Chapter 2

Isis sat in the small cement walled room of the SGC, a single steel table and two metal chairs were the only furnishings, her fingers tapping gently on the table and she waited, and she waited, for nearly three hours she had waited,

"This is ridiculous," She muttered t herself, "if they're going to make me wait, they could have at least left some reading material,"

Meanwhile in the Briefing room

"Your report, doctor?" Hammond asked Dr Fraiser

"The woman is in perfect health, she has no illnesses thanks to the symbiote, and beyond actual DNA testing I can't actually explain why she could do the things Colonel O'Neill and Daniel said she could," Janet Fraiser replied

"What of the Goa'uld?" Hammond asked

"That's the weirdest part," Janet replied handing out files to the five people sitting at the table. "The Goa'uld has somehow fused itself to the host's body; they are inseparable. Any operation to undo it would likely end in the death of both the symbiote and the host. Further scans also revealed new; blood vessels, plus lymphatic and nerve tissue to have grown from the symbiote,"

Jack whistled, "That's some nasty shit,"

"Did her claim of being a queen hold true?" Daniel asked leaning forward

"Without a deeper analysis I cannot confirm or deny her claim," Janet replied

"Thank-you doctor," Hammond said dismissing Janet, who promptly left the room, "Let's go check on our guest shall we,"

They all stood up and headed down to the small containment room

"How is our guest," Hammond asked a guard

"Bored, sir!" the guard replied

Opening the door to the observation room all but Daniel filed into the small room whilst Daniel entered the containment room

Isis watched as four people entered the observation room and as Dr Jackson entered her 'cell'

"Good afternoon Doctor," Isis said letting her annoyance slip into her deep goa'uld voice

"Sorry, the tests were just a way to confirm your statements," Daniel said sitting on the chair opposite her

"What can I do for you then Doctor?"

"I was wondering if you could tell us your personal story, if you are willing to share it." Daniel asked

"Before I answer that question," Isis said turning to dace the observation room, "Major Carter, are you sure you want to listen to this from there?"

Sam just shifted slightly before leaving and a moment later entering the isolation cell and taking a seat next to Daniel

Picking up a glass from the table Isis collected her thoughts together, "As you probably guessed, I'm not normal," Isis said

"Well we guessed that making ropes disappear into thin air wasn't exactly something everyone can do," Sam said

Isis smiled, "Yes I suppose not," She said before her face turned solemn, "I'm not exactly native to here,"

"What do you mean?" Daniel asked.

"It seems so long ago now, even though it has only been a few years," Isis began whilst fiddling with an empty water glass, her eyes flashed as she quelled painful memories of the time before her 'journey'.

Daniel and Sam watched as conflicting emotions warred with each other on the woman's face, before she continued her story

"I come from an alternate universe," She said

"WHAT!" both Daniel and Sam exclaimed

"How is this possible," Sam said pacing around the cell

"Let's Start with who you are-were," Daniel said correcting himself

"Before I became what I am, I was Hermione Granger, and I was – no – I am a Witch," Isis replied

"Oh please, there are no such things as witches," Sam said taking her seat again

"Oh really," Isis said, she held the glass in her hands for a second, before it began to levitate, "And if that doesn't convince you try this,"

Isis extended her index finger and gently tapped on the floating water glass, for it to blur slightly before taking the form of a black raven

Both Daniel and Sam flinched backwards from the raven, Daniel flinched so hard her almost toppled backwards in his chair

"I now see what you mean by; 'I am worthy of being called the goddess of Magic'," Daniel said straightening himself in his seat

Sam looked at Daniel with incredulity, "You really believe what just happened!" she accused

"Can you think of a better explanation, I'm going to say one word to you Sam, Kheb," Daniel replied, Sam had to concede Daniel had a point

Isis had watched the two argue like true friends, it once again brought up those painful memories which she once again suppressed

"Does what I do offend you Major?" Isis asked

Sam sighed, she abhorred discrimination, especially if the person had been born with the thing they were being discriminated against, "No, It's just that it shouldn't be possible," she replied

"Really, says who," Isis asked pointedly

"All the laws of Nature, and science," Sam responded

"Human laws, created to constrain the universe," Isis responded slipping back into her goa'uld voice

Sam just sat there with her jaw hanging open, Isis looked pleased she had stumped the astrophysicist, "Tell me Doctor Jackson, have you ever heard of the infinite possibility theory?" Isis asked

"No, it sounds more like that falls more under Major carters domain," He respinded nudging Sam back into reality

"well then, Major Carter – same question!"

