Welcome readers to the next chapter of this story. Now I could go on and on about stuff that none of you really care about…but I won't. Just know that just like everyone else I am super busy and feel like there is never enough hours in the day…but I am gonna try my hardest to make sure I get you these chapters out….and hopefully not a bit late like the last one. Anyways here is what you actually came for. The only thing important for the story that is here is me reminding you that I am by no means trying to make good raps/rhymes for killer bee. He has made himself known for bad ones so that's just how it is…its easier than me trying to pretend to be able to any better. Which btw it kind of sucks that the make him not have any times where he at least acts as smart as he is. I mean he isn't a high ranked ninja for nothing. Still one of my favorite characters…even if I have zero chances to make his speech sound good.

Chapter 96

~kage meeting room~

After finally making it back to the base Bee quickly made his way straight to the kage's room. Only stopping for a small while to go through security. Something that thankfully didn't take too long seeing as demonic chakra is VERY hard to fake and being so close to the Raikage helped out quite a bit as well. So, with that fact in place Bee found himself in front of all of the kages in the blink of an eye.

"Yo bro, your partner in crime is in the house, yeah." Bee states with a smirk making all of the kages sweat drop except for A who grit his teeth in rage.

"Enough of your useless raps explain yourself now!" A ordered making Bee stiffen a bit fearing his 'brother's' rage.

"Well bro I heard all the fighting around giving no show. So, I decided to spice up the party by laying some demonic beats in the down low. But in that time I found out a fact to make ya lose your head. That snake bastard can bring back the dead." Bee states making all of the kages confused.

"Could anyone understand what this idiot even just said?" Tsunade asks rubbing her temples trying to keep a headache away.

"Something about Orochimaru bringing back the dead? But that's just not possible." Mei adds equally confused.

"the dead….wait the pervert told me about this!" Tsunade states then tried to remember anything that Jiraiya told her that had to do with reanimation.

"Oh did my princess call for me?" A voice was heard and all of the people in the room quickly looked over to see Jiraiya come into the room via a window causing many of the guards to react.

(Think I kept Jiraiya alive seeing as he is a WASTE to just kill off…even if he can't train Naruto worth shit)

"Call the guards off only this pervert would dare think he can call me that….now why are you here?" Tsuande asked already annoyed by the current idiot she had to deal with.

"Now now Tsunade-chan don't be like that. You know I will always come when my princess calls." Jiraiya states with a cheesy smile making Tsunade get even more angry.

"Acting so lovey dovey in front of me….how dare they.." everyone could hear Mei mutter under her breath but chose to ignore the woman's grumbles.

"….you have five seconds to explain yourself before you get punished." Tsunade tells Jiraiya who coughs to clear his throat.

"A-anyways to remind you of you of your previous muttering I know a lot about what we talked about with reanimation." Jiraiya told her sitting down in a spare chair now being serious. "Before Orochimaru left he learned several of the village's secrets. One of the worst being the edo tensei. A technique that we keep locked away that would let you bring back the dead." He states.

"Bring back the dead! What kind of force do you control Hokage!" Onoki growls out in rage.

"We aren't using it! Hence why he said it was locked away you old bastard." Tsunade quickly responded. "That technique may bring back the dead but they are nothing more than puppets that are controlled by the one that summoned them back. They aren't allowed to do anything on their own they are just stuck following orders….Orochimaru showed this fact quite clearly summoning back our kages when he killed the third hokage." Tsuande stated bitterly.

"Yes…and he possibly used something of the sort to control my father to get us to attack the leaf in the first place." Gaara states.

"What a horrible jutsu.. you bring back people's loved ones but they end up just having to fight each other." Mei states rather disgusted.

"Indeed but we need to prepare for this if what Bee is saying his true." Jiriaya states

"True that hairy bro. those undead ain't no joke. No matter how you cut them down they just raise up and don't lounge around. Only a mega blast from the mighty Killer Bee made them a thing of the past." Bee states.

