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Beta: Revised edition 02-15-2018-chapter School time

Lillian's point of view.

Three weeks have passed since the school year began, with two more attacks on superheroes. Now a curfew has been put in place for 18 and under, which pissed a lot of us off. I hate it more property has been destroyed, how long until he targets our mother and her vet hospital. I wondered when I heard the news of more destruction, and I would kill him when he came after her. Warren has basically started to pull away from me and all his old friend's; he rarely talks to them anymore. We can see the drastic changes in him and we're very worried. I have been asked out several times because the male population of Sky high thinks we aren't together.

I catch him giving Layla and Sparrow very odd looks, the looks he gives them make me nervous and uncomfortable. He has a cold calculating look in his dark eyes or even sometimes red now it changes so often.

"You okay?" Freeze asked looking at me with concern.

"Yeah, I just need to go for a run, clear my head a bit," I changed into some black spandex short shorts and a dark green spandex sports bra with black and green running shoes. I walked downstairs and out the door. I started with a hard run then slowed to a light jog. Trying to clear my mind and just lose myself as the adrenaline pumped through my body.

I needed to have a talk with my friends and that includes Warren's old friends. I am not afraid of Warren, but if it means losing him, my love, then yes I am afraid. I still have no proof that he is behind any of these attacks but I can feel it, he is so different these days I know my refusal to keep sleeping with him is not sitting well with him. But I can hardly see my Warren in there anymore.

I continue jogging around Maxville when I notice how late it's getting, and then I see Warrens Harley sitting out front of a moderate-sized house. I ducked behind a large oak and stay in the shadows not wanting to be seen, I watched until I see him walk out with, the wait is that Speed? And some girl with wavy chestnut brown hair, small breast and butt, she's slim with a slight tan. She has on ugly neon pink skinnies with a black tank top; I see she has at least three tattoos with two piercings. I don't like the look of her or the thought of why she would be hanging with my boyfriend. I watched as Warren got on his bike and pulled out of her driveway, then he drove off. She walked over to the other side of the porch watching Warren drive away with a dreamy expression. I fly over with no sound perching myself on the thin beam of wood, my knees bent and my arms resting on them, watching her smile dreamily until he couldn't be seen anymore. I look like some demented angel perched here.

"Having fun watching my boyfriend," I broke the silence alerting her to my presence. She jumped and turned around fast with wide dull blue eyes.

"Who are you?" she asked with a snotty attitude, I did just say Warren was my boyfriend and she still doesn't get who I am, what a stupid bitch.

I looked at her debating on whether she might be a threat to me, her powers weren't strong or anything special but I could see the lust in her eyes. I gave a slight flick of my wrist and thick vines wrapped around her legs and arms. A thick pointed and spiked branch of poison ivy was ready to attack her.

She looked scared for her fair skin she knew what the ivy would do.

"Tell me your name," I said looking like a demented angel perched there. "Crystal," she blurted out.

"See was that so hard, I am Lillian," I said being friendly. I saw understanding dawn on her, I also saw her jealousy. I had an internal smile at that, now she understands who I am.

"What was my Warren doing here with you and Speed?" I questioned knowing she wouldn't answer me. I moved the ivy closer and she whimpered.

"I can't tell you he will kill me, he is crazy," she said with pure honesty I know he would, I think he already has to be honest.

"He belongs to me my dear; don't get any funny ideas, Crystal. I already know what he has been hiding from me and his friends. He has been a bad boy causing so much trouble in town," I told her with a straight face, knowing I really didn't know shit.

"Are you going to try and stop him from his goal?" she asked. Bam now I do know it has been him, he burned my godparents business down he will pay and with his life.

"When the time comes and I see fit, yes I will stand in his way. But make no mistake if you even mentioned we talked. He will think you spilled the beans, and your body won't be found. So be smart and keep your mouth shut. And try and stop daydreaming about my mate," I threatened her; I was pissed at all of this.

