Forgive the roughness of this story and how it jumps around a bit, I'm more interested in what I'm going to write after than how it starts, HP/SG1 crossover


Death Room – Department of Mysterious, London 1998

Hermione Jean Granger, one third of the golden trio, brightest witch of her age could not believe all that had happened to her in the recent year since the fall of Voldemort, she had thought her her life would...could only get better, how wrong she was, it seems that her and Ron's relationship as much as she wanted it to be, could never work.

They were oil and water; just too different to work no matter how hard she tried she could never truly connect to the brash idiotic red head. And Harry was of no help, he and Ginny were so enamoured with each other that they were useless to talk to.

It took three months for her and Ron's relationship to fail, and they returned to being just friends, although she suspected that if no other prospects came his way she would always be his back up, and that did not suit her at all.

At first she threw herself into her work, but she had come to the conclusion that no matter what she did, she would always be the one who people came to when they were stuck, and too lazy to get out of their messes themselves

She had applied for a position in the department of the control and regulation of magical creatures, but she didn't get the position, so she found herself working for the department of the misuse of magic and the magical reversal squad. She was doomed to spend her life mopping up other peoples messes.

The only light in her otherwise bleak world, was as a singularly gifted witch, as much as she didn't know, she had inherited more than a simple child's story book from the late Headmaster, in fact she had inherited his entire personal library, the ministry wanted to hold the books, but it seemed that Dumbledore had placed countermeasures against this, two magically enchanted trunks.

She was most unimpressed a ministry official dropped them of six months after the battle of Hogwarts, but her foul mood was soon alleviated with the prospect of the vast collection of ancient tomes, she apparently was the envy of every private book collector in the world.

And it was with the knowledge contained within these books, that Hermione found herself before the veil of Death, all her earthly positions plus more; various potion ingredients, cauldrons, and a myriad of other magical equipment, stored in several bottomless trunks, a different trunk for different things.

Standing up from the last of the runes she had magically inscribed upon the floor, the runes would be consumed in the spell, leaving no trace of her spell, allowing none to follow her.

She was planning on leaving this world, for another, one where she was brilliant Hermione or the girl who sort of helped Harry Potter defeat the dark lord, no one where she was just Hermione.

Pulling out her wand she twirled it in her fingers before pointing directly at the misty translucent veil of energy that composed the veil.

'Porta de Infinatum,' Hermione whispered, the runes upon the floor floated up and began to spin, spinning so fast until it became a belt of white energy before it converged upon the veil, transforming the mist into a solid wall of blinding white light.

Walking up to the wall of light, her trunks floating behind her, she stopped a single tear falling onto her cheek, 'Good-bye,' and with that she walked into the light.

As the last trunk disappeared, a great thunderous rumble was heard throughout the ministry of magic, in the weeks to follow, a missing persons report would be filed by Harry Potter for Hermione Granger, but no-one would ever find, her and she would forever remain a mystery for the magical world.

Way stop between worlds

When Hermione emerged she found herself in what appeared to be a vast library, almost like one of the libraries at oxford she had visited with her father when she little, however unlike before there were no people.

'I suppose this is my version of Harry's train station,' Hermione muttered

'Quite right,' came a voice over her shoulder.

Startled Hermione turned to face a man with kind but mischievous brown eyes and curly brown hair that seemed to be receding a little.

'Well well, ms Granger, I was wondering when I would expect you,' he said with a small smile

'I beg your pardon?' Hermione

'I see that you've packed, good, the last person to make the trip was woefully unprepared, but I see that you have everything in order,' the man said looking at her luggage

'So it did work, something didn't go terribly wrong and this is a very bad dream?' Hermione asked

'Yes my dear, now to where you are headed,' the man said before walking off down the aisles of bookshelves

'It appears that I'm following him' Hermione muttered to herself

It didn't take long to catch up with the nameless man, 'I hadn't decided on what world I would like to go to, the books I read said I do have a choice,' Hermione supplied

'normally that would be true, but you have a greater destiny, you helped rid one world of a great evil, now you have an entire knew world to cleanse of darkness, and by world I mean world's...plural,' the man said turning to face her

'Destiny, what destiny?' Hermione asked

'much like your friend harry potter, you have a greater destiny, and you will find that which your heart desires, the journey will be long, with many hardships, filled with peril and even certain death at times, but you will survive, for you did it once you can do it again,' he said with an air of certainty

Sighing she looked at him 'where am I going?' she conceded

'you are headed to a parallel earth, one that with you will bring light, hope and prosperity to a darkened galaxy, and much like your you will help end a great darkness, the details of which I am not completely sure about, but before you go, here you will need her,'

The man drew out a glass jar, with a serpent like creature in it 'I saved her from certain death not too long ago, she is your destiny, just as you are hers, from this point forward you are no longer just Hermione, you are now also Isis,'

The library book shelves disappeared, and the room went dark, before she found herself facing a ring set into the ground like the veil it was filled with a substance, but it looked like water as opposed to the veils mist

'when you emerge from the other side, you will find yourself in that worlds England, I suggest you start looking in America, that is all the clue I can give you, from there it is up to you, oh! And when you come out the other side, you and Isis will be one, you will never be alone again...and Hermione god luck,' with that her vanished

'Alright, destiny here I come, and with that she walked through the circle of blue energy.

London, Earth 1998

Unnoticed by the various people from the London tube another person simply appeared coming of the airplane, luggage appeared suddenly on the plane, but no one paid attention to it.

Walking to baggage claim the newly hosted witch queen walked her eyes flashing gold for a moment, 'well this is going to be interesting,' Isis/Hermione said with a smile.