"You mean there is a way to kill them? I only heard the third was able to defeat them by sealing them away." Jiraiya states curious getting a proud nod in return.

"he one mega beam from the mighty eight kept them lean. Ya!" Bee states confusing everyone

*sigh* "I think he said that he used the biju's attack to completely destroy the reanimated ninjas." A told the group getting a nod from B beside him.

"…well at least one of you muscle brains can speak normally." Onoki muttered making A grit his teeth again but didn't say anything else.

"Yes…well now that we have the basic idea of this new information we must think of a way to counter it." Gaara states trying to keep things on topic.

"Indeed but before that…." A agrees but then looks over at Bee. "Who exactly told you to leave the base?" A asks making Bee nervously look around.

"Umm brother I think y'all are busy so let me-" Bee begins as he starts to walk away only to have his head grabbed firmly by his brother. "You know you are a key fighter for our army but yet you did something as stupid as going out without a plan?" A asks forcing him to face him again while keeping a grip on his head.

"B-bu-" Bee started only to find himself quickly thrown through a wall. "Learn to follow orders and not goof off you bastard!" A yells as he does this finally letting go of Bee's head.

*cough cough* "Anyways let us start this meeting" A states sitting down pretending that there wasn't a massive hole in the wall now that he just created.

_Killer Bee_

After being thrown out of the building Bee flew through the air for quite a while before smashing into the ground but still was within the bases area.


"ugh that hurt. Wy does brother have to be so violent. I found information didn't I?" Bee thought annoyed.

"yes you did…but you also went out on your own to fight. And while we are without a doubt a force to be reckoned with even the strongest being can fall to an ant if the time is right" Hachibi states understanding that Bee wanted to help but also understood human tactics after being stuck with them for so long.

"pheh" Bee huffed out refusing to think of a reason he could be in the wrong at this point. Course at this point he finally noticed that he wasn't alone anymore. For while most people after figuring out that it wasn't a surprise attack left it alone and focused on their own tasks rather than dealing with something that 'wasn't their problem'. Still a few left that thought to the side bringing a small crowd around Bee trying to figure out what was happening. One of those being Naruto who quickly went into the crater and held out a hand to Bee.

"Hey are you okay? What exactly happened to you?" Naruto asked as Bee accepted the help up.

"Heh, turns out my brother didn't appreciate my help and instead sent me blasting out." Bee stated.

"What?" Naruto asked confused by Bee's way of speaking.

"Bee do you sense that?" Hachabi asks in his mind.

"What is it eight-o?"

"First I told you to stop calling me that infuriating nickname. Second if you actually paid attention you could feel the minute demonic chakra leaking off of the man in front of you." Hachibi states.
"Oh! Now that you mention it there is a faint amount coming from him. But I wonder which one." Bee mutters

"Yo Killer Bee is a ok but he is glad to meet another friend." Bee states with a smile.

"Umm yea its good to meet you as well." Naruto states awkwardly. Course by now the rest of the crowd already lost interest with the event and started to go about their days again.

"So friend who is your partner in crime?" Bee asked confusing Naruto even more. But after a few seconds of Naruto just staring at him with utter confusion Bee decided to release just enough demonic chakra out so that it was visible. Course seeing this Naruto was easily able to connect the dots and looked at Bee with wide eyes.

"You are a jinchuriki!" Naruto stated surprised.

"Ey you I am the jinchuriki of the mighty eight, Killer Bee REEE!" Bee states making a pose. "So my brother from another demon who's your partner?" Bee asks.

"…I have Kyuubi as my tenant." Naruto tells him after a few seconds of thinking.

"The might Mr. nine how about you show me its skill and we'll be fine." Bee states.

"What do you mean?" Naruto asks confused only to see Bee suddenly covered in demonic chakra. "Whoa! H-how are you doing this?" Naruto asks poking the cloak. "How is it not forcing you into a rage?"

