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Chapter 1:

"Is there anything to do during the summer besides being Wendy?" Mabel complained to her Grunkle Stan. She was sitting with Wendy behind the check-out counter of the Mystery Shack, trying to read a similar magazine to Wendy's.

"You can play with a ball and a stick. That's the way it was when I was a little trouble maker." Grunkle Stan suggested. He, Dipper and Soos were standing in front of the counter, sorting dollar bills.

"Are there any summer camps around here?" Dipper asked casually.

"Not for another 20 miles." Stan answered. "I guess no one's ever thought to hold 'em. And not like I'd pay for you all to run around in mud and play with bugs. You can never find a camp that doesn't suck."

"If they're so bad, then why don't you hold your own summer camp?" Wendy said, shrugging.

"Oooh! I wanna design the shirts!" Mabel yelled.

"Can I be a camp counselor?" Dipper begged.

"Woa! You all are getting ahead of yourselves! There is no way that I'm paying for-"

"That's the thing!" Dipper interrupted Grunkle Stan. "They pay you to watch their kids for a few hours."

Mabel jumped out of her stool and ran over to Grunkle Stan.

"Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee aaaasseeee?!" she said, tugging on his suit sleeve.

"Fine!" Stan gave in. "We'll call it the Mystery Camp: The coolest, newest, hippest (or however you kids say it these days with all that slang) camp in all of Gravity Falls! No kids playing in mud with bugs! It'll be overpriced and Wendy'll be the Camp Director. Soos Assistant Director, Dipper will be a counselor, and yes, Mabel, you can design the T-shirts!"

Mabel squealed in delight. "Yay! I already have an idea in mind!"

"Are they gonna look ridiculous?" Dipper asked.

Mabel smiled. Her brother knew her so well.

"Yes, yes they are."

They didn't look too bad.

Dipper picked up one of the 25 camp shirts laying on Mabel's bed. They were made of a sweater-like thick material, and were long-sleeved. It was blue with half of a yellow sun at the bottom. Then, around the chest area, there was a big white '?', and below that, it said 'camp'.

"I have to hand it to you, Mabel. You managed to control your craziness with these."

"Look at the back." Mabel said. She was currently labeling the shirts ranged from small to Extra Large.

Dipper reluctantly turned the T-shirt that he was holding over. On the top of the back of the shirts, it said 'Camp Staff'. It had Wendy, Dipper, Soos, and Mabel's positions. Under each of their names was a picture of fake ID's for all of them. All the ID's were complete with googly eyes, macaroni pasta, and mustaches.

"Lovely." Dipper muttered. Just the way to remember his year with Wendy in the staff of a summer camp.

"So, Mr. Camp Counselor. What do you have planned for us today?" Mabel asked. It was the morning after they had decided to make a camp.

"I'm just a counselor. Don't Wendy and Soos, the directors plan stuff?" Dipper asked. Mabel looked at him as if he was "ackin' cray-cray".

"Wendy's not gonna do anything, and Soos is going to over think it." Mabel stated. "So…you have to plan something. Or are you thinking about how much time you're gonna spend with Wendy?"

"That, and I can't believe 20 people signed up already. Including Pacifica." Dipper said, and sat down on his bed.

"Come downstairs into the shack! They're all here!" Stan called probably from his usual spot on the sofa in front of the TV.

"C'mon, help me!" Mabel said. She and dipper lugged 2 boxes each of T-shirts down the stairs into the room that Stan was in. For some reason, he wasn't dressed in his suit.

"Grunkle Stan? Why aren't you dressed for the debut of the new summer camp?" Mabel asked. Stan switched channels on the TV.

"You guys schedule the camp and do paperwork. Not me! I just sit back and take all the money." He said. "In all respect." he quickly added.

Dipper rolled his eyes. "You're the creator, so you at least get your T-shirt." he pulled one out of the 'Large' box he was holding, and tossed it to his Great Uncle.

He and Mabel then ran over to the Mystery Shack, which looked like a social get-together.

Several kids were talking to each other in every single corner of the Mystery Shack.

A panicked Soos ran over to Dipper and Mabel.

"There you dudes are! All they've been doing is standing around and talking. They might get bored soon!" he said. "Dudes, you have to do something."

