only to still find his life fading quickly as the world went cold. A few seconds later there was a thud on the floor as the man died showing the scalpel that now was stuck in the wall behind him. The same scalpel that pierced completely through his neck completely cutting all that was in its way.

Still Kabuto paid this no mind and finished the document he was on before walking out of the room. He then found a random ninja. "Hey you get the clean up crew to my office…oh and congratulations you now get to live it up in the information facility as long as you bring the reports from our village's spies to my desk on a regular basis." Kabuto told the ninja before walking back into his room.

"These fools just always have to overstep there bounds. They don't realize that they are just pawns on a bigger picture. Still I have to keep this place going just long enough for our true goals to be reached…though hopefully in the up coming wars these villages most of them can be wiped out. Afterall we only will need a small population for keeping up the food stocks, helping with menial tasks, helping with research tasks, and finally for test subjects. The rest of these fools I would be happy to see leave as long as they take a few of the problems that are trying to hinder us with them." Kabuto thought as he sat in his chair. Afterall his goal was to create his very own utopia. Course what he considered a utopia would most likely be nothing like anyone else's except for maybe Orochimaru himself….but in Kabuto's mind he would be the one ruling it all. He would just have to steal enough from his mentor to be able to make that the final result after the war simmers to an end.

And this is where I am gonna end this now I know this is a bit shorter than the 5k I wanted to keep them at but I honestly think this is a perfect place to end this. Also I think I am gonna try this mix of fluff and plot for a while to hopefully work on getting both sides decently progressed. I am trying to put in some stuff but I am sure there is others that are pushed more to the wayside…but hopefully it won't be too bad. Though I do wonder if people would enjoy the stupid digs I put in about me being the writer. Most are pointless but they amused me a small amount. But anyways I ramble too much so for now Ja Ne.