I've written several things for this fandom, but I've never gotten around to posting anything. This won't be long, it's just a small collection of drabbles, primarily of the fatherly Luke/Layton variety. At any rate, I hope you guys enjoy them!

Layton was entirely unsure how to respond. Luke was spirited, yes, but not particularly violent. Looking at the boy as he sheepishly stared at his shoes next to his teacher left the man at a loss for words. The teacher looked similarly confused as he nudged Luke toward the Professor. "I don't know what caused it. I turned my back for five minutes and he had tackled the boy."

"Yes, I'm quite mystified myself. I apologize for the trouble, sir. I assure you the situation will be dealt with appropriately."

"Thank you, Professor. Good night." The teacher brushed past them as Layton stood looking at the boy, waiting to see if he would explain himself. The sidewalk in front of the school was empty now, save the two of them. At length Luke lifted his head to look at the Professor an Layton suppressed a wince. Dark blue skin outlined Luke's right eye. He only held the Professor's gaze for a moment before hiding his eyes back beneath the brim of his hat.

"What happened, Luke?" Layton asked quietly. He'd gotten the gist of the incident from the teacher, but he would prefer to hear it directly from Luke. The boy sighed through his nose.

"I couldn't help it." He tilted his head at this. Luke wasn't normally one to make excuses.

"What do you mean, my boy? Surely.."

"You didn't hear him, Professor!" Anger shook the small voice, and he looked up at the older man again, forgetting how ashamed he had been just a moment before. "That dirty...he's in Flora's class. They don't know each other well or anything, but I guess he's sweet on her or something." This caused Layton's head to tilt further. He had an idea where this was going. "As school as letting out I passed him on the stairs. I overheard...well, he said things. i'm not repeating them, but they were things about Flora..."

Layton stared as Luke seethed at him, red faced and with his small hands balled into tight fits. He knew that not everyone Luke and Flora encountered would be as well mannered as themselves, but he didn't expect Luke to react so strongly or for it to start at such a young age. He rested a reassuring hand on Luke's shoulder, and the tensions slowly began to ease from the boy although he still wore a scowl. "Luke, did Flora hear any of this?"

"No, I don't think so..."

"Good. I'd rather she didn't." He smiled faintly. He would not commend the boy for fighting, but he was rather proud of him for standing up for his friend. So as not to prolong the matter, he let it drop and silently began the short walk home, Luke trailing quietly behind him.