Dipper handed him an Extra Large Tee, and Soos put it on.

"Where's Wendy? Shouldn't she make an announcement for everyone to get their shirts?" Dipper asked. He didn't even know why he had asked. She was obviously probably reading a magazine.

"Well, maybe I should go to Wendy. You know, sort registration, plan later activities." Dipper suggested. He tried to escape, but Mabel shifted her boxes into her right hand, and pulled on Dipper's bubble vest with the other.

"You're a camp counselor! Go counsel…or…something!" she said.

Dipper handed his boxes to Soos and climbed up onto the check-out desk.

"ALRIGHT!" he yelled. All the kids stopped talking and looked at Dipper.

"Welcome to the Mystery Camp! Thank you all for signing up, I guarantee you will have a great time.

"I'm your camp counselor, Dipper, and I'll be helping you with your activities. And if you need anything, come back to the shack and consult Soos." he pointed to Soos "He's our assistant director. And of course, if your shirt has a mishap, consult Mabel, who made our cool shirts!"

Mabel tossed Dipper a shirt, and as he took off his bubble vest and put on the camp T-shirt under it, Mabel spoke.

"I'll be traveling with you all, and I have an emergency sewing kit." she said, and pulled on a camp T-shirt herself.

Dipper finished putting his shirt on, and continued.

"If you all could get a shirt from Mabel or Soos, that'll be great, then put it on and follow me outside. Thank You."

Dipper jumped off the table, grabbed a medium shirt, then headed outside. Wendy was sitting on the porch reading a magazine, just like Dipper had guessed.

"Camp started yet?" she asked, taking the shirt Dipper offered. She slipped it on.

"Yeah. I was wondering if you had some activities planned?" Dipper asked. He sat down next to her and tried to act normal, even though his heart was beating so much that it felt as if it would burst out of his chest.

"No, not really. I mean-what do you guys like to do? Hide-and-seek? Tag?"

"Noooooo…" Dipper said, and laughed nervously. "That's for like-babies, you know? Like…10 and under. Heh….Uh…"

The door knob moved, and Dipper scrambled to his feet. When most of the kids began to come streaming out, he led them to the large patch of grass around the shack.

"Alright, LISTEN!" he yelled. Dipper didn't realize that camp counseling involved so much yelling. He'd probably burn out his voice by the end of the day.

"Our activity of the day will be…uh…I don't know…tag?" he said. Most of the kids boo-ed.

"What are you? 10 and under!?" Pacifica called. Dipper's face turned bright red.

"Fine! Why don't you guys go in the forest, and we'll see who finds the ancient dungeon that used to be under these grounds first!" he challenged.

That caused a completely opposite reaction.

The kids cheered and branched off into the forest. Except for Pacifica's clique. They just rolled their eyes and walked off.

Suckers. Dipper thought. He pulled out his book with the hand and the number 3 on it. He turned to the page about the ancient dungeon underground, and pulled out a map.

Dipper put his book back, and ran over to Mabel.

"C'mon! Let's pretend to find that dungeon first!" he said, leading his sister into the forest.

"Sounds kinda spooky. Is this such a great idea?" Mabel asked. Dipper abruptly turned right, his nose still in the map.

"By finding it first, I'm putting the kids in their place, then they'll obey me!" he explained.

"Hey! Over here!" A girl called who was a couple yards in front of the twins.

The girl was about as tall as the twins, and had short black hair with a pink streak in it. She had chestnut skin and sea green hoop earrings. And she stood in front of a tree.

More kids began to gather, and the girl stepped on a root of the tree that was sticking out the ground.

Half of the tree caved in, revealing that it was hallowed out, and the tube shape in it extended into the ground.

The girl looked inside.

"It's a slide!" she confirmed. Without hesitation, she jumped in, and disappeared into the ground below.

Other kids cheered and followed.

"Wait! No!" Dipper yelled, but this time, yelling did nothing. He had no choice but to follow the campers down the slide.

It was a smooth ride down until the slide dumped them off into a cold dark cell.

After Mabel (the last person) fell into the cell, the slide closed up. Dipper looked at her.

"No! We're trapped!"