"I won't say a word to him, or any of the others, but you should join us he will be so pleased with you ruling at his side," She tried to persuade me. But she had utter devotion and lust ringing in her voice; I looked at her with disgust.

"I have no master, nor do I bow to a mere power crazy man. Not even to please a lunatic, even if the lunatic is my mate, I would not. No, only the weak-willed and foolish bow to another, I serve no one," I sneered at her with dislike on my face. She looked thoughtful and hateful at the same time.

"I am leaving now; hope you all enjoy what little power you think you have. Because when I feel it is the right time I will take that power away from him," I walked off her porch and down her driveway.

I looked back and she had turned into crystal, I could feel the precious metal surging energy through my veins, so that's her power. I gave her a chilling but intense look and she went sailing through two walls and landed with a loud thud, she was unconscious. Too bad for her, I jogged away, thinking I need to see Shadow Fox and Fortuna very soon. I gave a loud anguished mental cry. 'Why?' Is all I could think, it was a horrid feeling, so hurt, helpless and lost. I'm losing him to this fucked up disease. I stopped and found myself outside the Paper Lantern. I walked in through the back door, I see Warren with his hair pulled back while dressed in a black pair of jogging pants and a red top with the sleeves rolled up. He is chopping veggies with a precise fury, I give a slight cough making it known I am waiting here. Something about the way he holds himself, he radiates power, control, and confidence. I will have to stop him and tell someone about him before I lose the man I love completely. I sound utterly pathetic, I know. But I will get my revenge for all the trouble he has caused.

"I don't like being ignored Warren," I said throwing a carrot at the back of his head. Just then I noticed something, Damn he had his earbuds in he jumped when he saw me, but the grin he had was priceless.

"Hey love," he walked over wrapping his long muscled arms around my waist. I rested my head on his chest feeling happy and at home in his arms at least when we are like this.

"I just wanted to see you, I was out running," I said. His arms slightly tightened around me.

"I miss you, Lily," he said with adoration coloring his tone, I could feel his longing and worry.

"I miss you too Warren," I said. We had not been spending time together, now I know he has his own side plans going on. We talked for a bit while he cooks; when his shift is over he insisted he drive me home.

"Do you want to go out with me tomorrow, Love?" he asked.

"Do you even need to ask, I miss us Warren," I said looking away from his dark eyes.

"I want us back too, love. I just don't know how to do it, but I am trying for you," he told me with truth in every word.

"Me to, I don't want to lose you Warren," I looked into his beautiful dark eyes pouring everything I am feeling into him.

I love you, Lillian, you are the most important thing in my life," he said and I could feel his love wash over me.

"I love you Warren," I said back. I got out of his truck and felt his eyes on me until I got to the door and closed it behind me. I had a nagging feeling, I was trying to push it away, but I was failing.

"Hello dear, come into the kitchen please," My mother said. I walked into the kitchen seeing Jennifer, Layla, and Jared sitting at the table waiting for me.

"Is this one of those interventions, I am clean and sober," I said looking at them confused.

Jennifer was the first to start laughing next was Layla, while the parents just cracked a smile. I sat next to Layla and Jennifer, waiting for whatever we were going to be told.

"What is all this about?" Layla said being the first to break the silence.

"Well, I know you girls aren't happy with us, even though you gave us your blessing. In three months we will be moving into Jared's, our home is too small for all of us," she looked nervous.

"No!" Layla cried out. I was on my feet in a second, things shaking around the house.

"You can't sell the house, Layla dreamed of raising her kids here like our mom did," I snapped the plants and metal reacting on my intense emotions.

"Okay, I won't sell it, I never planned to. Layla its okay when you're 18 you can have the house, for you and Will. I will have it cleaned every week," Lacy said trying to console Layla.

"Thank you, mom," Layla wrapped her arms around me giving me a sideways hug.

