Author's note: Hi guys! Hope you will like this story. Sorry if its not very good please feel free to criticise me in the comments. This is my first ever story, I'm getting a bit excited! Just here now to explain a few terms or objects you may not be aware of. An Atlatl is a throwing stick about 40 cm long, it has a notch that corresponds the end of the arrow-like darts that clip onto the atlatl. When the dart is thrown it acts like a lever, multiplying the force of the throw (a bit like a dart catapult). Port and Starboard, on a ship port is the left and starboard is the right. The character names in italics is the person who's point of view is. (i.e. This chapter is Tyrell's) That's done, on with the story!

Prologue. Tyrell

It was a few weeks since we stopped the eclipse. We approach the cabin, it felt good to be done with the quest. Who would believe that this whole thing started because I broke the Soarwing? I think about the nice feeling of being home and suddenly Karis voices my thoughts.

"Ah, it's good to be back!" She says, We walk onto the bridge.

"Nice to see the old cabin eh Matt?" I say, he doesn't say anything, we really have to get him to speak more. He looks concerned, I glance at Karis giving her a confused look which she returns.

"What's wrong Matt?" She asks him, he still won't answer.

"Aren't you happy to be home?" I ask. To answer he points to a point across the valley. I wonder what he means, it's just a valley.

"What is it Matt?" Karis asks, I turn around and can't believe what I see.

"Look over there!" I say. Karis looks across the valley and I see her jaw drop in shock. A massive psynergy vortex half the size of Mount Aleph floats there, bearing down on our little cabin. What happens next shocks me immensely. Matthew speaks.

"Quick! Get to the cabin! We have to get as many belongings as we can out of there!" He screams, sprinting towards the cabin. We follow him, I see a crossbow and an atlatl by the valley edge nearest to the vortex, there is also two quivers, one with a moon and one with a sun. Both filled with arrows. I briefly wonder what they are doing there but dismiss the thought and keep running towards the cabin.

We run in and grab as much stuff as we can, food, books, everything. I spot Isaac's sword and Dad's axe lying on the floor in the hall. Something was wrong.

Karis screams suddenly, calling us through. She clutches a note. I run up and read it.

To Matthew, Tyrell and Karis,

When you get this note I predict that the vortex will be half the size of Mount Aleph. I don't have long to write so I will only give you the brief version. After the eclipse ended (guessing that had something to with you) this vortex appeared, at first it seemed it was normal but after a day there was no way that was the case. This vortex is The Mourning Moon. You must get out now! Ivan has the soarwing, he waits for you in Kalay. get to him to give him the roc feather. The soarwing may come in useful to you. Take this note, on the reverse side is Felix's address. He contacted me earlier this month. You must tell him the situation, he is strong and he is married to Sheba who is equally strong. They will help you. He also said he has two sons, they are both training their psynergy and weapon skills with their parents. I must go now, I have to study the phenomenon more. When you get here me and Garet will most likely be gone into The Mourning Moon, it seems to seek out sources of sol power, the appearance of it here is not mere coincidence. Love as always to Matt.

See you later,


I re-read the letter several times. I don't believe it. It is clear that there is no way that our dads are still here. I run towards the bookshelf and grab a notebook, pen and ink, and the carrier bird's cage.

"What are you doing?" Karis asks me.

"Writing to Felix. Duh!" I reply. We run outside. We then turn back to look at the cabin. It turns out to be our last look as the vortex swallows it up. I sit down and lean the paper on a rock and begin to write.


We need your help. The Mourning Moon is back and it's massive. It swallowed the cabin entirely. Dad and Isaac are gone as well. Help! We can't survive without you now. Come ASAP. The Mourning Moon will not wait for anything. Thanks.

From Tyrell, Garet's Son.

I give the message to the carrier bird.

"Get to Prox" I say, and it flies.