Harry's p.o.v.

i thought this was going to be a normal year (as normal as a wizards life can get) but, again there is always something to endanger/threaten the school and me specifically. i started my 6th year at hogwarts, things were going great and this day was supposed to be perfect. all tests and homework, nice and boringley safe for once. but instead when i get on the train to hogwarts i find myself surrounded by vampires, i'm not very confident we can beat them. hermiony tries to calm them down and reason with them, its obviously not working, me and ron know it and we are trying to slip out our wands as quietly as possible.

as i try to remember the words for a sunlight spell, a boy around my age walks out of a room and stares down the vampires. he's not a wizard, that much i know. he has a black hoodie and jeans on, messy black hair (similar to mine) and his eyes were glowing an iridescent purple color. one of the vampires had a mix of fear and anger on his face, he called the boy something along the lines of pravus. i watched in amazement as the boy spoke in a commanding voice, all the vampires faces went slack as the turned around and left. before i could say anything the boy started speaking to me, the last thing i saw was my friends dropping to the ground, followed by me.

vlad's p.o.v.

i didn't mean to get anyone else caught in my crazy life, sometimes its unavoidable, i don't know what i was thinking when i stepped out of that cart. i could have easily hid until those psyco vampires left, but those kids were in danger. in hindsight, hiding from half crazed vampires on a train full of kids was not the best idea, but i was desperate. i didn't want to start a panic so i made all the kids go night night, except the conductor, i just made him forget all about it and keep driving (being the pravus rocks). now all i had to do was put all these kids in their own carts again (this could take a while).

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