The Next Night 7:00 pm

I stood looking in the full-length mirror, I had red extensions in to make my hair longer and add a splash of color, a one-shoulder Elie Tahari top with black leggings with black and red heels on. Red and black rose jewelry was put on before I could leave. I gave myself a once over and was satisfied. I heard the bell chime; I left my room heading downstairs. I could hear Jared and Warren talking, they never sound happy with each other.

"Hello, Mister James," I could hear Warren's deep voice.

"Good evening, Warren are you here for Lillian?" Jared questioned him.

"Yes," he said with growing anger. What is Warren's deal? I hurried downstairs walking into the parlor. Looking at the two men standing very close, looking very angry with each other.

"Hello Warren, Jared I will be home around curfew okay," I said giving him a peck on the cheek. I grabbed Warrens hand and pulled him out with force.

"You look fucking amazing, love. I love red on you it makes you look even sexier which I didn't think possible," he said helping me into his truck, his hands on my ass.

"Well thanks, I aim to please," I gave him a wink and smile.

He started the engine, I saw Jared looking out the window. I gave him a small wave as Warren pulled out into the street. We drove to Diamond Bay, the best seafood in town we were seated and ordered, we started talking.

"So I hear two other seniors have asked you out, and a couple of juniors and sophomores as well," he didn't ask just assumed. I just smiled and rolled my eyes at him, it's his fault, not mine.

"Rumors, do you always give out black eyes for that. But yes they did, you haven't been near me at school people think we are not dating anymore. Shit! I have wondered myself Warren. I spend my time trying to understand what I have done so wrong for you to be ignoring me," I said looking at the lobster tank, making sure my eyes didn't go to his.

"Shit love, I am such a jackass I will do better by you. Just give me the chance to try, I love you," he pleaded with me.

"Warren I'm not trying to say I want to break up, but I want my Warren back not what you have become," I said giving his large hand a small squeeze meeting his intense gaze.

Then our waiter came back with our food, which looked great. We talked while we ate, this night was going perfectly. After dinner, we drove to the lake and he held me by the water's edge. We sat in the moonlight just talking; he hasn't held me like this for a long time.

"I wish we could stay like this forever," he whispered his breath hot as it hit my ear.

"I wish we could stay like this no matter what," I said in a breathless tone. I could feel him nod in agreement pulling my head to lean on him.

"We need to go, the curfew will be on soon. And Jared is looking for a reason to ground me, I can't figure out why" I said. He got up and scooped me up into his arms setting me on my feet.

We reached his truck a few minutes later; I walked behind Warren his hand in mine. When a boy in his early 20's and little miss sunshine herself Crystal where waiting by his truck not even noticing me with him, I wanted to growl and hurt them both.

"Hey Warren, we need to talk now," the boy exclaimed coming to close as Warren gave him a fierce look; the boy came to a sudden stop.

"And what would you need to speak with him about, at this time of night," I said walking from behind him. Warren had his arm around me protectively, trying to hold me back but not letting the boy get to close.

"Hello, my name is Beam this is Crystal, we are friends of Wars. You are as beautiful as he has always said you were," he introduced them with a sly smirk.

"Really, Warren my love you have never mentioned them before how very odd. I am Lillian, Warren's girlfriend. I want to know why you haven't told me about your new friends Warren," I said shaking his offered hand, giving him a small smile. My gaze turned to Warren with a scowl on my face, he was sweating.

"I am busy, can't it wait until later," Warren said. But Beam shook his head no; Warren looked ready to kill him.

"Love wait in my truck now," he said barking an order at me, I raised my brow giving him a look of disbelief.

"Excuse me Warren; I will not wait in your truck like a dog. I think you're talking to the wrong girl, I have no master. Now hurry up I want to go home," I said with a fierce look barking an order at him.

I walked and leaned on the truck waiting, I watched them walk off a little talking in hushed whispers. I could feel her eyes on me, it was fucking annoying. I watched Warrens' mouth move than Beams, new members at least three, all very important. I gave a smile at this I knew I learned lip reading for a fucking reason.

