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He made his way back to his tree and began to make plans for contact with the raptors.

"So, what have we got in mind?"

"You'll see soon enough Penny. Just be patient."

"You should know by now that we're not very good at that Lax" Forge chuckled.

Myth did likewise, "Yes, I know Forge. Well if you're that curious you'll just have to follow along then."

Just then a blinding headache struck so suddenly that he nearly fell off his branch, large as it was. He clutched at his head, hoping to squeeze the pain away as he usually did. It did sometimes help.

"Son of a Goddamn SCHAHCTAHNG!"

Belatedly he realized that Penny and Forge were yelling at him in his head, seeing as he was the one currently in possession of his mouth.

"LAX? LAX! What the hell's wrong!?"

"Lax! Are you alright? What Happened?!"

He wanted to respond, but it seemed the migraine had stolen his tongue for the moment, both physical and mental. It was five minutes before it passed and he could answer them. Needless to say they were not pleased.

Huffing, he tried to reassure them, "I'm fine. It's passed off now. KeintAR!, but that was bad."

"Like Hell you Are! What the hell was That?! Why did it only hit you?"

"And don't you even think about trying to cover this up Lax! I will DIG for the answer if I have to and you Will Not Like It!"

"Easy, guys, easy. it's not like it's all that unexpected. I have a brain tumor, remember? It's killing me? I'm just surprised that this hasn't happened earlier."

"Oh. yeah. that's right. That."

"I guess we forgot about that."

Silence ensued as all thought about the reason they were even on the island in the first place.

"That still doesn't explained why it only hit you."

"That is true. We're all in here, so why would the tumor only effect you?"

"I don't know. I'm not a specialist on tumors. in any case, there's nothing to be done about it save carry on through it. So that is what we'll do."

He took a steadying breath and tried to relax his tensed muscles, still strained from the pain.

"Well?" "What now?"

"We practice tree leaping."


A week had since passed, and three more migraine attacks in those first two days. But during the last five, he'd been unafflicted. Tossed it up to the fact that his body had been unused to the activity of leaping from branch to branch like a squirrel while heavily burdened. his heart and lungs and felt close to collapse towards the beginning from the strain. But he got used it quickly enough, already being accustomed to climbing, running, hiking under full load, and other high stamina excersize. He'd also practiced his hunting, though he hadn't managed to actually catch anything yet, mostly he'd just stalked some microceratops he'd seen in among the trees and trowing his knives at a tree next to his. He was getting better, but he was running low on his travel cakes. It was time to hunt for real now.

'Well, boys, here goes nothing'

'Good luck Lax.' 'We got your back.'

'Thanks guys.'

He rapped a rope around his torso bandalier fashion, and set off through the trees.

Despite what many may believe the land of the dinosaurs was not covered and crawling with dinosaurs any more than modern forest were with modern large animals. It took Myth nearly an hour to locate suitable prey within the jungle, him not wanting to risk hunting out in the open plains just yet. It was an othnielia. 'Huh, so they do climb trees after all.'

Paleontollogical evidence had been very inconclusive as to that, due to insufficient fossil specimens, but it had been theorized by one Micheal Crichton, who had been one of the consultants on the creation of the park. He had later written the book Titled after the island documenting the events that unfolded as he thought they might've occurred though at the time of publishing he'd been forced to pass it off as fiction, it had more recently been revealed to be more documentary than fantasy.

'So, it can climb too.'

'Seem so.'

'Well, how're we gonna go at it?'

'Throwing knives I think. It's far too suited for climbing to try out climbing it.'

Myth readied three of his knives from his perch in his tree above the other climber.

'Lax, aim for the area to the upper right of its head!'

'O-kay?' He didn't quite know where Forge got that from, but he did it anyway.

The knife flew true, and the plant-eater, as if by command, moved it's head directly to the spot he'd aimed for. Two seconds after the knife left his hand, the dinosaur was dead with a knife in its skull, right between the eyes. it started to fall, but a foot down it's claw got caught on the vine covered bark, leaving it hanging there for him to grab at his leisure.

'Great shot!' 'Well done Lax!'

'Thanks guys, but how'd you know it was gonna do that Forge?'

'No idea. Just did.'

'Huh, interesting.'

With that he collected his kill, cleaned his knife on the moss covering the tree, and headed back 'home'. It seemed that the tree he was staying in was to be his permanent place of residence.

