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Chapter 93

=Sound Village Throne Room=

"Lord Orochimaru-sama we have confirmed the fact that all of the kages from the major villages have congregated at point alpha on the map along with a few more minor villages." A ninja told Orochimaru pointing at a map of the area that he had hung up on a board.

"Hmm so none of them heeded my warning then…I will have to show them that it was a mistake to do so." Orochimaru muttered.

"M-my lord this is incredibly serious there are thousands of ninja within a few days travel from out village! We might have more estimated troops but that is only because a decent portion of them are those mindless Daku. We need to immediately attack them with the Daku and hope that the cannon fodder level troops can take out a decent amount of the enemy before we actually have them knocking at our front door!" the ninja told Orchimaru clearly stressed. After all in his mind one medium sized village stood no chance against five major villages plus whatever other troops came to support them. Course hearing this made Orochimaru scowl and look down at the nervous man.

"Did I ask you for your opinion? You and your group were to just gather information and nothing else." Orchimaru told the man who flinched back at the angry voice.

"B-but my lord we are going to suffer even more damage unless we plan ahead! I-I-In fact we may even lose if they all reach the village." The man stated but immediately turned pale when he felt a load of KI focus directly on him.

"You damn fool. Don't you ever assume that I am less than those that dare go against me!" Orochimaru growled out then pointed a finger at the man. From his out raised hand a snake quickly slithered down his arm and launched off the outstretched finger towards the man in front of him.

Said man had a few seconds to respond to the surprise of the animal but sadly wasn't able to react before he found the snake biting directly onto his throat. He then felt the burning sensation of poison quickly flowing through his body even as the snake released its bit after around five seconds letting blood flow from the bite mark rather quickly for such small holes.

"W-why?" the man muttered as he fell to the ground. For the snake that bit him was one that Orochimaru was happily bred and mutated to have extremely potent poison. A poison that as it showed acted as a blood thinner while also providing rapid paralysis meaning certain death without proper treatment from an experiences medical ninja.

The sight of the paralyzed man swimming in his own blood in a KI filled room was what Kabuto walked into when he finally entered the room.

"Orochimaru-sama I wish that you would dispose of your toys properly when you are done with them." Kabuto states paying only enough attention to the body to avoid stepping in the mess. "But as you have wished we have sent out several groups of low level daku and expendable controllers to try and infect and take out as many opponents as they can." Kabuto informed him which made Orochimaru's scowl turn into a smirk.

"Excellent let's hope those fools lose a good portion of their frontline troops even if we can't collect all of the created creatures." Orochimaru tells him going back to relaxing in his throne.

AN: if it isn't obvious already Orochimaru will have a god complex in this story that leads to him doing things his normal analytical mind would never do. Which he honestly does have a bit in the real story but I have just grown it further.

~Allied Ninja main base~

After the meeting with the kages the base camp was set up to be functional as fast as they could. It would take several days for the base to actually get as good as they wished it to be but the basics were able to be set up after a few hours of hard work from all parties involved. Now in a rotation was set with the army portioned into three to have one group continue building the base, one resting, and one keeping guard.

*sigh* "I thought that we would be hunting those bastards down before the end of the night not working ourselves to the bone getting this place ready and working it." Kiba complain as he sat on a decent sized stone. As He and most of the Konoha 12 were resting near each other.

"Troublesome…the extra work is awful but it must be done to keep us as safe as possible. Just because Orochimaru's group isn't recognized as a 'big village' doesn't mean that they aren't able to beat us. We must take every advantage we have to keep our damage as minimum as possible….even if its troublesome." Shikamaru mutters from close by.

"Honestly, I walk over to see how you guys are doing and that is the first thing I hear from you is troublesome. Kami is that your catch phrase or something?" A voice grumbled making everyone glance over to Temari who was in her classic outfit as she walked towards them.

"Heh I think she is the one for you there bud. She knows your favorite word and STILL is willing to be close enough to listen to you." Kiba says laughing at his friend.

"Tsk, as if I would ever get with someone as bossy as her. She is almost as bad as my mother at-" Shikamaru begins only to be hit hard with Temari's battle fan.

"And just who are you to decide to talk bad about me! You are lucky we need you or I would have turned you into paste right here and now!" Temari yelled at Shikamaru who was leaning over holding onto his aching head.

"…for a smart guy you really walked right into that one…and you even knew she was coming closer to us" Ino muttered in disbelief that her normally smart teammate would do something so stupid.

"Troublesome women" Shikamaru grumbled under his breath as he felt the pain going away.

"Tsk" Temari clicked her teeth but still sat down by where Shikmaru was. "Anyways just try to enjoy the break time…we won't have much time to relax after we start fighting those bastards." Temari grumbled setting down her battle fan.

