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Chapter 7:

The escape rocket shot Dipper and his new acquaintance, Alice out of it, with no parachutes, or anything. Luckily, Myca spotted them, and ordered Hannah's leopard to catch them on its back.

Myca whistled, and the leopard barreled towards the forest, away from the castle, and Waddles.

"No!" Alice protested. "Go back!"

"Yeah! Waddles is back there!" Dipper agreed. "It's a long story, but my twin sister's pig is that dragon back there!"

"W-w-w-WHAT!? Are you crazy!? Do y-you wanna get yourself killed!?" Myca spat. She let the animal they were riding on stop, once they were at a safe distance away from the castle and Waddles.

Dipper spotted the statue of his sister being pulled by the lousy lady-in-waiting he had met earlier. Was her name Natsuku or Natasha, or something?

He decided not to address her, and banged on the statue yelling "MABEL! MABEL! I found Waddles!"

After about 3 times, Mabel pushed the head off the sculpture and greeted Dipper with an annoyed look.

"Do you mind!? We're playing 'Tell Me a Secret', and I really wanted to hear Sam's! (He refused to tell me one earlier)" she giggled, and turned back to her 3 friends in the sculpture. "We'll come back to you, Sam. Give me a minute."

The guy who Dipper assumed was Sam said, "Uh-"

Dipper ignored him. "Did you hear anything I just yelled through the wall!?" he demanded. "I found Waddles! Your pig!"

"No way! Really?" Mabel gasped, dumbfounded. "Where?"

"Okay, you're not gonna believe this, but just be optimistic, okay. Anything can happen. But…Waddles is the dragon!" Dipper said.

"Dipper!" his sister whined. Before she could continue, he cut her off.

"Just listen! The dragon's pink! Waddles is pink!"

"So are axolotls! But Waddles isn't one!" Mabel pointed out.

"But Mabel," Dipper pressed. "We're in another dimension! Anything is possible! And Waddles has to be somewhere, right!? How do you know that Gideon didn't capture him and use a potion to turn him into a dragon, so no one could suspect anything?! These are the middle ages! Witches and Warlocks exist!"

"If Waddles is in this dimension, why isn't he a pig!? We're still humans in here!" Mabel countered.

A punk-rock-ish dressed girl popped up behind Mabel, immediately shaking Dipper's hand. "Sam here, and if I may interject, Mabel, it's worth a shot. Although it may seem crazy, wouldn't it help us to defeat Gideon for once and for all with this dragon on our side?"

Mabel seemed defeated, at a loss of words. "…But…well…what'll we do? What if it doesn't work?"

"I have a plan," Dipper re-assured her.

"And, I'd like to be a part of this plan." Sam said, stepping out of the stone structure she was just in.

"Fine. Let's go over to Myca over there, and we can sort this whole thing out." Dipper said. He and Mabel went to go join their friends Myca and Alice.

"So," Natalie began, scaring Sam. "This is the way you're going to try to get Dipper to like you? Throw yourself in a dragon-taming plan that may…or may NOT work?"

"Well, I figure," Sam explained. "I'm gonna have a crucial role in the plan. And if I can create a chain reaction to mess up Dipper's teensy part in the plan, I could rush in and save him, and sustain my part, and he'll see that I'm strong and heroic!"

"Seems a little far-fetched." Natalie replied.

"I'll do anything for him." Sam said, and joined the group just in time to catch what they were doing.

"Alright, here's the game plan," Dipper said. "Myca, you show Mabel where Hannah's room is in the castle, and lead her over there safely, without being seen by Gideon's knights. When you're in the room, send one end of the rope down to the ground to me. I'll be standing under the window.

"Sam, you have a crucial part." Sam pumped her fist, and Dipper continued. "You need to cover yourself in mud, and get Waddles' attention. He loves chocolate, and he'll think you're a Milky Way.

"Then, I'll throw the rope to you, and you tie it Waddles' tail. I'll throw a large carrot-looking thing (again, Waddles loves them), and he'll fly up high. You keep holding onto the rope, and when he's at just the right angle in the sky, use a headband to zip-line (like Father Stan's homemade zip lines) all the way into Hannah's room, and Waddles will follow you, get his head stuck in the frame of the window long enough for Mabel to approach him, and Mabel, then you do your magic. He'll be still enough and paying attention so you, Mabel, can do whatever you plan to do to have you recognize him.

"…Got it, guys? BREAK!"

Alice and Myca pulled Mabel onto the leopard, and it tore off through the forest, approaching the castle. Dipper was about to get to his position when he noticed Sam was still huddling.


"COVER MYSELF WITH DIRT!?" Dipper jumped when Sam screamed that at him. She later re-gained calm, and started over.

"Cover. Myself. With. Dirt? I thought I had the crucial part! The most important!" she whined.

"You do. It ties the whole thing together." He said. "I signed you up for it because…well…I had a good feeling that you could handle it."

That was enough for Sam to get over having to bathe herself in mud, and Dipper quickly found Hannah's bedroom window. He hoped she wouldn't mind him using her room for the plan.

As he waited for the rope to come down, he found a pumpkin, and got it ready for when he had to launch it. But how was he going to get it that far?

He lodged two sturdy sticks in the ground a foot away from each other, and wondered if he had a really big, really strong rubber band to use to catapult it into the air.

He put it aside when an extremely long end of a rope coiled in front of him. Perfect.

"Dipper!" Sam yelled. He almost didn't recognize her because she was totally bathed in mud. He couldn't help it, but a laugh escaped his mouth as he tossed her the lengthy rope.

"You're going to pay for this," she teased as she took it, and ran towards the dragon's tail.

She tied the rope around it, secure and tight. The dragon turned around to notice her, and roared.

Sam suddenly felt a bit scared. "I'm not chocolate!" she yelled, and ran up the monster's back, up until she was standing on its head where it couldn't get her.

The dragon thrashed, and Sam had to hold onto its ear for dear life. "DIPPER! THROW THE PUMPKIN!" she screamed.

Dipper looked around frantically. He didn't have anything to propel the pumpkin. He looked up at Hannah's window, where he could see Mabel. She was yelling something, but he couldn't understand it.

He soon realized what she was talking about when one of the rubber bands she had with her braces landed on the floor.

He laced it around the two sticks. The rubber bands that Mabel had were strong, but mighty.

Dipper then stretched back the band, and let the pumpkin sail over Waddles' head.

Sam thought fast and shot an arrow at the pumpkin, so that instead of taunting the dragon to fly upwards, it just dropped to the floor and smashed into a million little pieces.

Dipper hadn't seen the arrow, so he wondered what had gone wrong with his catapult.

Sam shrugged. "YOU MISSED!" she yelled at Dipper. Then, under her breath said, "Time to be the hero, heh heh."

Her foot slipped, and Waddles caught a glimpse of her dangling feet. He then went spastic, and turned round and round and flew all over the place, getting himself tangled in the rope in the process.

His wings got caught, and he plummeted down, Sam with him. This was not how she had planned it.