"Can I help you with something, I have become tired of your staring," I said never taking my eyes off Warren. I really didn't have time for her, I wanted to know what Warren was up to and I had to keep my eyes on him to find it out.

"You can't stop him or change him back to your old Warren. Amp made sure of that when she amplified his powers, she did the same to his disease, speeding it up, he is almost over the edge. Even if you could he made the choice, he wouldn't want to go back to that, even back when he was a bully and cruel to others," she said this bitch was giving out information to Warrens worst enemy.

I turned and faced her, I smiled "You like him," I could see it in her eyes.

"If you weren't around he would like me back, I am better for him. I am not a heroine and I can give him what he needs," Crystal said still sounding unsure of herself.

"Silly slut, he never would choose you or any other girl over me. Funny how every girl thinks he would drop me and take them up on their offers to be his whore," I let out a manic giggle.

"I think he would now, I see him every day and night. But wait hasn't he been ignoring his beloved Lillian. I think he has and all his old friends gone and soon you will be too," she smiled.

I will kill this bitch one day; one day very soon I smiled back giving nothing away.

"Yeah, but I have him in his bed or mine every night, can you say the same dear. I get to see him naked and feel him anytime I want," I said, her face turned red a jealous look crossing her face.

"Warren Mitchell Peace, get your ass over here right now!" I called out.

"What love, is something wrong, honey. Crystal did you do something or say something to my girl," he snarled at her. He grabbed her arms "what did you say and don't fucking lie to me," he kept at her.

"That I would be better for you, that I see you every day and night which is true. When your girlfriend hardly sees you, how you have left your old friends and hopefully she was next," she said in a meek voice full of fear of Warren.

I was furious he spends all his time with her while he ignores me. I could feel my power answering my call, waiting to do my will. I could feel it pulsing around me like it was alive, making my clothes and hair blow with an invisible wind my aqua eyes swirling like mini hurricanes.

"Love," he said. I watched him turn towards me, my eyes narrowed at him, I was pissed I wanted him dead at my feet.

"Is it true Warren?" I asked stepping closer to him as he backed up a step.

"Yes," he said looking guilty his hands held out in surrender.

"But it isn't what you're thinking, I haven't cheated I promise you love. I just have other friends more like me, and I will never leave you I promise," he tried to sound in control. Both his friends stood by his side, like that would help any of them. I growled like a wild animal.

"Please calm down love, we can work this out," he said coming to a step closer his arms open, did he think I would run into them.

"After everything, I bailed your ass out of jail. I put up with your ever-changing moods. New friends, ditching your real friends for losers like them. Staying away from me, never seeing me, come on Warren try and feed me more bullshit. I will not be treated like this you have changed too much," I said with fury.

"Warren this little girl doesn't know what she is talking about, she doesn't know her place yet," Beam said. Warren turned towards him, Beam started backing up fast. Warren had a fire spear in his hands.

This can't be, a fire spear? With a flick of my hand, I made Warren fly into Crystal both landing 21 feet away from Beam and me.

"Little girl you say, don't know my place and where is my place as Warren's lap dog," I growled.

He shot an electric beam at me, which I easily dodged than again I smiled as I easily moved. Nature answered my call the tree roots coming up from the ground wrapping around his arms and legs holding him down. I slowly walked up to him and smiled.

"Nice nose ring," I said in a sugary sweet voice.

I motioned a come hither with my index finger and his nose ring flew into my open hand. It was bloody and had human tissue on it from being ripped out of his nose. I flicked my wrist and Crystal flew into the cold ass lake for a night swim.

Warren tried to grab me from behind, but I slipped out of his slacking grasp. I spun and gave a sharp kick to the back of his left knee, he went down as I let the tree roots drag him away, and he was cussing and shooting fire at me all the while.

I stole Warren's truck and left them there like that, I knew there would be hell to pay. For my anger but it was fun to let it out for once and they all deserved it, it was so much fun.


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