"Ya…I still can't believe this is happening. Another war happening so soon is just crazy to think about." Sakura muttered.

"Same but I suppose we should have saw something coming after all the trouble he has caused us over the years" Ino agrees.

"Tsk, and he is finally getting what he deserves" Naruto grumbles remembering all his personal encounters with the snake sannin. At this Hinata quietly put a hand on his shoulder making him turn to her to see a loving smile that he quickly returned. Appreciating the small reassuring gesture.

"Regardless we must focus on the present and make sure that the sound village doesn't have any openings to take advantage of…we can't be careful enough." Shino mutters only to get a smack on the back.

"Bah don't be such a downer Shino-kun! With lucky seven on your side nothing bad will happen." Fu states happily making the rest of the group chuckle a bit.

~Meanwhile; somewhere close to the allied forces~

"So we all know the mission correct?" A man asks the small group of people around him.

"Yes, as Kabuto-sama ordered we are to use the forces that we have right now to both cut down the numbers of available fighters the enemy has and if possible, to create several stronger daku that can be brought back to base." Another man stated.

"Heh, I am glad we basically get to do whatever we want as long as we cause chaos. This is gonna be so much fun!"

"Calm yourself. Remember this is war against basically the entire continent we must keep as much of our resources as we possibly can if we want any chance of winning this." Another member quickly rebukes the previous man.

"Shh, don't say that out loud…you've heard of what happens to those that disapprove or speak bad about Lord Orchimaru's choices…let's just get some rest seeing as we will have a lot to do in the next few days." One final man states seriously.

"Tsk, whatever. We have to split up now anyways. Have fun lads." The first man stated with a vicious smirk on his face.

"Hell ya let's cause some chaos!" Another of the men called out with a happy smile. They then split apart into several groups with each having one or two of controllers and several dozen daku. Each group went their own way losing all contact they had with each other. Not that it mattered seeing as like true sound shinobi they cared very little about each other and would rather focus only on their own desires.

_Ino; Allied forces guard duty_

After the Konoha twelve had their break they all had to go do their own sperate tasks in Ino's case this was guard duty on the western wall.

*sigh* "I get that this is important to do in all but it is so boring when nothing happens." Ino grumbles still keeping her full attention on her mission but wasn't happy with having to spend hours looking at nothing.

"Don't wish for that. Until the base is actually set up we are not ready for the sound to come after us. Hence why we must keep careful watch that so they don't hit us when we are our weakest." A normal looking ninja on the same duty beside her berated her for her 'laziness'.

"Oh calm down Hota guard duty sucks and you know it. Just because she's bitching doesn't mean she isn't doing her job. Besides you are just as bored as the rest of us." Another man stated.

"S-shut up" Hota grumbled with a small blush.

"Wait! I guess you guys don't need to be bored anymore; we got a group of people coming at us from a few kilometers straight ahead!" Another man called out looking through a telescope making everyone else tense.

"What!?" the captain of their unit called out grabbing the telescope and quickly looked over at where the man called out. And indeed, he saw a smaller group of human beings coming towards them. "Bastards…you go tell the kages…and you two go tell the other units." The captain quickly ordered three random people who simply nod then quickly disappear to follow their orders. "Now for the rest of us half of us will be going to attack those fools while the rest of you will make sure no one sneaks by while we are distracted. You have five seconds to decide which group you are in and then we are going." The captain ordered. And in those five seconds the decision was quickly made and the captain ran towards the attackers with a group that all had their weapons unsheathed.

(AN: yes to guard you'd expect to stay at base but just go with it. I mean the base wasn't set up and secure enough to be able to withstand a decent competent attack from ninja jutsu…and they are going more to stall while the enemy is away rather than all leaving the post)

Ino ended up being a part of the group that went to try to either exterminate the attacker or stall them until a group actually could do so showed up.

"Wow you ninja actually saw us from that far away! And here I thought all that stuff about ninja having super enhanced senses was nothing but bullshit you spread to feel superior." A man stated with a cocky smirk in the middle of a group of daku. Course as far as Ino could see it seemed he was the only 'living' opponent of the group.

"Hmm so this guy has to be the supposed controller seeing as he is the only one around this group of daku right?...I wonder what happens if I take him out of this all together." Ino thought feeling more curious than threatened by the clearly normal man in front of her. Course the daku did have their dangers but they were far enough away that they currently couldn't touch her at all. So, she quickly decided to try her theory and positioned her hands to create an oval that had the still cocky man inside it's 'vision'

"Mind destruction jutsu" Ino called out pushing out a strong mental blast at the man in front of them.

"Hahaha go on daku ki-" the man starts but quickly went silent as Ino's jutsu hit him dead on. After which he went quiet and had his cocky smirk turn into a blank stare as the daku continued to walk around him.