"Heh, its no problem after becoming best buds with your big numba"


*sigh* "Listen you gotta come to an understanding with your partner ya dig fool?" Bee states leaning in closer to Naruto.

"Oh….but how in the hell do you do that! All he wants to do is get free or use me to hurt people." Naruto states.

"If you want to tame the power you gotta make peace with the producer."

"…you can do that?" Naruto asks and Bee just leaves a fist out in Naruto's direction. Naruto stares at the fist for a minute before hesitantly placing his fist on it. After which he felt a sudden strange feeling and found himself staring at a large Ox-octopus monster with eight tails standing in the middle of the area. He then looked behind himself and saw the classic sewer with a large gate.

*sigh* "Thank the sage that you are a jinchuriki…I don't think I could take Bee trying to explain to you with his stupid rhymes." Hachabi says.

"Hey my raps are top notch! Don't ya dare be a hater ya fool!" Bee calls out

"Heh and here I thought I got the worse nigen to deal with but you somehow got stuck with an even worse idiot." The Kyuubi states with a tooth grin.

"Shut up you darn fool or Killer Bee will put the hurt on you." Bee calls out getting nothing but a dark chuckle in return.

"…Anyways as my idiot was trying was trying to explain to you. The reason he is able to use my chakra is because I loan it out to him. As much as I hate to admit it but we are partners…but I have NOTHING to do with the stupid way he talks OR makes 'music'" hachabi states.

"So you are telling me that I have to be partners with him?" Naruto mutters looking over at the cage.

"Don't even think I have any desire to be your 'friend' or whatever the fuck my brother thinks he has going on with that crazy fool." Kyuubi states firmly.

*sigh* "Why do you even hate me so much? What did I ever do to you?" Naruto asks getting a growl as a response.

"Do to me? Do to me!?" Kyuubi starts only for a noise coming from the other side of the mental plain

*cough cough* "Let's end this link before you guys go into a squabble shall we?" Hachabi states and then the severs the link.

"Mr.9 good luck butting heads with the fox I am gonna go get a lot of shots." Killer Bee states making a motion of drinking as he left the area

(AN: No idea where the show puts those whole "joined mind sessions" it does quite a few times into cannon lore but for simplicity sake it is just a connection of the minds which Bee and later Naruto love doing so much even though it is a pretty cringey thing when its overdone.)

After Bee leaves Naruto wanders around lost in thought for a while before finally heading to his lodging and sat on his cot. He then crossed his legs and tried to meditate as Jiraiya tried to get him to do during their training. Course the Kyuubi wasn't done with their conversation either so he found it relatively easy to get back to his mental plane.

"Tsk, as I was explaining before to you squishy nigen. YOUR kind has been nothing but a torn in my side for the past hundred years. From being controlled to being stuck in your stupid seals I have had to put up with you worthless meat bags for FAAR too long." They Kyuubi growls out.

"Okay I can get why that would annoy you but none of that has to do with me. Can't you just let it go and give me a chance?" Naruto pleads trying to be peaceful for the moment only to have a glare focused on him.

"Even leaving the rest of the shit you nigen have done to the side you still are nothing but a thorn yourself. In case you forget whenever you feel like it or have a hissy fit you suck away some of my power without me giving ANY permission. Not to mention all you do is try to anger me or annoy me every time we talk or meet."

"Ok I get that I haven't been the nicest when we meet but I am sory about that. I mean you gotta understand that you get focused on a fight and don't exactly have time to talk nicely or ask."

"Oh? And what about times when you and your mate decide to frolic around with my chakra as your fucking play toy for her 'training' "

"Ehhh hehe you got me with that one." Naruto admits awkwardly. "Anyways YOU aren't all nice either. In case you forgot any time I have heard you for YEARS it has been nothing but whispers of death, destruction, and attempted corruption." Naruto states only to see a smirk grow.

"Yes and that will continue…any chance I have at getting out of here I will take without a doubt…and if nigen die during the process then even better."

