Chapter 2

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I walk inside the building, but I really just wanted to turn around and leave. I saw Justin walk past me to his obnoxious guy friends.

"Justin you're here!"

"Oh Justin how's your morning!"

"Did you get my text?"

"We should eat lunch together!"

I see the random, screaming girls walking towards my brother, batting their fake eyelashes, and attempting to be flirtatious. I roll my eyes and walk towards my locker. I'll admit that Justin is very handsome…In a non creepy sister way. Unlike me, he has dirty blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, and a chiseled jaw. Yep he's the perfect ladies man.

Me on the other hand, I have long wavy brown hair and the same blue eyes as Justin. I will admit that I do attract attention from guys, but I don't give them the same attention back. I'm not really interested in the whole guy, boyfriend thing.

"Elena!" My friend Kathryn yelled as she ran towards me with her usual smiling face.

"Hey Kat." I said as I shut my locker door after grabbing my Spanish textbook.

"Wow! Your brother looks extra handsome today." She said as she stares at Justin who's brushing his hair with his hand as a flirtatious gesture towards the slutty girl who is talking to him.

I stare at Kat like she is crazy for three seconds and roll my eyes in annoyance and walk away. I understand that she likes him and all that, but just don't say it in front of me because it's kind of weird, since I'm related to him.

"Hey where are you going!?" She calls back at me after another ten seconds of staring at my brother until she realized I left.

"Ummm…Spanish class?" I said as she finally catches up to me.

"Oh…Okay see you in gym!" She waves goodbye and heads to her Geometry class. I sigh and head towards class…Wait did she just say we had gym today? Awwwhhh man this sucks. Yep I was right this day cannot get any better.

After the bell rang, I start walking over to my second period class which sadly is Gym. To make it even worst, we are playing Volleyball. Just letting you know, I'm terrible at sports. Soccer, football, tennis, field hockey, even handball which is probably the easiest sport to play. The only thing that I can do in Gym is running.

I quickly change into my gym clothes which were my Lord of the Rings T-Shirt and Black boy shorts. Since it's gym, I don't care about what clothes look like. I walk out of the girls locker room and head over to Kathryn who was talking to a couple of guys.

"Hey!" She said waving at me. One of the guys she was talking to winks at me and walks away with the other guys following him. I roll my eyes…Jerks.

"oooohh." Kathryn teasingly says while nudging me. "Someone has a crush on you." She said.

I just ignored her stupid comment. "Whatever."

After waiting another five minutes, our gym coach puts us into our volleyball teams.

"And begin!" the coach yells and blows his whistle and we start hitting the ball over the net.

"So Elena, do you think about ever getting a boyfriend?" she asked me as she spikes the ball onto the other side of the net, scoring our team a point.

"No. Why? I bluntly asked

"Because there are a lot of guys that like you, but you just ignore them." "Hmmmm maybe I should set you up with Brandon" She puts a finger to her chin like she is thinking.

"What?" I turn around with open eyes and stare at her like she's insane.

"Elena watch out!" I hear someone yell.

Before I knew it, I felt something hard hit hardly against my head and feel myself falling to the ground. I hear voices of people around me and then everything went dark.

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