"What the? What just happened?" the captain asked seeing that the man clearly was hit by something.

"Umm sir it was me." Ino muttered feeling a bit embarrassed as the group turned a good portion of their attention to her. Leaving enough focus on the daku to make sure they couldn't hurt any of them.

"What did you do?" the man asked Ino who was rubbing the back of her head.

"Well I heard that there was always a controller in the daku group so I was wondering what would happen if we got rid of them. So, I used my clan's jutsu to completely destroy his ability to free think. Right now he is nothing but a vegetable." Ino tells the group who all are a bit surprised. After all who would expect the sexily dressed young girl to have such a frightening attack. Course she blushed a bit feeling all their stares after a couple seconds. "I-I am sorry I just wanted to try seeing as he was clearly a civilian…if my targe was a ninja his mind would end up being much more resilient if not protected from my attack. I-It seemed like the perfect chance…did I mess up?" Ino asked.

Course they had to pause their conversation because the daku finally were close enough that they were a threat to the group. So, all the guards prepared for a fight as the daku slowly walked closer and closer to them.

"Remember don't let ANY of the blood touch you. Their disease is highly infectious." The captain reminded all of them.

"Hai captain." The group responded carefully watching the zombie creatures. Course much to their surprise instead of looking like they were planning on fighting the daku simply kept walking even as they got into striking distance. Something a good portion of the group paid no mind to and quickly exterminated the weak daku while dodging the blood to an excessive degree to not have even a spec of the substance get on them.

But none of the group noticed that this time their captain was the one who decided to test the enemy as they fought. So, rather than killing the daku he simply moved out of the way to see what would happen. Though he at least kept his guard up just in case but found it was unneeded as the creature walked straight past him without so much of a glance.

"Huh so they just follow the last order they receive if their controller dies…that's good to know." The captain muttered and quickly dealt a killing blow to the back of the daku that walked right pat him. They then spent no time waiting as a few of their team burnt the bodies using fire jutsus while the captain was busy writing up the new information, they learned about the daku and how to combat them. "Okay everyone back to our position. We have to keep our area safe do not let this win go to your heads." The captain told the group as soon as he finished writing his note. So, with that being decided the group quickly followed his lead and were back at the camp within minutes with pleased faces on all of their faces and daku burnt to a crisp.

+Sometime later+

After sending out the report of the new information and the fact that they took care of the enemy to the kages the group that was standing guard were in a much better mood. After all they were able to not only cure their boredom but show that they were doing their job properly. Still after that event nothing else really happened on their portion of the camp.

~More time passes~

Ino's group later found out that there was an attack on all sides of the base camp which thankfully due to the rather weak forces were pretty easily repelled. So, the alliance was able to continue setting up the main base until the day completely ran out of light.

"Ugh not only did we have to work our buts off today but they also gave us night watch." A chunnin grumbled as he laid on his back looking at the sky.

"Ya it sucks…but are you crazy! They will have our heads if we aren't watching the base carefully!" Another man states worried.

"Che, relax man look over there" the first man muttered motioning with his head to his left side. On said side there was the man that ended up being picked as their portions captain sleeping while sitting with his back propped up on a box. Both men continued to look around and while there were some people still paying attention a large amount of their group were following the captains 'suggestion' to varying degrees.

"…still what if they come to attack us again?" the second man asks worried.

*sigh* "You must be one of those by the book ninja huh? Just have to follow every word that you're told?" the first man stated with a shake of his head. "Listen that's all fine and dandy but the longer you work as a ninja the more you need to realize that while you are supposed to take care of your village; the real number one is always yourself. In this case I am taking care of number one by making sure he isn't too tired to fight whatever monsters come our way in the morning." The first man told him.

"…but that's the point we get time to sleep AFTER our guard duty so we shou-"

"then shut up and do your duty man. As for me I will be watching for attacks from the sky." The first man growled out ending the conversation. Course the second man seeing that he wasn't going to win the conversation nor seeing any support from his group sighed and began to try to keep his eye on their entire section.

"tsk, bastards making me do all the work….I almost wish that we have an attack here just so I can watch as the kage's hang all these slackers by the balls for doing this. Honestly how the hell do you even get to stay as a ninja when you are THAT incompetent." The second man thought annoyed as he scoped out the area in front of him.

Though it seemed that he managed to jinx himself as he soon noticed movement not too far off from the base. Something that he focused completely on trying to figure out what it actually was when he eventually heard noises come from the moving object.

"Tsk I can't believe you want to work this late at night instead of following the orders we were given." A voice calls out.

"What orders? We were just told to cause chaos here. Now I don't know about you but I don't want to die by a ninja; and if you don't like it then why didn't you follow the others?" A second voice states.