Just as he set off back the way he came though, Forge popped in.

'Wait up! It's other way.'

'No, this is the way I took to get here.' Myth was confused,

'Yes, but we meandered quite a bit along the way. Hometree's that way now.' Myth got the general impression of a seven o'clock-ish direction, as if being mentally pointed the way.

'How do you know that?' Myth was curious now. He had always navigated based on remembered landmarks and mental map of his route, the only trouble was, it was a little hard to do that in tree tops, so he had adopted a form of checkpointing trees in his head, following the direction of the branches as if they were roads. It worked okay, and he usually could keep track of where he went from what tree and went back the same way.

It seemed Forge could see the route clearly and used it like a map to find the shortcuts back.

'I just do okay? I was right about the aim wasn't I? just trust me.'

'Righto!' And off he went with his dinner tied to his back. It wasn't heavy considering what he usually carried, mabey twenty pounds, and he barely even noticed it with it being tied right to his back.

when he got back to 'Hometree' as Forge had called it, he had to admit it was a fitting name, less then fifteen minutes had passed.

"Well, looks I got myself my very own GPS system." he grinned

"Oh Ha Ha, Very funny."

"I was thinking 'interesting' myself actually."

"Shut up Penny, he doesn't need any help from you!"

"Settle down Forge. I wasn't poking fun, I meant that seriously."


"Yeah. I mean, yeah he said it in jest, but for all intents and purposes right now it's true. You told him what what direction to take to get to where needed, and he got there."

"Humph. Just so long as you don't go calling me TomTom."

"Of course not! It's not TomTom, it's ForgeForge!" Myth laughed aloud.

"Can we eat already!?" Laughter was heard was quite some time after that.

- _-|.|+|.|-_-

Later that night as Myth watched the sunset over the island an impulse struck him. He began to sing.

~"I am a question to the world, Not an answer to be heard. All a moment that's held in your arms. And what do you think you'd ever say? I won't listen anyway… You don't know me, And I'll never be what you want me to be."~

During the pause, he realized that everything had gotten quiet. But it wasn't a fearful quiet, such as one he would hear if there were a greater predator around. It was calm, peaceful quiet, such one might hear at a concert. Intrigued, he continued.

~"And what do you think you'd understand? I'm a boy, no, I'm a man.. You can take me and throw me away. And how can you learn what's never shown? Yeah, you stand here on your own. They don't know me 'cause I'm not here."~

'We have guests Lax.' The thought was quiet, as if by thinking too loud it would startle them off. Looking down at the base of the tree he saw the shining eyes of many dinosaurs, most of them smaller herbivores, though there were also a few troodon. Amazingly, none of them paid the least bit of attention the any of the others. They were all staring up at the tree where he was sitting. It would seem he had an audience.

'huh' He kept singing.

~"And I want a moment to be real, Wanna touch things I don't feel, Wanna hold on and feel I belong. And how can the world want me to change, They're the ones that stay the same. The don't know me, 'Cause I'm not here.~

~"And you see the things they never see All you wanted, I could be Now you know me, and I'm not afraid And I wanna tell you who I am Can you help me be a man? They can't break me As long as I know who I am~

~"And I want a moment to be real, Wanna touch things I don't feel, Wanna hold on and feel I belong. And how can the world want me to change, They're the ones that stay the same. They can't see me, But I'm still here.~

~"They can't tell me who to be, 'Cause I'm not what they see. And the world is still sleepin', While I keep on dreamin' for me. And their words are just whispers And lies that I'll never believe.~

~"And I want a moment to be real, Wanna touch things I don't feel, Wanna hold on and feel I belong. And how can they say I never change They're the ones that stay the same.~

~"I'm the one now, 'Cause I'm still here. I'm the one, 'Cause I'm still here. I'm still here. I'm still here. I'm still here."~

With the last word sung, as if on cue, the trance like state they seemed to be in broke and they all went their separate ways back into the jungle or wherever it was they came from, still predator and prey ignoring each other alike still.

"Well." Myth scratched the side of his chin. "That was interesting. Looks like dinosaurs may have an inherent facination with music. I should do something with that."

" Interesting as that idea is, how 'bout we get some sleep?"

"A sound plan, Penny. I concur."

"Very well you two. Gudn'a All"

"Gudn'a" "Gudn'a"


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