"RRRggh" Naruto starts before remembering his goal and taking a deep breath. "Look I know we have our problems but I really need to help in this war. Now can you just push everything to the side for right now and let me use your powers to help people? I promise I will try my best to patch up our friendship late on when there is more time." Naruto asks.

"Friendship? There is NO friendship between us two ningen and there never has been. "

"Oh come on then. How about we start a new today? What ya say friends?" Naruto asks sticking his hand out with a small smile.

"Fuck no! Do you think that friendship is something you can just make on the fly? You must be crazy to think something even as minor as a friend can be made in mere seconds if not minutes of time. Honestly do you think you live in some sort of anime or something?"

"What's an anime?" Naruto asks not helping but get off topic.

"Grr, never mind that the stupid writer is making an insert to make a point like he is part of MY story…anyways I have made my point. "

"Ugh why does this have to be so annoyingly difficult." Naruto mumbled under his breath before finding an idea quickly forming in his head. "I got it!" Naruto states looking the Kyuubi directly in one of his large eyes.

"Ok so while you are right that we can't really make a good friendship at the time how about we meet in the middle at least." Naruto states holding out his hands to either side.

"On one side I get to use at least some of your chakra to help me out during this ware." Naruto states raising one hand up for a moment. "Then on the other side you get to show people why your power should be respected and feared AND get to see me kill off many 'humans' as you call all of us. And then after this war is up we go back to neutral ground and try to work on this again….sound good?" Naruto asks and watch as the eye closes and the Kyuubi seems to be thinking.

"Hmmm, well there surely will be a lot of squishy nigen to end during one of your squabble things….tsk fine you can use some of my power BUT your sanity is your own trail. I won't try to take over but if you take too much demonic chakra it can corrupt your thoughts all by itself…and after it does I am going to take advantage of it to be free without any second thoughts." The Kyuubi states.

*sigh* "Fine…I guess that is the best I am gonna get from you….we have a deal." Naruto states getting a small bob of the eyes in the darkness. Something Naruto took as his partner agreeing. "Now I need to take the time seeing how many tails I can handle….preferable without this many people around…don't want another Jiraiya incident." Naruto mutters as he walks away from the gate and ends up back in the real world. Course after this he didn't get to think for that much before he felt a weight slam into him and fall into his lap. So, he quickly looks at his attacker and sees Ino holding onto him firmly.

"Umm hey Ino-chan. I love to see you too…but do you think you can let go and we can chat normally?" Naruto asks only to get a negative nod in response.

"Nuh, uh. I have been working so hard for ages that I need to refill my love-o-meter. So just sit there and enjoy having a sexy lady on your lap while I enjoy my hug time." Ino states firmly making Naruto shake his head and chuckle but made no move to remove her body from his.

=Kage meeting room=

While all of these events were going on outside the meeting in the room continued even with the now present massive hole in the room.

"…so we are in all agreeance that we need to fully prepare our teams for those undead fighters correct?" Gaara asks getting nods in agreeance.

*sigh* "And the only way we can test our ideas is to send out our teams with various methods and seeing what works and what doesn't…I wish our forefathers put these things weakness in the scroll they were all so happy to keep for years." Tsunade grumbles picturing the scroll that has to be at LEAST twice as old as her.

"Agreed….now let us continue with the rest of our meeting before muscle head over there tries to send anyone else flying out a wall." Mei states with a teasing smirk on her face as she saw the Raikage practically start to steam with rage.

And that is where I am gonna end this one. Now I KNOW many people will be annoyed with this one seeing as its not really progress AND its short…but I had the thought of the Kyuubi/Naruto meeting in my head for ages and had to place it in…..not to mention (as I am sure you can all guess by now) I am busy and the holiday didn't do me many favors either with a project list. Anyways we will try to push the story along a fair bit next time and maybe even a longer than average chapter…. Maybe. Ja Ne.