"I was gonna….but you saw what happened to all of them. Sliced and diced before they could even get this close to the base. Honestly, we were told that we would be able to cause some havoc and then come back…they never said this would be so dangerous." The voice states then laughs "And I know that a coward like you always knows the best way to survive while doing your missions…seeing as if I return now all I'd get is a knife to the head anyways." The first voice explains.

Course as a guard this was more than enough for him to want to raise the alarm. So, he quickly looked around and noticed that somehow ALL of the group around him were now asleep. Something that made the young chunnin grit his teeth in anger but quickly created a generic elemental clone and sent it into the camp. After doing so he quickly jumped off the wall and drew a kunai while walking towards the area he heard the two people.

"Halt coming any further will force me to kill you." He told the voices as firmly as he could. For on the inside, he was nervous not knowing anything about the at least two enemies that he had no information on or help. Something that was made worse by the fact that he could not let them past him or allow himself to flee due to either option most likely leading to countless deaths of his fellow man. Thankfully though the source of the two voices quickly came out into the open showing two men in generic civilian clothes.

"Yo, I hate to tell you but you ain't gonna have much of a chance man. How about you look the other way and let us through?" one of the men asked with a cocky grin.

"Dude! This is clearly a ninja; don't instigate an unexpected reaction!" the other man stated rather panicked. After all neither of them truly knew what a ninja couldn't do with all of the random powers they saw around the sound village.

"Feh you worry too much." The first man states with a smirk then clicks his fingers. Seconds later yet another small force of daku came into the opening behind the two men. "See what I mean man? Just go away and let the big boys play." The cocky man states. Thankfully for the chunnin though they all heard a lot of commotion going on in the base.

"Thank kami someone was in the movement range of my clone." The chunnin muttered under his breath as he felt a lot of stress leave him as reinforcements were clearly on their way.

"Oh for fuck sake!" the cocky man grumbled in anger. "You got any smart way to let us attack to complete our mission without dying now that all these freaks are alerted?" he asks his partner.

*sigh* "I swear it is your stupidity is the reason I got into this predicament in the first place." The second man muttered annoyed. "But I suppose now I have a reason to use this guy here." He added bringing attention to his Naka daku.

(AN: for those that don't have picture perfect memory of the 'info sheet' I made the naka or naku are basically civilians that can use chakra made into daku adding to their strength)

"Yo! How'd you get this I though they stuck all of us with the lower levels?" his teammate asked making him smirk.

"You know how easy it is to get basically whatever you want as long as you don't go for the strongest ones? I just borrowed him without asking." He states with a smirk then looks at the naku. "Now start plan B" he ordered event though he knew he could do it mentally. The Naku then walked over to another of the daku around it and grabbed it much to the confusion of everyone around it.

Suddenly before anyone of them could react the Naku picked up the daku completely and through him high into the sky above the allied base. The group then watched as the daku continued its flight until it finally reached the ground at a speed that had to have caused a deadly amount of damage.

"Bro! You are just wasting the daku we brought!" the cocky teammate states in shock only to get a smirk in return.

"No we were told to use them to cause chaos…flying bags of infectious blood seems like enough chaos to me" he states with his smirk staying on his face. The man then starts taking some distance from the chunnin guard letting a few daku come in front of him.

"Now our mission can be finished without getting further into dangerous grounds…now let's get a few more tosses in and leave before the rest of the group arrives. He then had the daku move around the same area fighting whoever came close while the naku focused on throwing each of the daku it could towards the camp.

Sadly, the chunnin tried to stop this from happening but each time he tried to rush the naku but was stopped each time. But thankfully help came rather quickly and the black blood creatures quickly found themselves wiped with their leaders quickly following after the. Leaving only clean up both inside and outside of the camp left be done.

"Oy, good job Sokka" a voice called out patting him on the back. "Without you letting us know that those guys were coming we would have been stuck in even worse of a situation for sure…and don't worry those bastards that were supposed to be guarding with you will learn just how important it is that they don't slack off." A jonnin from his village told him with a vicious smirk.

"Good…I could have died thanks to those bastards." Sokka thought and walked back into the camp making sure to enjoy the nervously sweating looks on the lazy guards that were supposed to be helping him.

And this is where I am going to end this one. I know that this chapter isn't really my best one but I just couldn't stand just having one chapter where they get there and the base just 'appears' for the next episode. So, this is me trying to show some of the building/planning without having it be too boring (hopefully). And I know that I have been saying this a lot but I am pretty busy right now and believe it or not the more 'serious' chapters takes so much longer to make. Sadly, I don't think I will be un-busy for at least another couple of months but I will still try my best to create decent chapters for all of you readers…and like I said countless times before I am trying to bring this story towards the end. Anyways for now Ja ne.