Sam sat there for a moment, and shook her head

"Very well, the infinite possibility theory – also known as the infinite universe theory – states that anything and everything can exist," Isis explained "But i believe we are getting off topic,"

"Where 'I' Originate, Magic isn't something available to everyone, actually only a small percentage of the world population has it," Isis continued

"How many in the world?" Daniel asked

"Just under a hundred thousand people, and those communities are small and isolated," Isis relied

"So there are non-magical people in your 'world'?" Daniel asked leaning forward, his forehead creasing under his curiosity

"Muggles,", Both Daniel and Sam gave Isis looks of confusion, "A term used by magical folk, to describe non magical people," Isis further clarified

"So how'd you get here then?" Isis asked

"Two years ago, i decided i needed to get away, further away than just moving across to the other side of the world, i needed to go somewhere where my past could no longer affect me, and so after months of research i travelled through deaths doorway, and arrived here, and that is when Hermione became Isis," she answered, whilst undoing her previous display of magic

"What is deaths door?" Daniel asked

"Deaths door also known as; The Veil or the Archway is an ancient mystical artefact that is of unknown origin and age, in its true form it is a way to the next life, thus the Veil of Death. But it can also be used to form a gateway between one world and another, Not that much unlike the Stargate, except through parallel universes," Isis said

Both Sam and Daniel stared at Isis with stunned faces; Daniels mind was brimming with unasked questions on the magical culture of a parallel universe, whilst Sam's was teeming with questions on the artefact the 'Veil' Isis had described

In the observation room, Colonel O'Neil had sat in a chair listening to what had been said, General Hammond had left to tend to other business of the SGC leaving O'Neill with Teal'c who had stood stoic as ever

"Do you believe what she says Teal'c?" Jack asked

"Indeed i do O'Neil, her knowledge of the Goa'uld may be useful to the defence of this world," Teal'c replied stoically

"Bah, she is stil a goa'uld, and a kid no less," Jack burst out supporting his head in both his palms, the headache he was having getting worse as the details become less simple and more complicated

It was another two hours later when Isis returned to her apartment, General Hammond had told her that they needed some time to come to grips with what she had told and and shown them she would be carefully monitored by armed surveillance teams, and was told explicitly not to leave the city

Casting of the heavy khaki jacket and exchanged it for the soft crimson silk robe she favoured, she took a critical glance at her apartment, it appeared that the scientists that had been snooping around her apartment during the day hadn't done a good job of putting things back, sighing heavily she began magically cleaning up and sorting out the mess that her loungeroom had become, satisfied when the job was done only five minutes later she decided to check up on her latest potion

Walking into the kitchen she disenchanted the simmering truth serum, magically summoning glass phials she busied herself with filling each of the individual bottles before corking them and sealing the ends with wax, it took two hours, humming happily the bottles floating behind her.

She walked into a room on the far end of the hall, opening up the room, she smiled at the shelf covered walls covered with potions all of a unique variety

After storing away her newest potion, Isis walked back into the lounge room, and walked over to the left hand mahogany cabinet, 'Alohomora,' the internal lock clicked and the golden lion head purred as she opened the door

The cabinet contained more than its external body showed, inside these two cabinets were the most valuable objects from the 'other world' the right cabinet contained objects that 'Hermione' had brought over; her wand, several magical artefacts, some that had been gifted to her and other stuff, the left cabinet contained all the books from Dumbledore's private library, 'Hermione' had inherited his entire private library from Aberforth who believed it would serve her better than it would him, there were many outcries of anguish that day from the magical community

Shaking the memories of her past life, Isis reached out and withdrew a; black leather bound journal, it weighed a good two and a half kilos, and was probably the most valuable book in her collection, the journal of Nicholas Flamel

She flicked a small incendio charm at the dry wood in the fireplace quickly igniting it filling the room with a cheery warmth and glow, settling into her favourite plump armchair, she began reading the incredible journal

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